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The birth of Playfish!

December 18, 2007

we love fish

Since we’ve now launched Who Has The Biggest Brain? on Facebook, I thought it would be a good time to open our company blog and introduce you to “the fish”!

I’m Kristian Segerstråle, the CEO of Playfish (I’m also a musician and glider pilot, but more about those later!). Playfish is an international group of casual and mobile games industry veterans who believe that social games are the next big thing in the industry. We think World of Warcraft and Second Life are great for an evening at a time and hitting someone with a pizza using Food Fight on Facebook is a fun way to spend 30 seconds. But what we feel is missing is way for friends on any social network to play great games together whenever they feel like it. We want to combine the best elements from social networks, casual games, MMOGs and virtual worlds and create an entirely new way for people to experience games together.

So we founded Playfish in October 2007 and raised around $3M in seed funding to get going. There’s now ten of us or so and growing quickly. We’re working to create something unique that we hope will fundamentally change how people think about playing games online. We will announce more details as we get nearer to launch, but meanwhile we thought we’d release a first title on Facebook – Who Has The Biggest Brain?. Try it out by adding the application to your profile!

We believe in great game play, honesty, innovation and user feedback over marketing gimmicks. We also like keeping things nice and easy for the user without big downloads, obscure plug-ins, long registrations and fiddling around with credit card details. We are doing our very best to create the most inspirational, fun and interesting gaming experiences out there, and we’d love to hear what you think. So please drop us a comment if you love or hate the stuff we create.

We are working on some really exciting things, so make sure you sign up for our beta to be the first to try things out as we release them. Also, if you are creative, share our passion for games and would like to be part of creating the next big thing in the industry, please get in touch at jobs(at)playfish(dot)com. We are always looking for talented and energetic coders, artists, designers and business guys and girls to join our team.

For now, enjoy Who Has The Biggest Brain? and feel free to post your thoughts. We’ll announce more about the social games revolution soon!

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