We’re live on iPhone and iPod touch!


At Playfish, we’re huge fans of iPhone and the iPod touch. We speculated last summer that the iPhone would make an impact on social games. So we’re today very excited to be part of the launch of Facebook Connect for the iPhone and iPod touch and proud to announce our first games, downloadable from iTunes, that let you play with your Facebook friends any time, anywhere. Read the official press release here.

Who Has The Biggest Brain? iPhone and iPod Touch menu screen

Our first title, Who Has The Biggest Brain? – played by over 15 million people so far, is available for download now in the iTunes Store. It features the full pro-mode of the game – 12 mini games, a practice mode, a performance calendar, and the ability to connect and compete with your Facebook friends, see their pictures, scores and check their brain profiles. The game is of course fully optimised for the touch screen interface and you can even unlock a mobile exclusive achievement to show off online! Read about the full feature set here.

Additionally, Word Challenge and Geo Challenge will be available for download on iTunes by summer. As with Who Has The Biggest Brain? both games take full advantage of the touch screen interface. The games have feature sets similar to the fully unlocked Facebook pro versions you’re familiar with, but add content exclusive to the iPhone and iPod touch. And – most importantly – they let you play with your Facebook friends!

We believe Facebook Connect for the iPhone and iPod touch will revolutionise how games are played on mobile. Instead of playing to kill time, you can now play to interact, express, communicate or compete with friends – which are far more interesting emotional drivers to play games. Being a launch partner for Facebook Connect and offering games for the iPhone and iPod touch is an important step in Playfish’s mission to change how the world plays games by creating experiences that are more social and connected. We’re very grateful for Facebook’s support and, as always, look forward to your feedback and ideas!

We’ll be releasing a few updates and tweaks over the coming weeks so be sure to let us know if you have ideas of how to make Who Has The Biggest Brain? on the iPhone and iPod Touch even better.

Some screenshots are below. To try it out yourself, download the game now from the iTunes Store! And be sure to let us know what you think!

Who Has The Biggest Brain? iPhone and iPod Touch friends screen

Here are a few of my friends with bigger brains than me!

Who Has The Biggest Brain? iPhone and iPod Touch login screen

Look familiar? Facebook Connect lets you log in to your Facebook account

Who Has The Biggest Brain? iPhone and iPod Touch ingame screen

The game features 12 touch optimised minigames and fast game play

Who Has The Biggest Brain? iPhone and iPod Touch profile screen

Based on my perfomance online and on mobile, I’m officially an Alien

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109 Responses to “We’re live on iPhone and iPod touch!”

  1. Jacqui Says:

    Will Pet Society be added to the iPhone Platform because that is one awesome game and I’m highly looking forward to having it on my iPhone!!!

  2. Thomas Says:

    Please quickly add Geo Challenge to the iTunes App Store!
    I won’t be able to wait till this summer!!

  3. Korhan Says:

    Do you have any plan for realy game machine : Sony PSP

  4. evilcaz Says:

    Please Please Please put Pet Society on there 🙂 i will give you all my cheese if you do 🙂

  5. Priscilla Says:

    Please add Pet Society on iTune App Store! Thanks a lot.

  6. Alejandro Says:

    Please, give us Pet Society on the iPhone!!!
    That will be SO awesome!!!

  7. natalie Says:

    how exciting! well done to all the team putting that baby together! can’t wait to try it out on the iphone and eagerly await the brilliant Pet Society too! hurrah!

  8. daniel Says:

    GEOCHALLENGE for iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll be the firt one to buy it

  9. cait Says:

    GeoChallenge quickly please! I am a huge fan of all your games, but GeoChallenge is my favorite.

  10. Claudia Says:

    If sometime Pet Society is avalaible for my iphone im sooooooo in !!!!! 🙂

  11. playfish player Says:

    i love to hear that now it is going on the iphone also ..thanks to the developers …i love it.

  12. Haikal Says:

    Pet society on iPhone please!!!!!!!!??!!!!?

  13. Playfish’s Segerstrale says big branded games won’t work in social networks » Games Brief Says:

    […] games, each with at least 3.5 million monthly players. And they’ve just announced that Who’s Got the Biggest Brain is available on iTunes, bringing gamers’ Facebook friends to the iPhone via Facebook […]

  14. Nicholas Lovell Says:

    Congratulations. First you are a launch partner for Google’s AdSense for Games service, now you’ve been a launch partner for Facebook Connect on iPhone.

    You sure get to partner with all the best people – keep it up


  15. grace Says:

    wowww….plz pet society free………..^^

  16. Jeff Says:

    Very cool but please make Pet Society on iPhone too!

  17. Billy Says:

    Bought the game 2 days ago. It got me a while to get used to the small figures/pictures, but overall, I think it’s a pretty good, solid implementation of the BB game on Facebook. That said, I think there are some rooms for improvements. Foremost among them is the lag situation. The game on my Touch feels slightly laggy. I can’t come even close to my Facebook score because of this. So, it would be awesome if you guys could address this problem in the upcoming upgrade. Second, could you let us pick the 4 mini-games we want to play (so we can only play the games we are good at)? I believe the pro version on Facebook has this feature. Thanks!

  18. Docco Says:

    I want play pet society on my lovely iPhone so much. Hope you are on working now.

  19. Andres Garcia Says:

    Pet Society and Restaurant City for Nintendo DS =)=)=)=) Could be a great Hit 🙂

  20. Magiclink Says:

    Please PET SOCIETY for 0.80€ 😀

  21. José María Colina Says:

    I think this was a great idea but as you added Who has the biggest Brain? in tha apple store, why don’t you add it to the PLaystation Store for PSP and PS3 platforms?? I think it would be a great idea for people that don’t like the iPhone but prefer the PSP or a biggest console like the PS3. Hope you can make it. I would buy it.

  22. Ayushi Says:

    I’d totally play Restaurant City and Pet Society on my iphone :]

  23. Alex Says:

    I think it would be a fantastic idea to add pet society to itunes App store, for free. 🙂
    it would be great because i love pet society && it would be even better if you could have it on the go XD

  24. Mut14r4 Says:

    love the app!!! i play it all the time now… can’t wait to get geo & word challenge! …but to reiterate what others have said… please work on making pet society an app. i can assure you so many will buy and many more who have the iphone but not yet members of the society will join! it would be worth the price! another thing… would love to see ps on the wii system (actually have the hurdle races be interactive… fun, fun!!!)

  25. Gigi Says:

    I love pet society too… but i like to know.. The application will be available for blackberry? 😦

  26. SunYam Says:

    How about releasing some of these games for the Blackberry Storm? After all they just released their Blackberry App World about 2 weeks ago.

  27. Anna Says:

    How about Pet Society? I want it on the iPhone too.

  28. zencalm Says:

    please add pet society for the iTouch!!!

  29. yahia bsat Says:

    please add pet society to the iphone ! I LIKE IT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    N.B.:all peaople that see this post and play pet society add me i am YAHIA BSAT

  30. JF Says:

    Restaurant on iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ayn_11 Says:

    pet society! plssssssssssssss…

  32. Pellisco Says:

    Me and all of my friends cant wait to have PetSo in the iPhone/iPod platform…
    Prease make it happen soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Jose A. Says:

    Pongan el Pet Society para ipod touch y ponganlo gratis o una version gratuita

  34. PhoneMonster Says:

    You people at the iPhone are doing a wonderful job, meeting all the expectations and winning all the challenges. BRAVO 2 all of you.

  35. ALAA Says:


  36. anne Says:

    wow.. Pls add pet society..

  37. Asma Says:

    i want pet society in blackberry curve too 😦

  38. Joe Says:

    Please bring a Pet Society app to the iphone i just started to play that game and it would be not only awesome but very profitable for you guys to have it on on the app store. i’ll download it right away so PLZZZZZZ pet society for the iphone yeahhh

  39. Chris Says:

    please add pet society for iphone!! i would love to have it !! i am willing to buy it!!

  40. tabata Says:

    pet society for iphoneeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Evert Says:

    Please Pet Society on the Iphone… i neeeed it 🙂

  42. Kelly Says:

    Please…… Restaurant City for the iphone – Would be soooo awsome!

  43. Eric Says:

    you should try to get restaurant city on the ipod, i’d buy it as soon as it was released, as long as i can use my facebook account

  44. Jessica Says:

    Please add Pet Society to ipod touch!

  45. Joanne Says:

    Pet Society for the iphone please…

  46. Who Has The Biggest Brain? now available to play with your friends on Android! « Life at Playfish Says:

    […] first social game for Android: Who Has The Biggest Brain? Like 15 million web users and countless iPhone users, Android fans will now be able to play together with their Facebook friends anytime, […]

  47. Evert Says:

    !!!!Pet Society on the iphone, please…!!!

  48. diane Says:

    yeah..how about releasing playfish games on the Blackberry Storm? that would be awesome 🙂 I’d play them on the Storm for sure..

  49. allyn Says:

    rooting for pet society and restaurant city..

  50. bhey Says:

    please add the pet society in I touch

  51. RestaurantCityonIphone Says:

    Please put Restaurant City on Iphone. Im willing to pay for it. 😀

  52. Star Says:

    We want Pet Society! plzzz!!


    plzzzzzzzzz put Resturant City on ipod touch im also willing to pay for it 😉

  54. jose Says:

    Please hurry up with Geo Challenge for the iphone, please please I check it daily at least 4 times to see if you have it already… it is the best game ever ever ever!!

  55. Sophia Says:

    Love it!! Can you put restaurant city on please?? That’d be so great!!

  56. petsocietyfan Says:

    we want pet society on ipod touch plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Himerin Says:

    Pet Society in itouch pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  58. Sticky Says:

    PET society. ,millions want this Game on
    iPhone ,please do it NOW

  59. Ernesto Juárez Says:

    I enjoy Pet Society, but … I can play only one day in a week. And If I can play, I must do it when i´m going to my work. In South America dear friends the Facebook users work too. Today is 5th day IN MAINTENANCE … ¿What kind of server are using?, ¡Come on!, It sucks!. Maybe I must be a Paypal player to be considered by your “important” company, ¿Maybe?. U´re the worst online games team ever!!! Publicity publicity publicity ….. Let the people play stupids!!!!!!!!!

  60. jen Says:

    can u please put RESTAURANT CITY FOR THE IPHON? i’ve been waiting forever…

  61. Elena Says:

    Non c’è possibilità di avere i giochi anche da scaricare per Blackberry storm?

  62. Penguin Journalist Says:


  63. sohail Says:

    plzzz put pet society on ipod touch/iphone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  64. Rainter mainter Says:

    Its been about 5 monts or more where are geo challenge and word challenge??? Please hurry

  65. Bubbles Says:

    Pls add restaurant city for iPhone, many people love this game. It’s frustrating, how excited u get and paid expensive broadband and iPhone, only to find out that u can’t enjoy playing ur favourite game on the Internet through ur expensive mobile phone. Plsssssss do something!!!submit this application to apple quickly.if u can do it with the other games. What’s taking it so long to add the most wanted game, restaurant city….

  66. Nil Says:

    Pleeeeez quickly finish off Word and Geo Challenge for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s almost the end of the summer. After that, can you start working on Pet Society and Restaraunt City for them? At least show us you’re making progress by releasing one of the ‘Challenges.’ Pleeeeeeez!

  67. RC&PS Says:

    Please add restaurant city and pet society for ipod touch plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  68. andy Says:

    They already made it for the iphone but won’t release it because they’re fucking idiots

  69. Chelsea D. Says:

    In Pet Society with the new task thing, does that mean you’re getting RID of the TROPHIES?! Why in the HECK would you do THAT?! Please don’t get rid of them! My sister and I are so close to getting them all!!!!!!!!!

  70. Buy iPod Touch Mic Says:

    ha ha ha, very nice games, but i like to play metal gear right now.

  71. Andrea Says:

    PLISSS do a version of the Game RESTAURANT City fOr IPHONE PLISS
    we lOve that Game

  72. Bechir Says:

    Plsssss add restaurant city i beg

  73. franco Says:

    i dont like that games so much.for me and for some people i had seen there pet society , restaurant city , country story and crazy planets are for me and the people the bests games i have ever seen on my life.

    for playfish:please send me an e-mail so you can let me know

  74. Gusete Says:

    The summer is endingggggg….where is geo for iphone????

  75. Johnny Says:

    I want Pet Society on my iPod! 😀 Please!

  76. Steve Says:

    Where is geo challenge?

  77. Edwin Hernandez Says:


  78. Anton Says:

    PLEASE ADD PET SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Tommy Says:

    Where is geo challenge? The summer has ended an no Geo challenge in the Appstore

  80. MaTT Says:

    Please I hope Pet Society will add to the App Store !! plz
    e-mail me Matto_123456@hotmail.com !! plz

  81. Seb Says:


  82. Nichola Matthews Says:

    Can you please bring out an app for restaurant city (hopefully so you can log onto the excisting one im already on facebook if possible pls) on the iphone??? Please

  83. Justin duclayan Says:

    Plz you got to make restaurant city because my sis is a comp hog and my iPod touch won’t let me play. It would be a nice addition I hav lots of friends who play restaurant city and have itouch/ iPhones and will be happy to hear about the great news

  84. Choupi Says:

    Please add PET SOCIETY, COUNTRY STORY, RESTAURANT CITY and GEO CHALLENGE !!!! Your games are amazing we need to play at it everywhere !!!

  85. Joel Says:

    It’s a nice game, I have played it on my ipod touch. It would be nice tough if you would expand your range of apps e.g. Restuarant city.

  86. S.Haruki Says:

    Plzz,, COUNTRY STORY & RESTAURANT CITY on the phone >O<
    i'm waiting for them+++

  87. kLauuuSz Says:

    i like thosee gamees but pleasee add PET SOCIETY for ipod touch and iphone i love that game but i cant play on my ipod!
    i will be so happy if you could add it!
    thanks ❤

  88. Zoublard Says:

    Quand vous voulez pour GeoChallenge les mecs…

  89. Stefaan Says:

    I guess they all forgot about releasing new games in the App Store. C’mon guys, EA joined a coupla weeks ago, give us new games!

  90. Dylan Says:

    It would be awesome to get restaurant city on ipod touch IM AN ADDICT!!

  91. Devin Says:

    Make Restaurant City for iPhone and iPod Touch please!!! EA made Sim City for them so I know restaurant city will be possible. Please do this’

  92. sfu Says:

    I’ve bought iTouch this Christmas, and I’m really want to have Country Story and Resturant City in it!!

  93. rockerchiq Says:

    please make an app for restaurant city and pet society

  94. MIMI Says:

    COUNTRY STORYYY!!!!!!!!!

  95. Timmie Says:

    I want Country Story, best app ever

  96. MIMI Says:

    Country Story!!!

  97. Sab Says:

    I just bought my touch and i really want restaurant city and country story

  98. Abdul From Panama Says:

    Please add a petsociety app to the ipod/iphone, it would be really great, my compute is to slow to have a nice time of gaming and my ipod and myself would really like, and so those a lot of people too.

  99. thecanadian. Says:

    not available in canada -.-

  100. Mike Says:

    I’m Still waiting for Geochallenge Iphone…. =(

  101. Joy Says:

    Please give us Pet Society, Zoo World and Social City!!!!

    I beg you please!

  102. bill Says:

    pls put restaurant city and pet society on ipod touch, iphone and andorid so andorid phone user will not need hard time tapping when playing the game when loaded on the web browser flash plugin

  103. elisa Says:

    Hi, have all Playfish games removed from iphone App Store? I purchased Who Has the Biggest Brain, the apps removed by synchronization and I can’t redownload it from App Store. What’s wrong Playfish?

  104. ann Says:

    restaurant city and hotel city on iphone pleaseeeee! i will pay 🙂

  105. Raghad Says:

    It did’t work ??

  106. Lexy Says:

    I went to download it too and it says it’s not available in the U.S. store? What’s up with that? I wanna get it!!!!! :o/

  107. Nick Says:

    I would pay for Country Story!

  108. Kellie Says:

    Restaurant City on the iPod Touch, please!!! OMG All these requests for Petsociety?! Yawn!!! I LOVE RESTAURANT CITY!!! 🙂 GIVE US RESTO CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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