Announcing the beta launch of Pet Society!


We at Playfish have been hard at work all summer and are finally pleased to announce the beta launch of our next title, Pet Society!

Pet Society lets you create and care for your own pet and interact with your friends. You can feed, wash and play games with your pet, as well as choosing clothes and accessories for it. You can also explore the village and visit shops and your friends’ pets. While visiting someone you can leave notes and gifts to your friends, or just watch TV or dance together if you feel like it!

In Pet Society we wanted to explore social game play with a lot of depth, persistence and expression – it’s all about having a good time with your friends, collecting new items and playing games together. For those of you who like a little bit of competition there are experience points and we’ll be adding some mini-competitions in the future as well!

We wanted to design the title around a micro-transactions model to give players a choice to spend as much or as little as they like. The economy is based on coins that you can either earn through gameplay or buy through various payment methods by going to the bank in the village. There’s plenty to spend your coins on – ranging from food to shirts, hats, shoes, plants, and tons of different types of furniture and accessories.

Pet Society is a Playfish London studio production and the team is still hard at work adding features and fixing some known issues. We really want to give people a chance to look at our new game early while working hard with our beta testers to do the last bits of polishing and balancing that we all love!

Check out Pet Society beta on Facebook by clicking here and let us know what you think!

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510 Responses to “Announcing the beta launch of Pet Society!”

  1. rian Says:


  2. sebastian Says:

    muy entrtenido el juego hagan la cafeteria rapido chao

  3. Montoya Says:

    Congrats on making a perfect blend of Animal Crossing & Nintendogs, if I didn’t have to make a living I would play so much more!

  4. Latapee Says:

    I love all your games! As Montoya said, its a perfect clend of Animal Crossing and Nintendogs, my two favorite games! This app is really awesome, altough there should be some sort of live play

  5. Thomas Says:

    Great game!
    Looking forward using the stadium and the cafeteria.
    Could you give the dates for their opennig please?

  6. Mike Butcher Says:

    Hi guys, I write for TechCrunch / TC UK and I’d like to write about you guys – can someone please email me? Thanks.

  7. Regan Says:

    cool game.. have a question.. i thought i choose male when i created my pet but its showing as a female. how do i change it to male?

  8. Lisa Says:

    What a wounderful game. I can’t wait for the cafe and stadium to be up and running. Please hurry…:-)

    Well done from me and Bella (my pets name)


  9. William Says:

    Will you be making a mobile version so i can look after my pet while on the move and have up upload status to the website?

  10. Daniel Says:

    It’s a really good game, but it’s really annoying that is only aviable in english. Ademas el dinero se hace escaso al avanzar de nivel. Deberian tambien agregar mas minijuegos (el unico que me entretiene es el de saltar la cuerda)

  11. Lala Says:

    I love the game, but I think that you could make that the pets could interact each other a little more and play games together for example.

    I really hope you listen my suggestion.

    Bye 🙂

  12. Facebook Application der Woche: Pet Society | Says:

    […] diesen Titeln zählt auch “Pet Society”, die neueste Facebook Application aus dem Hause Playfish. Somit mausert sich Playfish zu einem der führenden Anbieter im Bereich der Facebook Spiele – […]

  13. Darnelle Says:

    Please can you give us an idea about the cafe and stadium, im looking foward to it and just want to know when its coming.

  14. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi Darnelle,

    our engineers are currently working hard on these two features.

    We are looking to complete the Stadium by the end of September.

    For the Cafè, unfortunately at this point in time we cannot disclose any completion date.

    Thanks for your patience, the wait will be worth it!


  15. Maximinez Says:

    Hello there. I’m new to Pet Society (Facebook). It says that “Someone’s at the door. You’ve got a mail.” What should I do next? I mean, how do I read the mail?

    Thanks in advance! =]

  16. Silje Mølnå Says:


    you should at this point have received a letter at your door, in the house for your pet.

    What you do is move your pet to the door (click on the screen in the direction you want to go), then once you see the letter, click on it.

    The letter will then open and you can read it.


  17. Maximinez Says:

    Thanks Silje. I think the internet connection over here isn’t good. I guess it just hanged half way during the game.

    It’s a great application. Hope that there’ll be more features added into the game as the things around are kind of limited.

    Thanks anyways.



    why does it constantly throw me out or not load?I followed all your instructions but nothing changed.

  19. maria paz Says:

    muy bueno el juego pero algo le pása q ahora no quiere
    no puedo entrar

  20. Scratchy Says:

    What a fun game !

  21. naielle Says:

    i like the game and all…but after reaching level 23, it kinda gets boring because there’s no more goal to achieve. plus the pet stadium isn’t there yet and it’s a chore to try earning money without going to the bank. can’t you guys consider putting up a higher maximum level? like…50? or 100?:D

  22. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi Naielle,

    thanks for your comments. We are currently evaluating the addition of new ranks to the game and also we are looking to tweak the paw points required to reach the new and old levels.

    The Stadium is due to open at the end of this month (September 08)

    Stay tuned for some great Pet Society updates!


  23. Diana Says:

    Hi i think this is a great and fun game, but i have some problems!
    It dont count my visit to friends, it dont count how many money i use in the shops and i cant see all my friends!
    How can i make that up??

  24. Stacy Says:

    I love this game, totally addicting!!! As continued updates are posted are these changes going to be posted on the site? I’m no longer earning coins when my friends visit me, and I don’t know if this is a glitch, or if the game was changed again. I totally understand we’re in beta and changes happen, just want to know if we’re supposed to get coins when friends visit us, if not I’m going to delete all the strangers I added to increase my neighborhood heheheh.

    I also posted this on the facebook discussion page, I also found a glitch where I received stone floor from mystery box, but then it changed to a green carpet when I put it back into my box. I *love* *love* *love* this game and applaud all your hard work to develop it and continue to add new items and features. 🙂

  25. Diana Says:

    Plz answer my question plz.. 🙂

  26. mai Says:

    im having a big problem with pet society…
    I LOST MY SOAP !!!!!
    I cant find it anywhere, and my hygiene is zeroooo
    I want a soap…I need a soap…Help me pls

  27. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi mai,

    it is not possible to lose your soap. 🙂

    Did you level up and get a new soap? If yes, the soap will most likely have changed in colour/shape.

    Have you looked in your CHEST? Maybe you have so many items now that your soap is on page two of the chest? (You scroll using the arrow buttons)

    If it is not there, have a look around your house, you might want to move some furniture around as it might have been placed behind something.

    Soap cannot be bought.


  28. fraises Says:

    i have been playing your game on facebook for a while…
    and recently i got several of those “mystery boxes” but everytime it says i got an item, a hat, for example, i don’t see it in my inventory! i already tried four times and i got NONE of the items… what the heck…

  29. undernaut Says:

    you rock! all of your games are bad ass. But there is something else… I think you realle should push the envelope this time and construct many things for pet society ’cause it can turn in to a very complex game not based only in jumping the rope or visiting. It might have this pokemon like modalities, bigger towns, trips to other towns, video games and etc etc, of course i understand that programming such thing in flash is hard, but i think that its worth, cause otherwise this might turn into a very limited giant, and that’d suck. Congratulations (and stop charging so expensively for everything)


  30. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi fraises:

    Note that if you are getting clothing items out of the mystery boxes, or simply by shopping in the clothes shop – the clothing items do not appear in your Chest.

    However, the clothing items will appear in your “wardrobe”. You can access the wardrobe by clicking the little T-Shirt icon that is located to the left of the Chest.

    Thank you for your thoughts, we are at this point in time working very hard on the Stadium that will open for some more depth to the game and different things to do! The Stadium is due to open at the end of this month! (September).


  31. Nikki Says:

    Is it possible to write a friend a letter without attaching a gift? I would love to be able to write my friends. It would also be neat to know who visits my pet when I’m not around. Maybe a bulletin board in our home where they can leave a short note?

  32. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi Nikki,

    it is possible to send messages to your friends without attaching gifts.

    You can send messages by doing the following:

    1. Go to one of your friends and perform an action (give your friend a hug, watch tv or dance with them, etc)
    2. Click on the little letter icon – this is displayed above your friends pets healt status to the right of the screen
    3. Write your message and send it!

    The next time your friend plays the application or reloads it – they will get the message.

    To see who have visited your pet, the friends who are visiting needs to allow notifications to be sent out + you need to allow notifictions to be sent to you.

    You can look at the different application settings that are available by going to this page:


  33. Tony Says:

    What is the stadium going to feature???

    Is it going to be a way to make lots of coins & points in one go?

  34. Nikki Says:

    Thank you very much for your quick reply! We are loving the game, my teen son, my mother, and myself all have pets. 🙂

  35. Jeppe Says:

    I love pet society but you could try made some skills you also can get level in. For example Woodcutting with the trees outside. That would be cool.


  36. Ken Says:

    Hello there,

    I’m having a huge problem playing pet society. Please look at the screen capture here –

    1. As you can see, my friends list below is infinitely loading…
    2. After I played the rope game with my pet, the “jump count” on the left did not leave the screen and the rope is disappeared. I have to walk out of the house and walk back in to get my rope back.
    3. I jumped the rope 72 times and still getting a bronze trophy, look at the shelf, now I have 2 bronze rope trophies…

    Now I can’t get any trophies (please see my 2nd screen capture – It shows 0/36, but you can see I have more than 1 trophies on my shelf…

    I’ve updated to the latest flash player, and my friend can open her pet on my computer successfully without any problem. I guess there’s some problem with my account…

    Can you please help me out on this? I can’t play pet society normally. Thanks in advance.


  37. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi Ken,

    thank you for your report.

    1. We have found the reason for your issue, one of your friends are using special characters in the name of your pet – ie non latin ones. We are working on a fix for this and we will release an update as soon as possible.

    2. We will investigate.

    3. We will investigate


  38. Robby Says:

    1. Is there any way to look at messages from friends after you close them?

    2. Will this app ever go to MySpace?

  39. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi Robby,

    currently it is not possible to view received messages more than once.


  40. Anne Says:

    i love pet society! can i know why i can’t earn any money when i go visit my frens? can any1 help?

  41. zilaa naaffax Says:

    is there anyway to get coins aftr u each level 23, othr than visiting ur friends n giving a shower to the pet?

  42. Tasti Says:


    I am wondering if you can add more features to the game like getting a job so you can make money instead of taking for ever to get like 100 bucks


  43. mONIK Says:


  44. Jen Says:

    hey, i’m totally addicted to Pet Society and its great to see that you introduce new furnitures / clothes every week. Now that you’ve introduced the beds, how about looking at introducing the kitchen / bathroom elements? It would be great if i can segregate my existing home for different purposes.. And of coz we will then need a much bigger home, maybe a 2-storey one!

    Currently at level 23 it gets kinda boring. So it will be good to expand my house & furniture further, and i am so looking forward to the opening of the stadium & cafe!! =)

  45. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Anne: This might be because you have already visited your freinds today. You only receive coins once per day per friends. This means that each day, one friend pays ouy 20 coins only.

    Zilaa: Currently level 23 is the final level, we are working on introducing more levels to the game. However, you may also buy coins using real money at the bank.

    Tasti: You want the stadium! It is coming at the end of the month and you will be able to race your pet! You can read some more about it here:

    mONIK: I am glad you like the game. Every Monday, you will find new and exclusive clothes and furnitures in the shops!

    Jen: Thank you for your suggestions, we will keep those in mind. We are going to introduce more levels after level 23, stay tuned!

  46. wallyslow Says:

    nice ripped off idea , when you gonna come with something truely original ?:

    did all this before you.

  47. Janine Says:

    Hello, 10 of my friends have joined Pet Society but some of them are not added to my Pet Society…WHY???

  48. Monny Says:

    This game is so so so good!

    Everyone on facebook gone mad about it.

    Best character design i ever seen, and I also find very educational. Alot of nice people on the pet society on the forum sharing their furniture and clothing for free and helping each other, this is what i really want to see in the real world.

    Even i know its too good to be true =)

    P.S. Is this game gonna be free on facebook forever? or its only a beta version on facebook and you guys gonna launch it somewhere else.

  49. Holland Says:

    Instead of only trying to make money with the cheesy agreements for coins options via the bank. Why don’t you guys make pet society gear with logos and brands?

    Wouldn’t it be cool to score a GAP logo hoodie in a mystery box? Maybe an IKEA coffee table? Even framed artwork, much like the biggest brain items could be used to promote musical groups, events, or even political candidates! You could make the items free or cost next to nothing!

    If you decide to use my idea, just be sure to credit my pet, Tinklebloom, with some “royalty” coins! 😉

  50. sampell Says:

    guys, first of all, you’ve done an exellent job, and secon, contact me, I have brand new ideas for you just if you are interested. bye.

  51. sampell Says:

    if you want to accept, plese comment it on

  52. sampell Says:

    also, in

  53. Wissab Says:

    Id like to see the following in the game :

    -live play, real networkin.. wud be more fun. for instance, visitin frs while they are actually online, interacting, chattin ..etc
    -more skills , add more complexity to the game particulary character needs and skills progression rather than jst the paw points and the three very basic needs.
    -expensive items shud have a real value within. The Sims did a good job at that.
    -the game gets really laggy, the internet explorer that is, cant u make a standalone application that requires a facebook account to log on with instead (dont know technically wise if possible)

    Anyway keep up the good job!

  54. Dan Says:

    i have looked in all my friends houses and i can’t find my soap. i have lost it!. i got upgraded and now its gone. its not around my house either! HELP!

  55. simon s Says:

    a wonderfully created game/ application must say been constantly playing it last two days since i found it on facebook as for the stadium cant wait
    also hopefully one day the Cafe too would be good

    and maybe some other types of shops too. supermarket maybe lol

  56. Yammiedodger Says:

    Hey, I really want to read the blog about the Stadium, but the link seems to be either-:
    or loading incredibly slowly
    could you provide the page in which the link is on?

  57. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Holland: Thanks, those are some great ideas you have there!

    Wissab: Thanks, those are some great suggestions. We will add these to our thinking box 🙂

    Dan: If you left the soap out in a friend’s house it will be delivered back to your Chest inventory by the time you get home.

    If it’s not in you Chest inventory you may find that it’s fallen down the back of the sofa! Click on the chest icon and move your furniture around to see if the soap has just fallen behind anything. It is not possible to buy soap so your soap is either in your house or in your Chest.

    simon s: I am glad you like the game, stadium opening sooooon!

    Yammiedodger: yes, the link seems to be down right now, hopefully it will be up and running shortly! 🙂

  58. Yammiedodger Says:

    Thanks for your ever so quick reply…do you work around the clock!?! You must be the pet society peoples person. Anyway is the stadium opening soon as in tommorrow/a few days or as in a few weeks?

    Can you copy and paste the information from the Stadium Page onto here? Thanks

  59. Yammiedodger Says:

    Sorry for double posting
    but I think a lot of people agree that the idea that links with Wissabs post is really good, and gets posted ever so often


    We already have the food so that side of the programming is okay.

    We have apartements and furniture so thats ok.

    You just need to design some kind of oven with a small animation.
    It could start out basic. Just like cooked carrot, you know that kinda thing. Then if it really took off it could be expanded. Please tell me what you think

  60. simon s Says:

    a lot of crashing today i have experience not sure if its the game or something else seem to get so far then wham we have lost connection to the server or something along them lines annoying to have to do the famous retry lol
    otherwise very very addictive game
    brilliant suggestion about the cooker / oven

  61. Wissab Says:

    Im glad u liked my suggestions!

    Id like to address another point. The inventory gets real messy and unorganized when one has lots of items in possession. It would be practical if it is to be divided into subcategories according to type or use.
    For instance, divisions could be as follows: Food, Clothes, Play Toys, Furniture, House materials.
    This would definitely make it easier when one goes through its content. Yet why not have the food inventory accessible thru a refigerator which is actually present in the household, & a closet too by the bed as a woredrobe. A basket of toys would be an option to reach for the rope, ball, and frisbie.

    May the game progress to the best. Keep up the good work.

  62. mohamed abbas Says:

    i lost my soap and i don’t know where to ask .. i wanna kanow where to find it .. i removed all things in my home .. i have two buches and no soap .. please help me

  63. simon s Says:

    2 brushes ? should be only one??
    as for crashes seems it was firefox reinstalled it sorted it.
    again wissab some top notch idea able to purchase a fridge woud be cool
    got my vote

  64. Yellow Wormy Says:

    I love this game so much, but I have a few issues/questions with this game.

    1. As you mentioned before, a friend will only gives out 20coins daily when you visit them. but I have a couple of my friends who gets 20coins PER visit, they just go out and go back in and get another 20coins they make like thousands of coins a day like that! so NOT fair! 😦

    2. I noticed some of my friend’s houses moved to new locations, why?

    3. When playing jump ropes, ball kicking, frisbees, I have beaten my best records, but the records did not update. i kicked the ball 35times and received the silver trophy… but the trophy list still showed I only got the bronze.. and I have the silver one in my house.

    4. I have a “rainbow bracelet, but everytime I logged on, there are one of them on each wrist of my pet’s. even I put on another bracelet on another wrist, when I log on, it will still becomes 2 rainbow bracelet and take off the other bracelet for me.

  65. simon stainer Says:

    keep still getting following were currently unable to establish a connection to pet society happening often now not sure if its facebook or the game or maybe just because of the ammount of people using it at once??
    maybe worth a lookinto?

  66. Yammiedodger Says:

    Glad you like my idea. Planning on making a pet society fan site/playfish fan site linked to go there and await my command lol. I really love this game

  67. totocita Says:

    I want to know if there will be other ways to earn money, it if very difficult and the really cool objects are very expensive.

  68. Curt Quarquesso Says:

    Only recently have i discovered that my 3 invite trophies were missing, so i look in my chest to find they were not there either, i look in my trophies panel and there wasn’t even a way to earn them, the invite trophies have completely disappeared from the game, everybody i know has had the same problem… what gives?

    ~Curt Q~

  69. Silje Mølnå Says:

    simon s:
    if you are having issues with the game crashing, I would suggest that you 1) restart your computer 2) check your network connection. It might also be that you are connecting during peak time, where disconnections might be more frequent due to heavy load.

    The soap cannot be lost in the sense that you will not find it again. Soap cannot be bought. Check out your CHEST, note it might have two or more “pages”, so you might need to scroll to the next page. If it is not there, take a look in your house, move some furniture around, it might have fallen behind your couch!

    Yellow Wormy:
    Your friends locations might have moved because 1) some other of your friends left the game 2) more friends joined 3) a friend removed the app then installed it again.
    We are looking into the issue of trophies not being awarded.

    cool – we look forward to following your site in future.

    When the stadium opens, you will be able to race against your friends in a hurdles game and the first price will be, money!

    Curt Quarqesso;
    We are no longer allowed to reward users for inviting friends, due to strict Facebook Policy for all applications. We therefore had to remove these achievements from the trophy board.


  70. mohamed abbas Says:

    i took off all things in my home and put it in my CHEST ut i cant foud it … also i said that i had 2 bruches which is also wrong .. i wanna help please..

  71. Yammiedodger Says:

    Wow, I started to make my website, if you’d like to see it or join up to it then you’re welcome. Of you scroll over my name a snapshot will appear, however if that link does not work acess it here:

  72. Yammiedodger Says:

    Silje Mølnå – is your profile picture of willow??? If it is then cool, if it isn’t it looks incredibly similar. I Love It!
    Could you please check out my website?
    I added your blog as a good blog with the chatter website on it.

  73. Hazel Says:

    Hello , I’m a loyal player and my score is 14,500 and I reached the max level 23… my house was the beige one the bigger one of all ,now for some crazy reason is back to be the fushia one the one that you get in level 17 , what is the problem????? I don’t understand …. It’s total crazy that people get back to the oldes houses , somebody can fix this for me??? Thank you and my Pet name is Stella!!!!

  74. Silje Mølnå Says:

    The two brushes issue – we are working on a fix for this. However regarding your soap… If the soap is not in your CHEST, then it must be in your house. Maybe it is in the window?

    haha, no that is not Willow! It´s yours truly!! 😉

    We are planning to add 10 more leves to the game, as a result, unfortunately some houses had to be downgraded.

    We will be releasing a version with the 10 extra levels next week.

    Sorry for the inconvenience & thanks for your patience!

  75. Hazel Says:

    Ahh Ok…thanks Silje , that will be exciting because we will have a new goal and more money to go shoppping ,Great News!!!

    Ps…I also want to comment that some of my friends are not showing in my neighborhood , It’s that a problem too???? they should be there right?? I was the one that send them the invitation….

  76. simon stainer Says:

    the stadium is an exciting new addition thanks, also look forward to new levels next week maybe some other extra’s too ? cheaper beds lol

  77. Jeppe Says:

    How many games ARE YOU PLANNING to make in the STADIUM?

  78. Yammiedodger Says:

    I think you’re demanding a bit much. Flash games are INCREDIBLY hard to produce because of their complexity, and for an application game too, it has to work by facebooks rules which makes it all the harder. Give it time and it’ll develop.

    ( – blogs help and more – oh and don’t forget to visit playfish’s chatter website – it’s a link way way above!)

  79. Asta Says:

    I would like to start with congratulating you on this very good game idea that most of the players are having great fun with.
    Sadly I dont think all of the players are aware that this is a Beta version (probably dont even know what Beta means). For my its working fine for a trial. Not always loading but most of the time.
    Anyways I have an ideas and questions about next levels.

    1. An award could be “Choose the paintwork on your house”.

    2. I know this is not easy, but having to add people to your friend list to go somewhere in the game is not acceptable for some. Is there no way around that? Some way to make it more private?

    3. I have been scanning trough the wall and have to admit that Im in the older generation. Meaning Im not quite sure what “BMB” and so on means?

  80. naielle Says:

    i just wanna say great job on the stadium! i like the racing game but i just wanna comment on the speed of each pet and the booster things…

    the speed of each pet isn’t equal…even though each pet has its own speed, how do we upgrade it aside from the speed pads?

    and the speed pads doesn’t make much of a difference in the pet’s speed even when i click on my pet when the pad is green. the pets i compete with sometimes don’t need the pad to get faster…’cause they still seem to catch up to my pet even though i click my pet when it’s already green.

    hope you guys put up more games at the stadium and hopefully we could all compete with other players in real time.:D

  81. naielle Says:

    oh yeah, one of my friends has a duplicate house on my map. i think its a bug.

  82. Sasha Says:

    I’m totally addicted to Pet Society and its great to see that you introduce new furnitures / clothes every week….but for me this is no true!!!!!I’m the level 17 and furnitures and clothes no change!!!!Help me!!!!!

  83. abc Says:

    when does the cafe opens??? I cant wait to meet new frnds there!

  84. simon stainer Says:

    same here i got a friend with two houses you enter one and exit the other

  85. Emily Says:

    Hello is it possible to remove the app and start all over again with a different pet? Because, once you get to level 23 it does start to get a bit broging. I know that you are introducing new levels but others would definitely like to restart.

    Also, can you please introduce a new way of make a lot of coins instead of having to pay real money in the bank. 🙂

  86. Worm Says:

    I’ve got a friend with 2 houses too but i think the cause may be due to a double invite. Ended up with 2 plots reserved for 1 person and after the person joins, he’s got 2 houses.

    Getting kind of objective-less when you reach level 23 other than obtaining the trophies. Might lose some supporters there….

  87. carlo Says:

    why cant i play any playfish game .. i can play it before.. what did u do with my account..

  88. pauli Says:

    i love ittt!! its incredible all the things you havee! now i can´t go in because it says come in on 30 seconds!!!

  89. CalixJumi Says:

    its cool, actually i love to decorate the room, if there were some special stuff like one that adds a new minigame, or a subpet(a plant), or a refrigerator to put items that can be given to a visitor, a secondary room would be great… or adding seasons (to the town) or illness… XD! (that would need a hospital…)

  90. simon stainer Says:

    seems the more pet society friends you have the slower the game responds
    i am not sure if this is down to facebook or the game, but maybe something to look into??

    otherwise a brilliant addictive game many thanks for it.

  91. Jessica Sive Says:

    I started playing pet society since less than one week and adore the game!
    It’s really addictive but still waiting for the cafeteria to open up,since the stadium already did!
    It would be nice if we could get a wider variety of tiles and wallpapers though.

  92. Donna Says:

    I have a friend who is also on Pet Society but she is not part of my friends I invited. Is it possible to add a friend who is on Pet Society already without inviting them? I can’t figure out how to add them to my Pet Society friends! Help would be much appreciated!!


  93. katalina Says:

    it great i love it and well i cant wait to be able to go to the cafe . pet society is great and it would be cool if in the future we could have more options to house size and maybe parks or hospitals.. but it great good luck with it!

  94. Woon Says:

    I am playing pet society (beta) in Facebook.
    It is really fun, but why do we earn so little money?
    is there any other better and esier ways to earn money and paw points?

  95. Silje Mølnå Says:

    The stadium is now live, just in case you missed it!! Currently there are three things you can do in the stadium:

    1. Race your pet against two of your friends pets in an Hurdles game
    2. Practice your Racing skills in practice mode
    3. Bet on who you think is the fastes pet out of 3 of your friends, and double your money!

    Thanks for the the suggestions. We are currently looking to see if we can solve the issue with Trading (and scamming as part of it), by maybe bringing a trading option into the game. It´s stil early days, but we are thinking about it.

    I am glad you like the stadium!

    Regarding the speed booster, it does make a bit of a difference, but maybe not as much as expected, we will see if we will tune that feature so it gives a bit more of an advantage.

    Regarding duplicate houses bug, we are aware of it – thanks for reporting!

    We are planning to introduce 10 new levels this week, currently the highest level is level 23.

    With regards to furniture and clothing changing every week – this is only in the shops. In the furniture and the clothes shop you have a “Weekly Items” shelf – this updates every Monday.

    Currently, we do not have a completion date for the café.

    Thanks for reporting.

    It is not possible to restart the game and start afresh. However, you can do a complete remake of your pet by going to the Stylist!

    Thanks for the report. Re level 23: we are introducing 10 new levels this week, so stay tuned!

    Please can you email your details to: and our suppor team will assist you through the issues you are having.

    I am glad you like the game! You must have been caught up during a maintenance – we sometimes have to do that to keep introducing new and exciting things to the game! Hopefully the wait was worth it!

    Secondary room.. Coming soon 😉

    simon stainer:
    Thanks. We are currently looking into the issues with slowness related to many friends. We are thinking of limiting the friends lists. What do you think?

    Jessica Sive:
    I am glad you like the game! We will be introducing new items to the game, keep a look out every week! And remember to check out the weekly items in the shops, these change every Monday.

    The game works so that if your friend is on your Facebook friends list, and is also playing Pet Society – they would automatically be added to the Pet Society friends list.

    However, your friend may have chosen to restrict her profile so that she would not be visible.

    I am glad you like our game, we do too! 😉 Regarding house size.. Check the game out in a few days, there might be a nice surprise waiting!

    Regarding earning money, I suggest you read this really cool newbie user guide created by one of the players:

  96. Donna Says:

    Silje thanks for the information! She must have a restricted profile. It was driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate your help!!! 🙂

  97. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yes Silje you are the pet society fans’ saviours! You provide us with lil pearls of wisdom lol. If you weren’t there……… I can’t even think about it, too distresing! Anyway, yes i’m looking forward to this secondary room thing..very interesting.

    (For more info visit the official pet society Chatter website
    or visiting my home-made website with behind the scenes gossip –

  98. simon stainer Says:

    Silje, Hmmm not sure to be honest as it would need to be a drastic friend drop to make it work , even my wife who is using the game and has less than 15 friends still gets the speed issues and lose of connection as well, so maybe not due to that i think its more to do with ammount of friends online at the moment if say 10 seems ok if pass 30 your more chance at winning a lottery? [ok maybe??] will think it over more

    oh one more thing why do the pets walk so slow to do an action then leg it [run] so to speak after maybe speeding up their walking might help?

  99. simon stainer Says:

    A 2nd room now i Like that idea , alot..
    a few more different pictures [ones to go on walls] maybe might help all i seen is one of something looking like a school kid?,

    will report back when have any more idea’s Cheers for now

  100. Carolina Says:

    Hola! me encanta Pet society pero no entiendo por que no se pueden invitar amigos que ya estan usando el programa, y solo se puede invitar a gente que no tiene un pet en pet society. Agregar amigos es todo un misterio. He buscado en varios foros pero nadie sabe como hacer para tener en el mapa a alguien que ya tiene un pet. AYUDA! o por lo menos hagan esto un poco mas amigable y agreguenlo en el FAQ.

  101. Yammiedodger Says:

    Oh you’ derecho; re español, pozo mi isn’ que traduce; t grande – ni uno ni otro es mi español. You’ ¿el re preguntar por el adición de amigos? Pienso que usted tiene que tenerlos en el facebook entonces una vez they’ VE unida los agrega otra vez para el uso de la sociedad del animal doméstico. Si este doesn’ el trabajo de t, entra en contacto con a los miembros del personal. En inglés.

    visite mi Web site de la sociedad del animal doméstico en

  102. Yammiedodger Says:

    ^ hope that helped.

  103. Rob S Says:

    Great job so far guys (apart from the vanishing inventory items-slightly annoying!) I had an idea about using the bank for depositing coins into a Pet Account as well as for getting them. Useful if you’re saving up for that special item and dont want to be lured into buying yet another sofa!

  104. Henrys ullivan Says:

    Yes, I agreed to be able to deposit coins into the bank, and able to collect interest from it everyday.So to more you deposit into the bank, the more interest you can collect each day,

    Money is a issues in this game, the income is so slow, every thing sell for 2000++, thus make the game progress quite slow and dull,make those mini games more rewarding!!!

    Create more minigames and can reward you with money based on your score, playing those frisbee and skipping rope and only getting 1 coin at a time, make people turn away from it and never touched again after getting those trophies.

    The stadium, is nice having able to gain more money, but only 30 per race and only 300 total per day? who would want spend their precious time to gain only 300 in the game where the amount can only buy some foods ?

    So the main point is INCREASE THE INCOME OF THE MONEY!!!!!!!
    and people won’t pay you real money to get the virtual money for this kind of game, I rather pay for Wow or WAR

  105. Scyndeye Says:

    Hi! I love Pet society, I’m so addicted to it! As I will never put real money in a game, yes I agree that it would be better if you could put more rewarding games: it doesn’t have to be a lot of coins, but for example, I don’t play with the rope anymore since it gets boring for the amount I’d earn.

    e.g. Could you put one coins under each banana in the practice race?
    or every time you don’t fall while jumping over the fence you get one coin.
    something like that where you have to play to get your money, but at least the time you spend is worth it.

    or put more coins under the trees, for example I’ve calculated that it take me 15 minutes to get 100 coins from the trees, since it’s very boring to just walk in the neighbourhood, could you have almost all the trees having coins so that it takes only 10 minutes to make 100 coins?

    and to finish, would it be possible to try on the closes before to buy them in the shop? like when it asks do you want to buy that thing, having our pet in the background, or being able to drag the closes on him/her in the shop.

    thank you

  106. Nikki Says:

    I am still enjoying Pet Society. My mother and husband have now joined as well. We are enjoying the races, but a little disappointed that there’s no reward for 2nd place. It’s just so hard to earn coins in the game (without spending money we need for food in our real lives).

    As Simon Stainer said I’m not sure the slowness is a friend issue. I have only 4 friends and he has only 3. His computer is newer, faster, and better than mine, but he was surprised when he saw how fast my pet raced. I watched on his computer and they all move like they are in a slow motion replay. He got his frisbee and ball trophy easily since they moved so slowly. LOL

    Now for the main point of my post: Is there a “proper way” to log out? I ALWAYS lose the last action that I’ve done. For example, if I feed my pet a strawberry or two and refill his hunger bar when I return the next morning he’s hungry and that last strawberry is sitting on the floor at his feet.

    Yesterday the last thing I did was send my old chair to my husband’s pet as a gift. I log in this morning and the chair is in my chest.

    My last action is never saved for some reason. I’ve just been leaving the page with my pet standing in the house. Today I sent him outside before I left.

  107. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yes same happened to me. It’s sometimes irritating, just leave the house before you “log out”. Leaving the house is a kind of “auto-save checkpoint” and should ensure game saving.

  108. Yammiedodger Says:

    If you need more help visit:

  109. ina Says:

    Why is pet more and more bad if you get more friends. I can hardly play now, and It is not my pc, then my boyfriend play also from the same pc and he do not have so big problems with the game like me???????

    five stars for bad to play

    but thge game is very cool, but I will soon give up…

  110. Scyndeye Says:

    Sorry I forgot to talk about the most important thing: food. Me and my virtual pet are french and we are kind of disappointed that only 2 or 3 apples are enough to eat “per day”.
    I have calculated (again) that for each coin I spend, my pet’s life increase of 3% (for a 5 coins apple life increase of 15%, a 6 coins strawberry 18%, for a 15 coins meet ball 45%) and no matter how much I spend, I get 17 paw points per food item. So the question is why would I buy anything that is more than 33 coins?
    If you make sure that we get more coins in the practice races, the rope, ball, frisbee and trees, you could make the food be worth it, like 1% life increase per coin spent, and have only a few extra things that cost more than 100 coins for special occasions.
    For the rope and practice race, you could say that the first 5 or 10 jumps don’t give any coins, but the next ones are one coin each.
    alright, I’m done now, no more comments.

  111. Nikki Says:

    😦 I lost my red pearl bracelet and a sweatband. It took quite awhile for me to save up coins. Today I got a 200 coin mystery box and when I opened it there was a red pearl bracelet inside. I was pleased, since it was something I wanted and I went to my “closet” and put it on. I didn’t take the sweatband off my wrist because I didn’t think of it. I figured it would just swap places and appear in my chest. I was then wearing one sweatband on my right hand and the red pearl bracelet on the left. The second sweatband did not appear in my closet panel. I took the red pearl bracelet off thinking that maybe the sweatband would appear underneath, but nothing was there. I was hovering the red bracelet with my mouse and as I move to put it back on the arm it vanished.

    I don’t think you can drop a clothing item, but just in case I looked under my couches and other furniture. I checked my clothing panel and the chest panel. Nothing. It’s just gone.

  112. Nikki Says:

    When I logged back in I had the red pearl bracelet on my arm. It was back, but the sweatband still isn’t anywhere to be found.

    BTW, I’m not certain if this is where bug reports go? Is there a form somewhere I should be using?

  113. simon stainer Says:

    i suspect here is better place than any for them to go nikki

  114. Emily Says:

    Thanks for your reply, but I would enjoy doing it all again. Maybe a a suggesstion for the future?

    Also, whenever I am in the middle of buying something or racing in the stadium the message about retrying it comes up and I lose my coins.
    For example, earlier I was racing and I betted 140 coins and won but then suddenly the message came up and when I went back I had not only lost 140 coins but nearly 300. I have lost a lot more and was wondering you you could help sort it out.

  115. simon stainer Says:

    hmmm thats not a very nice bug ehh, fair enough losing connection but to lose coins too well i wont be betting the races take too long for one, also note the issue of connection seems load cant access today or lose connection to pet society

  116. Simon Says:

    For ehat will be the “café”?

  117. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yes, I think you should mail

    if you have any glitches

    (visit for more help and info)

  118. JerseyGrl Says:

    The mystery boxes should have something in it that’s worth more than what you pay for the box. The whole purpose behind mystery boxes is to get something better!! If I buy a mystery box for $500 and I get a glass door, which I could have bought at the store – for $500, then I would have bought it! Or the mystery boxes should have stuff that is not usually on sale in the store, maybe past weekly items or just new stuff in general, that you can only get with the mystery box.

  119. nahuel Says:

    buenismo…hagan el cafe recomendaciones…estaria bastante bueno q cuando uno salga de casa pueda ver a las personas q estan en linea…y algunos otros juegos aparte de las carreras en el estadio… m quejo de nada..m parece increible el juego…:) plizz haganlo mas dinamico..lo del cafe m parece bien…pero no estaria mal algo como un chat en el juego…sin mas q decir..m despido..

  120. poochy's owner wanda Says:

    i am totally addicted to this game via FB but i have an irritating issue. whilst playing PS i was rudely cut off and then it went to maintenece mode. ok this would have been easier if u let users know in advance of the maintenence schedules. other game applications do. and today i have now been waiting for 2 hours and i keep checking back every 30mins. do the right thing by ur users let us know. also i have had no problems with the application the only small gliche i have that it starts to lag after about 4 races in the stadium so i simply get out and refresh the page. more levels i like that idea. thanks guys

  121. vili Says:

    I want to know if there will be other ways to earn money, it if very difficult and the really cool objects are very expensive.

  122. Fernanda Says:

    I am happy to greet them from Chile and I would like to congratulate them for the game, with my son we are addicted to gambling, also I apologize for my English is not good, but I like a lot of power into the page that gave http:// /? Page_id = 96 # five, but we can not, can you help us please, thank you very much

  123. Gold Says:

    can u all teach me how to many money very fast??? add me

  124. Jeppe Says:

    Which day do the 10 new levels come???

  125. cami Says:

    hola mira tengo el pet society en el facebook pero hace unos cuantos dias q no me funciona!
    que pasa?
    es algo mio o del pet society??
    cmo hago para arreglarlo??

  126. Yammiedodger Says:

    Before I post the answers to your question, I must point out – I AM NOT THE BLOG MOD! I’m not an associate/in co-operation with playfish just willing to help:

    Erm hi, I’d just like to say that that link may be broken so if you go onto google and type –

    Pet society chatter – click on one of them that says scoop on the stadium, that should get you into the website. After that get clicking around.

    According to recent “legend” from Slije (the blog person round’ here) – they should be out within this week.

    Money Making is a thing that comes with time playing. You will figure more ways to make money as you progress. I being a fan myself have made a very nice website (if i do say so myself!) that has many a money making tip scattered on all the pages!
    Go to:

    If you want to know the latest in pet society keep checkin this blog, pet society chatter website (see Fernandas answer above)
    Or you can also check out my website (

  127. simon stainer Says:

    i hear that the idea is to reduce pet society friends to 50 now i ask can this be done so that we may choose who that top 50 is?? or would that be too hard to impliment?

  128. simon stainer Says:

    seems your idea playfish to reduce friends on pet society has gone awol tbh
    yes agree game does seem a little faster but there is more bugs now than before

  129. Polly Says:

    This is a very addictive game! Love it – however for the last 2 weeks on 2 separate instances, I’ve been locked out of PS for at least 2 days all day. I still am locked out today the second day this week. I miss playing it!!! No lotteries or points awarded 😦

    Also pls consider in the redesigns, more fashion skirts, costumes, cowboy boots, earrings, purses, styles of shoes such as heels, sneakers, boots, open toe etc… My sisters are in different states, all adults, and we love visiting each other in Pet Society. Always trying to find ways to outdo the other with style. Keep up with creating the fun!

  130. simon stainer Says:

    Polly: do you get the screen saying sorry we have lost connection or something along those lines? also what internet browser do you use , i have found firefox seems to be the best but can be awkward concernig updating the flash on it, so i did a work around that as had opera i took the opera version of flash & copied it to the firefox instal directory seem to help..
    also try clear temp files maybe thats the issue? [internet options etc]

  131. Stacy Says:

    Hi there. Love your game. The kids and I are now playing a LOT.
    It is NOT fun, however, that it keeps quitting on us.
    It doesn’t even load on our 2 year old (non-Vista) computer.
    Any tips?

    Also……I have three friends who have added the application, but I cannot get them into my friend list. The list at the bottom of the screen when you are actually playing in the game. It has been this way for two days now and is frustrating.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  132. Polly Says:

    I use Safari. I have downloaded Firefox, but that seems not to function properly either. The message I get is continually “Loading” and doesn’t go any further than that. However, on days I do go in PS and it quits out saying sorry and I retry that usually reconnects. Just so you know, it’s still frozen this evening, but I was able to get in for a short while this afternoon.

  133. simon stainer Says:

    try update flash player see if this helps

  134. simon stainer Says:

    link is here ^

  135. Polly Says:

    hi simon – Sorry to keep bothering you on this, but it is a quirky problem. I tried reloading flash player as you suggested, that did not work either. As PS is trying to load saying “loading” in the middle of the screen the bottom of my browser says after a few seconds “cancelled loading” without me doing anything. It seems to time out. Does it make a difference that this afternoon when I got on it was through broadband and now through satellite I can’t?

  136. Jacqueline Says:


  137. lore Says:

    a few weeks ago on vacation and no pet abri society and now that I have no other friends can play and have played since their facebook, so we reject any program that is badly Oguie could help to solve it as

  138. Alizeh Says:

    Please open the cafe! I was so looking forward to it..everytime a level would end I would run to the cafe hoping it would open! It would also be cool if you could some how talk with pets and accept random pet invites (not onto ur fb profile but perhaps just ur pet society page). Please ad more locations and fun things for the pet to do!! thanks much, love the game!

  139. simon stainer Says:

    it could do yeah maybe one has more bandwidth than the other or maybe?
    when you tried to play PS it was just a busy time ushally mornings best for me in uk [10am now]

  140. simon stainer Says:

    when you tried flash player did it update or fail?
    if failed i’d try this download to another browser ie safarai, opera etc
    then copy the flash add on to the firefox directory see if this helps
    inside the firefox directory its place in add-ons

  141. Silje Mølnå Says:

    simon stainer:
    We have reduced the friend count to 150 now. The cut off is how close the friend pets were living to your own pets house. It seems to have reduced the load on our servers, and people are not thrown out of the game that often now!

    Rob S:
    we have done a number of updates in the past few weeks, it should have reduced the occurence of items vanishing significantly. If you are still experiencing that issues vanish, then do let me know!

    Henrys ullivan:
    Thank you for your thoughts, I have passed these onto our development team.

    Thank you for your suggestions. Regarding trying on clothes in the shop, at the moment we are not planning to make this a feature. We find that the added value to the overall game by adding this feature will be minimal. But it is in the list of things are are evaluating.

    Currently, there is not a method to properly “log out” – we are thinking of adding such a feature as it will be more seamless for you as a player. In the mean time, note that it currently takes 25 seconds from an item is bought or an action is done before it is saved on the server. To safeguard, when you want to leav the game leave the pet for half a minute, go outside of your house and then close the browser window.

    See above 🙂

    We have just added a restriction to the number of friends that can be added, the limit is currently 150. We hope that this has improved the games performance.

    If you are still having issues we do suggest that you ensure no other programmes or applicaions are running at the same time as you play society.

    We are still working on optimizing the game so that you will not have issues with slowness.

    Now, the food item observeation is a good point. I will pass that onto our development team.

    I am sorry to hear you have lost items! However, when items are lost you will be rewarded back the coins you spent to buy these items, so you can buy them again.

    We have, and are currently optimizing the way things are saved, so we can avoid this in the future.

    For bug reports, the best bet is to email these to: – but if you want to post these in the blog then that is fine too!

    We have been working on the issues of the game disconnecting. We do feel that the situation has improved a lot in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, at this moment in time we cannot refund money that was lost during a network error occuring during the betting, as we cannot differentiate the network error and an actual loss.

    The cafè – I cannot tell you anything yet, but it will be exciting!! 🙂

    All mystery boxes have items that are worth more than the box cost. However, it is rarer to get items of a higher value – but it is possible!

    I cannot tell you about the plans for the cafè just yet, and I cannot give you a release date. All I can say is that the cafè is coming to Pet Society at some point. 🙂

    poochy’s owner wanda:
    Most of the time, we do try to ensure that we give you a warning when maintenance is coming up. Unfortunately, we do sometimes have emergencies, which means we have to take the game litteraly within seconds. We do try to limit the times this happens and when we can we will notify of Maintenances in advance.

    Currently we do not plan to add other methods to earn money than what is already there.

    I am glad you like the game. You can try to access the page at:

    We are running a little behind in the additional 10 levels, but they will be there in the not too distant future!

    If you are still having issues, please email and our support team can look into your issue.

    Thanks for that! 🙂

    I am sorry you are having issues. We are currently experiencing issues during high peak playing hours, where some people might not be able to get into the game and play. We are working to solve this issue and we hope to find a solution. I also see that simon_stainer is assisting you. Do you need further assistance, please email

    I cannot tell you about the plans for the cafè just yet, and I cannot give you a release date. All I can say is that the cafè is coming to Pet Society at some point. 🙂

    Please can you provide more information about the issue you are experiencing? Are all your friends gone from the application?

    We are working hard on the cafe! We cannot yet tell you what it will be or when it will be released.

  142. Yammiedodger Says:

    Woah, you’re sure hooked on the cafe. When you can will you release any screenshots like you did with the stadium?

  143. Silje Mølnå Says:

    When the time is right, we might do that. For now, it’s all a well kept secret… 😉

  144. simon stainer Says:

    so look forward to this Cafe, will be something to wait for

  145. Peyton Says:

    For the question on how i change it…You go to the salon. It lets u change it 🙂

  146. Polly Says:

    Simon – Just to let you know, I haven’t done anything different and I can finally get in tonight via satellite. Usally I play around 7-10pm est so those may be peak times, but its fine tonight. Though slow to load. Thanks for all your tips and keep playing!

  147. Calixto Says:

    hola es my bueno pet society es entretenido pero me gustaria y se que a muchas personas le gustarian tambien que pusieran una venta de aparatos electronicos y que cuando uno este afuera de la casa se pudiera ver con lso amigos y jugar y abran pronto la cafeteria porfavor

  148. renato Says:


    es muy entretenido el juego, los juegos de playfish son los mejores de todos,
    el juego tiene de todo po eso me parace muy entretenido

    eso es todo lo que queria decir del juego

  149. renato Says:


    sierto espero que agan un nuevo juego porque los que ase playfish son muy entretenidos

  150. lore Says:

    pc share with a friend, and he can play well in society pet, while I leave:
    we `re currently unable to stablish a conection to pet society.
    as my friend if he can play well dismiss the problem of flash or some program is not updated.
    I step to stop playing after two weeks by being on vacation.
    my friends are my pet and always comes out with all the levels filled.

    what to write apology tangled españoly but I speak as translated by google

  151. Jess Says:

    hi……i loooooove this game
    the last days my friends sent me gifts or messages, but i can’t know who is the sender……..i supose its because i cant see them in my fiends list but they can see me and send me gifts and messages……what can i do to know who was?

  152. simon stainer Says:

    No worries polly 7pm est would be erm 1-2am gmt i think

  153. Silje Mølnå Says:

    I am glad you like the game and that you find it entertaining!
    Electronic appliances.. That is a good idea, I will pass that on to our teams 🙂

    I am happy to hear you are enjoying our game, it’s important to have some fun! 😉

    Unfortunately, during high peak time, the game sometimes disconnects or will not allow you to play the game. The suggestion is to wait for a few minutes, then try again! Eventually, you will get through! So your friends have been looking after your pet while you were on holidays, that’s nice 🙂

    The issue you are describing is due to the 150 friends limitation that we put in. Unfortunately it does have the side effect that oyu cannot see who sent you a gift or a message if they are not displayed in your list of friends. This is only a temporary measure and we hope to have a permanent fix avaialble in the near future.

  154. simon stainer Says:

    does the lottery happen every day , just yesterday i did’nt get any envelope ? after midnight today [just gone]

  155. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yup. This blog is getting pretty full, you might need to direct people to your website!

  156. Lauréna Says:

    I love this game too, it’s really looks like Animal crossing, it’s really funny and cute 🙂

    But I have a little problem since few hours.

    I’m new on facebook and I have less than 20 friends and only 7 of them are playing pet society. But for 2 of them i can’t see them on my friends list in the game. But they can see me and visit me ! I even received a letter from one of them but couldn’t answer nor see this friend !

    Please help me !

  157. Lauréna Says:

    For more information with my problem, it seems to affect only friends who install Pet society after becoming my friends.
    If I add a friend who already have Pet society, i have no problem to see him.

  158. Bernardino Says:

    2 of my friends added the application but still they r not on my pets friend list. is there somethin wrong with the server or is it me?

  159. Maria Says:

    Perhaps you’ve answered this, but — at the moment I have 14 friends on there (I have no problem with friend limitation, I’m not one that wants 700,000), but I’m not receiving coins when visiting all of them, even if I log out then back on. When running the line, I only receive coins for some. As this is one of the ways to earn coins to spend, is there a problem that’s being fixed? You are doing a wonderful job with this game, but there really needs to be more to do — only 10 races per 24 hour period? Maybe a few more games? The possibility of interaction, i.e., if you’re online and playing ball and someone comes to “visit” — if interaction were possible at that point, it would be great. And change the “shopping specials” more often!

  160. Maria Says:

    Oh, sorry, one last thing — I noticed while reading this blog that you stated all mystery boxes have items of larger value than the cost of the box. Last night I received a rainbow bangle bracelet (listed price in the clothing store at 200 or 250, don’t remember offhand) in a 500 yellow mystery box; then received one 100 pants and one simple footstool in the 200 mystery box (purchased two of them). That created a lot of frustration and I just logged out for the rest of the evening, thinking there was a program problem. I’m a little concerned about spending coins for mystery boxes now (but I love MBs!) 😦 Should I send these last two posts to support instead?

  161. Tasti Says:


    im am stuck in level 23 and it wont go any hiogher when will they start to add more and what will they do with all the points we have?

  162. lore Says:

    I have tried at different times and always comes out the same ad.
    I was born here of the doubt if one left to care for your pet without a time, the die?
    or if there is a way to create a new mascot to be able to start playing again that I can not play with the previous

  163. simon stainer Says:

    mysery boxes can contain items of great value IMO i’d stick to the 50 coin & 20 coins boxes seem to offer best value But not always sometimes your get the rubbish left overs sometimes your get good stuff very rare your get something thats valued more than the box cost itself though,

    as for levels its at 23 for moment more are being added soon maybe today?

    as for the friend issue its well know some can see others while some cant sadly due to playfishes reduced lists it seems a few odd friends will be left out until they sort the issues asap

  164. Nikki Says:

    Thank you very much Silje!

  165. Yammiedodger Says:

    About the mystery boxes, you’ve misunderstood –
    mystery boxes have the chance of being a higher value, but the thing is – if they were just an equivelent price or higher there’d be no point. The whole point of a mystery box is to recieve an odd item – that’s the risk. You may get a higher value item
    However, i do agree that the price gap for the gold mystery box is too broad. There should be a minimum of items worth…say 200 coins.
    Anyway, i don’t buy them ones, i buy blue and red. Then again – an item that has a selling price of say … 66 coins , could in the shops be worth 150.

  166. Yammiedodger Says:

    We have a whole forum on mystery boxes at our website at:

  167. vickie Says:


    I’ve just bought the Halloween pumpkin hat which my pet was wearing with pride, clicked onto ‘forum’ and when I got back to my pet the hat had totally disappeared! Also my paw points had disappeared not to mention some of my coins, whats going on and how can I get them back?

    Please help!

  168. Dag Says:

    Is there a way to stop pet society notifications from being sent from my account to my friends? I do not want to send a notification every time I race hurdles or visit a friend’s pet. It makes me look like I’m spamming my friends when all I want to do is enjoy the game. Please add an option so that we can control which notifications we choose to send, if any. Thanks!

  169. tina Says:

    this game is awesome…i love it…..please get more on it and plssssssssssss open the cafe!!!!and others…

  170. simon stainer Says:

    vickie: maybe some sort of server error happened why the coins went is mystery
    Dag maybe look at settings think there might be something in there to stop this

  171. Dag Says:

    Simon, I have looked, and I can’t find anything under settings that can prevent notifications from being sent out when I use pet society. That’s the main reason I thought of posting on here for advise. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  172. Alienseeker Says:

    i want to make furniture how can i do it

  173. Lauréna Says:

    You should add a “exit” button, because sometimes when you quit the game you lost the last actions you did.
    It miss a proper way to exit game.

  174. Chris Says:

    Uhm…. I’m having a little problem. I don’t mean to sound newbish. But I am. I just started. Just created my pet, and it seems I just got a letter. After it appears I can’t do anything with it. Clicking on it does nothing. CLicking on anything does nothing. What do I do?

  175. Natalia Says:

    The game is working horrible!! I have lost a lot of items, I lot items every time I log in >=(

  176. Novia Says:

    When I visit my pet and pet’s friend, I have more paw points and coins. Also, the health rate, happiness and hygiene should increased.

    But now, when I have go out to next facebook’s application and then come back to Pet society, everything go back to the previous rate or level. And the new items which buy from shop have gone…. The furniture which I move have change back to previous location!

    Can solve this big bug soon please? It makes me sad and don’t know if I should stop or continue to play with this state…… Please help! >_<

  177. loreto venegas jara Says:

    Where is my bed!!!

  178. loreto venegas jara Says:

    it returned…
    why it disappeared?

  179. starzz Says:

    I have quite a number of friends missing from my pet society neighborhood. Now, I am only left with 6 friends on the list, is there anyway to resolve it?

  180. Silje Mølnå Says:

    The lottery ticket does not appear every day by default. If you get it, it was your lucky day. If you do not get it, your pet drew the short straw that day.

    We are looking for other solutions 🙂

    I am glad you like our game. With regards to friends not showing up, when new friends add the application it might be up-to 24 hours before the friend is visible on other friends Pet Society.

    See above 🙂

    Coin earnings are reset at 12pm GMT . (Midnight). If you were playing the game at 1am GMT and then again at 11pm GMT, at 11pm you will not receive any coins.

    At the moment, there are only 23 levels. We will be adding more levels to the game, however in the short term we are focusing on fixing core game issues.

    Your bet will not die. It is not possible to start the game from the beginning, however you can change your pets name, gender and look at the Stylist!

    The reason the items appear to have gone missing is that our servers are heavily overloaded and things take a bit longer to save and show up in the game after a reload. if after a 24 hour period, the items are still missing you should contact our support team.

    In the new facebook, it is not possible to stop outgoing notifications. If your friends do not want notifications from the application, they need to turn it off in their application settings.


    It is not possible to make furniture. However you can go to the furniture store and do a complete makeover on your pets house!

    Exit button – it is on the agenda!

    Does this still happen to you? If so, can you please email and include the email you use for your facebook account.

    The reason the items appear to have gone missing is that our servers are heavily overloaded and things take a bit longer to save and show up in the game after a reload. if after a 24 hour period, the items are still missing you should contact our support team.

    See above, the server issue also affects the stats. Waiting a few hours and then logging back in will normally restore this to the previous state.

    loreto venegeas:
    The reason the bed dissapeared is due to our servers being heavily overloaded. We do not reccomend to reload the game while playing. When playing keep the same session running until you want to stop playing.

    We suggest you wait for a few hours and see if they reappear. Did they display in your account previously?

  181. starzz Says:

    I had waited for one day, the problem is that my friend could see me in their neighborhood but i could not see them. They did not display in my account previously. I really hope there is a way to resolve this issue.

  182. ina Says:

    Friends what disappears do NOT allways show up again.I want my friends back??? HELP

    One of my disappeeart friends still have me on his, and he can write me but I can not see that it is from him…..

    And if you delete some because we have to many friends, then you schould take the people who have a pet and not play it.

    I still like your game even whit all the problems, but not if my friends are gone… It is not funny if you almost are alone in the game.

  183. kelly Says:

    i just bought the 1500 stong flooring. but it suddenly turned into the 300 wooden one.. what happened?!!

  184. Michael Says:

    I need a help somehow the other friends that should be in list in my pet soc. disappears.I want my friends back.

    so how can it be return??

    thx b4.

  185. furball Says:

    Hi, i have a problem with my house. One part is actually pretty cool, my items get duped. So i could sell about 150 items worth 50 coins, later that day i could sell some more expensive furniture, clothes etc.. so it was cool to get to level 14 within 1 and a half days. problem is my tv’s, soaps and toys get multiplied to. and i cant “delete” the tv’s and all those items make it quite impossible to do anything in my house (everything slowed down).. so i always hang around at my friends place and she started to complain about the noise i make 😦

  186. Lauréna Says:

    Silje Mølnå Says: “Coin earnings are reset at 12pm GMT . (Midnight). If you were playing the game at 1am GMT and then again at 11pm GMT, at 11pm you will not receive any coins.”

    I don’t understand very well what you explained.
    I have this problem too since monday. Sometimes I visit all my friends and I earn 20 coins from each of them, sometimes I visit them all and I earn coins only from 1 or 2 of them.
    Is it the same problem ?
    But this problem doesn’t appear all the time. I’m in europe, and if I play the morning it works fine, if I play the afternoon, it doesn’t. I didn’t have this problem last week-end.
    Why ?

  187. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Ok, thank you. I will check with our engineering team what might be the issue. It does sound like a temporary issue due to our 50 friends limitation that we put in place last night.

    Note that after I originally replied to your message, we now have a limit of 50 friends in the game,

    This does unfortunately have the side effect that if a friend who is not in your 50 friends list sends you a message or a gift, you cannot see who it is from.

    This is only a temporary solution while we work on a more permanent one.

    We hope to be able to relax the 50 friends limitation in the coming days, but we cannot promise anything. Our main focus at the moment is solving general service issues.

    Thanks for your patience while we work on the permanent solution.

    See message above.

    Unfortunately, the duplicated TV´s, Soaps and other items that cannot be sold, can for the time being not be deleted or hidden. We apologize for the issues this causes.

    You might want to try and play the game in lower quality, it does, for most players, help with any slowness in the game. To turn it on, click on the “eye” icon next to the sound setting in the top right corner.

  188. Robert Says:

    right i have bin playing htis game on facebook and well i have got money out of the back 2wice bourt all the pants and got gold same with choes and arm thinges and pantis and well i log back in and lost everything includeing the pet points this has happed the past 2 days i working hard for nouthing as you could say is there any way i can get them back plz

  189. Nanna Thrane Says:

    hi. My game doesn’t load, it yust to do, but now when I log in, it will be just as before, and everything I have done is gone.

  190. Novia Says:

    Thanks for Sijle’s reply. But before the maintenance for the Halloween’s week, everythings are ok without problem.

    And my friend and I haven’t any big problem with the game…
    So, some of us guess this bug issue by last big maintenance….

    but anyway, thanks much for all of your help!

    Add oil! Hope the game can go back to normal as before to play. 🙂

  191. simon stainer Says:

    Adobe flash player 10

    I recently found out that adobe have released their new version 10
    so updated it within my pc since then i have found the game to run every so much better
    not brilliant but loading is remarkably speedier and gameplay smoother too recommend
    this to anyone who has a lesser version on their pc / laptop

    if not using firefox/safari/ opera choose from site correct browser

  192. Judy Says:

    Hi, Since this afternoon I can’t see pets from the world and from my country as I used to see until this morning. i can see only the pets of my friend. IIs it a temporary or a permanent situation?

  193. Lauréna Says:

    I’d like to know if the items from “This week only” will be for sale again one day. I play since few days and I missed lot of things that my friends have and I’d like to have too.

  194. Maria Jose Says:

    Hola quisiera saber por qué el juego está presentando tantas dificultades, ya que estoy atascada en el nivel 3500 y cada vez que lo he sobre pasado al iniciar denuevo el juego este vuelve al 3500, ayer 15 de Octubre llegué al nivel 6000 y hoy cuando inicié la sesión estaba otra vez en el nivel 3500 , me cambian las cosas de la casa, lo que compro desaparece.. tengo 2 jabones 3 pelotas ??? quisiera saber que es lo que sucede con el juego.

  195. Ryuu Says:

    ok. it’s been a week that I can’t login into the game. all of my friends can login and they’re playing the game for hours. but I just can’t login.. I tried to update the Flash version and tried to delete all my Browsing history..
    but it’s just keep sending me the message while loading (when the loading progress getting the same specific point)
    the message is: “We’re currently unable to establish a connection to Pet Society”

    please help me! I’m dying to play this game with my friends

  196. Hazel Says:

    Well …I love this game but this week was a pain because everything is a mess !!! and things are not working right, I can’t see the people from the WORLD and also from my CITY,my friends score that I see are old also their outfits, my things get lost , I don’t know what was the problem before to have lots of friends more than 100 for you to change it, I don’t understand the reason to lower your friends to 50… All that just mess up everything else ..I hope It is a good plan you have for the game because it cause problems for us the Players and ..We may lose interest and just leave the game…Please fix it… Was great before!!!

  197. mands Says:

    I love this game, but am really annoyed as today i bought some boxes as i do normally and got home to open them, and thay had gone, coins removed but no boxes, really not impressed! also i can’t go into the stadium it just flashes at me and nothing else happens, theres no way of contacting ppl at playfish as far as I can see and just feel cheated! I saved for a while to build up my coins and for what a gliche to steal em all yay! not! sort of takes the fun out of the game and makes me not wanna play anymore!

  198. simon stainer Says:

    the worlds and networks were romoved to help with speed/ server issues a temp measure for time being, as for friends list currently stands at 100 roughly also temp measure

  199. alejandro Says:

    i dont know how to jump the doble banana in the stadium please e-mail me with the answer:

  200. Rillian Says:

    man.. I can’t believe the lottery isn’t even an everyday thing. Look at the shops! It requires 2000 coins just to get the cheapest bed. And as for racing, you only get 30 coins for first place. And you can only race a maximum of 10 times per day. So if you don’t get first place, you just use up one of your daily chances and you can’t get anymore coins. As for visiting houses(another daily thing), this is probably the most effective way to earning coins. Problem is, you need to sacrifice your privacy if you want to have more people to visit. I find this extremely annoying… Couldn’t there be some better solution to earning money? The betting system is so random, there’s no “faster” pet at all! Please please make the game easier. I’m struggling to get a bed. I bet 1000 coins and lost it all due to a connection failure==

  201. Rillian Says:

    Oh yes, what about the previous solution on depositing money and earning interest? Is that even possible? Not many people can afford to pay to play a facebook application. Btw, I’d also like to know how some folks can actually get millions of coins. Is there a way? Or are they actually cheating?

  202. Rillian Says:

    alejandro you need to click on the banana peels. You do realise that there’s instructions?

  203. Silje Mølnå Says:

    We have had some issues with our service in the last week. This should now have been improved significantly. You might already have noticed but items that have appeared to have vanished or disappeared will appear back into the account after approximately 24 hours.

    We have in the past few days improved the issues with connections significantly. We have also improved the saving of the game state so you should no longer see that your progress has been lost.

    The Halloween update coming in just before the issues started was a coincidence, but you are correct. We did last week do a several hour long Maintenance on the game and this has had tremendous effect on the game performance.

    Flash 10 does seems to be faster, we are doing some testing on our end and if this is successful we will advice all players to upgrade.

    You are correct, due to game performance we decided to remove the Network and World pets from the high score list. We may in the future introduce something that is similar to these, however World pets will most likely not return.

    Weekly items are rotated – they might come back after a set of weeks. – Keep checking back every Monday!

    Maria Jose:
    My Spanish is not so good, but I think I understood most of your message. You are correct, we have had issues with the game not saving its state. This has been improved significantly since Friday. With regards to duplicate items we are hoping to roll out a fix for this in the next few days!

    I am sorry you have been having issues. We are aware that some player profiles are corrupt. We are planning to roll out a fix for this soon. If you are still having issues in two weeks, please email our support team at – and they can deal directly with you.

    You are right, last week our servers were heavily overloaded and we did have issues with saving the game state, and also items “disappearing” for then to reappear 24 hours later. This has now been significantly improved since Friday.
    We also have raised the friends limitation to 100 now, and we hope to relax this limit once we see the full effect of our optimizations.
    For Network/World pets, please read my note to Judy a bit further up in this post.

    See above.

    We are looking to find some solution to this friends issue and earning coins, however we need to think carefully about this and we will not release a “quick fix”.

    People getting millions of coins, unfortunately, yes, they are cheating. We have reduced the possibilities of exploiting the game significantly – and we are still working on it.


  204. Yammiedodger Says:

    Good on you Silje!
    Yup, i’m still really happy about them introducing haloween. It’s a really good opurtunity to get some cool clothes and furniture. I love the themed week idea – i can tell this week is ghosts…will there be vampire week? I really do hope so, you could introduce capes!

    Also, this I think is important -:
    Why have you updated the main shops (furniture, clothes and food) to haloween but not DIY? Also, couldn’t you add a spooky edge to the bananas in the stadium? I know that’s pushing it, but it enhances game play for everone incredibly.

  205. Hedi Says:

    Hi..!! i am finnish and i need new friends pet society my name facebook is Heidi-Maria Hiltunen =)

  206. simon stainer Says:

    good idea about the DIY store some sort of spooky flooring or wallpaper maybe

  207. Rillian Says:

    It’ll be really cool if there’re capes. But that’ll require a huge update wouldnt it? It’ll look strange if the cape took over the role as a shirt

  208. Jodie Says:

    I don’t know if anyone can help me…everytime I visit a friends house it loses connection as soon as I click on an action (like dance or hug). My friends can all do it on their computers and we all ue the same internet network. I’ve updated my flash player and it still won’t work….
    Any ideas??


  209. Rillian Says:

    Jodie: What browser are you using? Might wanna check your settings

  210. simon stainer Says:

    also check that your pc has enough spare memory to use maybe other programs/ processes runnign same time are using it

  211. AndIngo Says:

    Hello! I love this game and I can’t stop playing it!! Thanks for solving the server issues, it now works perfectly.

    I justa want to make a suggestion. It is very hard to afford things that are in the shop since coincs are tought to get. Why not create other games in the stadium, or give more coins when playing, or even let the pets work, or somethin! I keep playing a lot but the coins increase really really slow, its sad that u can’t buy stuff cuz coins r tough to get.

  212. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yeah coins are really tough to get. Pet society is a buisness to some extent. If they make coins incredibly easy to get, no-one will buy them. As much as they make these games for leisure, the buisness aspect of things is a concern as well.

  213. Rillian Says:

    Yammie: Sad to say, most people would rather cheat than buy coins.

  214. Yammiedodger Says:

    I know. But some people are honest, and many can’t be bothered to cheat anyway. The bank thing is just a touch to make themselves a few pennies. I think they’d be better off earning money bu sponsership, you know advertising brands on the pet society t-shirts and stuff and doing freebies were you get them tops for free or next to nothing like somebody posted a long long time ago.

    If you want any money making tips visit my website yeah you probably know it off by heart now but just in case it’s:

  215. Dipp Says:

    I have a simple suggestion that would be pretty cool:

    • When your pet plays with a teddy bear, mummy figure, robot or anything of the like (when you click on said item) it would be nice that said item would do a fun animation/action, instead of what currently happens…which is absolutely NOTHING (the pet takes the toy and moves it somewhere else…FUN! )

    What do you think? This makes it worth it to have such toys!

  216. elaine Says:

    I think you should bring back world and network friends, its so hard to get money now to buy things ,i enjoyed looking at other houses , now its boring,
    please please please bring them back, people are losing interest,

  217. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yeah the toy idea is good, but everytime they made a new toy, BAM more coding. I mean if they made a new action and used it for all of them it might not make sense like say :

    When they pick up a toy it barks

    I mean, since when did kitty’s bark, get what i mean – so each would have to be coded, and i’d much rather the cafe be finished sooner than teddies berothed in special actions. Good idea all the same but in flash that’s one mighty ask.

  218. Amr Horanieh Says:

    Elegant Bamboo Plants are for 1,000 coins in the furniture shop . Some time ago they were for 3,000 coins ! I bought 3 of them back then , i spent 9,000 coins on them !! Now all of a sudden they’re for 1,000 coins only ? What the hell is up with that ? Aren’t people who bought the plants when they were for 3,000 supposed to get 2,000 back after the price drop ? That’s just not fair at all =s ! I could’ve bought them now and saved 6,000 coins !! Why did thier price drop ?? And howcome I didn’t get any coins back after the price dropped ?! That’s considered ripping me off ! I bought the coins for these plants from the bank ! And now everyone else gets to pay 1/3rd the ammount I paid to get them ? That’s just not fair !!

  219. bunte Says:

    really hope that there’s a new level from this pet society…can’t stop playin it

  220. Vainity12 Says:

    It’s so cute!!! just wish i can download it directly to the laptop instead of playing it in facebook =(

  221. haneen Says:

    hay i thing it is such a great thing to play this game but if any one can help me my pet is rech with mestry boxes but nooo money and how can i get paw pionts please answer play fish publisher

  222. Yammiedodger Says:

    Visit my website –

    NEW – Now has an animated speaking chatbot to answer your pet society queries. (Text only option available too!)

    At or

  223. Yammiedodger Says:

    ^^ unfortunately the animated will cost too much to run, so we are just using text in the meanwhile.

  224. Adri Says:

    love te game but theonly way to make money is going t the stadium and the lottery and wining trophies. there should be other ways to make cash.
    also not spending 24 bucks in 2,000 coins. i cant wait for the cafe.:)

  225. MFRBMN Says:

    i manage to get to level 23 with 30 out of 39 medals. Please consider adding more goals or higher up the levels. thank you. ^^m

  226. MFRBMN Says:

    (26 Oct 08)
    If it’s ok, I would like to share.

    Here’s how you can gain ALOT of PAW POINTS easily:

    1) Keep visiting your friend’s pet and earn paw points by feeding/soaping/brushing them when needed

    2) Find a trading friend you can trust and keep sending expensive gifts to him and him back to you. Continue this and you’ll gain thousands of PAW POINTS in minutes.

    3) Practice race and win 1st place

    4) Lower your pet’s hygiene level so its health decrease faster and you can feed him more for paw points

    5) Always play the 3 games with your pet

    6) Spend your coins

    See, it’s that easy, I can get to level 23 in less than 24 hours. But the thing is, it is a totally different situation when it comes to collecting coins. At level 23, my house is still empty as I have spend all my coins to gain the gold medal.

    Another thing, does anyone know how to calculate the paw points when sending gifts?

    At first, I thought it’s like Selling price / 5..
    Purchase price: 100
    Selling price: 33
    Paw points received when sending as gift: 6

    But I bought something worth 1500 coins and send it as gift but I only received 42 paw points.

    and 750 coins for 30 paw points.

    Anyone knows why?
    Any idea?

  227. Stacey Tosh Says:

    Hi Silje,

    I have noticed a few people have asked this question but as of yet i have not seen an answer to it. i cannot see all of my friends on my pet society list, i can see 6 of them but i am yet to see the remaining 10 out of my 16 friends with it added.

  228. Kirsty Says:

    I lost my ball 😦
    I looked all around my house, and i think i may have left it in someone elses house, i went to all my friends houses, but it isnt there.
    I looked in the shops, but theres only Food shops etcetc.
    Is it possible to get a new ball?

  229. Amr Horanieh Says:

    Yeah and btw , how do i get the golden poo ?? Is it considered a trophy ?? Like i have to poo 200 times or something to get one ??

  230. Yammiedodger Says:

    Your ball will be sent back to your house, either as a gift or automatically generated – it usually only takes a second , wait 24 hours then ask again.

  231. Kenneth Says:

    It would be very good if we could get upgrades to the house, like maybe having another few rooms for the kitchen, bedroom, toilet…and so on. A second floor would also be good. Is it also possible if we could use our coins to get an upgrade on our house? Thanks for listening.

  232. MeshMesh.JR. Says:

    i want 2 know when will the cafeteria open?!…and it would be great if you added few more things…like more this weekk only furniture..and 2 make the house bigger…..if my pet could BUY a pet and every pet with some powers may be…or ways 2 help me

  233. Silje Mølnå Says:

    This issue should now be much better after our latest server upgrades! 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback, we have noted it.

    We will not bring back World and Network pets as you know it – but we are looking at options to allow you to interact with pets who are not your friends.

    I am glad you like the game, it is cute, isn´t it? 🙂

    I am not sure I understand your message? Your pet has lots of mystery boxes, but no money? Read MFRBMNs guide above for tips to gain paw points.

    Cool bot 😉

    Yes, making money is a bit of a job, but that´s the same in real life – atleast for most of us 🙂

    Thanks for that, I am sure many players will find this helpful. More levels coming soon, I promise!

    Stacey Tosh:
    This issue was due to the friends limitation that were in place. We have removed these limitations now, so you should now be able to see all your friends!

    If you forgot your ball at a friends house it will be placed back in your chest when you go back to your house.

    Amr Horanieh:
    Golden Poo.. It is elusive, isn´t it? 😉

    We will be adding more rooms to the pet house shortly, not long now!

    We currently do not have a completion date for the cafe. We will be adding more rooms to the house, not long now!

  234. Amr Horanieh Says:

    No1 answered my earlier post till now ..
    Elegant Bamboo Plants are for 1,000 coins in the furniture shop . Some time ago they were for 3,000 coins ! I bought 3 of them back then , i spent 9,000 coins on them !! Now all of a sudden they’re for 1,000 coins only ? What the hell is up with that ? Aren’t people who bought the plants when they were for 3,000 supposed to get 2,000 back after the price drop ? That’s just not fair at all =s ! I could’ve bought them now and saved 6,000 coins !! Why did thier price drop ?? And howcome I didn’t get any coins back after the price dropped ?! That’s considered ripping me off ! I bought the coins for these plants from the bank ! And now everyone else gets to pay 1/3rd the ammount I paid to get them ? That’s just not fair !!

  235. Yammiedodger Says:

    That’s just the way it is. Look at house prices. I think Pet Society try’s to reflect what true economy is like – to a certain extent. Anyway, if they can fall, they can surely rise. Anyway, if you liked them that much, you’re not going to sell them … so why the fuss? Things change.

  236. Piardee Says:


    ive got 2 questions:

    1- Why have u removed “world” option from ur friendsboard?

    2- I think it’s a good idea a “furniture trophy”, when u buy 10 furniture(bronze), 30 (silver) and 70(gold). food doesn’t count! do u like the idea? think about it!

    u’d better not charge as much as u do on objects.

  237. julie jorden Says:

    love the game, any chance of the coffee shop opening soon?

  238. Amr Horanieh Says:

    Yammiedodger Says:
    “Anyway, if you liked them that much, you’re not going to sell them … so why the fuss? Things change.”

    Man that’s called a rip off . They sell the item for 3,000 coins then suddenly the price drops to 1,000 without alerting anyone ? And it’s the only item in the furniture shop that had its price drop ! It’s not like they set new prices for all the items , that would’ve been fine . No it was only this item , i should get 2,000 coins back since i paid 3,000 for it . And howcome ‘silje’ didn’t answer my question ?? What’s that supposed to mean ? They’re just gona act as if nothing happened -__- ? That is low man , that’s just very low .
    Anyways , im not gona complain anymore , cause i know for a fact no1 is gona actually listen -_- But I’m just saying , they make it hard like hell to earn coins in the game , forcing you to buy coins via the bank , and on top of that they’re ripping us off !!

    PlayFish just lost 1 dedicated fan !!

  239. Yammiedodger Says:

    Hey hey, silje answers at the end of the week. I feel your pain because I also lost about 6000 coins from this. And i DOOOO think they should have alerted us. But i am fine with it because its happened and its one of those things. Like mystery boxes. And i’m sure you’re still hooked on Pet Society even though this happened. Hey AND DONT PIN IT ON ME. I was only trying to HELP.

    What was your question anyway – you know she has a lot to do working for playfish, they can’t always accomadate your every need.

    Great Game Silje!

  240. Baraldo Says:

    This game is the biggest …. ive ever seen

    Why have u done it? it was only a waste of time, only …

    My questiin is: I race against my friends, i take all the green-boosts, don’t fall jumping and i quit banana pells. why does my friend who fall 3 times, why the hell does he win against me? and its not level cos im 23 and hes 4

    this game … reply me fast!

  241. Rillian Says:

    Amr Horanieh: Well, like they said previously, you can’t expect a quick fix to earning money. You can easily earn thousands just by added tons of friends to visit though.

    Piardee: Yea, that’s a great idea to have a furniture trophy. I was kinda hoping for that too. But I would think that playfish would probably have to make separate groups to group up the different types of furniture though. I mean, we don’t have a clothes trophy, but we have a pants, shirt trophy etc. There’s too many types of furniture and it would be a bit of a hassle to actually have it as a trophy.

  242. Yammiedodger Says:

    Hey silje could you possibly give me your email or some contact information so I can contact you about my site. I want to link to your site (petsocietychatter) from my site ( and vice versa. Oh and I want to contact you about how I could host a competition on my website… I really want to get users fire back on Pet Society. I don’t care if you accept or decline – but mull it over for a while will ya. Thanks. (your competitions, my bot …it’d be pretty cool for us to link to them)

  243. Silje Mølnå Says:

    1. The reason the “world” option was removed was due to server constraints, having this tab was using too much memory. We will bring back the option to visit other pets than your friends, but I cannot disclose more about how of what this feature is at the moment.

    2: Yes, That is a good idea, we have added it to our pool of suggestions.

    julie jorden:
    At the moment we cannot disclose the opening date of the café, but our teams are working very hard to get it finished 🙂

    I am sorry you do not like our game. However to answer your question, the races are based a little more on luck rather than actual skill.

    Remember that when you race your friends, you are actually racing the computer – sometimes the computer catches up with your pet, even if you do not fall and the computer falls – other times not.

    Amr Horanieh:
    You can email our team at – our team will then answer your question.

    petsocietychatter is not an official Pet Society site, it is run by a fan called Lauren – you can contact her by clicking on “about” in the petsocietychatter website.

    If you are planning to host a competition with prizes, drop us a mail on and we can evaluate if we want to donate any ingame prizes for the winner(s).

  244. Baraldo Says:

    yes i like ur game lool but i was angry because this was my last race for the day, and i had 99 races won and i didnt win the last one without falling =( loool

    what about new clothes? i mean, new FIX clothes, not for a week only =)

    robes, shirts, T-shirts, etc…

  245. Lauréna Says:

    hi !

    Halloween is almost over, we now should think about christmas 🙂 (I loooove christmas ^^)
    I a some suggestions if you intend to make specials items like for halloween.

    It would be cool if you make special mystery boxes : christmas mystery boxes. We could have 2 boxes at 100 coins and 300 coins to make gifts for friends. But it would be nice if these boxes only have item of a price at least equal to the price of the box. Because actuals boxes are a bit desappointing.

    And i’d love to have a real fireplace. and a lot of toys ! 🙂

  246. Besho Says:

    Why i can’t see the best scores of , my country and around the world ?? and why did you removed the option ?

  247. caz Says:

    surely next will be fireworks night things?

    I think a fireplace would be excellent for christmas though!

    and santa outfits! I can’t wait until monday for the new stuff 🙂 🙂

  248. Conny Says:

    There are 16 friends installed pet society. Why I just got 10 from my town? How can I invite them and play with their pets?

  249. Baraldo Says:

    this game is th biggest …. ive ever seen
    its all based on luck and luck and luck and not on skills

    crazy taxi is better

    this game ….. who gave u the idea of doing it?

    it’s absolutely a turd. i’ve never seen a game like this, a big turd.

    facebook should ban that game because it’s not a game, it looks well but its absolutely …..

  250. simon stainer Says:

    Baraldo then why install it & play it ????
    easiest answer remove if think that, agree it is slow and temprementle but seems 2 million users cant be that wrong?

  251. Wa Wa Says:

    new rooms for our pets!!

    will all the rooms be bigger or it will stay like that as we gain more paw points??

    when will the cafe be open?

  252. Rillian Says:

    OMG I HATE THE NEW LAYOUT!*&%&* It completely screwed with everyone’s houses. WHY PLAYFISH WHY?!

  253. Jennifer Chu Says:

    I’ve been trying to log into Pet society for the past 4 hours and I still can’t get in – it just keeps saying – loading – loading – loading and that’s all it does. So I haven’t even got to see the new format. Boo hoo!

  254. Kerrie Says:

    love it, the game is great …. looking forward to the cafe opening…x

  255. Cheryl Says:

    I loooove the new rooms! Too bad I don’t have enough furniture now… oh well, gives me plenty or reasons to log in, visit friends, and run the races now. I also love that there are now more than 23 levels as I was already there. Thanks so much!!!

    One suggestion, the scary neighborhood trees for Halloween were great, now that the leaves are back on them, maybe you could cover them with snow for the winter/holidays? Just a thought!

  256. PSaddict Says:

    Is fun and addictive. However, if playfish team could make it like, we are able to see those who visited our house when we are playing together .
    Meaning like, if we’re online and we’re at home, they visit us and we could see, is better 🙂

    Also, if we could check the gift history is also a good choice when people trade things at forum..

  257. Lauréna Says:

    Hey ! The new system to earn coin visiting friends totally sucks !
    It was already difficult to earn money but now it’s even more difficult. You make great updates but you ruin everything in the same time.

    Don’t even count on me to spend real money for this game, real video games are still better and cheaper than your prices.

  258. Shannon Says:

    Hey, i was wondering will there be more of a selection for wallpaper and carpet/flooring, It would be nice if we could have pictures/paintings to put on the wall, i’ve always noticed the walls seem abit bare even when the room is full of things. also loving the fact we have more than one room now.

  259. simon stainer Says:

    a few bugs remain namely when you leave your pets home the game freezes or just dont want to respond ? might be down to time of day [gmt] so will try again later tonight

  260. Connor Williams Says:

    Hi i was wondering if u could add somthing like another stadium or workplace where u can earn money?

  261. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Those are some great ideas you have there for christmas! We might be doing something for the holidays, make sure you keep a look out!

    Fireplaces are now available, this week only in the store.

    You are correct, due to game performance we decided to remove the Network and World pets from the high score list.

    We may in the future introduce something that is similar to these, however World pets as you have know it will most likely not return.

    You might have seen it already, but we have now added a fireplace to Pet Society – it is in the this weeks only section in the furniture store so buy it before it dissapears! 🙂

    We are currently looking into the issue with some friends not showing. You might also want to check that they have not uninstalled the application – the facebook statistics for friends sometimes is a little incorrect.

    We are however looking into this issue, as we know it is important!

    Wa Wa:
    The rooms currently is planned to stay the same size. You can view in our pets user guide the upgrades you get for each level:

    The café is opening in the future, I just cannot tell you when at the moment. Keep looking out for it.

    Jennifer Chu:
    We seem to have some issues for some players where they cannot log in. We are working on a solution, thanks for your patience!

    Glad you like it! Café is coming, can´t just tell you when just yet unforunately – keep looking out for it!

    I am glad you love the new room feature! We hope you have lots of fun decorating all your new rooms with your new bought furniture!

    Keep a look out during the holidays, there might be some snow coming 🙂

    Yes, real time visiting would be fun, wouldn´t it! I have added all your suggestion to our pool of ideas for future updates, keep ´em coming! 😀

    We will see if we can get some more wallpapers and floors in the DIY shop in the near future. I am glad you like our new room feature!

    simon stainer:
    This issue generally seems to happen during high loads of the game. If you still have it happening, let me know.

    Connor Williams:
    We may or may not add some new features to earn money, but what these features are and when or if they will be available we cannot disclose.

  262. Laura Says:

    Hi there!

    I’m really enjoying the game and I like especially the last improvements: the house division in rooms and the addition of new items to the furniture store, such as the bathroom stuff.

    It would be interesting if other things such as books, cds or paintings were implemented in the future to decorate the walls and put other things on the shelves apart from trophys or plants. Maybe a new store which included all these kind of items would be fun: decorative objects, books, cds, paintings, photos, even musical instruments… I think it would be great.

    I’m longing for the opening of the café. Interactive spaces like this and the stadium are fun!

  263. Laura Says:

    Oh, by the way, will other races be implemented in the stadium in the future? I think that would be fun, swimming races for instance 🙂

  264. Amr Horanieh Says:

    Silje , how about more games at the stadium ? Something like olympic games ? You can add swimming maybe ? Like those flash olympic games u find online that have a couple of mini games..
    And maybe you can do something like a championship every month ? Like we can play once in all the mini games at the stadium and if we end up in the top 3 we get a prize ? 1,000 for 1st place, 500 for 2nd, 250 for 3rd ? I think that would be nice ..

  265. Amr Horanieh Says:

    Oh yeah, and how about you make the mini games + the current hurdles game skill based please ? Currently it depends on nothing but luck ! And that kinds sucks to be honest . So skill based games would be much better ! Maybe you can add stats for each pet ? And we can like build up our stats by practicing ? The higher our stats are, the higher our chance of winning at a game are ? That would be really awesome , people woud actually spend more time at the stadium that way in order to build up stats and play different games ! I hope you like the ideas ..

  266. Rillian Says:

    There’s only one problem with having more rooms, those rooms dont come with wallpaper and carpets. Therefore more coins are needed.

    Also, very importantly, is there a way to remove wallpapers and carpets without buying new ones to replace them? Because this is really annoying

  267. Lauréna Says:

    Rillian, I agree, when you start the game, the room has a wallpaper and a carpet that go to the chest when you remplace them. But for the new rooms it’s different , it doesn’t go to the chest.

    So if you want to place your wallpaper in another room, you must buy one another wallpaper to switch because you can’t just remove it.

    It’s a bit annoying and you have no choice than buying again :/

  268. Lauréna Says:

    Silje Mølnå : I’m happy that you find that my christmas ideas are good, but if it’s still difficult to earn money in the game around christmas, i don’t think many of my friend will receive a present :/

    Please, put back the 20 coins per visit T_T

    Oh, one more thing for later updates: the fireplace is very cute, but we should put it against the wall or at least on a shelve (so we can use tricks :).
    The toys should be placed on shelves to, it’s a bit messy if we have a lot.

  269. Lauréna Says:

    sorry, 3 posts in a row…

    I have a suggestion if you ever add new levels again : add an attic on the house. An only one big room like we had before.

    (I need a dancing / playing room for my jukebox and my toys ^^) LOL

  270. Becky Says:

    please fix PS on Facebook I can’t log into it!!! ugh please please fix it!

  271. AndIngo Says:

    Hey!!! Great changes!! It’s reaññy cool to have rooms, and a bathroom!!! If its not to much to ask? Could you add kitcken furniture !!!???? That would be so great! Thanx guys

  272. Yuna Says:

    Ever since Pet Society has been update, I haven’t been able to log into my account on my computer. It used to work before. Now, it works on other computers, but not mine. I already have the latest Flash Player. Do you have an idea what the problem is?

  273. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Books and Cds, etc is in our pool of ideas – thanks for suggesting!
    With regards to the stadium, it might evolve in the future, but no promises. At the moment we are focusing on the café for your pet!

    Amr Horanieh:
    See above for the first part of your question(s).
    With regards to championships, that is a really cool idea, i´ll make sure it is in our pool of ideas for the stadium.

    Currently you can only replace wallpapers and carpets by putting another one on.

    Noted regarding the fireplace 🙂

    Becky and Yuna:
    We are aware that a number of players are having issues to load the game. We are working hard to find out why this is and apply a solution. For now, clearing your browsers cache seems to do the trick!

    Just follow these steps:

    * If you are using Internet Explorer (IE):
    o Open the ‘Tools’ menu
    o Select ‘Internet Options’
    o Under ‘Browser History ‘, click ‘Delete’
    o Under ‘Temporary Internet Files’, click ‘Delete Files’
    o Click ‘Close’, then ‘OK’
    o Restart your computer (important!)
    o Try launching the game again, this will force your browser
    to re-download it

    * If you are using Mozilla Firefox:
    o Open the ‘Tools’ menu
    o Select ‘Clear Private Data’
    o Untick all options except ‘Cache’
    o Click ‘Clear Private Data Now’
    o Restart your computer (important!)
    o Try launching the game again, this will force your browser
    to re-download

    Glad you like our update 😀

    See my answer above

  274. PAULITA Says:


  275. julie jorden Says:

    like the new rooms, just discoved we can move windows and doors around, was dissapointed about the bath, bought one after getting enough coins and thats hard enough, bought the bath with the shower in, but its not usable i thought it would have been a way to clean your pet, but it doesnt do anything, and if i sell it i dont even get half my money back. o well maybe in the future.

  276. Yammiedodger Says:

    Yeah, the updates are really cool. The idea about the bath being a new way to clean your pet’s a good idea. Those with “no soap” would have a temporary fix there. Anyway, as flash applets go, I reckon it’s the best. I’ve been so inspired, i’ve started learning computer programming, even though i’m only 13…MMOCCS are my aim!

  277. Cole Says:

    Maybe more interactions with the pets and the furnitures, maybe I can tickle it, stroke it, pat it’s back or something. Oh and can the stores sell seafood? For the furnitures, some are just “decor”, just dead images, like the shower or bath can clean the pets or something. Can our pet interact with our friend’s pet too, like even after they enter their house. Cos’ for now after entering a friend’s house and let’s say dance with the pet, after that it seems so pointless, nothing happens between both the pets.

    Can input more games after the cafe’s open, maybe a gym, pool, ice skating, dance studio, arcade or something.

    Coins transactions, like instead of sending gifts to friends, maybe make coins available too?

    Understand that this may all take a pretty long time with all the illustrations, flash and so on, tough job, will look out for new stuffs to come.

  278. Praew Says:

    I really like pet society ^_^ . . . I play it everyday!! *v*
    emmm would u mind if I’d like to suggest something??
    I think…there should be more wallpapers and floors
    and….in buying clothes…..I think….it would be good
    if our pets can try on the clothes before buying….. ^_^

  279. Lauréna Says:

    I just want to say that since few days (2 week in fact i think) the game lags a lot. Sometimes it lags in the stadium and i loose the race because of that.
    And I have glitches when I’m outside, I see red lines in the middle of the grass.
    My comp is all new and I have the latest flash version. I’m using firefox, it’s worst with IE.

  280. Kim Says:

    i love this game but once i filled four room a living room dining room bathroom and bedroom what else do i do with the other rooms. An idea i though my be allowing the pet to have small pets of their own or allowing us to make families to fill the houses xx

  281. Yammiedodger Says:


    I am looking for some NON PAID people to apply to my website. There are many positions for the taking at the moment:

    Forums Manager
    News Updator
    Behind the scenes sneak

    and many more. Check out my website to find out more at
    You must join to be in with a chance of entering.

  282. raj patel Says:

    dude, can we download this game petsociety from any where? if you can tell me…

  283. Tina Kenton Says:

    Ireally love this game but would like tp see many more houses and people to visit. I have exhausted all my friends and would like to know if there is any way of getting others involved in my township. This would also give me more places to visit and the opportunity to earn more coins

  284. naielle Says:

    i just played the hurdles again after so long and…i don’t see any improvement on it. even though i perfected the whole race (all green pads, no trips, even extra jumps on the water to be faster than the other pets), i still lost and got 3rd place (even though the other pets didn’t do as well as mine). so yeah, it’s kind of irritating that the things that are supposed to help you win the race don’t help at all. in fact, the other pets seem to be faster than mine.=/ its amazing how they suddenly get this unknown boost of energy from nowhere and get faster without the boost pads. it’s like certain pets are programmed to win a race. lol, so can you guys fix that up please?

    other than that, its cool having rooms. i even have a bathroom for my pet. i just wish it can be used though. more items please~ 😀

  285. naielle Says:

    i just played the hurdles again after so long and…i don’t see any improvement on it. even though i perfected the whole race (all green pads, no trips, even extra jumps on the water to be faster than the other pets), i still lost and got 3rd place (even though the other pets didn’t do as well as mine). so yeah, it’s kind of irritating that the things that are supposed to help you win the race don’t help at all. in fact, the other pets seem to be faster than mine.=/ its amazing how they suddenly get this unknown boost of energy from nowhere and get faster without the boost pads. it’s like certain pets are programmed to win a race. lol, so can you guys fix that up please?

    other than that, its cool having rooms. i even have a bathroom for my pet. i just wish it can be used though. more items please~ 😀

  286. Glenys Says:

    where can i buy the rugs? is it frm the mystery boxes. i’ve been buying so many boxes but none gave me the rug.
    my pet is aking for a red food which i can’t find it in the food restaurant. where can i get it? the food is somehing red whick looks like a turnip…

    raisin (my pet’s name)

  287. aZie Says:

    this game is so awesome i just wanna play it 24/7
    plz add me on facebook to have more frenz ya?

    facebook =

  288. Tracey Deighton Says:

    After iv decorated my new rooms, iv found that im not really using them – it would be better if you could only wash your pet in the BATHROOM, only feed your pet in the KITCHEN (thats when we get kitchen appliances) & you made it so your pet HAS to go to bed for a short nap.

    The gift trophy should also be increased, I find im selling items more than giving gifts now, as iv already got the highest trophy.

    My pet is dropping the frizby/ball more since the updates. Its hard enough without your pet messing up, lol.

    Pet Society is brilliant though & look forward to better things to come!

  289. eray Says:

    i want to play it

  290. ale Says:

    holaaa ya hagan rapido la cafeteria.. haganlo mas dvertido y hagan que podamos hacer que tengan novia e hijos.. que puedan dise;ar ellos sus ksas para que no todas las casas del barrio sean iguales.. que puedan tener piscinaa.!!

  291. MARY Says:

    there is a lot of trees but they don’t have enough money is very hard to go and find money in the trees. PLEASE add a garden centre and install a yard so we can put flowers and garden furnitures and kitchen tolls we have chef hat etc etc….. but we do not have any kitchen we also need some WORK TO DO to earn MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  292. Scyndeye Says:

    Hi, I love all the new stuff apart from the new yellow boots for 100 gold coins: when I wear them with trousers the boots are hidden under the trousers, and even shorts overlap a bit with the boots. I looked at one of my friends and it’s not doing that for his old pirate boots.

    also please decrease the price of food, there is no need for anything worthing more than 20 or 30 gold coins.
    and at last I really like the idea of a new game in the stadium, the swimming race sounds good, with floating stuff that we would have to avoid by diving (the opposite of jumping)
    and I love the new fireplaces and I look forward seeing the Christmas decoration and maybe the pin tree in the neighbourhood with garlands and balls, and snow and… and…and…
    ho I get so excited just thinking about it, and even more when it’s past midnight GMT on a Sunday night and you’re late to put the new things so I know big change is coming and that drives me crazy to have to wait until monday morning.
    Thank you! and don’t listen to the people who complain, WE LOVE YOU PET SOCIETY!!! (well at least I do).

  293. valeska Says:

    El juego es super bueno : ), deberia ser online solo eso, : D :*

  294. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions, we have noted this in our pool of ideas.

    Thanks for the suggestions – new wallpapers and floors coming to a store near you in the next few weeks!


    What about creating a “cozy” room with fireplaces – or a relaxation room?

    raj patel:
    Pet Society can only be played on Facebook:

    Tina Kenton:
    We might in the future introduce ways for you to interact with friends who are not your real life friends.

    The races are based a little more on luck rather than actual skill. 🙂

    New items are in the stores to buy every Monday morning!

    Rugs are only in the mystery boxes, and they might only be in the boxes in certain weeks.

    Sounds like yo pet wants a toffee apple! 🙂

    Tracey Deighton:
    Thanks for the suggestions, they have been noted.

    Regards to the giting trophy, you are probably right – we did not plan the game to be used for trading when we designed it, so it might be a little low. However, changing this now is not good. But, we might in the future introduce some trading function in the game. No promise though.

    You can! But you need a facebook account 🙂 To access the game go to:

    The Cafe is coming, but at the moment we cannot provide any completion date.

    Kitchen stuff coming your way in the next few weeks!

    Noted regarding the boots.

    Thanks for the suggestions reagarding stadium, it has been added to our pool of ideas.

    Glad you like it! 😀

  295. Claire Butin Says:


    I always play on Facebook. I invited some of my friends. I can see on the forum that 2 of them are on Pet society but I can’t see their houses nor their names in “Friends” when I am playing. Why doesn’it work?
    I enjoy playing that game! It improves every week.
    Thanks for your help.

  296. natz Says:

    i love this app..
    but it will be cool that in the stadium
    have more games..
    like jump or i don’t know but more games!

  297. Silje Mølnå Says:

    The reason that two of your friends who show as having “installed the application” does not show in your game is either because:

    1/ they did not complete the creation of their pet (hence, no pet and house to display)
    2/ they have removed the application and blocked it after installing

  298. MARY Says:

    Hi thanks for my request for the kitchen stuffs I really love it but why did you put the luxurious store they have pretty things but to EXPENSIVE and the boxes I spend 200 coins or 500 coins and they always giving me really bad things like school tools rugs or something like that I think the boxes should have things you can not find in stores like cup, glasses, plates, even toilet paper etc etc….. something funny you can be more creatives or have things that cost more or less the price you are paying I really get addicted to PET SOCIETY my daughter start and I REALLY LOVE IT thank you very very much for creating Pet Society

  299. Prin Says:

    Hey there!
    Great work on the website! It’s addictive!
    I was just wondering when the Cafe is going to open?
    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  300. Buggs Says:

    Hi. Love your game. But I miss more mini-games and races. What about Darts, shuffleboard, pool (snooker), puzzels, throw a ball at tincans, spinningwheel for betting, swimming-races?

    And what about the pets making their own food? If you can buy apples and sugar you can make applecandy, stuff like that. Just combineing two things from the foodstore. I you have a kitchen it would be grate to use it….

    And it’s really hard to get coins. To the limit of boring… I’d play alot more if I could get them in a more easy way. No it’s just boring after wisiting my friends.

  301. Cheryl Says:

    I’m still loving this game but I do have a question. Has there been any consideration given to providing more ways for us to make money for our pets? I’d love to get some of the more expensive items, but with it taking so long to raise money, it becomes really difficult. I know we are able to buy some money, but providing more ways to earn it would make it more fun to play! Thanks so much for all the hard work!

  302. yammiedodger Says:

    Woah yeah, If you’ve got a food store, and are planning on bringing out kitchen appliances… COOKING! Delay the new objects if you must, but to bring out cooking as a minigame and a way to earn coins (and paw points) and feed your pet would be a great idea.

    I know how hard it is to program these things in flash, hey i’ve tried it, and I failed, went back to C+ programming. But please, the people would love this, and it’d delay the need for any more major updates = more work on cafe *winks*

    Anyway – if any of you people out there fancy hearing my views, sharing your pet society stories and finding some help and support along with chatting soon to be released animated bot, feel free at:

  303. Tracey Deighton Says:

    If a swimming pool is coming, I hope we have swimwear.

    Why is my pet always dropping the frizby/ball? Is this just a blip or is my pet programmed NOT to get the gold trophies?
    All levels are full & iv even tried playing at a friends house.

    Why do we not get 20 coins after visiting 50 friends anymore?
    It goes down to 10 coins & then 5 coins.

    Love the pets standing about in the village, just a shame we cant interact with them in any way.

    Have you thort of smoke from the chimneys or weather conditions eg: raining/sunny/windy, wildlife in the village ie: cats, dogs, birds or activities eg: swings/slides/roundabouts etc to play on in a park in the grounds?

    In the future will it be possible to interact with our friends pets whilst we are playing live on line? May be throw the ball to each other, a game of tennis or even a game of tag or hide n seek round the grounds?

    We need to earn more money – jobs would be good, eg:

    Dog walking (dogs could be kept at a kennel), be nice to see our pets taking THEIR pets for a walk.

    Postman (maybe introduce a daily newspaper)
    Road sweeper (maybe introduce litter)
    Window cleaner
    Gardener (maybe we could plant & grow)

    A fishing lake would be a great activity.

    Im sure people will be asking for a church, so pets can get married soon, lol.

    I love pet society!

  304. Mark Says:

    Very coooool!
    Keep up the good work! 😀

  305. Zinabo Says:

    Pet Society rocks… but one thing. They’ve released sinks and bathtubs and such, but where are the mirrors? A bathroom is not complete without mirrors on the wall..

  306. Lily Says:

    There DEFINITELY should be more in the stadium.

    Also, can we get more games other than the ball, frisbee and jumprope? We can’t get into the bathtubs either.

    Are the goldfish supposed to be our Pets’ pets? All this confuses me…

  307. natz Says:

    cause i’m obsessed with this game!
    and is great that shortcuts! xDD

  308. yammiedodger Says:

    Great idea’s people!

    Silje… are you a member of my website? If you are who are you on it???

    Anyway -I hope some of you’z people will join my website, as I’m really working hard on it from now onwards!

  309. Mary Says:

    Talking about the thropies, I think that there is too much difference between the “hedge hopper” (win 10 times in the stadium hurdles race) and the “rooster booster” (win 100 times in the stadium hurdles race). Come on! From 10 to 100?? in other thropies it doesn’t take that much to take the second one. For example I gain the playing softball after pass the tha ball 15 times, and you gain the playing hardball after passing it only 30 times…

  310. Lily Says:

    Ha. Well, I think the Luxury shop should have that “This Week Only” previlege (if you call that a previlige!). But, still. It’s kinda unfair to those who find it hard to earn money in time to get items for one week. So maybe “This Month Only”?

  311. Lily Says:

    Haha, and maybe Christmas we get free things for twelve days?

  312. natz Says:

    hey, it’s unfair.
    i bought a golden mistery box
    and i got a leggings..
    and is the third time that i got something like that with that box..
    come on! u.u

  313. Lily Says:

    Well, it IS a mystery box. You need to try your luck.

    Also, since Pet Society has “Clocks”, why not input a Day/Night time function? And also, we get to see seasons too. Like, Winter? Haha.

  314. Tracey Deighton Says:

    Just a suggestion.

    It would be nice to send Christmas cards to our friends & to be able to hang them on our walls-you could sell different designs (packs of 25/50 in the luxury items shop).

    It would also be nice if we were to have a “santas grotto”.

    How about Christmas jingles?

    Please introduce some more trophies, I have most of them now.

    I know there is no completion date for the “cafe”, but could you give us a rough idea of when it may be opening? eg: 2008 or 2009?


  315. yammiedodger Says:

    ^^ great idea’s … love cooking better though. I am looking forward to christmas. I wonder if we’ll get advent calenders … (a bit like the Lottery – but a gift everyday…!?!)

    I vote advent calenders, what does everyone else think?

  316. anne martinez Says:

    como puedo hacer bastantes moneda?

  317. Maria Says:

    Lately I have been playing your bowling game, which is fun but seems like its only good for short bursts of time. Couldn’t you put a bowling alley in pet society? The pets could bowl and we could buy bowling outfits and shoes.

  318. Lily Says:

    An advent calendar, that’s great. 12 days of Christmas only though? More to the Spirit of Christmas

  319. Mary Says:

    I put the wallpaper in the wrong room, but also if I click on the open chest I’m not able to remove it…why??

  320. yammiedodger Says:

    The only way to remove wallpaper is to swap it with another wallpaper. New rooms have no wallpaper, so putting a wallpaper on them means that it stays there until you swap it with another – get a RMB , you get a load of cheap wallpapers in them to swap it with.

  321. naielle Says:

    i hope you guys put in more wallpapers and floors. i wanna make my house real pretty.xD and also put more…theme-based wallpapers/furniture. like…since there’s a bamboo plant, bamboo lamp , not to mention doors and windows with the same asian feel, hopefully there’s also a wallpaper that could follow the same theme.xD

    and i second the motion for a usable kitchen!:D

    btw, i noticed that its a lot harder to level up…usually, leveling up requires 500 points only. so how many points do you need to level up? (i’m already level 27) hekhek.

  322. Rashael Says:

    I agree it would be super cool to have a ‘avent calendar’ show up at our doors!! 😀

    and since so many people are wanting new wallpapers.. (im one of those people XD) and im guessing you guys don’t really have time to work on those.. how about you guys do a ‘Design a new Wallpaper’ contest! and the prize is to have your winning wallpaper put in the shops! + maybee a big trophy?? ^-^ but if you can’t do the design a wallpaper contest.. just a solid color (choosen from a color wheel) would be AWESOME!! so like when it was halloween i really just wanted a PLAIN orange wallpaper.. but there was nothing like it.. or even similar so i had to go with RED.. Oh, and since Winter is coming up i HOPE to see some lovely Christmas Wallpapers and Lights to hang up in my pets house.. ohh and a mini tree too!! Can you guys also work on putting NEW items in the D.i.Y shop like you do with clothes,and furniture??? We always see new items everyweek for those.. but never in the D.i.Y shop..

    I hope you take into consideration all our suggestions and i hope you guys will have enough time to work on it all.. Thanks so much for a great game!! i love Pet Society i play it everyday!! 😀


  323. Rashael Says:

    oh and my comment above the PLAIN wallpapers should be a fair price maybe $200-300 coins.. thats it.. and like i said we would be able to choose from a colorwheel 😀

    but omfg!! i just noticed.. you guys just put out this game for us to play like a MONTH ago?!? woww.. i hope i dont sound too pushy but all these things we all are suggestion are really needs!! especially working bathroom,kitchen (to bake two foods together like banana & bread to perhaps make a BANANA BREAD!! 😀 I will continue to play this game and really looking forward to the future of Pet Society!


  324. Lily Says:

    Great update! Love the kitchen stuff. And the yellow brick road. Hah.

    The Taco hat rules! I love this game.

  325. caz Says:

    i may not be the 1st to ask but what is the eal with golden poo? so many people are getting scammed by people who apparently trade them and not getting anything….

    can we at least get a hint on how to get them??

    please 🙂

  326. simon stainer Says:

    advent calendar, got my vote here for sure would be brilliant idea.
    looking forward to new things coming soon too

  327. Mary Says:

    please add a proper exit button…I always always always lose the last actions and money! it’s frustrating!

  328. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Tracey Deighton:
    Christmas cards are on the list of things we will be adding to the game. Make sure you take part or vote in our X-Mas competition!

    The Café will be opening, sorry I cannot tell you any date at the moment..

    anne martinez:
    I am not sure I understand your post? Sorry, but my Spanish is rather not-so good 🙂

    Interesting idea! 😀

    More wallpapers and floors are in the DIY shop this week!
    Kitchen stuff are in the Furniture store this week too, go buy yourself a toaster. Make sure you click on it when in your house – it might do something magical!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, they have been added to our pool of ideas.

    Glad you like the update!

    Golden poo is rare. Maybe there is a special trick to get them? Some players say eating a birthday cake gets you a golden poo… But I don´t know?

    No advent calendar this year I am afraid. Maybe next year!

    Thanks for suggestion! Infact, many players have requested an exit button.

  329. Adriana Says:

    I’ve just bought the toaster, but it doesn’t do anything, I click on it, but nothing happens… Anyway… I’ve read a very good idea, about our pets could cook, and as a way to make some money… it’s hard to get a lot of money to buy the things on “this week only”, so, there should be more ways to make some money!… also more sports at the stadium.
    By the way, I don’t think is fair that if you give a candy to some friend it adds 17 paw points, as well as if you give him an apple… (if the food is more expensive, well, it has to give you more points… otherwise, we’re only buying apples and pears…) Great Game!!! Waiting for X-mas decoration…!!!

  330. Adriana Says:

    Really, some mini-game about cooking! it would be great!

  331. Adriana Says:

    sorry, what I bought was the coffee machine…

  332. Hassan Says:

    Christmas cards are on the list of things we will be adding to the game. Make sure you take part or vote in our X-Mas competition!

    ok if i want to design some cards , where should i go ??? can i use the photoshop programme ??
    whats the maximame size of the Card ??

    and thank you 😀

  333. MARY Says:

    Hi thanks:
    for the toaster and the others kitchen stufff they are GREAT but we don’t have cups-plates- spoons-etc etc and CD’s books TELEPHNONES etc etc……PLEASE put this kind of stuff in the MISTERY BOXES, there is always the same things inside it. Pleaser change the things you have inside them for newwww STUFF I know si HARD to do all your WORK but try to understand us we really LOVE YOU GAME please I really can wait for the next week SPECIAL I”m ADDICTED to this WONDERFULLLLLLL GAMEEEEEEEEEEE

  334. Moo Says:

    I really LOVE this game. I’ve only been playing for a few days and I’m already addicted. What I’d like to know is if you’re planning on launching this app on Myspace. I play Bowling Buddies on Myspace and didn’t even know about your other games until this weekend when a friend invited me to Pet Society on Facebook. I really hope you plan to launch this on Myspace just like you have with Bowling. I use Myspace so much more regularly and have a lot more friends on there that don’t have Facebook that I know would just love to play this game. (I know for a fact that my husband and daughter are at least two of them. Hee hee) Please. Please. PLEASE launch this on Myspace 😀

  335. Rashael Says:

    Silje Mølnå:

    Oh, i see you have added new items to D.i.Y store!!
    yay!! their are great!! Thanks so much!!

    Will be thinking of new suggestions 🙂
    Although one i’ve seen alot is day & night/ wheater
    I too would love to see this!


  336. Yuna Says:

    anne martinez asked: como puedo hacer bastantes moneda?
    which is: How am I able to make a lot of money?

  337. Lily Says:

    A kitchen still needs a fridge and maybe a top shelf.

    We need more tables too..

  338. Victoria Says:

    I think the stadium winners should get more than 30 coins. Some people are very prone to falling down or slipping. And what if people are in need of money? And I like the idea of the cafe. It’s sounds nice. And the things there should be cheaper because some people have only like 1000 coins. As for the Lottery, I think the maximum should be at lease 2000 and the minimum 100. And I think creating another place to earn money is a good way for others. As for the shops (those things in the week only), I think you shouldn’t put both female or both male. I think you should put one female andone male. That’s more fair. And I think you should make more clothes and furniture. The Luxury shop is very very expansive. I hope you can make it cheaper. I would love it if you will look into this. Thanks 🙂

  339. Hassan Says:

    Christmas cards are on the list of things we will be adding to the game. Make sure you take part or vote in our X-Mas competition!

    ok if i want to design some cards , where should i go ??? can i use the photoshop programme ??
    whats the maximame size of the Card ??

    please tell me !!!!!!!
    and thank you
    i need to win and take 1oooo coins 😀

  340. Mary Says:

    how many points do I need to pass from level 24 to 25? why don’t you write in your guide the number of paw point tha you need to reach each level?

  341. natz Says:

    it will be grate get a job..
    or something like that ..
    because somes pet (like me) need money! xD

  342. JENNET Says:

    hi where can i buy rugs like strawberry or space rugs? thanks

  343. cristobal Says:

    pcha kiero k secre el cafe alguien me da la fevcha y tengo u truco super nuevo jajaja no se los voy a deciar xaox

  344. donna craven Says:

    When is the cafegoing to open I heve been waiting patiently for such a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time

  345. Mary Says:

    jennet you can’t buy rugs, they come out from mystery boxes…you must try your luck!

  346. Lily Says:

    Lol. This Christmas Card contest is kinda strange. I was browsing through cards and I saw someone’s face on it (real life photo), and in fact, it wasn’t the first I’ve seen. I’ve seen a LOT of real photos there, and some copyrighted cartoons too. (Hello Kitty, etc)

    Are you guys SURE you DID view all of the cards before accepting them? Because some of the cards I’ve seen were all the opposite of what the rules stated: Copyrighted material, real life photos, things that are not of their own work, etc.

  347. t r a c y Says:

    this is an adorable and fun game but the price of DIY and furniture items is ridiculously high. i understand you want your players to spend as much money as possible to get ahead in the game, because you’re a business more than a game, but honestly you could stand to lower the prices 10-20% or create many more ways for us to earn coins.

  348. louise crockett Says:

    i loveeeee this game so addited,cant wai tto see the cafe open, why does the money go down the more freinds you have like from up to 50 you get 20 coins from 50-75 you get 10 coins and from 75 you get 5?
    i think you should get points for winning the races to on the betting one. looking forward to the xmas decs to.

  349. petsocietyaddict Says:

    Love the game! But I noticed one weird thing about the shelves. They don’t hold anything except for flowerpots and trophies. It would be nice if they can hold toys too. Right now, the toys can only go on a table or be sprawled on the floor.

  350. Hannah Says:

    Love the game. But I noticed one strange thing about the wooden shelf and the simple shelf. They can hold trophies or flower pots, but not toys or the piggy bank. Right now, my toys are sprawled all over the floor. It would be nice if they can go on the shelves.

  351. gaby Says:

    hey, petsociety es lo maximo pero, tengo una pregunta como hago para hacer lo de navidad yde las cartas para ganar

  352. simon stainer Says:

    oh well never mind can always go out & purchase the real thing lol maybe a choccy one lol

  353. maura Says:

    hola no tengo ningun amiko en el pet society y noh puedo juntar plata me pueden agregar a amikos por faa !
    buskenme por maura da-fonseca se los agredecere muxo besitoh a toos! zhaii!

  354. aki Says:

    I love this game!!!!! PLease, create more ways to earn coins.

  355. Marian Says:

    hey there! i love PS but i think you could add a language function for all the people around the world who is playing PS and miss a lot of things because of translation. I’m from Argentina and i speak spanish, however i also speak english and understand it, but it would be so much easier if we could change the languague, just like in Who has te biggest brain? or the World challenge.

    another suggestion, you could add a xmas tree at the furniture shop! that would be nice. oh! and i don’t think you should add the season function, cause here in the south it’s spring time and the summer is coming soon, so for me it has no sense to see snow in my neighberhood.

    and last, you could add something like going to friend’s houeses and play win them, like a competition, and earn lots of coins!

    ps, please answer me!

  356. hollie Says:

    hi, how do i move furniture around once i have placed it in the house?

  357. M STELLA Says:

    HOLA …

  358. Lily Says:

    Darn, why isn’t the astronaut hat in the luxury shop? DARN! :s

  359. Lauréna Says:

    Hi playfish team 🙂

    I have questions about items of the week.

    I know that some “This week only” items appears later in mystery boxes. Can I know how long after “their week” ? This week I started to find halloween hats in mystery boxes. If I missed a week only item, how long do i have to wait to have a chance to find it in a box ? I’d love to have more mummy doll, dead fishbowl…

    And if items below 3000 coins appears in boxes, does expensives items will appear in luxury shop ? And when ?

  360. Hassan Says:


    Dear pet Society Team

    I just wanted to join the Greeting Card Competition , but you said it is required to log in and create a profile on the Competition website at (the “Website”), and follow the online instructions on how to submit your Greetings Card designs (the “Entry”, or “Entries”).

    so i went to the website but it says coming soon !!

    so should i wait ??

    and thank you for this Game ….

    Email :

  361. Sarabeth Says:

    You might have said this already but I was wondering how many levels there are, the amount of paw points needed to get to those levels and what do you get at each level?
    P.S. This is such a fun game!

  362. simon stainer Says:

    whats the idea behind the food items seems festive in a way maybe thanksgiving?

  363. helen Says:

    why doesnt the food stand on top of shelves like it does at stores, or tables??? :(((

  364. caz Says:

    what is going on this week? hardly anything in the shop yet i see pets in new outfits that aren’t in the shops and new wallpaper…!!! help!

  365. Elly Says:

    I wonder if there’s a banana hat! XD

  366. Elly Says:

    I wish there’s a refrigerator in the furniture shop so we can buy it and store food inside! It would look nice in our home I think!

  367. Lily Says:

    Why are some of those previously expensive items not on sale at the Luxury Shop? Like the Astronaut Helmet and Tropical hat? Dang.

  368. yammiedodger Says:

    Ahh in response to Hassan, the core website is not ready yet. Check out! To find the competitions.

  369. Cheryl Says:

    My friend said she logged on late last night and there was special ‘star’ wallpaper available for purchase as well as a stuffed toy turkey and a mirror, but those items are no longer in the shops… Are they coming back? What happened?

  370. helen Says:

    yeah i bought the turkey toy after midnight, they also have special wallpapers 1 yelow, 1 orange with circles and star wallpaper blue, and they have the thanksgiving food at the food store, and the military outfit which i got for my kitty

  371. helen Says:

    oh yeah and there was a mirror also

  372. Scyndeye Says:

    it was a scout shirt,
    the yellow wallpaper was honey comb,
    the star one was blue with white stars like one of the lamp they had for sale a few weeks ago,
    and the mirror was round, with kind of “carved wood” around.
    there was nothing in the luxury shop.
    I don’t remember what the orange wallpaper looked like though.
    and the turkey toy wasn’t very cute, but I bought it anyway.

  373. Mary Says:

    I receveid a notification from playfish, they said that this week there will be new items every day…infact yesterday I saw only the fan, and today there’s also the mirror…is it just in my country? it seems that someone else can already see all the new stuff

  374. Hassan Says:

    hi, yammiedodger
    i know that website ,and i did uploaded my cards , but i cant see them in the gallery , so does that mean they didnt accepted them ??

    i am designing new cards , so after uploaded them , can ppl see them ??

  375. Hassan Says:

    hi, yammiedodger
    i know that website ,and i did uploaded my cards , but i cant see them in the gallery , so does that mean they didnt accepted them ??

    i am designing new cards , so after uploading them , can ppl see them ??
    and vote for them ???

    and thank you so much 😀

  376. tdochy Says:

    me encanta este juego y todas las alternativas de entretencion que tiene

  377. Scyndeye Says:

    Hi Mary,
    the thing that happened this week , is that like every sunday night, at midnight GMT, playfish changed the This week only items.
    they’ve put new wallpapers, furniture and toy, clothes, food…
    but for whatever reason, a few hours latter, they changed their mind and removed most of the new stuff and said that instead it would come little by little every day.
    the thing is, people who were still awake at midnight GMT, or in the USA (where it was still the evening), have seen all the new stuff and bought some, before they were removed.
    but now we all see the same thing.

  378. Elly Says:

    Where do you get toys? Do they come out from mystery boxes or are they limited editions??

  379. Valerro Says:

    Hi to all,
    in addiction to my compliments, I’d like to ask a question: is there a possibility that I will play to Pet Society on my Ipod Touch?

  380. Elly Says:

    i got a 200coin mystery box from the 50coin mystery box! i got a nice white police hat!! This game gives you lots of surprises!

  381. Emely Says:

    Deseo Terminen de apertura la cafetería lo mas pronto posible….
    necesito mas amigos pet…como los consigo…ya se agotaron mis amigos del correo electronico

  382. Emely Says:

    Deseo que vendan también adornos navideños…puesto que es la temporada navideña…quisiera adornar la casa con el arbol de navidad y muchas luces..gracias

  383. Pepper Says:

    Make finding new Pet Friends easier please!! I’m having a hard time trying to find more friends with the new forum setup, I’m addicted to Pet Society!!!! Pet Friends Wanted!!!

  384. Looly Says:

    Is there anyway to controll what we get in the mystery box??
    I am dying for a green rug pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase any1 help!!!

  385. Looly Says:

    one more thing please are the kitchen items and the blue stars lamp going to come for sale again or are tthey going to keep in shops??
    and plllease pet society make the rugs available in the shops.

  386. MARY Says:

    Hi someone wrote that right now all the countries can see the same items but that is not TRUE I have a friend in Venezuela and she told me today there was a deerhat or something like that but in my country I can see it and now is about 11:00 pm and she told me in the morning. The things my friends saw yesturday I’m seeing today so please don’t say all the counteries are seeing the same thing I also live in LATIN AMERICA
    I really love PET SOCIETY but PLEASE put ALL the items the way it was so EVERYBODY will be HAPPY .

    p.s. HAPPY THANKS GIVING TO EVERYBODY IN PET SOCIETY thanks for this great game

  387. Scyndeye Says:

    Well I’m sorry to hear that I was wrong.
    I was just trying to help.
    I’m in north america and yesterday I didn’t see any deer cap either! but I saw it on sunday night before it got removed.
    and again sorry to have tried to help with the little information I’ve got.

  388. anna Says:

    when i visit friends why do the coins varies, i get 20 coins from some friends and then it becomes 10 and then it becomes 5, where as i used to get 20 coins for visiting each friend. Y is it like this now? Help!!

  389. MARY Says:

    Scyndeye :
    Thank you very much for answering me I appreciate you answer I’m sorry that all countries can seee the same thing today in Venezuela can see the there wallpapers and the turkey toy here I can not see it but I will still waiting for it maybe tomorrow I can buy late the turkey toy jajajaja THANK’S anyway

  390. Rashael Says:

    OMG!! what happened to the ‘Discussion Board’ i can’t get on it!! And also ive visited my freinds and some of them have a stuffed turkey and one has a PILGRIM hat!! Please put these items in the shop!! and may i suggest a Toy store?? 😀

  391. miguel Says:

    Very well done to these villains players that it(he,she) does trap for they be closing by the game that alone they want the easy way using such a cheat engine god I not that finds it hard to them to play clean and if traps…

    When they are going to open the coffee(café) they said to me and that it(he,she) was going to be very exciting:) I wait that if:P

  392. miguel Says:

    They must do a place of work where the animals could trabajr and to gain(earn) money if to have to visit so much and tambein deberian have a species(kind) of swimming pool publishes for the animals to be able to be visited and bathe and be played or a park also can serve:)
    Silje Møln å: your you are one of the creative ones of this game since I say to you that for my it is the best:O

  393. yammiedodger Says:

    Haha Miguel, you are so using Yahoo’s Babel fish translator. You spanish? Tenses are awful in translators…damn they take everything literally on them things. Hmm – better than speaking babel spanish…Very much a London…(england) game

  394. Tim-Tom Says:

    Hi:) I just have a question. When will the cafe be opening?

  395. miguel Says:

    si si solo intentaba comunicarme con ustedes pero que mas tuve que usar un traductor jeje

  396. yammiedodger Says:

    Haha! Right back at you…Erm, I understand what you’re saying mate, but I can’t speak back at you in spanish…
    Translate this:

    Do you speak FRENCH?

  397. miguel Says:

    No I do not speak Spanish:) I am of venezuela and you?

  398. alma Says:


  399. Meely Says:

    mui entretenido me encantaaa juego siempree. meeeeee.! xD

  400. Caz Says:

    where are the new items??

  401. melissa Says:

    Hi there, pet society had always been a fun game to me! However, as time goes by, I find it harder and harder to earn many coins so as to afford the things. Besides, I think the game could allow pets that are online , when you visit your friend , and if he/she is at home, you could see him/her and chat on the spot. That will make the game more lively. Moreover, things like toaster , coffee maker that we buy could really be used to make own food. Furthermore, bathtub could be used to keep the pet clean and really bathe inside. This will definitely make pet society more realistic and have more fun that people will not get bored of it easily but will continue using the application longer. Hope to see more changes to pet society ASAP!!! (:

  402. Elly Says:

    I really like the new design of pet society!
    It’s christmas time!

  403. simon stainer Says:

    like the christmas items very good idea but where is the santa outfit or similar lol i see the shop folk have hats where’s mine lol

  404. simon stainer Says:

    i have a suggestion how about a nice xmas tree outside inside PS maybenext to the coming soon cafe?? would look good imo

  405. Elly Says:

    I wish there’s christmas boxes decorations ! They will look nice under the tree!

  406. Looly Says:

    my pet society is not openeing what happened? its telling loading and the water is comming pleeease some one answer me.

  407. Yesenia Says:

    All of the games of playfish are AWESOME… but the thing is, that I can’t use my pet or the other games for a week now, what’s happening? It’s not like a had a great points in the games? I never cheat using things, so what happened?

    I just need an answer cause this is so confusing, please.

  408. Rashael Says:

    omg i LOVE the christmas decorations!! But i really would like to hang up COLORED LIGHTS in my pets house.. please please have some out in the ‘New this Week stuff’ 😀 and hello?? where are the stockings?? lol Maybe a good idea would be this.. We could have the option to buy a SPECIAL 500 coin ‘wishlist’ Stocking. And when we get it home we could hang it up and enter our christmas wish inside the stocking.. So When our freinds visit they can READ our WISH and perhaps make it come truee! Just a fun idea i think 🙂 Cause, i will deffinatly give gifts to my freinds but i would love to know what they want instead of asking them.. i’d love to surprise them with their wish.


  409. Rashael Says:

    Oh!! AND WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LOVELY MIRROR!?!?! I had it hanging up in my living room and now its gone!!! :O

  410. Rashael Says:

    Now im VERY MAD~~~ 😡 I just remembered that last night i bought a Blue 200 coin Mystery Box and i recieved a WHITE POLICEMAN HAT!! Now i go into my clothing to put it BACK on my pet and its NOT THERE!!! :O

    I now have OVER 1,000 coins in LOST POSSESIONS!!! First was my Mirror (500 coins) PoliceMan Hat (checked the sale price its like 233 coins or something like that so im guessing its somewhere in the 500 coin region) and also yesterday i bought 2 white ‘snowflake’ puff decorations and they aren’t there either!! I’ve looked in all my rooms and under furniture and everything!! WHERE DID MY STUFF GO!?!? PLEASE GIVE IT BACK!! 😦 I REALLLY LIKED MY (rare)WHITE POLICEMAN HAT and my MIRROR!!! (which is no longer sold in the store)

  411. Help. Says:

    My pet wants something I can`t find. It`s some kind of food. I checked the food store, like twice. I still can`t find it. Where can I get it ?
    She doesn`t want to do anything until she gets it. What a brat. Lol.

  412. Rashael Says:

    Well i MANAGED and was LUCKY enough to win ANOTHER white PoliceMan hat.. how ironic!! BUT im still mad i had to buy 2 GMB and 2 MBS to get it!!

    Im still waiting for my MIRROR!!! *tick tock tick tock*

  413. green_onotole Says:

    ЫЫЫ! )))

  414. w1cht3l Says:

    Pet Society is always under maintenance now! I am happy of this game but the times of maintenance or problems began to increase this month!

    I don’t know why it always needs to be under maintenance

  415. w1cht3l Says:

    now Pet society is always vanishing things and even, paw points…I now originally has 1687xx…but by this maintenance time, I only got 168068! 700 points variation!!!!!!!

    what happen now?

  416. chafi Says:


  417. Daniel Says:

    Hello , i was wondering when the café opens if there could be a mini game where you create food and serve it to your friends for coins? i think it would be a very good idea and make the game more fun.

  418. maria Says:

    When will the café open??? what will it be about????
    also, there should be new minigames because visiting friends and going to the stadium is getting boring… thanku

  419. Elly Says:

    Why can’t I open Pet Society these days? What’s the problem? It’s telling me to retry again and again.

  420. erika Says:

    i love playing pet society o face book!!!it rox!!but its time pass

  421. yammiedodger Says:

    Woah, I haven’t played for a while – researching MMO(rpgs) games. Hmm, I lurve sherwood – the only true 3D browser based LOG in game. Anyway nought about that, Sije, I got a question!

    If you add multiplayer to your game, do you want me to hook up with PBBG Zone and Dragon and crane (type in google PBBG) as your game is what they are looking for. At the moment you may get considered, but if multiplayer comes available, let me know!


  422. Nicole Says:

    I loooove this game. Addicting

  423. Rashael Says:

    Hello i am still waiting for a reply to my missing things 😦

    Also i would really LOVE to be able to buy FOOD in bulk!! Like it takes forever to buy like 10 candy canes! So about you make it so we can choose how many we want of whatever item.. then once we choose how many it will show the amount it will cost!! PLEASE PLEASE do this!! i want to buy tons of the special food in the grocery store before they are gone!

  424. Frances Says:

    Can I ask a question? why does it say that I am inegideble to sign up? please reply…..Thank you

  425. Rashael Says:

    So im guessing there will be no colored LIGHTS to hang up in my pets house.. ??? 😦 😦

  426. Jane Says:

    Yes, I would really love to know when the cafe would be open!

  427. Joa Says:

    I have 22 of the 36 trophies you can get, but 12 of them are missing! they’re not anywhere in my house, or storage, and i look at the trophies thing and it says that i have earned them, but i can’t find them anywhere!
    what do i do?

  428. Scyndeye Says:

    it says that we can get a total of 39 trophies, but in real you can own only 13 of them.
    Because each of the 13 trophies that you can own, come either in bronze, silver or gold (3×13=39).
    Once you get the silver, your bronze one disappears, or is replaced by the silver one, which will be replaced by the gold one.

    Is that what is happening to you or do you have a different problem?

  429. simon stainer Says:

    thanks for the Cafe, looks good inside but cant find the menu LOL

  430. Elle Rivard Says:

    Hey I am new to pet society and i need more friends in my network! Add me, my name is Elle Rivard and I go to UMiami!!! I’ll approve you right away! 🙂

  431. sarah michelle gellar Says:

    hola como estan muy bonito la cafeteria espero que pongan otro lugar jajaja mi pet society es nivel 20 hasta cuando son los niveles creo que hasta el 34 bye(R)

  432. guest Says:

    i know what you did last summer
    my happy from “scream”
    jajajajj happy hallowenn piches

  433. Mariela Says:

    * Je ne peux pas acheter :
    Un piano, un sapin rose, des globes 😦

    * I cannot buy:
    A piano, a pink tree, globes

  434. NIKITA Says:

    quiero saber como se coloca el juego de pet society XD

  435. Ivan Says:

    i can’t load the game..

  436. Linda Says:

    Since yesterday, unable to load Pet Society successfully, always received error message. Have tried to the steps from FAQ and also installed flash player 10 but still unable to load

  437. Wynne Says:

    Is it possible that you make the tv fit into the chest so that we can place it in other rooms?

  438. simon stainer Says:

    have you two tried a different browser firefox 3 seems ok to me maybe try either
    crazy browser or advanced browser do search for web links

  439. Tina Says:

    Is anyone having “pausing” problems??? when running the huddles, it is a big problem! And how do you fix this? I’ve cleaned out my cookies.

  440. Meagan Says:

    I love Pet Society, I am so addicted to the game! LOL! I think that the items for the pets to buy should be a lot less costly, for those who don’t have a lot of friends, and can’t get a lot of coins.
    Also, there should be more for the pets to do and more to buy for the houses to make different rooms. There needs to be pictures, bathrooms, kitchens, washers, dryers, dishes, ect…. and again, less costly, I mean, $2000 and up is a LOT for some to save or try to get and some people love the game but don’t want to add strangers to their pages. Pets should also be able to interact better and more. Please take my advice. Also, be able to play without going on facebook!!

  441. Reiki Says:

    really good idea :-))
    please make it to higher resolution (1440×900 pxl) thx…

  442. juddie Says:

    Pet Society should be cheaper! XD .. haha i mean, we want items that cost 15.000 coins!!! and, at least i can’t save that much!! i’m dying to buy a stove for 5.000 coins hahaha!
    and i think P.S. should have more ways to earn coins!! =]

  443. Zoey (my pet name) Says:

    I can not race in the staduim any more 😦 thats so *** can u change it so we have like 500 races not 10. cause its boring

  444. Bunnie Says:

    Hello! Pet society is such a nice and addicting game 😀
    I have no problems at all with it but only two things to ask. 🙂

    1. Is there more levels after level 33?
    2. Can you please please add some more ways to earn coins as the things are very expensive and its difficult to earn coins.

    ❤ Bunnie.

  445. Bunnie Says:

    Hello! Pet society is such a nice and addicting game
    I have no problems at all with it but only two things to ask.

    1. Is there more levels after level 33?
    2. Can you please please add some more ways to earn coins as the things are very expensive and its difficult to earn coins.

    ❤ Bunnie.

  446. may Says:

    i notice that some of my friends starts getting hundred thousands of paw points in one day play (one even got 1million paw points – from only 40000ish point the previous day).

    Is there some new ways to earn paw points that im still unaware off?
    (i mean seriously, 1mio paw points in 1 day?! i want that too!!)

  447. Emily Says:

    How about an external room, like a garden or a courtyard, and maybe a different event other than hurdles at the stadium. I was addicted at first, but now it’s a bit slow i give it a miss for days, and only venture back briefly to feed and wash her.

  448. nic Says:

    LoL i lov pet scocoity its teest 🙂 the cafe is great btw 😀 i love playing it i am nearl first on my list now 🙂

  449. nic Says:

    /\ i mean the bestnot teest lol

  450. mickle abo salt Says:

    hey guyzzz can any one add me on face book i need some friendzz on pet society thnx

  451. mickle abo salt Says:

    and sry i forget my name on face book is mickle abo salt

  452. Linda Says:

    I am sort of sick of spending 500 coins on the gold Mystery Boxes and only getting junk like a plastic bracelet or a ribbon. Guess I should quit buying them as they are only yeilding low end products.

    Would like to see more ways to earn coins other than having to spend real money, which most of us don’t have. The “surveys” would be okay but Web of Trust (WOT) blocks access for me and I will not visit a website that McAfee and WOT do not BOTH agree on, to much risk for my computer.

    Love the new Peoples Choice gifts, just wish the rooms of the homes were as big as those in the stores…….would give lots more room for “goodies”.

    Would also be cool if there were a way to hang the clothes in our homes, like they are displayed in the store.

    I also like the idea a patio/garden area, would be a nice addition to our homes.

  453. Georgenia Says:

    Mahing the houses bigger, more rooms and a patio/garden would be a great idea.It would be nice if we could have a way of earning more money as well

  454. Rebecca Says:

    I would like to chat to my friends and stuff on it but i cant , can it be live so all around the world can chat and have word filters, that would be awesome 😀

  455. ssttaarrss Says:

    can i change my pet from male to female?

  456. Laura Says:

    Are pianos still available in gold mystery boxes? Because I haven’t found one yet.

    How about re-implementing popular items that are now unavailable in stores? For example black ducks, dead fishbowls, rare hats… Many people haven’t those items because they entered the game later, when they were not available any more, and many traders ask for so high prices in exchange for them that it’s almost impossible for many players to afford them.

  457. Jessica Says:

    How many levels are there as of march 13,2009? i t hink im on level 11 and im getting bored lol 😀 but I love it and am gonna keep on playing thanks pet society.

  458. beatriz Says:

    how do you give a pet love??
    ohh and how do you give it a shower or something like tht?
    because mine is like all the way t the bottom
    and i have noo idea what to do!!

  459. Jennifer Says:

    I have been trying to begin playing pet society but after I create my pet it goes to a screen that reads, “Unable to connect to pet society” anyone else have this problem? My daughter has one already created and it plays just fine, I’ve even tried my desk top computer and same thing.

  460. Hanan Says:

    open the chest choose the soap and start cleaning your pet.

  461. Cute Bunny » Blog Archive » Pet Society Says:

    […] The economy is based on coins that you can either earn through gameplay or buy through various payment methods by going to the bank in the village. There’s plenty to spend your coins on – ranging from food to shirts, hats, shoes, plants, and tons of different types of furniture and accessories. (via Blog PlayFish) […]

  462. Yammiedodger Says:

    Heya. Haven’t checked out pet society for a while. How much has it changed since…9 months back? HHAHA

  463. Gabie Says:

    can you pls make the lottery 1000 or 500 because we can’t get money that fast so pls make it it high add i love the game pet society

  464. Jesus Says:

    Can you put this game on this is a facebook alike web page just for kids!!! my son will love that!!

  465. Johnny Says:

    yes yes, 500 coins per day in the lottery would be awesomeee!! please playfish read our comments and think about it! I love PET SOCIETYYY ❤

  466. Vanessa Says:

    It would be so great if the houses/yards were also customizable! Seeing as all your friends can see your house/yard. I agree with some people that there should be some sort of “live” play, where you can play games with someone else/race them. Thank you!

  467. kristina Says:

    facebook is cool

  468. slwk Says:

    i canr find the place that sells soap..
    any idea where i can get it?

  469. ann Says:

    cool , nice and cute

  470. Vivi Says:

    Bien, cool!!!

  471. Francesca Says:

    I wish the FURNITURE SHOP will have a Geo Challenge painting like the Who has the biggest brain painting, word challenge painting and the bowling buddies painting… Can they make one? 🙂

  472. DELIA N.C. Says:


  473. Angel Says:

    i super love pet society…i wish i can have 20,000 coins soo happy

  474. Alexa Says:

    i love pet society but i do not have one

  475. Sarah Says:

    Is there any way that you can create a Pet Society account without going on facebook? I do not have facebook and I seriously want to play I have watched all my friends and they have such a good time, it makes me want to play. I have searched every where on the web but have had no luck in finding it. So is there any way to play it without facebook? Shouldn’t there be a official game site? Please answer me!!!!!

  476. anonimo Says:

    la weaesta es una mierda ctm

  477. georges yazigi Says:

    i want play fish coins

  478. Chloe Says:


    I’m really upset because I have made it all the way up to level 28 and nearly on level 29. Now my account on Pet Society is going under maintenance and I published my pet on my facebook profile and it now says I’m only on level 1 and I was on level 28!

    I don’t understand please can you help me??

    It wouldn’t of reset my pet altogether would it?

    From Chloe

  479. Chloe Says:

    Will everything be ok because I had everthing organised in my head! 😦

  480. Chloe Says:


    😦 😥

  481. natalia : susi Says:

    me gustaria que nos dieran monedas de plai fchis y QUE HICIERAN UNA TIENDA COM RESFALINES Y TODO ESO

  482. Micaela Says:

    Hi, how are? There any truck to pet society as I try to see how it is, I am very sad poruqe none avisenme thank you very much if there are very nice and all their games playfish

  483. Micaela Says:

    Hi, I put in the way of buying coins argentina message if this is ugly and not very bad and because one can not please, put us to buy currencies with sms? message by phone, please and thanks

    Hola,quiero que pongan en la forma de comprar monedas por mensaje en argentina si no eso es feo y muy malo porque alguno pueden y otros no porfavor, nos ponen para comprar monedas con sms ? por mensaje de celular, por favor y gracias

  484. amanda Says:

    no tengo fecebook

    y no me puedo crear por que tengo 9 años y e bisto a mis promos mayores pero tener face book no me inporta solo me importa el juego de facebook pet society,
    me encantaria jugar suena tan dibertido.

    espero su respuesta

  485. Flames Says:

    My soap has gone behind one of my friends T.V.s, how can i get it back?

  486. mery Says:

    pets society is fun ,i like it ,

  487. jean michel ramp Says:

    adoro pet society soy level 32 tengo 278 mil de plata en pet y lo juego mucho es divertido y unos de lo mejores juegos del mundo para mi espero tu respuesta agregenme al facebook por mi nombre

  488. fizzy Says:

    hello i realy want to know why my pet society cant be open,it almost 4 days i cant open it…plz help me..

  489. sofia loreen b. popatco Says:


  490. minni Says:

    in the furniture store there’s a whole section of baby things. is it or will it be possible for the pets to have babies with there friends?

  491. jan-bo-ban Says:

    i was wondering the same thing!
    will the pets be able to have pups and cubs?

  492. shanelle policarpio Says:

    hi iam shanelle i need playfish cash but i dont know how to get playfish cash i need them because i have to buy so necessary my friends said i have to download cheat engine but i dont want to use cheat engine

  493. she Says:


  494. Man D. Bliss Says:

    I heard there is a great solitaire game called Faerie Solitaire. My close friend showed me it, and I really think it’s the best solitaire game ever made! I got it here: Download Faerie Solitaire

  495. angel Says:

    I WANT PLAYFISH CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  496. angel Says:

    AND SOME FREE FURNETURESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

  497. natasha Says:

    at home how do we make a pet society becuase whan i made one it did not wrok.

  498. ola rosa lina ilagan Says:

    I love you!!

  499. Burton Says:

    Renoir’s Color Mixing: “He always mixed his colors on the canvas. He was very careful to keep an impression of transparency in his picture throughout the different phases of the work … he worked on the whole surface of his canvas [and] the motif gradually emerged from the seeming confusion, with each brushstroke.” — Jean Renoir

  500. delaine la princesa Says:

    i love pet society

  501. Super Says:

    I really appreciate your blog post, I always check this once in a while if there is a new one.. thank you very much..

  502. Karen Says:

    why i can’t open my gifts in pet society ?
    it’s really weird

  503. Restaurant in Ilfracombe Says:

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  504. Scotland Says:

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  505. georges (pet name chadia) Says:

    please please please send me coins and play fish because i need to do a very cool house plz plz i want

    send me a message what do you can send me for pet
    send me the lettre please to pet society chadiafor
    i love 100%100 pet society
    i thank you for do game PET SOCIETY i thank you99999999999999999999999*
    for your gifts dat you want to send me:)

  506. mary Says:

    i have this with pe-t society i have i used my mob phone to buy payfish coins but dont get them have told them they do noting about it i had 20 in my phone now they only 8 can any one tell me when you buy coing why cant you cant get your coins please help they keep take money out of my phone but still no coins

  507. Says:

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