Around the world with Playfish and Geo Challenge!


It’s only a month or so ago that we launched Pet Society on Facebook – and what a month that has been. The game has already attracted over 1.5 million players, it’s made it to the Facebook games top-15 by activity and we’ve loved the amount of excellent feedback and suggestions we’ve received from our players. And we’re not done yet – the team at Playfish London is still hard at work fixing issues, adding features and completing the Stadium feature for the game so keep that feedback and those ideas coming!

Meanwhile, it’s time to announce the beta release of our next title – Geo Challenge from Playfish China – our Beijing Studio.

It’s been fun to see how many of you have appreciated the learning element in our top-10 titles Word Challenge and Who Has The Biggest Brain?. We wanted to expand on this a little further in our next game and explore a competitive game around knowledge of geography.

Geo Challenge is designed for friends to compete and show off their knowledge of the planet. You travel the world together with our friendly tour guide and get to test your knowledge of countries, cities and flags in a collection of minigames. The game rewards speed as well as knowledge and accuracy and gives you a geography knowledge rating – or geo score – between Agoraphobe and Geography Guru with ratings like Bus Driver, Sailor and Airline Pilot in between. We’re still tweaking things and thinking of features to add, so all feedback is much appreciated.

So, if you have a moment and feel like putting your friends to the test, give Geo Challenge a try on Facebook! You never know, you might even learn something new at the same time?

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54 Responses to “Around the world with Playfish and Geo Challenge!”

  1. Jon Says:

    Love all your games.

    I suck at “Who has the biggest brain”, but I am a little better at Word Challenge , 194K+ record! 😀 (Spanish). Took like 35 minutes.

    I will try this game asap since I am a geography buff.

  2. sampell Says:

    awsome. i’m sure that it would be great, all playfish games are great, so, congratulations!

  3. sampell Says:

    My idea was to create a game about mythical creatures, i mean, you can create a character with wings, a tail, with horse legs, a corn, etc., but nothing realy strange or weird. The character will live in a houe, and it has to earn money playing games. The games could be in a mall, or in a diferent building apart from tha house. Tha buildings could be a mall, where inside it could be a restorant, a saloon, a bokstore, a shop of games, the ferniture store, etc. Also, a store where the player can buy new houses (like the shape of the house), or rugs, and colors of walls. A castle, a hotel, and why not a tree house. Tha craracter will increase its level with the tests around tha town. The player may change the garden, with bushes, trees, flowers, etc. Hope you like it, I recomend the graphics of pet society, they are cool.

  4. sampell Says:

    I’m sorry about the several posts, but This is the last in this article. I have to say that I’m not doing something like forcing you to do this, is just a little idea i wanted to tell to you, and it would be great if you may do it works.

    Thanks, bye…:D

  5. iamroberto Says:

    Hi guys.

    You are doing a really nice job. Congrats!

    I’m trying to add Geo Challenge to my Facebook games but when the app asks for my permision to access my data, it seems it keeps in a loop asking over and over por my permission. Any ideas?


  6. steff:) Says:

    I really can’t wait to try out Geo Challenge. I love what you guys are doing with Pei Society =)
    Anyways, all the best!

  7. Nikki and Snookums Says:

    Love love LOVE Pet society …. wold just like to say, can our pets have a chalk board we can leave notes on. So if we don’t want our pets cleaning, we can tell friends.
    Thanks for an addictive game!!! Did I mention I love it!

    Nikki and Snookums x

  8. connor williams Says:

    How long till u get the cafe and stadium open and can u please add somthing like build your own furniture shop just like ikea where your pet has to put it together

  9. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Jon: That is some record for Word Challenge! I hope you enjoy our Geo Challenge game too – will we see you up in the world top spots?

    sampell: Thanks for the suggestion, we will put it along with our other game ideas.

    iamroberto: after you have accepted the game to access your information, do you get to play the game? If so, to access the game again you need to click “Add Bookmark” – you can find this in the bottom left corner, Next time you want to play, it will be easier to find the application and avoid being stuck in a loop.

    steff:): Great, I hope you like the game as much as we do!

    Nikki and Snookums: Thanks for the suggestion, we will keep it in mind.

    connor williams: The stadium for Pet Society is due to open very, very soon, it is now a matter of days! The cafe, we do not yet have an official completion date.


  10. iamroberto Says:

    Silje, unfortunately I’m not able to play the game. It seems the game doesn’t get the chance to access my info because it keeps on asking me for permission on an infinite loop.

    Something like:
    “Allow access to your info?” > YES > “Allow access?” > YES > “Allow access?”… 😦

  11. Gaston Rama Says:

    Excelent games playfish!

    i love geo challenge, its my favourite facebook game!! (L)

    keep it coming, your games are great 🙂

    PD: make some action game, like metal slug, it will be great xD

  12. Dipp Says:

    I REALLY like this game, another hit from Playfish! The App company I trust the most!

    I’d like to say, though that the animation is choppy in this one and the character drawings (especially the score ones) are kinda ugly and look kinda rushed/sloppily made. You have set a great standard with your past games! Now it’s all about keeping and raising the bar!

  13. Judy & Spiffy Says:

    I love Pet Society, but the game runs so slowly on my computer and many people are deleting those in the higher levels to speed things up. My suggestion is to allow us to keep our smaller houses and maybe turn down, or sell the bigger houses for coins. I love the idea about leaving a note in your house for people, too. Thanks for a great game!

  14. joaquin espinoza Says:

    el juego es superentretenido

    lo unico malo es cuando estas en la tercera prueba y le achuntas
    a uno te aparece más 100 y te tapa toda la pantalla y no te deja ver
    por como 5 segundos


  15. Silje Mølnå Says:

    This sounds like a Facebook issue. Can you install other games? I suggest you look at the Facebook help centre:

    Gaston Rama:
    I am glad you like the game!

    Really cool – I am glad to hear that!
    We will be doing some updates in the coming weeks to improve the animation and the overall smoothness of the game.

    Judy & Spiffy:
    We are doing an update related to houses/rooms in the next few days – it will also help with some of the slowness that has been experiences – keep a look out!

    joaquin espinoza:
    I am glad you like the game – we do too!

    We´ll look into that issue you reported – thanks for the report.

  16. Gaston Rama Says:

    thanks for the answer, it would be great if you can add a 4th level to geo challenge 🙂

  17. julian Says:

    Please check Buenos Aires location in the City Blitz. It should be southern. I’m from Argentina. Thanks

  18. ferd Says:

    geo challenge is just great, we want more challenges!!

  19. Matt Golfcovers Says:

    I’ve heard some goody things about this blog. The content has really been useful a great balance of text and pictures.

  20. geo challenger Says:

    wouldnt it be great if you could post games on ur website as well.. for days like today when none of the facebook applications are working 😦

  21. Manu Says:


    I just scored 67,000+ points in WORD CHALLENGE and it didn’t register

    could it be due to a MAXINT issue?
    if you are using a int to store score, 65,534 would be the maximum…

    please use long int!

    manuelaraoz a t gmail d.o.t com

  22. R1a Says:

    Hey there!Once again playfish developed a great game! Looking forward to the next title..How about something like dinner dash or some kind of a tycoon? That would be just perfect!

  23. Silje Mølnå Says:

    We will be doing some updates and tweaks to the game in the coming weeks, a 4th mini-game is not unthinkable.

    Thank you for the report – we will double check!

    I am glad you like the game! 🙂

    geo challenger:
    Yeah, it would be great wouldn’t it? Maybe something we need to think about for future. A question though: would you want to register on yet another site to play games? What about your friends, would it be as much fun if your real life friends were not playing the game and seeing your progress?

    Thank you for the report. The scores are unfortunately at times delayed. The next time you play the game, the highest score will most likely be registered on your account.

    That are some great ideas you have there – we have some great new titles in development, but unfortunately I cannot talk about them, yet. I look forward to when we can share these great titles with you!

  24. carlos felipe erazo Says:


    i think you can put more games because your games are very nice and funny.
    Put another game like pet society because i was loking for more games ike that but that games we dont play whit them.
    I like that the game have that we adopt a pet and we go to buy things, etc.

  25. jill davies Says:

    hope you like this

  26. c Says:


  27. Unknown Says:

    I love this game and other playfish games i cant wait for the next playfish game to come out!

  28. eva tsang Says:

    i love all playfish games
    it will be more fun if the games in pet society can allow multi-players to play at the same time instead of playing with pc only
    btw,i just tried the geo challenge but it can’t record my score.

  29. King Richards Says:

    I’m putting together my own site rating of good blogs like yours would you allow me to add yours? Thanks.

  30. Hillary Martin Says:

    Good information, it was worth reading. Keep up the good work on your posts, I will keep checking back for more posts like this one. If you want checkout my site as well.

  31. Eugene Says:

    Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

  32. Mechi Says:

    I really love this kind of games. They’re easy to play and you can spend a lot of time trynig tofind out what to do…. Way To GO!!!!!, PLEASE DEVELOP MORE INTERESTING GAMES SO MORE PEOPLE COME ROUND Mechi Argentina

  33. Dipp Says:

    Just passing by again to say….

    And I thank you for this.
    I really wish I had this game when I was at school back in the 90’s
    Me and my bro are so proud of each other…we know the flags and locations of more than 50 countries we wouldn’t ever have dreamt of.

    Thanks guys!

  34. diane white Says:

    .my game is still so slow and freezes all the time i have updated flash version 10 now, restart browser lots i don’t have too many friends to visit i think i have 80 because it takes me over 2 hours to visit them im getting very frustrated lol… i really don’t think its my puter i have just reformatted even to try to fix this problem and its still the same as it was before i play lots of other games and this is the only one that gives me problems and i love it and im so sad that its so hard to play…i hope i can find some help here ty for taking the time to listen to me hope to hear from you soon.. oh ya and im talking about pet society…..i really do love the game i think its way better than any other similar one i have tried like neo pets….

  35. veronica contreras Says:

    I`m a little sad till you ended sharing Pet Society with World and Country Friends cause I live in Chile, where we speak spanish and the game is in english. Therefore, my choices to share with other people diminished a lot! You published that we could play with people worldwide going to the main page, I did it, and I found nothing there. I suggest you to consider your decision, because in this case, where a great percentage of the population speaks english, this is the result, Imagine what`s happening in other latin-american countries less developed than us.
    Best regards

  36. Gisi Says:

    I became fan of you games through “facebook”. Please…check the location of Buenos Aires City in “Geo Challenge” because in the game it is located almost in Uruguay! I’m from Bs As ,Argentina.. that explains my disconform with this detail.


  37. Wa Wa Says:

    I was a child playing facebook, word challenge and I had 13 friends playing I ranked #3!!

  38. Wa Wa Says:

    my score was 18800 any one was a teenager and did’nt beat me?
    If you were a teenager and you beated me please comment.
    I beated my sister!! 😀
    her score was only 4924!!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  39. zaid assaf Says:

    i want all the games of play fish

  40. Brain Teasers Says:

    Geo Challenge was a fun stuff. Please we want some more.

  41. Brain Teasers Says:

    These challenges are addictive. Once you start playing, you can’t stop and can’t help but ask for more. You’re doing a great job, like others, I want some more.


  42. Elaine Says:

    geo challenge
    i have just beat my recent score and it has change!
    plz fix it…
    i dont like looking the thickest when ive just beat a few ppl on my list
    thanks lol.

  43. Klang Says:

    maybe pet society could have a garage ;P i mean, if a bed cost 20,000 why not buy a car? or a boat? it’s funny how it emulates real life society, where people are actually competing for material things. My house is filled with only orange trees, I just felt like it haha. Stock market would be interesting too lol. buying and selling..there’s gotta be other alternatives in making money, I mean I really need more orange trees.

    geo challenge is great, maybe to make it more difficult throw in bodies of water or landmark locations “Statue of Liberty” ” Eiffel Tower” “Angkor Wat” and so on, that’d be pretty fun. Out of all the games on facebook, this one seems to be the most educational. Goodjob guys!!

  44. Ahmed Helmy Says:

    Simply a very great game, i can play all day with no problem th know more cities and flags, i love all your games, but i would like to ask somethings
    1- why you do not open Free trial version for (pro) same like USA & europian ,for some countries like Egypt
    although you have many many fans here, and of course other African and asian countries.
    2- how come that many people get UNBELIVEBALE score, of course there is cheat happen

  45. Koay Zhong Ying Says:

    emm… i score 860K in word challenge and spend around 2hrs++ and actually my hands very tired typing so long time, and 49K in geo challenge and currently the 1st place in malaysia..

  46. jordan Says:

    this is an awsom website and i cant wait to play some more!

  47. maxime Says:

    This is a great game and a great way to learn flag. When is the US version coming? If I purchase the PRO version now, will I have acces to the US version too later?

    Even if it is a good way to learn, there is still some flag and country missing. For example, in flag section, I’ve noticed that these country were not there:

    French Guiana
    Papua New Guinea
    Czech Republic
    San Marino
    Christmas Island

    I don’t know if you plan to add these countries, but it would be great because it would be a very complete way to learn more. This exercise should be repeated for Map Mayhem too (but I was too lazy).

    I also noted that since you’ve add the fourth challenge, I think that there is a new “bug” in Map Mayhem. I am pretty sure that sometimes, the map of the same country appears twice in a row.

    Thank you again for this great game!


  48. aadith Says:

    I love the game but cannot play in office as facebook is blocked. Is there any other place I can play this game?
    really want to play this in my free time!! .. kind of addicted!! 🙂

  49. AMANDA Says:


  50. Aaron Says:

    Maybe you should have a obstacle course on pet society so for money you dont always have to the stadium!

  51. Jesse Says:

    Your games are awesome! Some of the few learning/quiz games that I can replay often. My favorite part…it’s free to play. I know you guys have to make money but you recognize that you need to generate buzz and believe me…I’m not one to spend money on FB games, but might make an exception for your games. Thanks again for make such bada$$ games. Cheers.

  52. Afiq Says:

    i love this game! simply because i love geography so much 🙂 well i hope more flags, maps, cities and landmarks would be added so that every round would be as different as possible and not repetitive…but still geo chalenge is already awesome 🙂

  53. Rita Petraki Says:

    Many congratulations for Geo Travel. I’m a huge fan!

    It would be nice if my country’s flag, GREECE and more will be added.

    Thank you!

  54. WHardah Says:

    Hey love play fish games just wondering is there anyway i can get this game for my PC?

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