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Announcing the winners of our Restaurant City dream menu competition!

September 18, 2009

Staggering. The number of entries, the quality of your menus, the sheer tastiness of the dishes you proposed – there’s no other word for it. Just staggering.

Let’s wind back a little.

After the success of asking which drinks to put in the game we thought it might be fun to go one better and let you add an entire meal.

So that’s a starter, a main course, a dessert, and finally a tasty drink to wash it all down.


We wanted you to tell us what your dream menu was. Our favourites would then make it into Restaurant City as courses which everyone could create using YOUR recipes.

There were prizes up for grabs of course, not that seeing your creation in the game wasn’t a huge deal in the first place; one prize for each of the four entries whose course or drink made it in.

We hit a slight snag at this point but more on that later.

Without further ado, the folowing are our lucky winners:

Nuttomaki is first up to whet all our appetites with a mouthwatering selection of dim sum using a recipe of prawns, pork and flour. A delicious way to start any meal, we’re sure you’ll all agree! Congratulations Nuttomaki, your recipe and 100,000 coin prize are coming soon!

Main course is courtesy of ColeWy in the form of roasted lamb with pomegranate sauce using a recipe of lamb, pomegranate and garlic. Congratulations ColeWy, your recipe is going to be in the game! You’re a 100,000 coin winner!


Dessert arrives in the form of the popular tiramisu and is compliments of Bruder. Bruder’s choice of ingredients were egg cream and coffee, and so it shall be in Restaurant City. Bruder, your culinary expertise will be whispered of for many years to come in the halls of Michelin Castle or wherever it is chefs secretly meet to whisper about culinary expertise. We’re pretty sure they must have some kind of pre-arranged meeting place for that kind of thing.

Finally, blackfir3 takes the honours for our favourite drink with saffron tea. Blackfir3’s suggested ingredients were saffron, tea and water. So simple we could make it ourselves. And, happily, we’ll soon be able to in Restaurant City! Congratulations blackfir3, enjoy your 100,000 coins and the inevitable fame and admiration which is the true prize of all Playfish competitions.


So the snag we mentioned earlier. Well, you see, some of those menus were amazing. Like, really amazing. All we essentially asked you to do was give us recipes for your favourite courses, but some of you went well above and beyond the call of duty and put an enormous amount of work into making sure those menus looked truly delissimo. We thought some of you guys who worked really hard on your menus deserved a special extra prize for your efforts.

Each of the following receive an extra 50,000 coins for effort:

tiancai for their absolutely beautiful illustrated menu.

restocityboy for their enormous selection of different menus. It must have taken you hours to make all that restocityboy!

Congratulations to you all! We hope you enjoy seeing the new menus in Restaurant City!

Playfish to open new development studio in San Francisco

September 17, 2009

With three development studios already in Europe and Asia, it is with great joy that we announce our plans to set up a new studio in creative and energetic San Francisco!

Tapping into the talent of the San Francisco area creates an unique opportunity to assemble a fantastic team of talented individuals to create innovative social games to be enjoyed by millions of Playfish fans worldwide.

We're hiring in San Francisco!

The new studio will be located in the existing Playfish offices in the heart of San Francisco, from where the group will be working closely with the global Playfish team of artists, coders, designers and product managers in other parts of the world.

Through our new team in San Francisco we plan to extend our open and collaborative culture and find new sources of inspiration in our mission to change the way the world plays games.

At Playfish, we love people who ooze with creativity, have an eye for quality, and a true passion for creating great games. So take a look at the job section on as we are looking for people who share our dream of shaping the direction of the gaming industry in the years to come!

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