Cook up a storm with Restaurant City!


We’re really proud to announce that Pet Society is now the most used app and game on Facebook with nearly 3 million daily active users and we’ve been working hard around the clock to keep bringing new features and additions, but we’d also like to show you something else we’ve been working on.

Cooking’s great. First you get to choose which ingredients to use. No more eating around the pickles. Next you get to use fun things like blenders. And then you actually get to eat it! But then there’s washing up. And drying. And putting away in closets. Kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it?

So why not make your friends do it for you with Restaurant City!


First we’re going to give you your very own restaurant. You can name it, decorate it, fit it with all the equipment you need, and customize every little detail right down to the chimney pot. Or chimney pots. Or just make it one big chimney pot. The only limit is your imagination. Next up, we’re going to add a pinch of friendly rivalry. How about say a street full of your friends’ restaurants, all vying for the same customers? In fact, why not take a walk and check out the competition? You might be able to pick up a neat trick or two. Add a liberal sprinkling of different dishes which you can put on your very own menu — each requiring a different set of ingredients which you’ll need to find and trade with your friends — and you’ve got a recipe for some delicious fun!

So now you’ve got the smartest, best equipped restaurant on the block, you’re going to need to find someone to cook for you. That’s where your friends can help you out. You can choose who works for you and what they have to do. And if you’re feeling generous you can even let them take a break once in a while.

You can even buy new clothes for your character, to make them as smart or ridiculous as you like. It’s worth it just to see the look on your friend’s face when your character turns up for work at their restaurant wearing a cheese shaped hat!


We hope you like the art style we’re using in Restaurant City. We chose to go with a cartoon style because it’s easier to get great results in Flash, and choosing to work in three dimensions make the possibilities for you to customize your avatar endless.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to play Restaurant City now! We think you’re going to love it! And last but not least, a big thank you to everyone who’s been testing the beta version of the game. We’re still not ready to move the game out of beta yet but we’re enormously grateful for all of your suggestions to help make the game absolutely perfect, so please keep them coming so we can make the game work exactly as you’d like!

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279 Responses to “Cook up a storm with Restaurant City!”

  1. Kushal Agrawal Says:

    I think it has some cache problems cos all other playfish games work fine with my sister’s id but she is not able to load restaurant city beta.I use the same system AND connection but after a few times,it worked well for me…

    • JOSS Says:


    • tiffany Says:

      i cant acces to the game also acces not available it says
      can u do somethng with it coz i want to try the game to

    • curious_girl Says:

      sometimes restaurant city has down times. its a problem we occassionally have to go through. you can try closing all other windows so that it doesn’t have any competition in loading and server

    • Paul jerome Says:

      I have been unable to connect for 2 days now even trying at 0300 my time. It is deplorable to have a great game site like this one and be unable to connect. I, as well as my daughter who have the identical problem, are fed up with the way your clients are being treated. I have tried every thing as in the FAQwithout any acceptable results except to keep seeing the “can’t connect” drop down.

      When can we expect some relief in this ‘glitch”??

      paul jerome

    • Mikes Says:

      Why are so many people blocking their doors ???

    • ShobeLyka Says:

      please help me…u know the part where you can buy additional space into your restaurant?i bought…now i dont know why but…everytime i put a people into “waiter” they just stay outside >.<…

  2. scott Says:

    added the application today.
    cannot load despite installing flash player again, updating java and enabling everything else.

    no such problems with pet society

    • Kushal Agrawal Says:

      Try refreshing the page several(LOADS AND LOADS) times,and it will load/.

      • Um... Says:

        Does 20+ times count as several?

      • Andrea Says:

        I think is a server problem because I can’t get in since Sunday too, but I have no problems with other playfish games.

      • Paul jerome Says:

        There is no way around this blockage. I have tried and tried so many times I have given up and gone to applications which do work. Frustration should be met with EXPLANATIONS and or WORKAROUNDS. I dare not opt to start anew because I will have lost s much dedication to what I have worked for inn gaining my lvl in the mid 20’s.
        And what becomes of my expected trades I have waiting but will lose (2 days). This is a decaying situation which worked fine 4-5 days ago. Smooth as a babies arse and now this.

        Please have some empathy for all us folks in this terrible situation…!!!!!!!

    • CARLO Says:


  3. tjw889 Says:

    hello,beautiful game you guys have created,but there are some issues that actually are stopping this game to greater heights.
    After playing restaurant city for a few weeks,i find that each restaurant is too small,the starting load is too long,there are not enough workers after adding the cleaners and bonuses are a bit too stingy in a sense. Many players and I hope that playfish can resolve

    Yours Sincerely,

    • kinglashawn Says:


  4. Jay Says:

    I have pretty much d same problem as every1 else…
    Restaurant city wont load.. i did try installin d latest flash player and re loadin d application tonsa time but it still wont work.

  5. bowbee Says:

    I love Pet Soc since months ago, and this game looks pretty well done. I really wanna try it!

    But I Can’t load the game…

    Please make this game easier to load…

  6. Andrea Says:

    In my case, the game also disconnects once in a while, that never happens with the other games, that could be a problem. I just started playing today but feel tjw889a t some game aspects. I’m using all the posible upgrades for my levels, but I think that the people entering the restaurant t is still too much, it’s like having the need to say ‘hey! slow down a little!’ From level 3 and so on, I feel that the amount of people entering the place is a little high but still,I can’t find anything that really bother me. It’s funny.

  7. Javier Says:

    Nice Game! I wan More Games! Keep up the good works!

  8. tjw889 Says:

    hey playfish!i’m back with more comments again.hahas,sorry about the long comments as i really want people to enjoy this game to the fullest!^^firstly,if i’m not wrong,you guys adjusted the flow of customers yes?now to me the flow is too little as i have like 4 people waiting on 2-3customers at a time.and the loading is still quite long.and from google and msn,people are actually saying that restaurant city can’t load properly.the solution for the flow is to increase the traffic(to emulate a busy restaurant)and increase the wait staff(to emulate a busy kitchen)maybe you guys could throw in set furniture like a pair of chair and table with the same theme,the cleaners could also keep plates?and i think that the money coming out from shaking trees can be removed as each customer generates more money in like 30secs.and maybe you guys can give in game money when we get awards like pet society^^thanks for hearing me out and sorry for the bad typing today.

    Yours Sincerely,

  9. Katie Says:

    One of the biggest problems I have with this game is the fact that when I am not playing the game, it keeps going. When I return, I get the money earned while I was gone, but NO experience points. My employees are at 0%. If you don’t tend to employees every hour, they slow down and gradually die. This make the game most unenjoyable. Get busy tweaking or this game won’t make it.

  10. miray içsel Says:

    ne olur açılsın da oynuyayım

  11. Andrea Says:

    I have another observation, I can’t find a guide in the game explaining the basics, for example, I don’t know what the top score in ‘popularity’ is or how the menu thing really works, what am I supposed to do to increase my dishes levels. A little guide with explanation of all the control and things that appears would very useful.

    • Sam Says:

      Hi Andrea. If you google restaurant city playfish faq, you will get an amazing guide that Sonya created (english and spanish)

    • curious_girl Says:

      hi there, why don’t you try searching for restaurant city tips and tricks. you can learn a lot from them. I looked them up in google and that’s how I raised my levels. if you want some info, i made a blog on this, which you can find here.

  12. Eva Says:

    hi…got introed to the game by my bro… just felt that the customers are pretty impatient…and i thought that there will be an increase of staff when the level is increased…but when i got to lvl 5 my staff nvr increased…so that i can manage the restaurant….but i guess its meant to be a challenge…

  13. Try Says:

    Maintenance its too frequently done and takes too long a time. WE just had a maintenance 2 days ago and around 5 days ago and many more before and none of the maintenance took an hour or less- it took 2 hours, 5 hours sometimes even 7 hours. I understand that maintenance occur for the sake of the players but this is just too often and there is just no apparent difference after the maintenance had been done from one maintenance to the next although it took so much time. Maybe the maintenance team sucked or the whole system is just too broken.

    You guys should take the players into account too and understand that we might not just put up to these common maintenance or daily maintenance, rather and start playing other games.

    A good maintenance would be one that is effective and some apparent changes can be seen. Restaurant City really needs a good maintenance instead of those who are just good-for-nothing and time wasting.

  14. Angel Says:

    Hi…I like Restaurant City alot. But one thing i reckon should be improved on is that it should show the previous reply so that it makes it easy to reply back! thanks!

  15. Jake Says:

    Great game, i think you should add employee shifts though. Every time i come on my employees and lying on the floor in need of food or sleep. If you had shifts, then they could come in and work for a set amount of time and then leave, if you could incorporate that it would be great

  16. Issey Says:

    It’s difficult to connect to the game, to load it and while in the game it keeps disconnecting. It’s slow. It’s irritating. There could be a rotation system so that the employees dont all fall on the floor useless after I havent checked for a day. There could be freedom to custom price the dishes.

  17. camen Says:


    i want play games

  18. NIcola Says:

    I think there should be a food shop where you can buy ingredients.Even if the prices are very high or expensive atleast you could work towards getting more ingredients as 1 piece of food a day isn’t enough to get things moving…..I hope you can work this into the game some how… But I love the game and Pet Society is very addictive also….

  19. /\/ 4 0 /\/\ ! Says:

    How do i Get FAST level ? i start before my friend and my friend still get more point. and i play everyday ! how do i get fast level?

    Little help please ..

  20. steve Says:

    The game has been fun so far but it would be nice to get larger restaurants and more staff. The bonus each level doesn’t increase the size fast enough. There are lots of items to purchase but no room to use. Eg toilet.

  21. Calli Says:

    I think there should have some difference other than just the appearance of the table, chair and stove. For example, customer will sit and wait longer for higher rate table and chair; stove with higher cost can make food faster, etc.

    Furthermore, why the price of stove is such unreasonable? Almost 40x more expensive for the atomic than the original stove!

  22. Calli Says:

    1. I think there should have some difference other than just the appearance of the table, chair and stove. For example, customer will sit and wait longer for higher rate table and chair; stove with higher cost can make food faster, etc.

    Furthermore, why the price of stove is such unreasonable? Almost 40x more expensive for the atomic than the original stove!

    2. Why there is no annoucement for successful trading and no waiting list about the trade? And, can we have some space for us to write down sth when we trade? Or just add a “reply” button for us?

    3. Difficult to find target friend for gifting if my friendlist is long. Anything can deal with it? E.g. Just like pet society, we can enter his/her shop and then gift him/her. No need to search his/her name each time i gifted.

    4. Can we also zoom out when decorating?

    • VAM2 Says:

      ohhh and also maybe some type of search application for the name so it wont take as long looking for the name thanks

  23. martin cabrera Says:


  24. Linx Says:

    Offer a way to get more ingredients – via a shop, more quizzes per day, etc – as only one ingredient a day is too little and means the game gets boring very quickly. Why keep on playing if after the quiz we know there is no more ingredients likely to come our way. Log off and come back the next day. No much fun is it.
    Otherwise nice game.

  25. Acqua Says:

    Well done guys.

    I’m addicted to RC a lot yet most often I’m upset by the fact that all my gourmet points, $$ & POP were lost due to game server disconnection. The loading time has been greatly improved as compared to 2 wks ago but losing my unsaved stuff after prolonged effort is still irritating.

    I also suggest to add extra staff, more space for high level. It definitely allows more fun/ brain to try different layout esp. seating plans to run my restaurant efficiently and beautifully.

    A food store would be good to buy ingredient that’s long awaited. A notification after trade and mail reply record would be helpful too.

  26. lili Says:

    why does the connection is like that? it’s too hard to connect. I want to play the game

  27. Um... Says:

    Mine worked before, but it stopped. I’ve refreshed the page plenty of times. Even took my time to delete temporary internet files and restart. Nothing. It gets to the intializing thing and stops working from there either saying “We’re currently unable to establish a connection with Restaurant City.” or “Page cannot be displayed.”

  28. Michelle Says:

    Really need a way to be able to add more ingrediants to my resturant. it’s great you get a special ingrediant when you visit a friends resturant the

  29. Quinn Says:

    it’s really, really difficult to load at times despite the numerous refreshing & reloading

  30. omg Says:

    the application always cant be loaded… 😦

  31. Dominic Says:

    The Restaurant City always so so so so so so hard to loaded….me come from malaysia,always need to refreshing & reloading around 10 time!dangerous man==

  32. Dominic Says:

    l hope playfish can repair the page main can`t soon as possible..thanks

  33. kim Says:

    look i love all your game but this one is starting to get to me i can be on play but then it stops and will not let me back on

  34. Zharina Says:

    i reaLLy Love pet society hope they will add a SchooL in the pet society so i would also enjoy it more 😀 our friends wishes for SchooL and jeepneys or buses here in pet society so pLs. ! 😀 we wiLL wait for it 😀

  35. haiz Says:

    why always cant loaded the game, yyyyyyy?
    plzzzz do some about it.

  36. user Says:

    please get the unable to load game problem fixed, damn annoying. my workers keep dying cause i cannot load the game to feed them.

  37. Susan Thomas Says:

    Help, I’ve tried to load this game a million times,deleted temp files and even downlaoded flash player several times. Please get this sorted

  38. Andrea Says:

    I must be a server problem, you’re not the only one with connecting to ‘Restaurant City’ The other playfish games works fine.

  39. Fernanda'sAnnoyed!! Says:

    I can not enter on RC. Everytime I try to it appears this:
    504 Gateway Time-out
    The server didn’t respond in time.
    or it says
    we’re currently unable to establish a connection to restaurant city

    I’ve had this problem since the last weeka nd yesterday I got to play a little, but I had some issues when I wanted to get in other people’s restaurants

  40. suy Says:

    add a market or shop where we could buy ingredients.

  41. Mukadder Says:

    Çok güzel bir oyun.Hoş vakit geçirmek için ideal.Sanal alemde lokanta işletmek oldukça zevkli:))

  42. JS Says:

    I’m so UPSET!! I enjoy playing Restaurant City~ But since last week, i’m having problem in connecting to the server! I CAN’T play the game at all!! This is so disappointing!! When can this server problem be fixed??

  43. Dominic Says:

    My god…today l was try more then 10 time!!!can`t loaded the R.City!!

  44. Peter Says:

    what’s going on with the RC?!….have tried all the updating method for 10+ times still not working..all my employees are down for sure..

    if you guys have to do some maintenance or so,it’s just bad to cut it off like this..

  45. eirini Says:




  46. Milo Says:

    Youknowwhat would be a HUGE help? Games that actually LOAD when you want them to

  47. JS Says:

    So sad… i still can’t access to RC!! When can i ever play this game again?? Support team, please do something to let all of us connect to the game~

  48. uma Says:

    Am gutted! set this game up lasyt week and it played fine for a couple of days and now it won’t load. I have cleared cache, updated shockwave and java and done evrything else suggested. I love this game but it won’t load! I have no probs with any other playfish games like bowling buddies or pet society. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!

  49. Wolf Says:

    Wow, that one is a nice one ! I’m heading to Restaurant City at Facebook, but I experience a loading problem. It won’t connect for thousand of tries. Please fix this issue

  50. Kemal Can AKCAN Says:

    I cant enter game. it says retry.i am doing it all times but its not loading please help!

  51. Rebecca Says:

    i cant play it

  52. Eddie Says:

    Er. .from early i play restaurant city with pc. . No problem. . But after that I am currently playing restaurant city via from my phone n95. . Each time i save and close my browser. . After around 2hours i on back. . I receive money as usual cause sold . . I receive around 1k . . My goument point should up around 500. . But my goument point increased only below 100 can i know what is the problem? I keep monitor the game it same as normal but after i save and exit . . Next few hour i log in to feed i get the money with normal 1k plus but with less goument point around 50 . .should have 500 can you fix it?i notice it for 4day already. . My facebook id is

    • the dude Says:

      well you are not supposed to get gormet points while logged off anymore so u have to keep it running in order to get them 🙂 its quicker that way anyways i leveld up to 10 in 3 days

  53. David Says:

    There seems to be a loading error, Come on Playfish get my Restraunt open please, your not doing yourselves any favours by ignoring your users :O(

  54. Lea Says:

    My new favorite game!!! I love it! the daily quiz.. the quest for ingredients… the employees!

    I just hope it loads faster, doesnt get disconnected and there are more trading options..

    like, say… I have a saffron with 5stars, I wouldnt just trade it with an onion with 1star. In short, can trade it with 2 or 3 ingredients depending on the star as well as the owner. That way it would be fair…

    • Sara Says:

      Onions are much harder to come by than saffron… keep hold of it m’dear! Also, salad, cheese, tomatoes… if you check out the forum you’ll soon find out which ingredients are rare :o)

  55. Marla Says:

    hi.. i hope loading issues will be resolved soon =) more power playfish!

  56. Alice Says:

    Uhm, on my street i can only viste like about 15 person, and there r no more stores around it anymore, but somehow a person i saw, got the visit 100 frds award, so i wonder is there another street or how do i get to go more ppls restaurant…
    PLZ HELP, i want to see more other restaurants~~~

  57. Sara Says:

    Restaurant City… I am addicted! Trouble loading at times, as most people have mentioned. I would LOVE more employees, and more ways to add ingredients. I’m not into adding lots of temporary friends, so levelling up dishes is almost impossible.

    I’ve been playing for some weeks, and have reached level 23. Really, interest in this game will only be sustained if I can play about with layouts from time to time, options are limited with so few staff. I could get over how long it takes to earn ingredients, but I don’t want to!! 😉

  58. nonsempre Says:

    i hope dey will cme up wif a ipod ver of is game ^__^

  59. Tyler Says:

    I had no Troubles And i added it on the frist day
    Are you Saveing it?

  60. mar Says:

    hola buenas noches me gustaria que el restaurante se pudiera cambiar a version en español.
    si hay alguna forma de cambiarlo decirmelo gracias.

  61. johnny b Says:

    why does the bowling game keep taking back the things i buy

  62. Marla Says:

    also I hope leveling up your ingredients earn more money than just $2

  63. twinstars Says:

    don’t know how to play? pls help me out la! thnxs heaps! 😦

  64. Chris Kinnane Says:

    I have become addicted to the game but I still experience a number of problems (1.)I cant always load the game .(2) I buy things and gift items somehow they vanish and I get annoyed because It cost me alot of money.I WANT COMPENSATION PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM I love the game and would like to keep playing

  65. Sofie Says:


    I can’t load the restaurant city by today. There’s a problem maintenance? ..Please help.. I wanna play the restaurant city 😦

  66. Iris Says:

    UGH!!!!!!!! I dont really like restaurant city cause I dont get enough coins fast enough… Why can for every dish you make it $5 and 2 Gourment Points and every 12 hours get a free ingredient? and just make the items cheaper????
    Cumon PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AnnoyedFacebookUser Says:

      well what you can do is leave your pc on and logged in to restaurant city for 3 hours. that way you earn like 1000 coins for every 3 hours. 🙂 just make sure to feed your employees after every 3rd hour of this routine.

  67. velle Says:

    i suggested to restaurant city to have a many eployee to help them for a job

  68. ichigo Says:

    i think it should be put on myspace too! already pet society is popular and was one of the editors picks! playfish’s games are awesome!!

  69. purssypink Says:

    Cheers for Playfish

  70. sra Says:

    Another great game by Playfish.

    It’s undergoing maintenance right now (i think)… and i can’t wait to play! 😛

  71. Jaymee Ann Says:

    God, earning money in this game is slower than a turtle…

  72. Shirlee Says:

    Cookies are what are being blocked. If you are using IE click on the little eye below the game in your task bar. Hit summary and click to allow these cookies it will load okay. Took me a while to figure it out.

  73. Natalia Says:

    Hi I join the guys who had been saying that another way to get new ingredients its NECESSARY!!!

    I love the game, but not ALL of my friends are in to it so, if you don’t have too many friends getting new ingredients becomes real hard. Please put a store in the game!!! 😉

  74. Jonathan Says:

    Why aren’t we able to buy another ingredients?
    the game is really cool, but I, personally, need more options to do in it!
    like certain games, or a grocery store, a few details,
    but besides it, the game it’s awesome!

    • Jillian Says:

      because if there’s a grocery store for ingredients , there’s no thrill ayt ? there’s no problem bout ingredients but the most annoying in it is on how to enter the game .

  75. JOSS Says:


  76. Shireishou Says:

    YAY for restaurant city!
    I play this game since it beta around 2 weeks ago. I really love this game. My favorite game among Playfish game. I even review it on my blog ^^
    But WHY PRAWN IS LEVEL 3 and its really.. really.. really RARE?!
    I already lv 27 and only have 1 prawn?? GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  77. AnnoyedFacebookUser Says:

    I mean “went” down.

  78. AnnoyedFacebookUser Says:

    what kind of forumis this? nobody even replies?! 😐

  79. Simon Bagger Stormgaard Says:

    How do i restart the game

  80. jessica cheung Says:

    i think it is weird that the partition wall that we could create in the restaurant cannot print wallpaper on it.
    the wall is white and the whole restaurant looks totally different~
    can it be coloured?

  81. jen Says:

    i love the game on facebook, i wish you guys have it on the iphone too, i’d love to support n buy it.

  82. Mel Says:

    Why is it taking so LONG too upload?????..up to now…its been 5 hours been trying to load it up..please do something about this..i’ve already cleared all my cache and stuff and NOTHING WORKS! whats happening???

    Please somebody explain.

  83. Celine Says:

    I think its a great game. Addictive. Started playing yesterday. And believe me i tried playing since last week but can’t load it. AND YESTERDAY IT FINALLY DID!!!! But god knows what happen now because i’ve been trying for hours and i load it at all!!!

  84. CASANOVA Says:


  85. jose Says:

    + things and that yegen new as(like) in pet society

  86. jose Says:

    Pardon but Englishman does not speak himself I am of chili

  87. Says:

    Here are more tips, tricks, guides on Restaurant City

  88. Eddie Says:

    Hi, i have a problem accessing any playfish apps on facebook, i have flash 10. but it gives me a redirecting loop error. is it me? or a setting perhaps?

  89. xweetoxxiic Says:

    1) The loading time is too long. It used to take forever to load and then we had the message that said ‘initalizing’. This took a very long time. But now it doesn’t load at all. It comes up, ‘Internet explorer cannot display the webpage’. I’ve even took my time to refresh the page several times, clear my cache and restart the computer. Nothing. This is the main let down for the game.

    2) The customers are very impatient with only few staff in the early levels. With only 3 staff I find it hard to keep the Population above 10.0. I think you should allow more time to do the jobs they are assigned to, and longen the time needed until staff are on the floor. I find it very frustrating finding that whenever I come back onto Facebook, all my staff are wiped out and the Population number has decreased rapidly.

    3) The amount of space given when you level up is disappointing. We are given a range of things to purchase and place in the restaurant, but it is very easy to run out of space before your customers can’t get to the chairs because of the tables blocking the way. This needs improving.

    4) I don’t understand why the cookers/grills are priced differently, yet they all do the same job at the same pace. Same with a lot of other furniture such as tables. Yes, sure they look pretty, but they are not given much use when trying to get more gormet points. This is making people spend all their hard earned cash on something as worthless as the standard oak table or the starter cooker.

    5) The way to earn ingredients now is not worth it. The only possible ways to get ingredients is to do the daily quiz, that is almost impossible to answer correctly every time, and to trade, which is useless to some people on Facebook who have little or no friends that are never online. There is also a third way of obtaining ingredients but you only get these when you visit another restaurant for the first time. As you seem to do this at the beginning of the game, it really doesn’t make any difference what so ever. (Extra ingredients are obtained from logging on every day.) There could be a shop which you could buy the ingredients from and this way, you won’t be all tied up on spending the cash on all that furniture that you can’t fit in your restaurant.

    6) The maintenence time you take on this game is appauling. Shorten the maintenence time and don’t make it a ‘daily’ maintenence. By performing maintenence every day you are making the enjoyment of the game weaken.

    I hope you come to some conclusions soon and take it out of BETA aswell. Overall, it needs some work but a very good game that would be easier to like if these problems where fixed.
    Thank you,

  90. Adrian Says:


  91. jumpfish Says:

    wow xweetoxxxic that was rlly good, i think these problems listed above should b taken 2 considerasion. ty.

  92. xweetoxxiic Says:

    emma stop putting comments! that was my friend just then people! sorry! ^^^^

  93. xweetoxxiic Says:

    the rlly big speech was me ppl!

  94. mum-mum Says:

    How about giving the workers skill ratings. Higher the Rating on each tasks determines the speed on how fast they can complete the job. Thanks

    • Bix Says:

      I think giving skill ratings is a good idea.
      What about doing the same thing with the food… The higher level a dish is, the more money it brings in?

  95. not happy Says:

    I really dont like the store restaurant city jsut set up.. prices are outrages.. and y does the prices differ anyways? totally ruined the game

  96. not happy Says:

    i agree with the prices for chairs and tables and stoves with xweetoxxiic though

  97. Tyrone Says:

    can’t access Restraunt City even after accepting cookies

  98. cristian zamora Says:

    muy bueno

  99. Flaunty Says:


  100. Abeer Says:

    Can anyone tell me why l cant my waiter cant appear i nthe page and resume working, l’ve this problem newly, and l cant fix it, l’ve tried to change alot of people tp be as a waiter, but it didnt work, so whats up?

  101. xweetoxxiic Says:

    Hello, im back Playfish.

    1) Almost nobody can load this game! It’s unbelievable how many friends of mine are asking me why they cant load the game. I’ve refreshed the page, uninstalled and redowloaded the Flash Player, cleared my cache and restarted my computer and it keeps coming up with various error messages! Quote from above: “The loading time is too long. It used to take forever to load and then we had the message that said ‘initalizing’. This took a very long time. But now it doesn’t load at all. It comes up, ‘Internet explorer cannot display the webpage’.”
    I have, after many failed attempts finally got it to load, but it lost connection to the game as soon as I did my food quiz. Fix this loading problem Playfish, im sure many other people are as annoyed as me by this.

    Thankyou, see you all in a few days and I hope you fix this connection error, as this does not appear in Pet Society and other games.
    Love you all,


  102. mosquito Says:

    hard to connect to the game, when it finally loaded and start going, little change of furniture or visiting will crashed the game. what is wrong with the connection to the game!!! introduced the game to my frens but got feedback about the game cant load or cant play at all. it’s a waste of time!

    • xweetoxxiic Says:

      Same here mosquito, I have invited a couple of my friends to the game, but they are annoyed at me for introducing them to a game that doesn’t load.

  103. Ginny Says:

    hey..can anyone tell me y is hard for me to load restaurant city??it keep asking me to upgrade the flash player..n i have done wat it says..but it still de same..however,it is easy for my frens to load tis page..wat happen???

  104. ANGRY MOB Says:

    Guys, remember it’s a beta!

    You should be happy they’re letting you play already!

  105. RICKMANRIXX Says:

    i just wanna know… what is the use of power core? im new and curious

  106. aeris Says:

    my friend just recently joined facebook and he wants to play restaurant city with us…we invited him but he says he can’t load it. Some sort of infinity loop and crashes. Plz help! >.<

  107. Al Says:

    Why is the man’s stall food so expensive? It’s like 10,000 It only have 5,000 and for only one item. Plain ridiculous

  108. Fatima Says:

    I find the prices of the market ingredients absolutly ridiculous and uneasonablous! A kiwi 10000 coins? An apple 6000? nodles 4000? WHY?
    If a slot machine cost 8000 coins, does this make any sense?
    You should make it easier to the players, as in Pet Society – by visiting each friend every day we should receive an ingredient.
    Like this, no way!

  109. Rachel Leow Says:

    Restaurant City is a nice game, but can the connection error for this game be address by someone from PLAYFISH. It is happening too frequently.

  110. xweetoxxiic Says:

    I agree with most of you, the ingredient prices are way too high. I must admit, this is putting me off the game now. And Playfish, please can you stop the DAILY maintenence! It’s appauling! The only time available for me to play on RC is seven at night.

  111. Belle Says:

    The Level of my friend’s restaurant was wrong . And she should be level 24 something , but she became level 27 .

  112. naddoo Says:

    hi :)) love thant game!!

    but i have a problem , why i only can accept trade from my freinds ? i cant make my own trade……… :((

  113. xweetoxxiic Says:

    Hello, playfish.

    Just a little note; if any of you have problems loading the game I should suggest clearing your cache. Visit the FAQ on the playfish website to find out more on how you can maybe fix the problem. Also, if you haven’t already done so, you must uninstall the old Flash Player and reinstall the latest version. Thanks!

    Love you all, xweetoxxiic.

  114. deniSs Says:

    The growth and the hiring mustn’t finished at the 27 th level 😦

  115. chantelle Says:

    hello.. i was very happy with restuarant city untill last night when my staff just stopped workin and having worked since. they have full health so there is no reson for them not to work. when i go offline they seem to work but not how they were before. i want to enjoy this game but i cant while its not working.. can you plz explain why this has happened thanks or i will hav to delete game because its not playable as i can never go higher as im not recieving any points to go up levels
    get bk to me asap please thanks x

  116. xweetoxxiic Says:

    Hello chantelle, I might be able to offer you some advice.

    First try feeding them- even if they don’t need it. This method has worked for a couple of my friends.
    If this fails, try swapping their jobs (so your waiter would become a cook and vice-versa). This will re-assign what they are programmed to do.
    Im sorry, but if both of these methods fail I can only suggest clearing your cache from the ‘tools’ option on your computer toolbar.

    Hope you get this sorted soon, xweetoxxiic.

    • chantelle Says:

      thank you.. i tried wat u sed first and it worked eventually. jus hav a problem wiv the awards now coz i dnt no how to get the 1/5/20 dishes to level 10 bcoz im already on level 10 and hav 14 dishes but still no award. x

  117. xweetoxxiic Says:

    Hello playfish.

    Cannot load most of the playfish games, this is happening on a daily basis, please stop this. The best time to update a game is at night. Thanks.


  118. chantelle Says:

    hello.. can somebody please tell me how i go about gettin all the awards especially the “get 1/5/20 dishes to level 10” i have 13 dishes on my menu that i can use and im also on level 10 but im still yet to recieve the award im very confused lol
    reply to me asap if someone no’s plz x

    • xweetoxxiic Says:

      I think there’s still a few programming errors with the awards. Sorry about that.
      Love you, xweetoxxiic.

  119. Floki Says:

    Hey but can u move ur character in Restaurant city??? coz i can’t

  120. flopiih Says:

    me encanta esta rre bueno pero no puedo jugara siempre el q iso ete juego es un genio 🙂

  121. Ali Says:

    Please oh please PLAYFISH just listen to meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! fix the darn connection problem I am annoyed.

  122. Katty Says:

    Hola me encanto el game 🙂

  123. carol Says:

    really hard to load……what happen actually???cannot fix it?????always after lunch time cant load……..*-*

  124. sarah Says:

    y dont you have a reservationist or like a receptionist so then they know where to sit and that when we run ouit of chairs the persoin can talk to them??

  125. saundra fowler Says:

    the game was fun at first but now i am getting really bored and impatient with it. i am at level nine and finding hard to get ingredients that i need to get new dishses. it’s becoming monotonous. it is hard to get the game to load like everyone else is complaining of like 20 times each time i try. i have done the suggestions. when i finally do get on the emplyees are sleeping and there’s food on the floor.
    the cost of the ingredients is too expensive compared to how much time it takes to make money. the progress takes too long. it’s a bit too unbalanced and it not keepping my attention enough to want to keep playing it much longer unless some changes are made.
    i bought a soda machine thinking that would bring in some income but nope! just a waste of my hard earned money. you wait so long for the free ingredients and all you get are duplicates of the same ones you already have. the game does not progress fast enough to keep your interest.

  126. Diva Hill Says:

    Why isn’t there a closed option on Restaurant City? All restaurants close at some point. I think it would be a great thing if there was a close option so that we could keep our rating while we sleep or have to go to work/school! I go to bed and have a 20.3 thumbs-up rating and wake up to 17.0!! It’s not right. There should be a way to keep our standing while we deal with real life stuff.
    You can put in a sign that says “Closed for Renovations” or lists the normal business hours.

  127. Sam Says:

    All I want to say is great game 🙂 (I know there are sometimes problems with it but I’m sure you will work them out. Im patient) Love playing it. Keep up the good work

  128. Diana Says:

    interesting game and i am addicted to it! looking at the little “lilliputians” working and walk ard the restaurant.. so cute.. but now me and friend keep having problem loading it (whole day today).. *sobs*

    my poor overworked employee dying on the floor..

  129. Shevon Says:

    I think we should be able to make more than $2 a meal because it takes too long too get up to the 2 thousands and 4 thousands just to get an upgrade please make the price for the food more or set it to where we can make our own price for our food. thanks

  130. Kelly Says:

    My restaraunt came without a stove so I can’t make any money? It’s weird usually you would have it on myspace too, but you don’t so can you put the application on there so maybe i can play it on that too?

  131. alexxx Says:

    how do you make the restaurant “float”?

  132. pili Says:

    hola soy pilar e

  133. Chantalle Says:

    I am starting to get frustrated with the game. I go in and pay the 200 per person, with 6 workers costs me 1200 to bring them to full energy. I leave for a few hours come back to them needing rest or food and only made about 800. this has been happening the past few days and has since eaten all my money. I am almost at the point that I will not be able to feed them in order to keep going. What is going on with the game? how can you get ahead when you aren’t even making enough to cover the employees needs? Please look into this or i will soon not be able to play as all my employess will need food and i won’t have the money for it. Also prevents me from moving ahead and buying more ingreadiants.


    • alexxx Says:


      at my restaurant i have 8 workers.. that cost 1600… but, my popularity(thumbs up) is around 35-50 wich means iearn much more money…

      but i allways feed them when they reach 80% thats when they work the best 😀

  134. alexxx Says:


    at my restaurant i have 8 workers.. that cost 1600… but, my popularity(thumbs up) is around 35-50 wich means iearn much more money…

    but i allways feed them when they reach 80% thats when they work the best 😀

  135. wei mign Says:

    why you program always want people wait 30 min i yesterday wait liao today want me wait again i am very angry

  136. cen Says:

    i like this game a lot..

    i even skip my meals just to feed first my crew in RC..

    but hey RC admin! please try to fix your “TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE”

  137. Mags Says:

    I keep getting message ‘no connection to server’ whenever I try to enter another restaurant or redecorate and have to try again. It’s getting boring, might give up on this one soon.

  138. teresa Says:

    this SO frustrating trying to load restaurant city. could you please try to improve the game? like 99 times out of 100 times i cannot load it. or…i can load it but i cannot save the game nor enter other restaurants. this is SO ANNOYING!

    note: i hv no problems with loading pet society.

  139. xweetoxxiic Says:

    Hello Playfish and Restaurant City fans,

    I know some of you are frustrated how RC doesn’t load, Playfish are working to get this fixed so you might want to try and put up with the maintenance like me also. Thanks, xweetoxxiic. x

  140. CELINDA Says:

    i wan to plat

  141. Romina Says:


    Hay alguna posibilidad de que los Latinoamericanos y aquellos que hablamos español podamos jugar al Restaurant City pero en Español….por favor! porque los que todavia no saben el ingles, como los chicos de corta edad quieren jugar y no entienden como hacerlo…desde ya gracias

  142. chandini Says:

    i love the game but am frustrated by loading times and frequent connection losses…i play many other games and have no such issues

  143. makoantz Says:

    hopefully playfish can fix the connection issues soon as it’s getting a bit frustrating to be disconnected more often than being connected….

  144. Kimberlyclarkjr Says:

    I love this game I think it is almost the best game I’ve played online and there r many. to tha piont I dnt get all my ingretents when I do quiz correctly nor do I get them when visting a new friend. Also i get kicked off quite often which mess up the flow of my game seeing as though I leave them a certain way when I sign off. Please upgrade soon if u need assistance I’m up 4 it paid of course!!!

  145. Fredieson Says:


    I really like playing Restaurant City, but the game needs improvements on it’s loading. I would also like to ask if why does the customers only pay 2 bucks/coins for a dish? (no matter how high your dish is the pay doesn’t go up). Shouldn’t they go up too?

  146. jeremy Says:

    Hi,can you teach me how up my reataurant rating??

  147. Michelle Says:

    I am reading replies on here from two and three months ago and today I am STILL having the same problem. Maintenance three or four times a week for obviously no reason at all. Loading to refresh 20 or more times and still no loading the game. The employees are stuck on the floor but it’s not that you didn’t WANT to go in and replace/feed them, but you tried 20 times and couldn’t get into Restaurant City.

    I have been trying this game for a few months and hoping they would fix it but they obviously aren’t going to. I have paid real cash for coins in Pet Society and been happy, but I wouldn’t pay a nickel for anything in a game I can’t trust to load for sometimes days at a time if I don’t hit the Restaurant City Lottery and get a place at the server. I don’t know what the makers of Playfish have to do all day, but I don’t have hours to dedicate to getting in to just upkeep a game that won’t load more than 80% of the time.

    Fix it or forget it people!

    • agathon's gurl Says:

      i agree with you MICHELLE it made me getting LAZY when you cant OPEN RC and your people are being stuck…and mostly those the makers of this RC didnt do anything to give their players a good game…

  148. loofah Says:

    may i suggest that the newest posts go on the top?
    it’s frustrating not to see the newest posts easily

  149. Rodrigo Says:

    Mey i suggest a new game hotel city like restaorant city but you can serve the customers. you can decor the room the bath an all that it will be a good game

  150. Joshua Says:

    Restaurant city has new updates now.. and they patched some of the cheats.. the only thing that works now is work and stamina hack.. does anyone know a new hack for thiss??

  151. Plamena Says:

    i want to ask why when i got at level 27 at restaurant city they told me that i have reached the maximum level, is that possible? my dishes are just at level 1-2-3 and i got more that i haven’t learn yet, what’s happening? 😦

  152. Plamena Says:

    and i forgot to ask why they don’t allow me to hire more people? i can’t work just with 8 at level 27, always give me more space but not more job places… 😦

  153. Chad Says:

    I cannot stand the fact that if I leave for three hours, all my employees are passed out. Growth will be EXTREMELY slow in this game if the only way to earn points is when you’re online. I have to leave my computer on the whole day it seems just to earn 1k experience. What if you could incorporate a way that when your employees are drained of energy, the restaurant automatically closes down or doesn’t allow further customers in so it doesn’t kill the rep that is sooooooo hard to gain in the first place. On the other hand, you can lose all your rep in about an hour. kind of bumming.

    Even if the XP can’t be resolved, can you find a way to slow down the energy drain? Maybe base it on actual work done, not timing? When I’m runnning a staff of 6 but only have 3 tables(3 cooks, 2 waiters, 1 cleaner) I know they can’t be that busy. Or like another poster stated, try creating shifts as an option to maintain the restaurant while away.

    I enjoy the game, but this really kills it for me. I’m on my second day of playing and at 12k points, so I’m obviously trying, lol.

  154. agathon's gurl Says:

    can you please establish a good connection…!!!! i do always encounter the CLICK HERE to RETRY…and it made me TIRED clicking again and again… RC is a good games but i feel so LAZY when i always encounter that problem…please establish a good connection even theres a lot of players playing this apps….

    much respect…

  155. adam weiss Says:

    i want to no how to charge more for my food

  156. Jay Says:

    Guys!!!! please fix the we’re unable to establish a connection. Click here to retry error. the problem has to do with the number of friends that you got. I got 3k+ friends.

    I tried everything, from browser, to flash. nothing worked, tried other account in the same pc, it worked, tried mine w/ nothing changed, can’t connect. tried it on other pc w/ other account, works, with mine, I cant!.

  157. Paul jerome Says:

    I have not been able to log in on RC for over 5 days now. I keep getting the “RETRY thingy” that works perfectly fine but I want to play the game. It is a great game even my young grandsons are playing and learning to interact in the game. I was at lvl 24 when all this stuff started happening. N ow the only way I can see my restaurant is by using another account and “visiting”. When the program “WENT DOWN ??” my employees were safe and sane. Now they are lying on the floor gasping for HELP.
    I have been trying for virtually 20 hours a day from 0630 until 0400 the next day. Nothing but frustration, anxiety, and not being a pleased camper (client). There is virtually no way to communicate with anyone excepting these emails which have never been answered.
    I am using plenty of well used games and this is the only one that treats me with great disdain. There is no way to find out if I am a part of a wild cycle or it is truly a UNIQUE problem in my case.

    Please give this matter your prime attention and let me know what to do. I hate to throw away many hours of labor and love on this game and start all over again from zero. My email is in the address block. My FaceBook cust # is 1201706111.
    Hopefully I can get an answer from y’all soon.


  158. Plamena Says:

    i read all these comments, but my question is will anybdy give us some answears because we keep saying what problems we have but i don’t see anything back… what we should do in that case?

  159. patrisha Says:

    why does the people in restaurant city have to be sooooooooooo IMPATIENT!

  160. Cenon Sorreta Says:

    I have not been able to go to Restaurant City for over a week now. Is there any way I can start all over again?

  161. Michelle Says:

    Hey guys, I found out that if you use Firefox Mozilla, you get in nearly 100% of the time.

    At least it does for me. Must be something with the cookies on IE.

    • Rachelle Says:

      Not true! I use Firefox and this DAMN INFERIOR application STILL WON”T LOAD!!! What it comes down to is that it SUCKS and this “company” is not able to keep up with demand so they are going to SINK in this industry!!

  162. Tony Says:

    this application is so slow, and almost always gets disconnected from the server, no matter what the browser is. playfish should simply add more processing power to handle the growing number of users playing this game.

  163. HK_YK Says:

    I like to play Restaurant City but there has problem recently. I usually use money to buy food to refresh energy to the staff but it can only deduct money but not refresh any energy. It’s cheating my money! Not only once but twice within a day!!!

  164. Bitch Says:

    Nice comments and i love restuarant city

  165. Rachelle Says:

    Your game sucks! I’m tired of it not loading and having problems EVERYTIME I try to play! If there are REALLY that many people playing it at one time that your servers can’t handle the volume – UPGRADE OR GET MORE F-ING SERVERS!!!! Also, I hate that, unlike a lot of other popular applications, you cannot send friends gifts, or go help at their restaurants to earn coins, and to try and make any freakin’ coins without logging on like 20 times a day (which those of us WITH A LIFE aren’t wanting to do!) is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Take your game and shove it! IT BLOWS!!! I’m removing this inferior application and going to stick with the other ones that are constantly evolving and upgrading to a higher level of quality and that I respect!

    • Dan Says:

      Wow… all that for a free game? If you payed $49.95 for it… or even $20.00 for it, I can see your point, but its free.

  166. honey Says:

    I was playing restaurant city & pet society about 2 month ago on face book.but now I cant login to facebook site.
    Is there any way I could play restaurant city and pet society without facebook?

  167. Dan Says:

    Lets not all forget the big yellow “BETA” on the opening screen. “Alpha” “Beta” Release. This is a great game, and I await the bugs to be fixed, but I will continue to play it even through the rough points. Keep it up guys, and or ladies. :p

    Servers = $$.
    Game = Free.
    Want this game to thrive. Donate. (If they have a place to do so. If not buy Game Dollars).

    One suggestion:

    When guests enter the restaurant, have a guest queue giving them ID’s as they walk in so that those who have been waiting get seats first. I seem to lose rank because people walk in and take seats before those waiting.

    Thanks for a great Game.

  168. Dan Says:

    BETA is red… oops.

  169. Anthony Taurus Says:

    As I can see from some comments, people have mentioned something about the partition wall. You can’t color it and you can’t put anything on it like a real wall. Just a bump on that issue cuz that ought to change. Also, how the wall is placed would be cool as well. Maybe the placement should be such that it doesn’t take up an entire square and can be placed between squares.


    Can we get real white wall paper and real white chairs and so on. Seriouslly, the colors in the game are off which makes for a terrible mismatching of colors even though they’re all one color at times. How about a little consistency. That would be nice.

  170. Leslie Says:

    I’m hooooked… but I do have some problems as well. The ingredient prices are still high and it’s hard to save for an ingredient when you dont know how much it costs or how frequently it comes up at the market. If I’m building a recipe it might take 2 weeks or more before I even see it available. I’ve been waiting for an apple for a very long time. It’s also hard to trade when all your friends need the same ingredients.

    The newly created garden is awesome… In concept… but If I’m paying $2000 for a seed which is really not much less then the market prices (for some). I’d like to know what I’ve invested in. You also have to wait a really long time for something you may or may not need. I got Wasabi today which does nothing for me and I had to wait 48hrs. It just seems kind of silly and not worth the wait.

  171. Leslie Says:

    One more thing… Is it possible to make an undo button for the decorations shop. There has been things I’ve wanted to see in my restaurant but was not ready to commit and when I accidentally let go of the mouse button I bought it. When I try to sell it back at that very moment I get back only 1/4 of what I paid… I’ve wasted sooo much money doing that and it makes me not want to decorate my place too much cause I cant move things around to see if it will look good or not.

  172. Tom McClusky Says:

    Good game,but seems to have a lot of loading issues,I am unable to load the game 4 out 5 times.

  173. wayne Says:

    How to rate other ppl restorant at restorant city ? can teach ??

  174. CONCHI Says:

    Lo que tienen que hacer es traducir el juego al español ,

    somos muchos los hispanoparlantes que jugamos y que no todos sabemos ingles y a la hora de contestar las preguntas no sabemos que pone
    ¿¿¿entonces que vamos a contestar ????

    no creo que se tanto el trabajo, por que no hay mucho que traducir , y seguramente que en otros paises tambien mas gente que no sepa ingles esten con el mismo problema .

  175. jauk montn Says:

    The speech, which you say is true and you I want to I develop my restaurant level to 32, but I do not know Is if you could explain to me the remarkable way ^ _ ^

  176. Salsa Says:

    How bout Pet Society for female Pet have earing in shop so we can buy.. And also sale for bikin swim suit for female Pet (that’s sound good).. Love ya!!

  177. Nate Says:

    Restaurant City is fun, but I must echo many of the comments here. What is most depressing about the game is that the customers are so impatient that no one can have a truly ‘normal’ restaurant with tables spread out through the space. We are all more-or-less forced into having little diners with the tables crammed as closely to the hot stoves and waitstaff as possible. Furthermore, at $2 per dish regardless of level, I do not understand how anyone can possibly obtain enough money to improve their menu and decorate their restaurant to the degree seen on “Gourmet Street”. The return is not worth the investment in time improving the dishes. The difference in prices (employee food costing as much as 50x what a customer pays) may be understandable if that difference is to reflect other expenses such as wages. However, the pricing of the ingredients makes absolutely no sense when items of different grades are compared. Restaurant City is enjoyable about once a day when the new ingredient/quiz arrives, the rest is drudgery.

  178. jerome Says:

    its so very beautyful game for me and it has a quiz and ingredients.i pray if the game has a problem or need to retry.your restaurant will be nice and clean and you can have a friend.and if your friend is online you can chat with he/she.and also you can design or decorate your restaurant it gives me feel happy and im so very happy if my money is thousand thank you to do that game play fish

  179. Edwin Says:

    Hi erhmm… I don’t know where to find the place to comment bout the new game Crazy Planets.. I wish you guys can make it available to sell stuffs that we bought…. Thanks..

  180. g_Manson Says:

    Restaurant City is currently undergoing maintenance.. how soon shall it be fixed?.. Aaaaaargggh!

  181. dctshll Says:

    How do you gift a friend in restaurant city?

  182. mizhershe Says:

    The items used for decorating the building overlapses each other but not in accordance to how i want them to appear. How can i fix this?

  183. Hasegawa Kazuko Says:

    I am experiencing constant disconnection every now and it was like that since i started playing but not so serious. Now it disconnect within a minute. I love this game but this makes me so frustrated D:

  184. jose yañez tardon Says:

    olle a mi me timaron x q page x 43 monedas playfish cash

    y no me las dieron no me dieron ni 1 y exijo ke me den las playfish cash

    o pongan 1 boton para ke te den 43 monedas playfish cash solo x 1 dia
    para yo cobrarlas

  185. mangan Says:

    So far in order to get rid of unwanted ingredients the only way is to trade them. I think it would be nice and quite useful to everyone if we could sell the unnecessary ingredients. This is a main feature in other Playfish applications as well.

  186. leon Says:

    Escribo aqui sobre todo para hacer algo de catarsis, y es que los dueños de esta compañia nisiquiera se toman la molestia de tener un servicio tecnico en español, hace unos días mi primo y yo fuimos victimas de un timo en pet society por parte del propio juego y es que le envie unos regalos a mi primo y nunca le llegaron los regalos no eran costosos pero eran de esmana especial es decir no los puedo volver a comprar, intente reclamar o pedir ayuda en soporte tecnico pero es imposible no lo hay en mi idioma y menos una forma sencilla de contactarlos, como dije solo queria hacer catarsis, es obvio que los desarrolladores o responsables nisisuqiera leen esto y si lo hacen no se molestaran en traducirlo en ingles para saber que digo, nisiquiera por respeto a los usuarios colocan un soporte en español!!!

  187. Roshaan Says:

    i lost one of my award on restaurant city. can u guys help me where can i find it and how. cause i went every where like decoration stuff and others but i still find it.

  188. Christina Says:

    Restaurant city is a good game but I think the ingredients are too expensive and the money we get from each dish is so little. Also, I find it very difficult to load this game as I have been trying to load restaurant city for 2 days but only had one successful load.=(

  189. Christine Says:

    Its an ok game, but its more of a leave open while doing something else game. The $2 per dish makes me not like this game very much, also having too wait so many levels just too hire one more person. i think playfish needs too upgrade this game too make it much better, as i dont know if i should keep playing.

  190. Angela Says:

    I think we do need this game in myspace. I love it! Add forks and knifes, better sounds more different music and be alot better. Good work though

  191. prashanth Says:

    hi , i have started using RESTAURANT CITY RECENTLY ,

  192. prashanth Says:

    Hi , i have started using RESTAURANT CITY RECENTLY ,

  193. MONICA Says:


  194. Fire!! Says:

    Don’t be stupid I don’t like your restaurant

  195. Illusia Says:

    For the first day of playing the game it was all fun and nice – but the 2nd day, it keeps saying “Can’t establish connection to Restaurant City” – and I haven’t been able to play since. Deleting Java temporary files was no help at all. At first it popped the message up after a few seconds of playing, now it pops it up upon logging in – aka no time to do anything at all. Would be a fun game if it ACTUALLY WORKED.
    Your FAQ, btw, is remarkably unhelpful on any actual issue other than wondering where to get toilets or how to cook new foods.

  196. Anthony Says:

    PLS. add some classic black divider & block

  197. Caminos Says:

    Same issue here…..fed up with trying to make RC work!!!!!!! yes, I’ve done all the “recommendations”, reinstalled adobe flash, reinstalled java, emptied all possible caches, but simply, RC DOESN’T WORK… but other games/apps using flash/java work. So I have NO DOUBT the problem lies with RC-playfish=facebook interaction or whatever it’s called. Since RC/playfish/facebook function and depend on users, please provide with better explanations as to whatever glitch is going on. Thank you, greatly frustrated.

  198. bere Says:

    For that my added friends do not appear

  199. Grant Says:

    why wont gourmet street work on restaurant city because i click on it then no buildings appear… just yellow dots

    Please help meeee!!

  200. Romy Says:

    I bought a power core and of course have no clue what it does and what to do with it. Please somehow help me

  201. TAMBRELYN Says:


  202. TAMBRELYN Says:


  203. TAMBRELYN Says:


  204. Ashley Says:

    I love this game. I have an island of tables but the whole one side is empty people won’t sit there and i don’t have engouh arcade machines to keep them all contained. I’m losing customers fast. HELP!!!!

  205. josh Says:

    yea it was fun like 3 hours ago when i started it but I am tired of how long it takes to load. Also, after I visit like 5 other restaurants my entire browser shuts down. This happens on both mozilla and explorer. I am pretty sure its their problem.

  206. Julia Says:

    Look, I tried playing this game, it was pretty fun. However, the connection problem is a hassle. I’m sure you must read all these comments SOMETIME, but for some strange reason, the 200 plus people complaining about connection problems has not motivated you to fix it. Is there a problem with your server, that you can’t hear our cries for help? “Ah” you say, “We do have an answer to this problem, it’s in the FAQ”
    Be that as it may, the answer does not lie there for all. I suggest you snap to it and fix the connection problem, as RC is the only game on Playfish that seems to be this temperamental in its connections.

    Until then, my fellow gamers and I shall probably stick to less frustrating tasks as trying to connect your game.

  207. Molen Says:

    hope those AWARDS can be rotated on DECORATE mode. =))

  208. Leslie McCree Says:

    Please add more music variation choices to Restaurant City especially now since you have a piano. I would like to see choices like jazz, smooth R & B and country.


  209. Anthony Nishizono Says:

    How do you convert playfish dollars into coins?? I bought a “Playfish cash card” at a Walgreens thinking I could get more coins for Restaurant City and instead got dollars for playfish.

  210. potty Says:


  211. Olivia Kolenko Says:

    i am so addicted to this game, its the best game EVER!!!!!!! 😛 I have nothing better to do…. anyways how can i get more playfish cash? like the blue ones? it sucks most of the good stuff u need it….. i have 0!! i need like, 15!!

  212. Gaby Says:

    lol!!! my waiters are diying!!!

  213. Olivia Kolenko Says:

    the playfish cash is so stupid, who would buy it for the stuff?

  214. rafiul Says:

    its my favourite. but the thing is it dosent load

  215. can not connect Says:

    its been 3 days and i still am not able to connect to restaurant city. If this goes on for much longer im not going to waste my time trying to load it when apparently u are usless and will not fix it.. its the only app. im having problems with am a couple of my friends are having the same problem. HELLO this is not a good way to keep ur players playing, there are a lot of other games on facebook that i could be playing instead.

    • Re: can not connect Says:

      Stop playing it if you can’t wait for help. Most likely they are busy trying to find a solution while you rant about it…
      “HELLO this is not a good way to keep ur players playing,”
      That’s why they got other games too…

  216. I hate facebook Says:

    Cibai e.I want to play restaurant city pun cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. I HATE YOU Says:


  218. Angelle Says:

    I was wondering how I put new walls up on my restaurant I have expanded it but the side that the street is on I dont know how to add or where to get new walls to add .. I have tried to place a White wall there but it will not go to the edge so that it continues my wall from my beginning wall that I started with.. please help ty 🙂

  219. mckelle Says:

    when are you gonna add some more items that will actually help our restaurants instead of these useless things like candy cane stockings

  220. lipijain Says:

    it is very good game

  221. maria Says:

    It takes sooooo long to earn cash… here somebody pays 2$ for a meal and there another one 2$. Is this supposed to be this way? I guess I have to look for some hacks or cheats like other people do, because this way, it takes a whole day playing to buy one igrediant on the market. That doesn’t make fun any more. Greetz from germany

  222. catherine lowe Says:

    I LOVEEEE Restaurant City. It feels like I have my own restaurant. Yum!!!!

  223. erlangga Says:

    hi i am here

  224. erlangga Says:

    i want to make mine restaurant city

  225. erlangga Says:

    hi i am hire

  226. LLC Says:

    Okay… So what’s the point of upgrading your food if everything stays the same price? What’s the point of collecting exclusive ingredients if you make the same slow 3000/4hrs?

    Please please please for everyone’s sanities, make expensive foods and upgraded foods worth more dough. I would love to get into the game but even with hours of playing and weeks of attention my restaurant goes no where and my upgrades are pointless. My restaurant gets bigger but at the end i have 4000 to spend which equates to NOTHING on this game besides some wack ingredients and chairs

  227. Ryan Says:

    Hi, I have been experiencing some problems lately.

    So I was playing Restaurant City one day, and then all of a sudden the gourmet points go into the negatives… I’m level 65! Why did that happen? Also I waited countless days and when the gourmet points finally reached positives again, the game just says “sorry, the game lost connection. Retry?” so I click retry, and it says the same thing! So now I can’t play on Restaurant City anymore. Can anyone tell me how to get this figured out?

  228. RAJIV Says:





  229. David Says:

    cant play Restaurant City cuz it says please upgrade flashplayer or enabled javascript, but i aready did. this game sucks cuz it dose not work!!!!

  230. rachel Says:

    can’t load restaurant city at all for few days now…

  231. Charizze Says:

    My waiters will not serve or do anything when there is a customer

  232. Yan Says:

    Is that possible for you to put more medieval things to decorate the restaurant like weapons, armors, some clothing, etc. because I’d like to do a medieval restaurant but there is not enough things to do one.

    Hope you’ll do some


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