So Who Really Has The Biggest Brain?


Who Has The Biggest Brain? – our competitive brain training title on Facebook has now been played by over 9m people in the world from over 200 countries and is still in the Facebook games top-10. We thought it might be fun to look at the results to date in terms of countries, states and cities worldwide and share the results from the over 350 million game plays so far. There’s a lot of data here but it’s worth checking out!

First – the global winners. The bronze medal goes to Israel, scoring an average brain size of 2,161 cm³. Congratulations Israel! Second up is Serbia with 2,162 cm³ and finally (and you might want to play a quick drum roll in your head before you finish this sentence), the gold medal goes to Montenegro – scoring an incredible average brain size of 2,170 cm³!

Worldwide Top 10 Average Scores

Meanwhile the USA (1,827cm³), Canada (1,814cm³) and UK (1,790cm³) ran a close race coming in at 91st, 96th and 101st respectively, but they’ve still got a lot of catching up to do if they’re going to have a chance at a medal in the next competition.

Breaking it down further, it seems sunshine can do wonders for your scores because Hawaii led the charge for the USA with 1,942cm³ and California wasn’t far behind at 1,924cm³. Meanwhile South Dakota came second to last with 1,730cm³ with Vermont at the bottom with 1,727cm³, but then they do make great ice cream so they must be doing something right over there.

Worldwide Average Scores

In Europe the results are also pretty interesting, with Eastern Europe showing very strong performances such as Slovakia with 2,092 cm³. In Western Europe, France (2,032 cm³) out-scored its neighbor the UK (1,790 cm³). Southern European countries such as Greece (2,116 cm³), Turkey (2,079 cm³) fared considerably better than Northern European countries like Iceland (1,826 cm³), Sweden (1,760 cm³) and Norway (1,713 cm³).

To focus on the UK rankings, we can reveal that the northernmost and westernmost reaches of the country beat their rivals in the South to the top with Edinburgh (1,833 cm³) taking pole position and London lagging behind at 16th place with an average of 1,787cm³.

UK Top Average Scorers

UK Top Average Scores

Hopping across the Atlantic again to Latin America, Peru took the top prize averaging at 2,043 cm³, while Paraguay fell behind with an average of 1,718cm³.

Latin American Top Average Scores

Latin American Top Average Scores

We don’t think the scores reflect anything other than persistence and competitive spirit – players tend to achieve higher scores the more they play through learning tricks in the game. And we certainly don’t imply that it reflects any real differences in brain size or intelligence between countries or cities, but we had such fun looking through the data that we just had to share the results. If anyone has any interesting theories based on the game and this data, we’d love to hear from you!

A quick note on methodology – we took a random, anonymous sample of 500,000 players, counted individual best scores from each country / city / state as determined by the regional network specified on Facebook and took an average of those scores. We only considered countries which had more than 30 players as part of the sample. The full set of data is available here for those wishing to look at more detail or quote from the source.

Congratulations to the high fliers and commiserations to those who found themselves at the bottom of the tables. There’s always next time and remember, everyone’s score counts!

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31 Responses to “So Who Really Has The Biggest Brain?”

  1. temp Says:

    really fun stuff,

    about latin american countries…
    by the numbers is interesting, the game is pretty popular in chile, way smaller than argentina. same in colombia. panama have a lot of players for a small country too compared to the rest of central america

    overall the stats show us how is internet penetration going in some places like chile and panama, plus the popularity of facebook and other social networks (like myspace, hi5, orkut) explain the numbers for most central american, mexico, brazil and argentina

    are you guys in playfish planning some sort of multi-social-network interaction between games?

    by the way, that snap thing is pretty annoying

  2. haha Says:

    Woah, Peru is the top in Latin American countries.

  3. ruffo Says:

    Peru is Hacking!


  4. Juan Pablo Says:

    What about Venezuela in latinamerica? -.-…

  5. Jon Says:

    Juan Pablo:
    Venezuela 1.898 9.080

    You should download the excel sheet. / Bajate la hoja de excel.

  6. Marko Says:


    Love it!

    The scale is sure?!

  7. pan Says:

    go argentina! =D

  8. Brain Teasers Says:

    It’s fun to know which country got the biggest brain. Thanks to facebook. Montenegro did an amazing job. I was expecting USA, Canada and UK to be on top, but surprisingly the result was different.

    Thanks for sharing this info, let’s do our best and make our country proud.


  9. UnShadow Says:

    Thanks for the results!!!!

    Great game!

  10. Andrea Says:

    Slovakia is No 7! :o)
    Thanks for the game..

  11. luu Says:

    yoo hicee 2,002 y soy de Arentinaa y nos pusieron como que el maximo era 1,959!

  12. Cristian Gallego Says:

    what about the whole list of all players and all scores in overall and each mini game in each country in total? That would be mortal fun to see those ranks, my dream of long ago.

  13. first fan Says:

    i just want to know how will this ranking change if you checked players with at least 50 games ????
    do you think it will change the results ?

  14. Luka Says:

    wow isn’t it ironic that one of the smallest countries in Europe and the world is the first on the list. Also 3 of the top 5 countries are from the Balkans region. I am just proud to be MONTENEGRIN :)))))

  15. Phenie Says:

    Can you post the whole list?

  16. Peter Says:

    The picture above does not match the overall worldwide scores….just look at the first two places (Montenegro and Serbia) and then look at the picture (the Europe part)…”redder = higher”…I don’t think so…sad…really…

    Go Serbia!!! :)))))))))

  17. Roy Says:

    YEAHHHNNOHHWOOO BOO —thats Rubbish Britain….not great!!

  18. Jack Says:

    Who are the dummest? 😛

  19. Rotagila Says:

    This is cool, but i think is not fair that there are so many people cheating, please check world records, there are some ridiculous scores there.

  20. Rade Says:

    Serbia is 2nd, MNE is 1st great job fellaz!

  21. MAURICIO Says:


  22. Tincho Says:

    Man, BOLIVIA is 3rd in L.A. and has biggest brain than the USA!

  23. Pingu Says:


    The country statistics are quite interesting. I would really like to see some distribution information as well, to see the scores at different percentiles. Also interesting would be the correlation between the number of games played and the score…


  24. marinalobo Says:

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  25. Rfaael Says:

    I want to look at the list of individual highest scores, not by countries, can you please help me find it out?

  26. lazaros Says:

    wow! greece is in the top ten countries in this game from all over the world in which there are 200 countries

  27. ramsey11 Says:

    i like this game

    and i like to download it

  28. Mort Says:

    You should examine the correlation between results on this game and IQ tests found on Facebook. I’m sure it’s quite high.

  29. Benchoff Says:

    Was reading this topic and It really made alot of sense! It’s very informational and gives you alot of details on the subject. Even the date and timing of this post makes perfect sense. The subject is Very hot, especially with the date site reviews that its giving us.


  30. Hazelton Says:

    S?per Hepsidahil.De

  31. Alicea Says:

    S?per Hepsidahil.De

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