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Real NFL Coaches Ready for Hire in Madden NFL Superstars!

December 16, 2010

Is your Madden NFL Superstars team constantly looking at three and out?  Now you can give your team extra motivation and a unique advantage by hiring a real NFL Coach! After all, the key to a winning football team is experience and deep knowledge of the X’s and O’s. To get your hands on a seasoned NFL Coach, tear open an Ultimate or Platinum Card Pack to “unlock” him. Once unlocked, activate his skills with coins, contract cards or Playfish Cash on the Practice screen.

Similar to Bonus Cards, each NFL Coach is random, so you’ll never know who will be waiting to impart wisdom to your team from the sidelines! Will it be Pete Carroll, Lovie Smith or Mike Tomlin? Visit Madden NFL Superstars today to find out! Since no two great coaches are alike, each coach has a different special ability, including double coins for every win or free game tickets! Players can take advantage of their coach for four days, but have no fear, after their contract expires, you can rehire your current coach or hire a new one to continue redeeming a special ability.

What can your favorite NFL Coach do for your team? Find out now in Madden NFL Superstars!

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Tactical Joe reveals new FIFA Superstars updates!

December 10, 2010

Superstars F.C. manager Tactical Joe speaks to Playfish and the FIFA Superstars community about his FIFA Superstars team and insider information he’s gathered from the game developers!

News reporter: Good to speak to you again, Tactical Joe. What’s your take on the big news this week with the release of Serie A?

Tactical Joe: Since the release of Serie A, I’ve been busy coaching my team of Serie A players who can take on the best Italy has to offer. The likes of Internazionale will be no match for Superstars F.C!

There’s a lot at stake. If we win the league by January 4, we’ll collect a trophy plus a big coin bonus to bring in extra Gold Transfers.


News reporter: How has your team been performing recently?”

Tactical Joe: They could be doing better. Luckily though, I’ll soon be able to make substitutions during games, adjust my formation and tinker with team tactics.


News reporter: That’s huge news Joe, can you give any other details?

Tactical Joe: Here’s one that FIFA Superstars managers will really benefit from. If I’m winning at half time, I’ll finally be able to tell my team to sit back and play more defensively to protect our lead. We’ll have to watch out for red and yellow cards though as I’ve got a couple of bruisers in my team!


News reporter: We’ve heard unconfirmed reports of FIFA Superstars being given a re-design. Is this true?

Tactical Joe: Yes, this is correct. My fellow managers and I have had access to sneak previews of the new game design and it looks very stylish, cool and professional – everything that FIFA Superstars should be! You can check it out here.


News reporter: Looking forward to the Tottenham v Chelsea match?

Tactical Joe: It’s going to be a cracker. Tottenham have qualified for the next round in Europe, while Chelsea have had a patchy spell. I need those extra 3 Match Credits from the Match of the Week predictor, so I’m going to visit FIFA Superstars this weekend and hope for a 2-2 draw!”


News reporter: “Thanks for your time, Joe. When can we chat next?

Tactical Joe: My sources tell me that there are some great Christmas holiday features coming very soon – I’ll call a press conference when I know more. In the meantime, I’ve got to complete Serie A by January 4th. A football manager never sleeps…


FIFA Superstars’ Tactical Joe will be interviewed every few weeks about game hints, current features and upcoming new FIFA Superstars additions! Check out the EA SPORTS newsletter in FIFA Superstars and the FIFA Superstars Community every day for game news and chat from other FIFA Superstars managers!

Holidays are coming to Pet Society!

December 2, 2010

It’s that time of year again!

Pet Society is getting into the holiday spirit with toys and treats galore! The shops are already bursting with the season’s most exciting and magical items to thrill any pet (or pet owner!)

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with the new Advent Calendar! Choose either the Santa Sleigh or Snowman design to ring in the season in your pet’s home. These Advent Calendars are the gift that keeps on giving! Visit Pet Society everyday and collect a different tree decoration gift until December 24. Let the holiday cheer grows as you decorate your tree day by day!

What’s the ultimate Christmas shopping location? It’s the toyshop of course! The holiday season in Pet Society kicks off with Toyshop Week – a celebration of classic Christmas wishlist items like the Nutcracker Music Box (with real music!), a Jack-in-the-Box, a flying model plane and even a real working train set!

And there’s more! Turn your room into a toyshop with storefront windows, a shop door and signs and banners to delight your friends when they visit!

Want more holiday cheer? You and your pet can play dress-up with Nutcracker Prince and Sugar Plum Fairy outfits!

If you’re craving some wintry weather, you’ll love our latest collectible collection. Starting this week, collect four Limited Edition Snowy outdoor items.  The first one is this Snowy Palace Gazebo. When the set is complete, you’ll get a magical indoor snowfall in your room! A different item will be available each Wednesday for just 48 hours, so check in weekly to complete the collection!

And because it’s a time for giving as well as receiving, there’s a new addition to our WWF collection. The polar bear and penguin carol singers are available now and ready to serenade you. When you collect all 4, they put on an impressive animated performance, complete with music! 10% of the price of every one sold goes to WWF, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000 per year, so they’re a great way to spread goodwill and help a worthy cause this holiday season.

Toyshop Week is only the beginning – there are three more weeks of holiday celebration in store, plus an amazing finale with gifts for everyone! (And yes, we really do mean everyone!) So hang your stocking up and start stocking up for the festive season!

Come and join the festive fun in Pet Society!

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