Join The Sims Social Community Meetup!


Our friends at EA have announced the very first The Sims Social Community Meetup Day!

They’ve seen how much you love discussing everything related to the The Sims Social – now is your chance to get together with other fans in your town, face to face.

On November 17th, players from around the world will meetup with each other to share tips and tricks, collaborate on quests, share stories and photos, and just plain have fun! Meetups are a fun and simple way to gather with other The Sims Social fans – just chose your favorite hangout where other fans can meet you!

To celebrate The Sims Social Meetup day,  photos and stories from Meetups will be featured after November 17th on The Sims Social Facebook page. And as an extra special “thank you,” our favorite The Sims Social Meetup will receive a free gift to use in the game – so RSVP for the Meetup in your town, leave a comment, or help get things going by picking a venue. And don’t forget to stay social and spread the word!

Click here for more info

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