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Transactions in Social Games – Launching Who Has The Biggest Brain? Pro Player Club

July 18, 2008

who has the biggest brain pro player club

Who Has The Biggest Brain? has in six months amassed over 6 million installs, over 200 million game plays and a great set of feedback from our players. And last week we launched our first major new update to the game including our first transactions based service.

We launched a new achievements system, taunts, new brain types and a brand new profile viewing page all accessible to everyone. We also launched a new Pro Player Club for the game which gives you access to new exclusive mini-games, a practice mode, a calendar view of your progress in each category, exclusive taunts and more, all at a $9.99 / year subscription price.

We are excited about the update as it lets us provide our most engaged players with additional depth into the game while at the same time delivering more features for people who want to play the free version of the game. We will continue to update the free to play version of the game and the Pro Player Club with new features, as well as providing additional, more convenient payment options.

We believe the future business model for social games will be primarily transactions driven where consumers play for free supported by advertising but have the option to pay for virtual items and premium features. Given that people currently pay over $50Bn to play video games on other platforms we believe the potential for transactions in social games to be sizable. So we are very excited to have our first transactional model launched in addition to our in-game advertising offering. As always we are eager to hear what you think of the mix and any ideas on how to further improve the game play experience.

Thanks to all of our players who have alreardy sent us some great feedback – keep it coming and hope you enjoy the update! You can try it out on Facebook here!

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