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What’s going on in Pet Society? An interview with the Mayor

August 25, 2011

Hello, Mayor! How are you doing? I’m very well, thank you, if somewhat busy! We recently celebrated Pet Society’s third birthday and I’m still clearing up after the party!

Wow- three years and you’re still going strong! We are indeed! We’re currently in the middle of Romantic Rococo Week, which is proving to be most popular. Not only do we have some beautifully designed furniture and interior decor, there are also some lovely one-offs like a loyal Dressing Servant who dresses your Pet, some exquisite Rococo Wings which give your Pet an angelic look and a huge bundle of powdered wigs! Oh… and it wouldn’t be Pet Society without some giant cakes!

That all sounds extremely charming! So, what can we expect next? Well, next week we’re going from genteel to LOUD with the futuristic Cyberpunk Week! It’s guaranteed to be a blast for any Pet that wants to get some neon dye in their hair and surround themselves with colorful circuitry! I’ll be busy tending to my Mystery Flowers and Star Tree and also making sure Cyber Bob the robot does all of his chores!

Anything else you’d like to mention? I’m glad you asked! For those Pets who like challenges and treasure hunting, we’ve got a brand new Crystal Cave digging map with some absolutely wonderful items waiting to be found! For the green-thumbed there’s also a Peacock Flower Challenge, which I’m extremely proud of. The prize to complete the challenge is a Magnificent Peacock Seat which has to be seen to be believed! Finally, I should mention the fact that I’ve taken up interior design as a hobby and I think I may be rather good at it. Feel free to visit my house anytime and judge for yourself!

Don’t forget you can also get free gifts and news from Pet Society’s fan page and discuss the game on the official forum.

Most Haunted Pets: Garden Edition

October 13, 2010

A little while ago we asked players to design a spooky vegetable, flower or tree to go into Pet Society just in time for Halloween. The winner of each category would earn themselves a frighteningly large amount of Playfish Cash — 500 to be precise — as well as eternal fame as their hard work is made available for the game’s millions of players around the world to buy.

So who won? Let’s hand it over to Eepette, the host of Most Haunted Pets, to find out!

“Thanks Mark! Welcome to the very special garden edition of Most Haunted Pets, the show that visits the most mysterious and eerie homes in all of Pet Society and brings supernatural discoveries to you live on camera! This week we’re going to be taking a look at haunted gardens, so expect terrifying trees, fearsome flowers and, er, very scary vegetables! Our first stop is a spooky vegetable patch. If we wait a few moments, I’m sure something scary’ll happen pretty soon.”

The camera settles on a patch of potatoes. Time is set to fast forward, but nothing happens. Suddenly the camera spins wildly and a carrot flies past.

“Did you see that?! A carrot just flew through the air!”

The footage is played back in slow motion. On the second pass, the host of the show, Eepette, is visible in the side of the frame throwing the carrot.

“Well that was amazing! Now I just need to go to the bathroom….I’ll be back in a second. Keep looking, and listening… I said listening for anything scary. BRB!”

Eepette runs enthusiastically out of sight. Suddenly, loud knocking sounds can be heard. The camera whirls around to focus on a large shimmering gray tree. The footage is played three times for good measure, each time slower than the last. Three Moody Ghost Vegetables can be clearly seen in a distant part of the vegetable patch, giggling, sobbing and growling in equal parts. The camera now focuses on the knocking sound, while the camera operator mutters shrilly into the mic that he’s absolutely terrified. Encouraged on by the rest of the crew he starts to approach the sound. It seems to be emitting from behind the tree. Terrified, the crew pace around the tree to find Eepette knocking a piece of wood on the tree’s trunk. She drops the piece of wood when she sees them approach.

“Oh my, did you hear that knocking sound? I heard it all the way from the bathroom, what do you think it could be?”

The half-speed replay shows Eepette startled and dropping the piece of wood in slow motion.

“Hmm, must have been….like….a ghost or something. Anyway let’s go check out those flowers!”  As she points to the flowers she absently picks a Gummy Ghost Fruit from the shimmering tree and eats it. “Hmm, spookily delicious whatever they are!”

Next, the crew paces over to a flowerbed across the garden from the tree. By this point Eepette seems to be running out of ideas. “Wooooo, I’m the Green Garden Ghost!,” as she wafts a leaf in front of the camera. The crew is becoming visibly frustrated and embarrassed.

“That’s a leaf, Eepette.”

“Yes it’s a Leaf Ghost.”

“No, it’s just a leaf.”

Eepette stares at the leaf still in her hands for a few moments then appears to lose interest and flings it into the flowerbed. As the crew starts to return to the Most Haunted Pets van, a single black rose spits out the leaf and smiles that chesire-cat smile.

“Well that’s about all we’ve got time for! Over to you, Mark!”

Er, thanks Eepette. Anyway moving swiftly on, congratulations to our winners, MissGlitter who designed the spooky Spirits Tree, CarlosEP creator of the devilish Black Cat Rose, and Danzefly the evil mastermind behind the Moody Ghost Vegetables. Each of our ghoulish winners have won 500 Playfish Cash, as well as their designs featured in Pet Society!

We were truly bowled over by the sheer talent on display during this competition. We only wish we had time to put ALL of your ideas in the game. Really amazing!See you next time and have a spooktacular Halloween! (Hey it’s Halloween. Bad puns are allowed at Halloween).


Winners Announced for the Party with Pet Society Competition!

August 24, 2010

As part of Pet Society’s second birthday extravaganza we introduced the Party With Pet Society competition to get everyone in the spirit!

We invited you to show us how YOU were celebrating our second birthday, and boy do you know how to party in style! Balloon parties, food parties, loud parties, low key, elegant affairs – the range and creativity of the submissions were amazing! Now, three lucky players will win big prizes for being voted the best birthday party in town! Each of the Party With Pet Society winners have bagged themselves a whole stack of Playfish Cash to go on a spending spree!

And without further ado, here are the winners who received the most votes from Pet Society players for their entries!

In third place, Joa Waehlte wins 200 Playfish Cash! Joa’s party captured the imagination of the Pet Society community and got their vote with inviting balloons and the promise of good music! The Mayor had his eye on the presents under the balloons… we wonder if there were more hidden under the table!

Runner up and recipient of second prize is Chiara Spagnulo, who created this party chock full of gifts and lovely candy! Congratulations, Chiara – you’ll be receiving 300 Playfish Cash for your efforts! We hope you spend it on many more amazing parties to come!

And finally, in first place and winning herself 1000 Playfish Cash is Jennifer McConnell. This giant cake party received the most votes from the Pet Society community and no wonder – just look at the size of that cake! We were pretty sure we’d be eating birthday cake for the rest of the year if she threw a party for Playfish!

Whew, all this partying has been exhausting! Thanks to everyone who entered and captured how you celebrated Pet Society’s second birthday. Now, what shall we do next year…?

Win 1000 Playfish Cash in Pet Society’s 2nd Birthday Competition!

August 5, 2010

Love Pet Society? Love parties? Want to win 1000 Playfish Cash?

Well you’ve come to the right place! We’re celebrating Pet Society’s 2nd birthday by having a big party all over the world and for a chance at winning the 1000 Playfish Cash all you have to do is show us how you party with Pet Society!

Just decorate one of your Pet Society rooms using Pet Society items from the shops, take a picture using Pet Society’s camera button and upload it to the contest tab here by Sunday 15th August 2010 at 00:00 PST.

You don’t even have to decorate a room to join the party, just come along to see the entries and vote for the one you like most! That’s right, we’ll choose our favorite 15 parties and let you know which they are, then YOU get to vote which should be the top 3!

3rd place will earn themselves a cool 200 Playfish Cash, 2nd place in the votes will bag themselves 300 Playfish Cash and the winner of the competition as voted by YOU will be instantly catapulted to Pet Society’s A List with a stunning 1000 Playfish Cash prize!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Oh, and remember to read the terms and conditions on the contest tab before you enter folks!

Good luck everyone, see you at the party!

Interview with Andrew Ow, Product Manager of My Empire!

June 7, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye! Playfish has released a new game and we, the People, demand word from the Product Manager of My Empire! Join us now and be part of an audience with Andrew Ow!

Good sir, would you kindly begin by explaining to us your role in bringing My Empire to us?
All hail!Hello and of course.  My name is Andrew Ow. I am the product manager of My Empire and responsible for deciding what the game will look like and play like. It is a really exciting job and working with the whole My Empire team has been great.

A leading role in My Empire? We are not worthy! But my lord, why create My Empire? (Though we are grateful!)
Building an empire is fun! We wanted to create a beautiful and easy game to get into which lets you have play with ancient themes. You can interact with friends, expand your land and create really stunning empires due to our lovingly detailed graphics. The My Empire team is extremely excited to see what the players make of it since we think we have created something really different and fun.

Indeed, My Empire is a delight for the eye! Can you describe to your humble audience the aim of the game?
The goal of My Empire is to create a glorious ancient empire – but what that means is completely up to you! Players can aim to create the most beautiful empire, build a Wonder (or all of them!), or have the largest population. It’s very open ended. I think new players will love the feeling of constructing Wonders. We have some really great Wonders like Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and the Parthenon. Our artists have really done a fantastic job creating them – they look stunning, and do great things for your empire as well!

So many things to choose from! It baffles the mind! But, my lord, perhaps you can help narrow this down with a suggestion as to where to begin?
My tip would be to be sure to building both houses and happiness buildings. Houses allow more citizens to live on your island, but you need to keep your citizens happy as well. Keeping a good balance is a key part of having a growing empire!

Wise words… surely such wisdom is learnt from having faced challenges during your reign?
I’d say the most challenging aspect of working on My Empire has been deciding which of the many exciting features to add.  We had so many ideas that we really had to pick and choose what to do each day.  The good news is we have many ideas for new features in the future and we hope you’ll be enjoying them with us!

Then it seems, my lord, you have had a most joyful experience building My Empire?
Yes! The most fun aspect has been seeing the game get better and better each week in all ways.  For example, we started without any art for the Wonders, so it was hard to imagine how cool or impressive they would look. The week we added the Wonder art everyone at the office was so impressed, our whole studio was racing to be the first to complete Stonehenge!

Ah, a tale to be told for years to come! And as the months come and go, what do you foresee for the citizen of My Empire?
I don’t want to give away anything too exciting – but it will definitely give old and new players something fun to do. All I can suggest is keep a close eye on the My Empire Facebook page for the latest news.

Ah my lord, you are a tease! But sir, so that I may know it when I pass by, what have you called your empire and why?
My empire is named Haogang, after one of My Empire‘s excellent programmers.  He accomplished some truly legendary work during the course of our project, so I had to commemorate him!

*Wipes a tear from eyes* That is so sweet… ahem… I mean… Bravo! And what kind of leader would you describe yourself as, my lord?
I am a leader obsessed with empire beautification!  I try to lay out parks and open areas for my citizens to enjoy. My roads are lined with trees, and one time I even constructed a hedge maze.   As you can imagine, I am excited when I unlock new decoration items each level!

My lord, I feel our time is coming to an end. Before we leave, what wise words would you like to leave with us?
First of all, thanks so much for playing!  I would also like to let our players to know that they can leave feedback on our game’s Facebook page or forum. We are listening to you and will do everything we can to make this game great!

Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition!

March 4, 2010

OK, we admit, we messed up again.

We thought 11 awards was going to be enough. I mean it seemed like quite a lot. We know you well enough by now to realise if we run a competition you’re going to amaze us with the sheer number of amazing entries but yeah, we thought 11 awards felt like plenty.

We were wrong.

Not only did we have to add another couple of categories: Best Frame and Best Fantasy, we still couldn’t decide between two entries to win the Fantasy award so we thought what the hey, we’ve already totally changed the rules and added more categories, we might as well have TWO winners for Fantasy!

So without further ado, introducing the first ever Pet Society Movie Awards!

[theme tune and pan around star studded audience before cutting to the Mayor of Pet Society introducing the awards]

*clears throat*

Welcome everyone to the Pet Society Movie Awards! The first category was for Best Fantasy. There are two winners for this one. Would ah *adjusts reading glasses* Brunella Rizzo and ณัฐวดี สุชาโต please step up to the podium to collect your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Awards!

The Action Award goes to Adityansyah Irendra Nugraha, who also wins 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

Step up Eduardo Galvez, winner of 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for best comedy!

The prize of 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for Best Drama goes to Ivett Ariana Ponce Guevara!

Please join us at the podium Lilian Sachiko to collect your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Award for Best Horror!

Best Miscellaneous Award goes to Andrea Lombardi who wins 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

The award for Best Romance goes to Aliz Szebényi, securing them 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

The newly created Best Frame Award goes to Regina Vargas Mancilla winning them 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

Step up to the podium and collect your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Award Marti Zangari!

The Best Science Fiction Award earns 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for Cergio Ortiiz!

Step up Julianne Ting for your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor award for Best Thriller!

The Gangster City Award goes to Timmy McDonald for his excellent entry. Well done Timmy, enjoy your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Award!

Finally, the big one. Best Picture Award. This award goes to our favorite entry of all, so they win a huge 1000 Playfish Cash as well as their Golden Mayor Award. And the award goes to…

*drum roll*

Sometime Zili! Congratulations Sometime Zili! Time for an acceptance speech?

And that’s about all we have time for folks, but congratulations to all the winners as well as the many, many other talented people who entered the competition!

See you at the after show party!

Pets, Camera, Action! Who’ll Win the Coveted Golden Mayor Award?

February 22, 2010

Pet Society fans and movie lovers will be thrilled to find out that our Pet Society Movie Awards competition has premiered, giving players the chance to win 1,000 Playfish Cash!

The competition’s premise is simple: with your Pet Society pet and the multitude of items available in the game, you’re invited to become a virtual film director and recreate a scene from your favorite movie – starring your pet – and enter it into our competition page.  Winners in a variety of categories will receive the highly coveted Golden Mayor award!

This is a chance to really flex your creative muscles and show us what you can do! To get more of an idea of what we’re looking for, I spoke with the competition’s organizer, Cristina Fuser, to get her thoughts.

“Our main goal, of course, is for players to have fun!” said Cristina. “We’ve always known that our game players are very clever and creative.  You only have to look at our previous competition winners to see just how imaginative they can be. But this time we’re looking for players to get their inspiration from Hollywood, Bollywood or whatever the case may be and cast their pets within scenes from their favorite movie and turn them into stars!”

It’s always amazed me how players can take various items from the Pet Society store and transform them in an incredibly creative way that we couldn’t have imagined.

Cristina agrees: “Every time we launch a new competition, we never know what new and ingenius ideas players will come up with. It’s all very exciting! This competition is quite different from our previous ones, which typically reflected holidays or festivals from around the world. But the Pets Movie Awards is a brand new event that will give players an opportunity to showcase their ideas and creativity in an entirely new and fun way.

“Having taken a look through the thousands of scenes already submitted, it’s really incredible to see what people have come up with. I keep thinking, ‘Oooh! I wonder what the next one is like?’ and I spend the next hour going through more entries. It’s quite addicting! I often hear people from the office – who have been looking at the entries, too – saying that they are tempted to enter themselves.

“Like the Oscars or Golden Globes, this competition is very competitive and judging is going to be very challenging.  All of the entries are so good and just looking at the them has been so much fun. I can’t begin to imagine how much fun our players are having making them.”

The Pet Society Movie Awards competition ends Sunday, February 28, at midnight GMT, and the lucky winners in each category will be announced and presented with their very own Golden Mayor award on Tuesday, March 2, on the official Pet Society blog.

Good luck – and as they say in Hollywood, “Break a leg!”

Can you guess which movies these fans have based their pet’s scenes on? Click on the images to see more!

News from the Valentine Competition!

February 19, 2010

We have a winner!

Well more specifically, we have two!

Didn’t we say there’d only be one winner? OK you got us there, yes we did. But as these things tend to pan out with you guys, you just turned out to be too good! With the quality of entries we thought we really had to have a couple of winners; one for our favourite video and one for our favourite image.

If you cast your minds back we asked you to use images and/or videos to show us your pet’s perfect valentine. You didn’t let us down. We were inundated with all kinds of Valentine’s goodness — some romantic, some funny, some tragic, but all supremely creative and packed with all kinds of Valentine’s Day awesome.

As promised the winners will both receive 500 Playfish Cash but also they’ll be given completely unique in game items — items which no-one else in the whole world have! So what are these mysterious items? Well they’re kind of fun. Both the winner and their Valentine will receive a his and hers t shirt and dress personalised to their Valentine, like these:

Cute huh?

So without further ado we’d like to congratulate:

Chia Hui Liu

and Danyela990

…for their amazing entries! They both obviously had a lot of work lavished on them so we’re sure Brico and Daniel must be very touched!

Well done everyone! See you next time!

A chat with Pet Society’s Product Manager, Vivienne Bearman!

February 9, 2010

Hi guys! As Valentine’s Day draws nearer we’ve seen lots of romantic items appearing across all of our games – from the sweet Valentine’s Day theme gifts you can send your fellow culinary friends in Restaurant City to the beautiful romantic Victorian set available in Country Story, I got in touch with Vivienne Bearman at Playfish HQ to find out what she and her team have got in store for Pet Society fans.

Hi Vivienne. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to chat with me and our readers! Would you let our fans know what you do here at Playfish?
Sure! Hi guys – I’m the product manager for Pet Society which means I keep an eye on what players are doing in the game, as well as listen to their suggestions and feedback and use it to make the game better for our players.

Cool! But for those who haven’t played Pet Society yet, would you give people a quick description of what the game is about?
Pet Society is a game you can play on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. It’s a casual game where you create an animated pet of your choice to take care of. But there is just so much more to it than that – and that is what makes it special. Pet Society is designed so that you can play with your friends and family. For instance, you can visit your friends’ pets at their houses or send them really cute gifts. There are tons of items to collect, whether you want them for yourself or to give to your friends. You can also go fishing with your pet and collect all sorts of weird and wonderful fish, or become a pro-athlete at the Stadium and win lots of coins and achievements. There’s just so much to do I could spend all day telling you about it. Though it’s a very casual game, I have to admit I’m a little addicted and spend as much time as I can on there!

That sounds fun! You mentioned there are lots of things to collect. What new things do our players have to look forward to as we get closer to Valentine’s Day?
Naturally, we’ve released a really fun and romantic Valentine’s Day theme in Pet Society. You can start collecting the new items from all the various stores in the game but also you can give that special someone a gift that won’t open until February 14th. We’re hoping people will receive lots of presents to open on Valentine’s Day! My current favourite items are the beautiful Romantic Castle Terrace and the Romantic Castle Staircase that you can get from the Luxury store. I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I hope someone sends me something, haha…

On the Valentine’s theme, I noticed that the Pet Society Fan Page recently announced a competition, too – can you tell me a little bit about it now?
Well, we’ve asked our fans to show us what their pet’s perfect Valentine would look like by submitting pictures to the competition page. The game is really great for giving our players the creative space to express themselves and we’ve been getting loads of really fantastic entries. I can’t wait for the winners to be announced. We’ll be taking entries until Sunday 14th February at midnight GMT and winners will be announced on Friday 19th February. The best entry will be rewarded with 500 Playfish Cash and a personalised gift for your Pet Society pet, as well.

Where will the winners be announced?
All of our fans and players can keep track of all of the latest Pet Society news and announcements at the official Pet Society blog and the Playfish blog.

Excellent. This month has been very busy for Pet Society! You’ve also released a brand new game feature, is that right?
Yeah! I’m really excited about this particular new release. The recent new feature lets your Pet Society pet have their own pet – we’ve called them Petlings! Players can go to the Garden store and buy either a kitten or a puppy for their pet. We’re planning on releasing more Petlings in the future so we hope the fans will definitely be watching this space for more news on that. On an unrelated note, I just wanted to mention that we’ve also increased the number of ways players can earn bonus coins – from playing the daily lottery to walking around town to collect coins that drop from trees. So, yeah, we’re constantly improving the game.

So many new features! How do you come up with these ideas and keep the game feeling fresh?
I count myself very lucky to be working with such an amazing team. Our artists have a fantastic feel for who our players are and what they want. We also have very dedicated coders and developers for the game. We all work passionately to bring something new and exciting to our fans every week. The Pet Society themes are sometimes tied to fun festivals around the world and we also pay attention to what people are saying on the Pet Society forum. In fact, we asked our players what they wanted to see in the game toward the end of last year and we’re now using that feedback to help us plan out the next few big item themes. The Pet Society team are really friendly and we all get along really well together. I think this really shows through in the game, both in the cute graphics and the happy themes we come out with.

What would you say you’re the most pleased with so far?
I just love that we’ve created a game that lets friends and family play together. And it’s such a quick game to get into – it’s not challenging but there are lots of things to do if you put the time inif you want to, of course! I really love that I can visit a pet’s home and just check out how creatively the owner has used the items we created for them. We’ve seen some really sophisticated designs and themes appearing and it’s so wonderful to see our players finding a form of expression through Pet Society.

Well it has to be asked, Vivienne, what’s the name of your pet?
Hahaha. I’ve called her Tinky. That was the name of my first cat when I was little.

And dare I ask which of the Playfish games is your favourite?
All of our games are beautiful – everyone at Playfish really puts their hearts and minds into them and I know we’ll continue to make them better for our players. So even though I naturally spend a lot of time on Pet Society, I really do love all of our games!

And finally, Vivienne, any last comments?
Definitely! A shout out to our fans!  We’re always interested to hear what players want from the game and the best way to tell us is through the Pet Society forum. We are often running surveys there which players can get involved in if they want, and someone from Playfish is online there 24/7 to listen to players ideas and concerns!

Thanks, Vivienne – and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to more fun releases on Pet Society!

Announcing the winners of our WWF Ice Animals Competition

January 15, 2010

Another day another set of competition results!

This time we’re announcing the winners of our WWF Ice Animals Competition where we asked you to create a piece explaining what endangered animals would want to tell us if they could speak.

WWF have kindly judged this competition for us, with the following 12 entries being selected by WWF for a prize. The prize for each winning entry is an exclusive full size Ice Animal in Pet Society. Unlike the normal Ice Animals these won’t melt away; you’ll be able to show yours with pride.

A big thank you to WWF for selecting the following winners, and congratulations to you all on your stunning entries! Just click the images to see the original threads:

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