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It’s Pizza Time in Restaurant City!

February 23, 2011

Restaurant City fans are in for a real culinary treat this week as Playfish’s widely popular cooking strategy game heads into a Venetian theme and launches a new feature: The Pizzeria!

Starting this week players will have the opportunity to unlock the amazing Pizzeria – the ultimate cooking utility, which includes a fast stove and drink dispenser.

But, of course no great Pizzeria can be built overnight! Players will be able to complete building this grand collectible over time, unlocking various components of the Pizzeria by mastering a series of recipes.

The first recipe to master is the delicious Pizza Vegetariana, which will unlock the basic version of the Pizzeria. From there, continue to unlock and master other recipes by collecting ingredients from friends or by earning them through the game! Be sure to check into Restaurant City to find out what recipe is next on the list to be mastered!

The Pizzeria also comes with its own mini game – the Dough Boy!

A happy chappy, he’ll help the chef at the Pizzeria by preparing the pizza dough! Wait for him to highlight with a green border that tells you he’s ready to toss some dough in the air. When you click him, make sure you click the dough in time so that he catches it! Can you imagine what will happen if he doesn’t…?

Restaurant City has come out with great collectibles over time – the Sushi Bar, Lounge Bar and Karaoke Bar, even a Bowling Alley. With the new Pizzeria, Restaurant City continues to put the fun into one of Facebook’s most popular cooking games.

EXCLUSIVE: The Mayor of Pet Society Talks About the Brand New Pets Town!

February 18, 2011

Playfish joined Pet Society’s Mayor at the opening of Pets Town, a new interactive feature that all Pets can be a part of!

Mayor, how excited are you about the unveiling of Pets Town?
I’m so excited I could burst! I’ve known about this particular engagement for a while, so it’s a relief that I can finally share the news with all the Pets out there.

In three words, can you sum up what Pets Town is all about?
That’s impossible, three words is simply not enough to convey my excitement!

Ok, use as many words as you like, Mayor.
Pets Town is a new interactive area within the game that your Pet can take part in. Not only will your Pet be able to explore around Pets Town and participate in a new quest, each Pet will have the opportunity to unlock new land to call their own! When unlocked, they will be able to decorate their house exterior and great new yard to show off to all their friends!

Sounds awesome! How will the Pets unlock their house exterior and brand new yard?
As the land is currently uninhabited, Pets will not be surprised to find a family of squirrels living on their land. Pets will need to build the squirrels a new home by asking friends for Acorns, Tree Bark and Roof Tiles. Once they have enough building components, the new feature will unlock and they can get decorating! As a bonus, they’ll get a wonderful Squirrel Tree Home to place in their new yard.

The new house exterior and yard can only by unlocked by players at Level 6 and above, but all of our players will have access to the new town.

How did you decorate your yard?
I searched long and hard for the best landscape gardener and designer. It was not an easy job, let me tell you!

Well, we can wait to see your yard! We also hear that you are asking Pets to help you find your lost animals. How did they escape?
I got so caught up with the preparations of Pets Town, that as soon as my back was turned, they ran away! But I am longing to have them return home as they are such adorable little animals! So I’m asking all the Pets out there for help and offering generous rewards every day!

Do you have a message for all your fans out there?
I look forward to receiving gifts as a thank you for all the hard work I’ve put into Pets Town the past few weeks! Hehe! More seriously, I simply hope that all Pets out there have incredible fun with Pets Town and all the new features it brings. That’s my biggest wish!

You can visit the Mayor in Pet Society daily by clicking here. Remember, you can discuss Pets Town on the Forum or visit the Blog for updates.

From Playfish With Love: Playfish Cash Bonus!

February 11, 2011

Hello Playfish Friends and Lovers!

Birds are chirping, the sun is shining….and LOVE is in the air!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and to show Playfish’s LOVE to you, we’re offering 50% EXTRA Playfish Cash when purchased through any of our games where Playfish Cash is used. “From Playfish With Love: Playfish Cash Bonus” is occurring for a limited time from February 11 to February 15, so fall in love all over again and stock up on Playfish Cash today!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Pro League 3: Compete for the Elite! Put Your Team to the Ultimate Test in Madden NFL Superstars!

February 1, 2011

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge—and ultimate rewards—in Madden NFL Superstars? Welcome to Pro League 3!

Does your team need a stellar QB? What about a star running back? Last week, Madden NFL Superstars introduced Pro League 3, which gives players the opportunity to choose the NFL pro they want to compete for! Start Pro League 3 by selecting an Elite Card. These Elite Cards represent some of the best players in the NFL, boasting a 99 player rating and a +3 Overall Team Rating boost that never expires!

To earn your prized Elite Card, players must claim victory over all 32 teams in Pro League 3. It’s a huge feat, but players will have 24 hours to play each team as many times as it takes to win! The timer moves on with or without you. After 24 hours, you must play the next team. And, don’t forget to build up your new stadium and attract fans for some extra support!

Like all great football games, there are winners and there are losers. Want another chance at the Cincinnati Bengals? Instant Replays allow players to replay teams that they’ve lost against and Time-Outs add 24 more hours to game time!

Earn MORE Coins and XP than ever before and a bonus after every 4 wins! Complete a PERFECT season in Pro League 3 and earn your Elite Card!

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