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What a GREAT month!

December 15, 2011

We had our very first Community Appreciation Month in November – and we went all out in showing our players how much we value them!

The Sims Social, EA FIFA Superstars, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Madden NFL Superstars, World Series Superstars, Monopoly Millionaires – among our other titles – were all involved and we set out to say a great big thank you – and here are just a few highlights!

Launching The Welcoming Committee!

We kicked off Community Appreciation Month by introducing the new Welcoming Committee – a specially selected team of users who are there meet and greet brand new forum members and help them find what they need. It’s something our players have really appreciated and just one of the ways we wanted to say ‘thank you’ to our players – old and new!

You can find out more about the committee here.

Global Meet Up!

The Sims Social had its first ever Meet Up on November 14th! Over 7,000 people signed up from around the world – and it looks like people had a lot of fun, too! Check out some of these pictures taken by fans on the night – remember, most of these players had never met before and the only thing they had in common was their love for The Sims Social. We think it’s pretty amazing how a social game can really bring folks together!

24hr Gift Giveaway!

To celebrate our community’s third birthday, players were treated to free gifts all day long across participating titles for a whole day! Not only did they get free gifts on the fan pages, but in the forums, too!

Here are some great comments from our players from the event:

“Thank you for everything you do and are still doing. I hope there will be many more birthdays I can share with you. You haven’t just given me the games to play, but the opportunity to make some wonderful friends that I will treasure forever.” – Dawny

“Happy Birthday Forum! ❤ I’m so glad to have been a part of this forum for (almost XD) already 2 years ❤ I’ve met such wonderful people along the way. <3” – Hellgirl223

“I woke up this morning first thing i did went here WOOHOOOOO YEEEAH!!” – Sasha Bunny

“You’ve made many people happy and excited! And on behalf of me and my colleagues, thank you very much … I admit the game animation and graphics are very good, arguably the best!” – Basuki Leksoboww

“Thank you for all the presents! (But shouldn’t we be giving you presents?) It’s too awesome!!! The players that left don’t know what they’re missing! Thanks, again!” – KristySekhmet

“Really wish there were a way to pay you back for bringing my most favorite game to Facebook… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” – Njpirro


Restaurant City ran its Restaurant of the Year competition, in search of creative designers to show off their skills! Five lucky winners received cooking cash and exclusive Restaurant City merchandise! You see can see the winning designs here.

The Sims Social also ran a competition, asking players to design a The Sims Social t-shirt. The winners had their designs made and sent to them! Check out the winning designs here!

NFL Madden Superstars launched a competition to find the highest rated team – check out who won here!

New Forum Look!

Our forums got a face-lift with cool new backgrounds that really bring our community to life!

That’s just a few of the great things that happened through the month.

Thanks to all of our players for taking part in this great event – and we’re so glad you enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

Community Appreciation Month!

November 15, 2011

For the entire month of November, Playfish and our friends at EA will be celebrating Community Appreciation Month with free gifts, contests, exclusive content and much, much more – all to say thanks to our loyal fans on Facebook. During Community Appreciate Month some of our favorite games will be holding design contests, sharing “inside looks” at the magic that goes into our games, and interacting with the Community on a scale we never have before. Community Appreciation Month to Playfish and EA is about recognizing the passion and creativity that our players share with us every single day.

The hub for Community Appreciation Month is the Playfish Forums. Check out the Community Corner on the forum to get a taste of the kind of fans and relationships that Playfish games have helped bring together.  To participate in Community Appreciate Month, all you need to do is register for the forum.. The Playfish Community will also be the central station for a month-long free gift giveaway, with a huge, gift bonanza on November 18th for registered members to celebrate the three year anniversary of the Playfish Community. But there won’t be just gifts! Look for exclusive contests and chances for the Playfish community to have their very own designs and creations spotlighted for all of our fans.

While most events will be taking place within Facebook and the Playfish Forums, The Sims Social is taking it even further by inviting players and friends from all over the world to take part in the Global Sims Social Meet-up on November 17th. This is an incredible chance for people in cities across the globe to meet their Sims Social neighbors, BFF’s and frenemies in real life to explore the relationships they’ve already created through the Sims Social, and better yet, to make even more friends. And if you are just looking to gain access to exclusive Sims Social content – there will be that too.

Please join us through November as we celebrate you, our fans – the people that give Playfish and EA new reasons every day to appreciate your dedication to our games. Community Appreciation Month is for you!

Join The Sims Social Community Meetup!

October 26, 2011

Our friends at EA have announced the very first The Sims Social Community Meetup Day!

They’ve seen how much you love discussing everything related to the The Sims Social – now is your chance to get together with other fans in your town, face to face.

On November 17th, players from around the world will meetup with each other to share tips and tricks, collaborate on quests, share stories and photos, and just plain have fun! Meetups are a fun and simple way to gather with other The Sims Social fans – just chose your favorite hangout where other fans can meet you!

To celebrate The Sims Social Meetup day,  photos and stories from Meetups will be featured after November 17th on The Sims Social Facebook page. And as an extra special “thank you,” our favorite The Sims Social Meetup will receive a free gift to use in the game – so RSVP for the Meetup in your town, leave a comment, or help get things going by picking a venue. And don’t forget to stay social and spread the word!

Click here for more info

Play The Sims Social on Facebook

Dinner At Midnight With Maggie!

October 12, 2011

Restaurant City players around the world are getting into the Halloween spirit in this month’s Dinner At Midnight competition going this week on the official forums.

Players are encouraged to show off their decorating skills by designing a spooky restaurant for a chance to grab their share of 2000 cooking cash!

A lucky first prize winner will be awarded a whopping 1,000 cooking cash (that’s almost $200!), while runner ups walk away with 600 and 400 cooking cash for second and third place, respectively!

Last year’s Spooktacular Cook Off competition resulted in submissions flooding in from players around the world and the Restaurant City community looks forward to a similar response this year. It’s clear that Restaurant City players love Halloween!

Restaurant City has been inspiring players to express their creativity for over 2 years on Facebook. We’ll certainly be looking forward to the results of this years Dinner at Midnight competition!

Players have until Sunday 16th October to enter. See full details here.

The NEW Season of Madden NFL Superstars is LIVE!

September 15, 2011

The new Season of Madden NFL Superstars boasts not only all new and updated cards and rosters, but also a brand new set of features! Play Calling allows you to make a difference in the outcome of your game. Build up a true NFL Complex with a stadium, practice fields, training facilities, a front office and more! Real time stats showcase the best players on YOUR team.

Producer of Madden NFL Superstars (2011 and 2012), Jason Ostresh answered a few questions about the new Season:

What is Madden NFL Superstars 2012?  Madden NFL Superstars 2012 is a team management social game where  players can compete against friends on Facebook to build the ultimate NFL team! It’s fun, approachable and free to play! This is the second version of the game, so we’ve applied everything we learned from last year to bring fans an updated Madden NFL Superstars experience taken to the next level.
How do the 2011 and 2012 seasons work?  When we sat down and planned out the 2012 version of the game, we wanted to make sure everyone who played the 2011 version would keep all their players and maintain their progress in the game.  In 2012, players can choose to play either the 2011 or 2012 version at the touch of a single button. Best of all – everything you do, or did, in 2011 provides you with advantages in the newest version of the product!
What is the difference between 2011 and 2012?  We learned a lot of valuable lessons over the past year by talking to our players and fans and trying new ideas.  What we have done in the 2012 version is re-imagine what the Facebook football experience should be.  Not only is it faster and slicker, but we also made some improvements to make the NFL experience even more realistic.  From play-calling to real player stats, we really deliver the NFL to the Facebook community.



Why did you choose to create a brand new season? I come from a Madden console background, and this is what we have always done.  The first day of the NFL season is always the greatest – all teams start with a 0-0 record and are playoff contenders.  I wanted this same experience in Madden Superstars.  Yes, you keep all of your old progress, but when the new season begins everyone is on even footing.
Is 2011 better than 2012?   Madden Superstars 2011 was a great game, but 2012 takes the game to a whole new level! New game features and innovations are right around the corner, so keep playing 2012 and let us know what you think.

What can players expect this season?  We continue to collect data on what our players love the most about the game and build new additions accordingly.  We update Superstars each week, so things rarely stand pat for long.  I’m hoping that when everything is said and done, both casual and hardcore fans will find that Madden Superstars on Facebook is a place where they can get their NFL fix each and every day.


Superstars Cash Offer

September 9, 2011


Hey FIFA fans, check out the brand new Superstars Cash offers we are currently offering in FIFA Superstars. We have tailor made some awesome deals just for you, so now is the time to pick up some extra Superstars Cash and improve your team! This offer lasts until 12th September 11:59am GMT.


Looking to improve your team? Then be sure to check out the ‘National Transfers’ promotions! Pick a country and get TWO guaranteed Superstars. Also if you buy all four packs at once you save 20% on the overall price and receive 25 FREE Match Credits.

Play FIFA Superstars

What’s going on in Pet Society? An interview with the Mayor

August 25, 2011

Hello, Mayor! How are you doing? I’m very well, thank you, if somewhat busy! We recently celebrated Pet Society’s third birthday and I’m still clearing up after the party!

Wow- three years and you’re still going strong! We are indeed! We’re currently in the middle of Romantic Rococo Week, which is proving to be most popular. Not only do we have some beautifully designed furniture and interior decor, there are also some lovely one-offs like a loyal Dressing Servant who dresses your Pet, some exquisite Rococo Wings which give your Pet an angelic look and a huge bundle of powdered wigs! Oh… and it wouldn’t be Pet Society without some giant cakes!

That all sounds extremely charming! So, what can we expect next? Well, next week we’re going from genteel to LOUD with the futuristic Cyberpunk Week! It’s guaranteed to be a blast for any Pet that wants to get some neon dye in their hair and surround themselves with colorful circuitry! I’ll be busy tending to my Mystery Flowers and Star Tree and also making sure Cyber Bob the robot does all of his chores!

Anything else you’d like to mention? I’m glad you asked! For those Pets who like challenges and treasure hunting, we’ve got a brand new Crystal Cave digging map with some absolutely wonderful items waiting to be found! For the green-thumbed there’s also a Peacock Flower Challenge, which I’m extremely proud of. The prize to complete the challenge is a Magnificent Peacock Seat which has to be seen to be believed! Finally, I should mention the fact that I’ve taken up interior design as a hobby and I think I may be rather good at it. Feel free to visit my house anytime and judge for yourself!

Don’t forget you can also get free gifts and news from Pet Society’s fan page and discuss the game on the official forum.

MONOPOLY Millionaires launches in German!

August 18, 2011

MONOPOLY Millionaires Jetzt Auf Deutsch Spielen!

Guten Tag MONOPOLY Millionaires players!

Last week, MONOPOLY Millionaires launched a German-language version of the game. Players will still enjoy all the excitement of building the best boards and visiting friends to amass millions in MONOPOLY coins, but with all in-game text completely in German! Now players can become a real estate tycoon in more than one language!

If you know German, check it out today! If you’d like to play MONOPOLY Millionaires in German, please change your Facebook Language Settings to “Deutsch”.

We are very excited to be able to bring the first non-English translation of MONOPOLY Millionaires to our German players and would love to hear your thoughts! Please provide any feedback, comments and questions by visiting the Official MONOPOLY Millionaires Forum!

MONOPOLY Millionaires - German Decorations

And, to help celebrate the launch of the German-language version of MONOPOLY Millionaires, we’ve released six German-themed decorations for your MONOPOLY board.  These unique decorations, including the Brandenburg Gate, Biergarten, German Village, Weinhaus, Holsten Gate, and Bierhaus – All of which will help give any MONOPOLY Board a distinct and authentic German look and feel!

We hope all of our players join us in this German launch celebration, and just maybe help us start Oktoberfest a bit early this year!

FIFA Superstars – MLS: Pro League is live!

August 3, 2011


Major League Soccer (MLS) is an American professional soccer league that was formed in 1993. The first league season took place in 1996 and had just 10 teams participating. Today there are 18 clubs from all across America fighting it out to be the best team and win the MLS Cup.

Whilst most domestic football seasons around the world are currently on hiatus, MLS is just hitting its stride. Now is the time for you to join the action and take your team to MLS glory.

Play an authentic MLS season against the biggest teams and their superstar players. Complete unique challenges to earn cool achievements and win big rewards. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun today!

Design Your Ultimate BBQ Party in Restaurant City!

July 30, 2011

Restaurant City fans are in for a real treat this week with the launch of a brand new competition: the Ultimate BBQ Party!

To enter the Ultimate BBQ Party competition just design and decorate your restaurant to show us what you think your ultimate BBQ party would look like in Restaurant City. Then, take a picture with the in-game camera and submit it to the official Restaurant City forum before Friday, Aug 12th 2011. The shortlisted entries will be up for a public vote.

First prize is a whopping 1,000 Cooking Cash, with second place runner-up getting 300 Cooking Cash and third place winning 200 Cooking Cash. With two categories to enter into – the interior and exterior decorations – you can let your creative juices flow! So, roll up your sleeves, heat up the coals and get your BBQ party started!

Mosey into the official Restaurant City forum to submit your design today! And while you’re there, check out other great designs people have already been submitting for some inspiration! See you there, cooks!

For more information on the Ultimate BBQ Party competition in Restaurant City, check out the terms and conditions here.

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