Where do you play?


We’re so proud to see people from every corner of the globe enjoying Playfish games, and now we want you to show us exactly where YOU play! And to entice you, we’ve got some amazing prizes to give away!

Here’s all you need to do. Print out a Playfish logo and take a photo of yourself or you and your friends holding it. Now where you take the photo is up to you but the more fun, crazy and unexpected the shot the better, so put on your thinking caps and show us what you can come up with!I PLay Here Image

When you have your photo the rest is easy! Just follow the instructions to send us everything we need to enter you into the competition and youll have a chance at winning one of the amazing prizes!

This competition is open for submissions between the 5th and the 27th of May 2009. After that well select our top 50 finalist snapshots. Then YOU get to vote for your favourite!

So, where do you play?

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40 Responses to “Where do you play?”

  1. palamoonin Says:

    Ooh. That’s a great idea;)
    i’d love to see the players and their places all over the globe!:)
    Wee~i might as well join too!(*_~)

  2. mimouta Says:

    the game don’t work i don’t really know how to play

  3. Migdalia Plicková Says:

    I am happy playing Pet Society in Prague, Czech Republic

  4. Wolf Says:

    I’m addicted on Pet Society since I’ve joined Facebook. Its rather my dream game. I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia and if you travel to my school, most of the Facebook fans loves Pet Society

  5. Kemal Can Akcan Says:

    I am joinned and i am happy.I think i can’t win.Maybe i can but i dont know. Vote me please 🙂 I am playing “Restaurant City” and “Pet Society”. I am in Turkiye(Turkey)

    Here is my photo:

    Tell me: Is it good?

  6. Bird Says:

    How do you restart your restaurant????????
    I spent all my money on clothes!

  7. cagdas kurtulus gezer Says:

    adım cagdas kurtulus gezer türkiyeliyim
    name cagdas kurtulus gezer ay turkish

  8. >_ Says:

    there is this error whenever I try to launch pet society or restaurant city

  9. BOBO Says:

    IT WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE AMAZING IF PEOPLE GET TO PARK IN RESTAURANT CITY! You will get to design your own parking lots and at the ticket thingy or watever. then we can glamorize the park by adding fountains or play grounds( like how McDonalds have their playgorunds.

  10. roro Says:


  11. babysiiaozz Says:

    awesome^^ i will submit some entries soon! ^^

  12. Shireishou Says:

    I hope I can submit my entry soon.
    Good luck for another contestant ^^

  13. orenj Says:

    Can we submit multiple entries?

  14. Strawberry Says:

    Hi, i have a suggestion, you can put the game in spanish, cause in the countries that we speak other languajes, we can’t do good the quizes.

  15. Adriel D.K Says:

    Well I have submitted a few photos, I only notice you can submit more then 1 photo today lol. Would like to find more place to take picture and then submit it 😀

  16. Joyce McElfresh Says:

    It would be really great to have more new furniture and clothes, the stuff in Pet Society is really old, I really hate that when you bring out new items the old items disappear. Why not put them in inventory, I wanted to change my livingroom but when I went to the furniture store and Luxury they were gone and I didn’t have everything yet so it screwed up my livingroom, I had sold the old pieces to get the rest of the ones I wanted, when I couldn’t I was going to get back what I had, but that was gone also. Now I stuck with furniture I don’t like. Not happy

  17. Bowling Guy Says:

    I lreally enjoy Pet Society. Its an amazing game, and addictive. Getting ready to submit my photo now! Good luck everyone!

  18. Marinkina Says:

    Кстати, если закончаться фото Одри, то можешь в фотошопе старые фото накладывать на новый фон, так и разнообразие будет и ты работать продолжишь

  19. checkbook wallet leather Says:

    Victory! Your site has helped me solve a real problem and I have found the information I have been searching for. It has taken weeks to find it, and it’s all here. I’ll be back!

  20. rash Says:

    menurut saya game ini sangat menarik tetapi untuk mengulang game ini dari awal sangat sulut !!!

  21. Ferinannnd Says:

    Подписался на RSS, буду следить =)

  22. ... Says:

    i wish i can win it

  23. Stephanie Says:

    love playing pet society !! addicted to the game 😀

    greetings from Belgium

  24. mariel Says:


  25. Mark Says:

    I want to compose music for you, like the music in Restaurant City. May I send you some samples? Thanks.

  26. jhenacz21 Says:

    I love Play Online Games,I play In A CafeXD

  27. belle Says:

    just sent my entry..hope it wins! hehe

  28. Miriam Says:

    Playfish Team….
    You are really great!!!
    Thanks for my great addiction… do I need a therapy? lol 🙂 X) 🙂

  29. macca Says:


  30. JuL Says:

    Hello!!! my name is Julieta, and i´m from MEXICO!! i´m one of the 50 finalist in the “i play here” competition… PLEASE vote for me!!


    the subject of my photography is a representation of the most famous characters of playfish …!

    Please, make me win…. love u for all, Jul… =)

  31. Annelies Says:

    Hello everybody

    Success to all entries! Que el mejor puede gañar! Bonne chance à tous les finalistes!

    Some girls look in the mirror to play with their make-up,
    I do to see where I play playfish!

    Love you all!
    hugs from Belgium

    NB: anybody has an idea on the number of entries whereout they choose the 50 lucky ones?
    And is there any location where the scores can be followed?
    That would be fun, not?

    Hay alguién que sabe el número de entradas dedonde vienen los finalistas?
    Y se puede seguir los resultados actuales de la competición?

    Est-ce que quelqu’un sait quel était le nombre d’entrées dont ils ont choisi les 50 finalistes? Et y a’t-il moyen de suivre l’état des votes? Ce serait chouette, non? Merci

    Hallo, iemand enig idee hoeveel inzendingen werden ingestuurd? En is de stand van zaken ergens te volgen? Dat zou pas leuk zijn, niet?
    Bedankt alvast

    Groetjes xxxx0000

  32. Angie Says:

    voten por Angie Lima/Perú !!!!!! es la unica seleccionada de PERU!!!! osea … soy la unica seleccionada =D! voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! besos!!!

  33. JuL Says:

    hi annelies!

    I think I can answer your question, no one knows what the outcome of the vote so far, we can only wait the outcome next June 3.

    I hope you vote 4 me and helped me to win. give me a 10 please! a big hug from Mexico!

    • Annelies Says:

      hi Jul

      I am in the contest too, but I’ll have a closer look to your picture.
      There are some funni entries.
      And as for the number of entries?
      and greets in Mexico (the dad of my eldest daughter lives in your country!)

  34. Annelies Says:

    Some girls look in the mirror to play with their make-up,
    I do so to have a look at where I play playfish 🙂
    Annelies – Belgium

  35. paige jamess Says:

    i love playfish my……….

  36. paige jamess Says:

    go for playfish it’s awesome

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