Celebrating 50 million players!

50 million players

It was almost exactly a year ago when we wrote a blog post celebrating our 100,000th install on Facebook for Who Has The Biggest Brain? – our first title.

Today, or last week to be precise, we passed the 50 million registered players mark. Quite some growth in less than a year! We also recently passed the 4 million daily active players mark – up from around 40,000 a year ago.

We’ve been amazed at the response from our players to our 6 released titles – Who Has The Biggest Brain?Word Challenge, Bowling Buddies, Pet Society, Geo Challenge and Minigolf Party – all developed by our three internal studios.

Facebook users were the first ones to have access to our titles and that shows – we now have 5 out of the top-10 games by activitiy on the platform. But our recent launches on MySpace, Bebo and Yahoo have grown quickly, too!

Social gaming is a hot topic at the moment. Just this month we were featured in EDGE magazine as well as listed as one of the top-10 most promising start-ups in the UK in the Financial Times (UK’s leading financial newspaper – clip below). And it seems the rest of the games industry is slowly but surely starting to catch on – social gaming has suddenly popped up as a major topic in key games industry conferences including GDC 2009 and Develop 2009.


So lots to celebrate and lots of work ahead – we still feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible and are working on a lot of fun things in all our studios. A very exciting time for the industry and for all of us at Playfish!

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22 Responses to “Celebrating 50 million players!”

  1. max Says:

    è un bel gioco.

  2. ashraffahmy Says:

    pet society is a pretty good game…

  3. ashraffahmy Says:

    pet society is a very good game

  4. babysiiaozz Says:

    great!! ^^ i love uu playfish!!

  5. mackeprang Says:

    hej max

  6. matu y vale Says:

    esta muy bueno pet society que agregen mas tiendas estaria perrfecto!!felicito a los que inventaron este juego

  7. jacob Says:

    hi iwont to play pet society

  8. Yulita Says:

    I love this game…

  9. Lau Says:

    WoW! 50 million of players! That’s been a great bussines : )
    Free addictive games!

    Congrats from an addicted pet society player

  10. evilcaz Says:

    Well Done, you guys are awesome 🙂

  11. alifa Says:

    i like pe society, because it so funny and so pretty

  12. Michelle Says:

    I love Pet Society.. I wish there were a few more choices of games in the actual game..

  13. Nichakun Says:

    pet society is a pretty game for me,i love this game….

  14. Paula Says:

    deberian de hacer app de pet society para el iphone… i love pet society

  15. DheaWasisto Says:

    I love Playfish game!!!

  16. alber Says:

    Que bueno ¡ 😀

  17. Amaranta Says:

    WOW! Congratulations, u deserve success, pet society is an amazing, fun and exciting game. I´m glad to be part of the community 🙂

  18. sophia Says:

    oh!i love pet 2 how about you join now playfish it’s really exciting

  19. maryam Says:

    wow u guys r awsome my pet is on level 32 i am sooooo glad u guys made pet society n i luvv restaurant city i am on level 4 it is soo cool hope u guys make more new games!!!! 🙂

  20. AMANDA Says:

    solo me gustaria saber como otros ganan monedas yo tembien quisieraganar. YO DICEN QUE NO ESTOY EN EDAD PERO ME ENCANTA EL PET

  21. hoilum Says:

    i’m loving it !!

  22. CAMELIA Says:

    Congrats for your accomplishments! I enjoy Who Has the Biggest Brain? At 2,3,4,5, and 6 am, hey it’s addictive! Keep coming with the great ideas!


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