MONOPOLY Millionaires launches in German!

August 18, 2011 by

MONOPOLY Millionaires Jetzt Auf Deutsch Spielen!

Guten Tag MONOPOLY Millionaires players!

Last week, MONOPOLY Millionaires launched a German-language version of the game. Players will still enjoy all the excitement of building the best boards and visiting friends to amass millions in MONOPOLY coins, but with all in-game text completely in German! Now players can become a real estate tycoon in more than one language!

If you know German, check it out today! If you’d like to play MONOPOLY Millionaires in German, please change your Facebook Language Settings to “Deutsch”.

We are very excited to be able to bring the first non-English translation of MONOPOLY Millionaires to our German players and would love to hear your thoughts! Please provide any feedback, comments and questions by visiting the Official MONOPOLY Millionaires Forum!

MONOPOLY Millionaires - German Decorations

And, to help celebrate the launch of the German-language version of MONOPOLY Millionaires, we’ve released six German-themed decorations for your MONOPOLY board.  These unique decorations, including the Brandenburg Gate, Biergarten, German Village, Weinhaus, Holsten Gate, and Bierhaus – All of which will help give any MONOPOLY Board a distinct and authentic German look and feel!

We hope all of our players join us in this German launch celebration, and just maybe help us start Oktoberfest a bit early this year!

FIFA Superstars – MLS: Pro League is live!

August 3, 2011 by


Major League Soccer (MLS) is an American professional soccer league that was formed in 1993. The first league season took place in 1996 and had just 10 teams participating. Today there are 18 clubs from all across America fighting it out to be the best team and win the MLS Cup.

Whilst most domestic football seasons around the world are currently on hiatus, MLS is just hitting its stride. Now is the time for you to join the action and take your team to MLS glory.

Play an authentic MLS season against the biggest teams and their superstar players. Complete unique challenges to earn cool achievements and win big rewards. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun today!

Design Your Ultimate BBQ Party in Restaurant City!

July 30, 2011 by

Restaurant City fans are in for a real treat this week with the launch of a brand new competition: the Ultimate BBQ Party!

To enter the Ultimate BBQ Party competition just design and decorate your restaurant to show us what you think your ultimate BBQ party would look like in Restaurant City. Then, take a picture with the in-game camera and submit it to the official Restaurant City forum before Friday, Aug 12th 2011. The shortlisted entries will be up for a public vote.

First prize is a whopping 1,000 Cooking Cash, with second place runner-up getting 300 Cooking Cash and third place winning 200 Cooking Cash. With two categories to enter into – the interior and exterior decorations – you can let your creative juices flow! So, roll up your sleeves, heat up the coals and get your BBQ party started!

Mosey into the official Restaurant City forum to submit your design today! And while you’re there, check out other great designs people have already been submitting for some inspiration! See you there, cooks!

For more information on the Ultimate BBQ Party competition in Restaurant City, check out the terms and conditions here.

In the Dugout with World Series Superstars

July 25, 2011 by

Summer is in full swing and that means baseball season is too! For all you baseball fans out there, be sure to check out World Series Superstars , the only game on Facebook that brings real Major League Baseball simulation action! In World Series Superstars, players get to take the role as General Manager and coach real Major League Baseball players and teams.

From building out your team line-up and bullpen to managing players’ moves on the field, or even down to how your pitcher approaches a batter, World Series Superstars lets you take control of your team and its success!

But, creating a team and leading them to World Series glory isn’t the only the goal in World Series Superstars. The game also has the dynamic Predictor mode, where players can choose the winner of an actual Major League Baseball game being played every single day.

And it pays to play the Predictor mode! Players can collect rewards and bonuses based on correct predictions, streaks, and owning the starting pitcher for the winning team! The Predictor is an exciting and unique way for World Series Superstars fans to interact with the 2011 MLB season while helping their team at the same time.

What are you waiting for! Come play World Series Superstars and start building your ultimate MLB Dream Team! And get ready, “Majors 2: Race for the Pennant” is just around the corner, so make sure your team is prepared!

FIFA Superstars: Friends Super League!

July 8, 2011 by

FIFA Superstars: Friends Super League is LIVE! Compete in a league completely made out of your friends teams and find out who is the best manager!

– Invite your friends to FIFA Superstars
– Create a league (6, 8 or 10 teams). Depending on the amount of friends you have you will always create the largest league possible.
– Send a free mystery gift to your friends. If they accept it you will get one in return! Coins, Match Credits or GOLD transfers could be yours!
– Battle against your friends teams to win the league
– Brag to your friends that you defeated their team.
– Earn coin prizes for completing a full season!

Amazing Cash Offers

June 10, 2011 by

Hey Playfish Friends,

Great News! There are some amazing cash offers going on in some of your favourite games right now!

From June 10 through June 13, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Madden Superstars, World Series Superstars, and Monopoly Millionaires fans can purchase game-specific currency at very special rates, and get in on special offers on in-game items! Deals vary based on the game, so you’re going to have to check out the games to find out more!

Play Now!

Happy Birthday FIFA Superstars

May 26, 2011 by

Hey FIFA Superstar fans!

This week FIFA Superstars is celebrating its first birthday! It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by, but time flies when you’re kickin’ it and scoring goals!

Since launching on May 26, 2010, FIFA Superstars has grown and evolved in ways we never imagined. The game couldn’t have become the number one Facebook title in the Football category had it not been for our loyal fans and fellow football enthusiasts.

In the past year, we witnessed yet another exciting World Cup and FIFA Superstars enabled you to play alongside your favorite country’s best as they took on the world in South Africa. We also introduced the world’s greatest professional football leagues into the game – from Britain’s English Premier League to Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A – giving you a chance to build a team of the best players and ascend to the top of your league table. And there’s plenty more fun and excitement to come.

FIFA Superstars Birthday Blast

In the meantime, as a special Thank You to all our fans, we are offering the FIFA Superstars Birthday Blast promotion, which gives players the chance to purchase their favorite FIFA Superstars in-game items for an unbelievably low price!

The FIFA Superstars Birthday Blast promotion starts tomorrow and runs for seven days. A different item will be released each day, so be sure to visit FIFA Superstars daily. If you purchase all the items, you will receive the limited
edition “Superstars Arena” for FREE!!!

Superstars Arena

Come and join the birthday fun every day this week in FIFA Superstars!

Playfish and Jamie Oliver cook up tasty recipes in Restaurant City

May 19, 2011 by

We have some exciting and very tasty news hitting the culinary streets of Restaurant City! Starting today, Restaurant City players can cook up appetizing recipes from world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver.

For four consecutive weeks, Restaurant City will feature a mouth-watering recipe of the week – all from Jamie’s extensive culinary repertoire. First up is the Farfalle Carbanara! Collect Jamie’s Pasta and other ingredients to master the recipe and you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive in-game item, the coveted Jamie Oliver Pasta Maker.

The Pasta Maker produces Jamie’s Pasta, so it’ll be a helpful kitchen gadget when preparing other recipes each week, including Asparagus Fettuccine, Basil Pesto Pasta, and Meatball Pasta.

Want to bring your culinary creations to life from your Restaurant City kitchen to your real world home kitchen? Once you’ve successfully created each dish in Restaurant City, you’ll receive a link to the real recipe from Jamie Oliver’s web site!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your knife, fork and laptop to visit Restaurant City and start cooking up Jamie Oliver recipes!

Bon Appetit!

Cash Bonanza: Coming to your favorite games!

May 13, 2011 by

Hello Playfish Friends,

Get ready for a Cash Bonanza!

In celebration of the launch of game-specific currency, we’re offering our fans the opportunity to take advantage of an exciting tailor-made cash deal!

From May 13 – May 16, Pet Society, Restaurant City, Madden Superstars, FIFA Superstars, Country Story and My Empire fans can purchase game-specific currency at very special rates. Promotions vary based on the game, so be sure to visit them to find out what’s in store for you! This amazing deal is occurring for a limited time only so stock up on game currency today!

And, there’s more! You’ll find a plethora of special offers on in-game items in Pet Society, Restaurant City, Madden Superstars, FIFA Superstars, Country Story and My Empire too!

So what are you waiting for? Play now!


Playfish launches new game-specific currencies!

April 19, 2011 by

Dear Playfish Fans,

Playfish continually strives to provide a fun and easy game playing experience for players. As part of our commitment to providing the best experience across all aspects of our games, we have transitioned our virtual currency purchases through the Facebook Credits platform for our games on Facebook. We believe Facebook Credits provide players with a secure, trusted way to pay for virtual goods and currencies while providing the flexibility to spend those credits across a large number of games on Facebook.

As part of this transition and to align with Facebook Credit policies, we are also going to change the virtual currency used in Playfish games from Playfish Cash to a new game-specific currency in each game. Starting today, we will stop selling Playfish Cash in our games and each game will sell its own game-specific currency that can be used to buy your favorite in-game items. The new game-specific currencies are:

Cooking Cash in Restaurant City

Pet Society Cash in Pet Society

Superstars Cash in EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars

Football Cash in EA SPORTS Madden NFL Superstars

Country Cash in Country Story

Hotel Cash in Hotel City

Empire Cash in My Empire

Rest assured, you will not lose any of the Playfish Cash you have bought up to now.  We are making it quick and easy to convert it into the new currency of your favorite game or games by using The Playfish Cash Converter within each game. The Playfish Cash Converter allows you to convert your balance into the game-specific virtual currency of your favorite game or distribute the balance across multiple game-specific virtual currencies of your choice.

To celebrate the launch of these new virtual currencies, Playfish is awarding a free gift when you complete the conversion of your Playfish Cash to new game currencies. The sooner you convert, the more valuable the gift will be – so don’t wait!

For additional information about how to convert your Playfish Cash balance – or to provide us with feedback – please refer to the Game-Specific Currency section of the Playfish forums.

Your friends at Playfish

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