There’s a new Mayor on Facebook with SimCity Social!


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Whether you were a previous SimCity lover or you just love playing city-building games, SimCity Social has something for you. You have the freedom to create beautiful, sprawling cities that come to life based on the choices you make as Mayor. For the inner city-lover in you, you can create a booming metropolis, filled with high-rises and luxurious condos. If you have ever dreamed about becoming an industrial tycoon, you can create a city filled with factories. For the environmentally conscious tycoons, there are greener factories that emit less pollution. For those that are just driven by production despite the damages to the environment, we have heavily toxic factories that probably wouldn’t pass a modern day smog test.

Whatever you choose to build, your citizens will react to those decisions. Too much pollution? Too much crime? Poor fire safety? Your citizens will tell you how they feel and push back. You choose what kind of city you want and watch as it comes to life and responds to your decisions. It’s up to you, what’s going to be the story behind your city?

SimCity Social is taking the idea of playing with your friends to a whole new level. Simply visitng your friends cities and using them for resources is so last year, ever want more? More City, Less Ville, is what SimCity Social is bringing to you. You can choose to build friendly relationships with your friends, leave them surprises and perform nice actions in their cities. Or you can develop intense rivalries with your frenemies!

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