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Announcing the winners of our Festive Decorating competition!

January 8, 2010

Yes please Tami, we’ll take 10! In fact make that 20!

And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, boy you’re in for a treat!

So last year we asked you to take the inspiration of Playfish to make some festive decorations. We don’t like to restrict you too much — we love seeing what you achieve when you take some simple guidelines and run with them — so we kept it simple: show us some festive decorations with a Playfish twist. We gave a few examples, like greetings cards based on Playfish games, or re-creating your family holiday decorations in a Playfish games, but the sky was really the limit.

We could carry on for several paragraphs about how much you blew us away once again with your creative skills but in truth, we think you guys know how good you are by now. And my word are you good. No, let’s just put our prizes where our mouth is and get onto the good stuff: the winning entries! Everyone listed below wins a Playfish 2010 calendar, a goody bag of Playfish and EA merchandising, plus:

The 20th to 11th runners up below each won 50 PFC. Well done everyone!

11 Bevypoo – If this cake tastes half as good as it looks… boy, what a cake!

12 x-nick-x-86 – We loved this card because it managed to include all our games in a very original style, well done! The Word Challenge font was a plus!

13 Kee Ping – Definitely the best Festive farm decoration received, we know it takes a while to re-arrange your farm in Country Story, great job!

14 BreakbeatTiki – We received lots of gingerbread restaurants but this revised version of Jingle Bells was spot on!

15 Thanks to Claire for her entry which represents the Filipine festive tradition: different and interesting!

16 kdgalaxy – These cards are amazing, so creative and detailed. With little envelopes too!

17 Meerkat – These tiny pet tree decorations are so pretty, how did you make them?

18 Dira Dudi – Your pet’s house was decorated with fantastic taste; one of the best entries for this category!

19 Isham – We loved this restaurant and the way you presented it, and clean bathrooms too — hygiene first!

20 prezrickard – This greeting card is truly special: so different and captivating. You have a talent, keep working on it!

The 10th to 4th placed runners up each won themselves a cool 100 PFC. Congrats all!

4 ericc – This veggie tree was definitely the most original festive tree we saw in the competition!

5 Ana la Rana – We loved this story; who would have thought the Gourmet King could be so cheeky with our pets!?

6 Cruzi – the whole restaurant staff gathered together to welcome customers with Christmas carols: how nice!

7 Kokori79 – A candy train to the North Pole: what a sweet piece of engineering! We love the sparkling animation too! :0)

8 thegreysheep – this entry must have taken ages to knit; the result was awesome!

9 Rodrigo Villanueva – this is the first time we’ve seen our characters like this, how about you come to the Playfish office and paint some more?

10 3Designer – Your 3D work is so realistic, definitely one of the best greeting cards in the competition!

And now, drum roll… in 3rd place winning 250 Playfish Cash, here’s droby5’s festive hotel! That luxurious selection of suites would be the envy of any 5 star hotel, although we’re dubious about the health and safety aspects of the toilets being located in the bedrooms!

In 3rd place…

Next up is chemicalsmile’s Pet Society Christmas. chemicalsmile put an astonishing amount of work into replicating her festive Pet Society home in her actual home. The attention to detail is incredible, right down to the tiny snowman on the piano- wait a minute, where’s the tiny snowman on the piano in Pet Society? Only kidding chemicalsmile, enjoy your 500 Playfish Cash!

In 2nd place…

Finally, as you may have guessed from the first sentence, were absolutely bowled over by the sheer awesome put into Tami’s Robot Candy Dispenser. I mean this thing is absolutely amazing. Just check out the step by step guide to making it… Tami, you’re a genius! Your Apple iPod Touch is on its way!

Finally in 1st place!

Introducing our festive decorating competition!

December 7, 2009

The holiday season! A time for family and friends, extra calories and, of course, decorations. Houses, gardens, tables, streets… everything gets a makeover!

Here at Playfish we know how creative you guys are and how much you love decorating, both in Playfish games and in real life. “So!” We thought “How about a festive decorating competition!” And that’s what we did!

It’s clear you like to create all kinds of amazing ideas so we don’t want to limit you too much – maybe you’d like to make your home in Pet Society look just like your home in real life with all its traditional decorations?

Or perhaps you could use inspiration from your favourite Playfish game to make decorations in real life: Restaurant City greetings cards, Country Story tree decorations, Crazy Planets wrapping paper…

There’s no limit to what you can do, just take the concept of Playfish style festive decoration and see where it takes you!

There’s some great prizes up for grabs for our favourite Playfish style decorations so we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Now here’s the best bit: this time we’re looking for 20 decoration masters! Yup, that’s right! 20 winners who’ll all get amazing prizes! What prizes?

Well how does this sound: a Playfish 2010 calendar, a goody bag of Playfish and EA merchandising, plus the following prizes:

1st place wins “Apple I-Pod Touch 8GB”, 2nd place 500 PFC, 3rd place 250 PFC, from 4th to 10th place 100 PFC and from 11th to 20th place 50 PFC.

We’ll be taking entries until December 23rd at midnight GMT and winners will be announced on Friday 8th January.

Just make sure you agree with the Terms & Conditions prior to entering!

The Holiday Season has Started in Pet Society!

December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays From Pet Society!

With the Holiday Season well under way, we thought we’d fill you in on how we’re celebrating the festivities Pet Society style.

‘Tis the season to play Pet Society it seems, with over five million players already on Facebook and well over a million people playing every day.  To celebrate, we kicked off the season by stacking the shops high with all the turkey and pumpkin pie your pets could eat. And boy can they eat! Your pets managed to chomp their way through five million pumpkin pies during Thanksgiving alone!

Mmm, pumpkin pie!

But let’s hope they’ve saved some appetite for December because there’s going to be all kinds of seasonal treats in store. We thought it was high time we started decorating our homes with festive cheer, so we’ve started you off with a range of trees on sale which can be decorated with a seemingly endless number of baubles, candles, stars and tinsel. Maybe now’s the time to get that fireplace you’ve been sizing up for your living room to give it that homely feeling that makes the Holiday Season feel so special!

Be sure to check back soon for all kinds of festive clothes, decorations, furniture and food and even a special little something from the Mayor of Pet Society on the 25th December. We’ve also got one or two surprises lined up before the year’s up and all kinds of exciting new features which we’ll be unveiling in the new year, so stay tuned.

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