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What’s going on in Pet Society? An interview with the Mayor

August 25, 2011

Hello, Mayor! How are you doing? I’m very well, thank you, if somewhat busy! We recently celebrated Pet Society’s third birthday and I’m still clearing up after the party!

Wow- three years and you’re still going strong! We are indeed! We’re currently in the middle of Romantic Rococo Week, which is proving to be most popular. Not only do we have some beautifully designed furniture and interior decor, there are also some lovely one-offs like a loyal Dressing Servant who dresses your Pet, some exquisite Rococo Wings which give your Pet an angelic look and a huge bundle of powdered wigs! Oh… and it wouldn’t be Pet Society without some giant cakes!

That all sounds extremely charming! So, what can we expect next? Well, next week we’re going from genteel to LOUD with the futuristic Cyberpunk Week! It’s guaranteed to be a blast for any Pet that wants to get some neon dye in their hair and surround themselves with colorful circuitry! I’ll be busy tending to my Mystery Flowers and Star Tree and also making sure Cyber Bob the robot does all of his chores!

Anything else you’d like to mention? I’m glad you asked! For those Pets who like challenges and treasure hunting, we’ve got a brand new Crystal Cave digging map with some absolutely wonderful items waiting to be found! For the green-thumbed there’s also a Peacock Flower Challenge, which I’m extremely proud of. The prize to complete the challenge is a Magnificent Peacock Seat which has to be seen to be believed! Finally, I should mention the fact that I’ve taken up interior design as a hobby and I think I may be rather good at it. Feel free to visit my house anytime and judge for yourself!

Don’t forget you can also get free gifts and news from Pet Society’s fan page and discuss the game on the official forum.

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