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There’s a new Mayor on Facebook with SimCity Social!

June 20, 2012

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Whether you were a previous SimCity lover or you just love playing city-building games, SimCity Social has something for you. You have the freedom to create beautiful, sprawling cities that come to life based on the choices you make as Mayor. For the inner city-lover in you, you can create a booming metropolis, filled with high-rises and luxurious condos. If you have ever dreamed about becoming an industrial tycoon, you can create a city filled with factories. For the environmentally conscious tycoons, there are greener factories that emit less pollution. For those that are just driven by production despite the damages to the environment, we have heavily toxic factories that probably wouldn’t pass a modern day smog test.

Whatever you choose to build, your citizens will react to those decisions. Too much pollution? Too much crime? Poor fire safety? Your citizens will tell you how they feel and push back. You choose what kind of city you want and watch as it comes to life and responds to your decisions. It’s up to you, what’s going to be the story behind your city?

SimCity Social is taking the idea of playing with your friends to a whole new level. Simply visitng your friends cities and using them for resources is so last year, ever want more? More City, Less Ville, is what SimCity Social is bringing to you. You can choose to build friendly relationships with your friends, leave them surprises and perform nice actions in their cities. Or you can develop intense rivalries with your frenemies!

World Series Superstars Brings Playoff Baseball to Facebook!

October 6, 2011

October baseball is HERE! If the last few days of the 2011 MLB regular season are any indication, this could be a spectacular finish to an incredible baseball season.  October is the best time of year for America’s pastime; the tension and drama – so many indelible moments, soul-crushing defeats, and moments of pure joy. What better way to celebrate playoff baseball than by following along with World Series Superstars and the Playoff Predictor?

Every day in October, EA Sports World Series Superstars will let YOU pick the winner of every single post-season clash, from the Wildcard round through to a very special World Series Predictor, giving you the chance to win bigger rewards than ever before. Pitching match-ups are never more important than in the MLB Post-Season, and EA is giving you the chance to snag BIG in-game rewards for not just picking the right team, but also owning a pitcher from the game you select.

All this is leading up to a very special World Series Predictor where you might have a chance to snag some LEGENDARY bonuses for predicting the Fall Classic. Stay tuned to World Series Superstars, because the World Series Champs won’t be the only winners – you could too!

It’s Pizza Time in Restaurant City!

February 23, 2011

Restaurant City fans are in for a real culinary treat this week as Playfish’s widely popular cooking strategy game heads into a Venetian theme and launches a new feature: The Pizzeria!

Starting this week players will have the opportunity to unlock the amazing Pizzeria – the ultimate cooking utility, which includes a fast stove and drink dispenser.

But, of course no great Pizzeria can be built overnight! Players will be able to complete building this grand collectible over time, unlocking various components of the Pizzeria by mastering a series of recipes.

The first recipe to master is the delicious Pizza Vegetariana, which will unlock the basic version of the Pizzeria. From there, continue to unlock and master other recipes by collecting ingredients from friends or by earning them through the game! Be sure to check into Restaurant City to find out what recipe is next on the list to be mastered!

The Pizzeria also comes with its own mini game – the Dough Boy!

A happy chappy, he’ll help the chef at the Pizzeria by preparing the pizza dough! Wait for him to highlight with a green border that tells you he’s ready to toss some dough in the air. When you click him, make sure you click the dough in time so that he catches it! Can you imagine what will happen if he doesn’t…?

Restaurant City has come out with great collectibles over time – the Sushi Bar, Lounge Bar and Karaoke Bar, even a Bowling Alley. With the new Pizzeria, Restaurant City continues to put the fun into one of Facebook’s most popular cooking games.

Get a Taste of Asia in Restuarant City!

January 26, 2011

Hello Restaurant City fans!

If you’re a foodie and have always wanted to try your hand at traditional Asian dishes, then you’ll love Restaurant City’s “Taste of Asia” week! This week in Restaurant City, players will tour four inspiring locations in Asia.

First up is Taiwan! Learn the Stinky Tofu recipe and you’ll unlock a replica of the famous Taipei Tower! When you add the Taipei Tower to your restaurant, you’ll unlock a cool boosting effect of added patience for customers who are waiting for a chair at your restaurant.

Once you’re done tasting Taiwan, jump onto the lovely Tuk Tuk replica from Thailand! Unlock this baby (taxi) by mastering the Tom Yun Kung dish. The Tuk Tuk also adds a patience boost for customers who have sat down and waiting for an order, so you’ll definitely want to add this to your restaurant’s décor!

The third stop on the tour is a trip to Malaysia where you can see the Petronas Tower replica! Master the Nasi Lemak dish and you’ll unlock a patience boost for customers who are waiting for dirty dishes to be taken away!

Last, but not least in Restaurant City’s epic Taste of Asia week, we’ll cross the South China sea to the Philippines where we’ll try the Chicken Adobo recipe! Master the recipe and you’ll get a beautiful Nipa Hut replica to adorn your restaurant.

And, we have one more feature in store for you in celebration of Taste of Asia week! Master all four recipes and you’ll unlock the beautiful Exquisite Bridge Centerpiece. This beautiful centerpiece isn’t just for eye-candy! Watch as customers walk over the bridge to enter your restaurant! Not only that, it increases your restaurant’s popularity by 3 – which means more customers!

Also, this week is the FINAL WEEK to learn all of the Karaoke Bar recipes. The Karaoke Bar recipes are going away and you’ll only have this week to learn all of the dishes before they are locked forever! To help you catch up, there’s a mega sale on Karaoke Bar recipe ingredients! All the ingredients you’ll need for the Shirley Temple, Satay Sensation and Veggie Platter recipes are just ONE Playfish Cash each! PLUS all other Karaoke Bar ingredients have been dropped to just three Playfish Cash! Now is the perfect time to head on into the Ingredients Market and stock up on those items while prices are still low! So don’t miss out!

See you in the kitchen, folks!

Click here to play Restaurant City now.

Madden NFL Superstars: Card Collection! Collect your favorite NFL teams for a chance at the ultimate rewards!

November 4, 2010

Does the thrill of tearing open a pack of player cards bring joy and excitement to you? What about the anticipation of being one player short of collecting an entire NFL team? If you’ve answered “yes” and “yes,” you’ll be a huge fan of ‘Card Collection,’ the newest feature in Madden NFL Superstars!

Like in the traditional card collection experience, ‘Card Collection’ gives you the opportunity to collect all your favorite NFL players, with the added bonus of reaping serious in-game loot, including coins, limited addition cards, and of course, bragging rights!

Here’s how ‘Card Collection’ works:
The Collection tab brings you to the first of four NFL Player Books, each containing eight NFL teams.  The Player Book reveals how many Player Cards you “own” and how many you’ve “collected.”
While ‘Card Collection’ has the familiarity of the traditional card collecting experience, the feature also offers players a new and exciting way to collect players and teams. To build out your collections, visit each team and drag a player card onto the designated card slot. Once a player card is added into the collection, the card will illuminate – you can’t do that with traditional cards!
When you’ve collected an entire NFL team, cash in your Player Cards to receive your bonus!
Rewards, rewards, rewards!
The first NFL Player Book gets you 50,000 coins for each team collected. As you progress through each Player Book, your rewards increase up to 1 million coins!. Each Player Book requires that you have a certain number of friends playing the game, so get out there and recruit your friends to play Madden NFL Superstars!

Even more exciting is that Player Book #3 and #4 not only award a huge coin bonus for each team collection, but you also get the coveted Elite Card from that team! Elite Cards provide an Overall Team Rating bonus, similar to Limited Edition Cards, but they never expire. These cards, some of the highest-rated players in the game, can only be earned through Card Collection, so start collecting now!

Restaurant City Halloween Competition Winners Cook Up Recipes to Die For!

October 21, 2010

Just in time for Halloween, Restaurant City chefs have been deviously cooking up ghoulish gourmet creations for the Halloween Boo-Licious Cook Off competition! Players were challenged to create an original and frighteningly delicious food or drink recipe perfect for Halloween for a chance to win 500 Playfish Cash and their spooky concoctions to be featured in Restaurant City.

Not only did the creativity and talent behind these devilishly delicious recipes amaze us, the artistic and culinary skills were beyond impressive as well! We would like to extend our thanks to all the boys and ghouls who participated in the competition – Thank you!

And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for…the winners!

Winning Main Dish: Gasping Ghoulash

By Denesa Yip

Winning Drink: Brain Drain

By Vanessa

Check out the Restaurant City Blog for more information on the Halloween Boo-Licious Cook Off competition, as well as details from the winners around what inspired them to create their winning recipes and what they’ll do with their new found riches!

Most Haunted Pets: Garden Edition

October 13, 2010

A little while ago we asked players to design a spooky vegetable, flower or tree to go into Pet Society just in time for Halloween. The winner of each category would earn themselves a frighteningly large amount of Playfish Cash — 500 to be precise — as well as eternal fame as their hard work is made available for the game’s millions of players around the world to buy.

So who won? Let’s hand it over to Eepette, the host of Most Haunted Pets, to find out!

“Thanks Mark! Welcome to the very special garden edition of Most Haunted Pets, the show that visits the most mysterious and eerie homes in all of Pet Society and brings supernatural discoveries to you live on camera! This week we’re going to be taking a look at haunted gardens, so expect terrifying trees, fearsome flowers and, er, very scary vegetables! Our first stop is a spooky vegetable patch. If we wait a few moments, I’m sure something scary’ll happen pretty soon.”

The camera settles on a patch of potatoes. Time is set to fast forward, but nothing happens. Suddenly the camera spins wildly and a carrot flies past.

“Did you see that?! A carrot just flew through the air!”

The footage is played back in slow motion. On the second pass, the host of the show, Eepette, is visible in the side of the frame throwing the carrot.

“Well that was amazing! Now I just need to go to the bathroom….I’ll be back in a second. Keep looking, and listening… I said listening for anything scary. BRB!”

Eepette runs enthusiastically out of sight. Suddenly, loud knocking sounds can be heard. The camera whirls around to focus on a large shimmering gray tree. The footage is played three times for good measure, each time slower than the last. Three Moody Ghost Vegetables can be clearly seen in a distant part of the vegetable patch, giggling, sobbing and growling in equal parts. The camera now focuses on the knocking sound, while the camera operator mutters shrilly into the mic that he’s absolutely terrified. Encouraged on by the rest of the crew he starts to approach the sound. It seems to be emitting from behind the tree. Terrified, the crew pace around the tree to find Eepette knocking a piece of wood on the tree’s trunk. She drops the piece of wood when she sees them approach.

“Oh my, did you hear that knocking sound? I heard it all the way from the bathroom, what do you think it could be?”

The half-speed replay shows Eepette startled and dropping the piece of wood in slow motion.

“Hmm, must have been….like….a ghost or something. Anyway let’s go check out those flowers!”  As she points to the flowers she absently picks a Gummy Ghost Fruit from the shimmering tree and eats it. “Hmm, spookily delicious whatever they are!”

Next, the crew paces over to a flowerbed across the garden from the tree. By this point Eepette seems to be running out of ideas. “Wooooo, I’m the Green Garden Ghost!,” as she wafts a leaf in front of the camera. The crew is becoming visibly frustrated and embarrassed.

“That’s a leaf, Eepette.”

“Yes it’s a Leaf Ghost.”

“No, it’s just a leaf.”

Eepette stares at the leaf still in her hands for a few moments then appears to lose interest and flings it into the flowerbed. As the crew starts to return to the Most Haunted Pets van, a single black rose spits out the leaf and smiles that chesire-cat smile.

“Well that’s about all we’ve got time for! Over to you, Mark!”

Er, thanks Eepette. Anyway moving swiftly on, congratulations to our winners, MissGlitter who designed the spooky Spirits Tree, CarlosEP creator of the devilish Black Cat Rose, and Danzefly the evil mastermind behind the Moody Ghost Vegetables. Each of our ghoulish winners have won 500 Playfish Cash, as well as their designs featured in Pet Society!

We were truly bowled over by the sheer talent on display during this competition. We only wish we had time to put ALL of your ideas in the game. Really amazing!See you next time and have a spooktacular Halloween! (Hey it’s Halloween. Bad puns are allowed at Halloween).


Country Story Birthday Card Winners!

August 25, 2010

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be famous?

Being a movie star’s all well and good and we’re sure being an R&B singer with a song at number 1 is just peachy but what’s it like to experience true worldwide fame with millions of people seeing your hard work every single day?

Well ten people are about to find out.

That’s right, we’re rolling out the red carpet to the ten winners of our Country Story birthday card competition who’re going to have their birthday cards featured in Country Story for the whole world to see!

So who are our new A list celebrities?

First down the red carpet is luicei375 who collects their 100 Playfish Cash for their birthday card:

Next up is GayleWarfield, collecting 100 Playfish Cash:

Here’s -Milkah- who also collects 100 Playfish Cash for her work:

This is Requiem ♪’s work winning 100 Playfish Cash:

Rhini blew us away with this amazing entry taking 100 Playfish Cash:

Jullyet stole the show with this fine piece of work taking 100 Playfish Cash:

Cudz took things to a whole new level with this fantastic piece winning 100 Playfish Cash:

While Tsukuyomi pulled out all the stops with this exceptional effort bagging 100 Playfish Cash:

Damselwolf made it look easy pulling off this fine piece of work for a cool 200 Playfish Cash:

And last but certainly not least our big winner Chewbie secured 500 Playfish Cash for this masterpiece!

Congratulations everyone! See you on Country Story!

Winners Announced for the Party with Pet Society Competition!

August 24, 2010

As part of Pet Society’s second birthday extravaganza we introduced the Party With Pet Society competition to get everyone in the spirit!

We invited you to show us how YOU were celebrating our second birthday, and boy do you know how to party in style! Balloon parties, food parties, loud parties, low key, elegant affairs – the range and creativity of the submissions were amazing! Now, three lucky players will win big prizes for being voted the best birthday party in town! Each of the Party With Pet Society winners have bagged themselves a whole stack of Playfish Cash to go on a spending spree!

And without further ado, here are the winners who received the most votes from Pet Society players for their entries!

In third place, Joa Waehlte wins 200 Playfish Cash! Joa’s party captured the imagination of the Pet Society community and got their vote with inviting balloons and the promise of good music! The Mayor had his eye on the presents under the balloons… we wonder if there were more hidden under the table!

Runner up and recipient of second prize is Chiara Spagnulo, who created this party chock full of gifts and lovely candy! Congratulations, Chiara – you’ll be receiving 300 Playfish Cash for your efforts! We hope you spend it on many more amazing parties to come!

And finally, in first place and winning herself 1000 Playfish Cash is Jennifer McConnell. This giant cake party received the most votes from the Pet Society community and no wonder – just look at the size of that cake! We were pretty sure we’d be eating birthday cake for the rest of the year if she threw a party for Playfish!

Whew, all this partying has been exhausting! Thanks to everyone who entered and captured how you celebrated Pet Society’s second birthday. Now, what shall we do next year…?

Win 1000 Playfish Cash in Pet Society’s 2nd Birthday Competition!

August 5, 2010

Love Pet Society? Love parties? Want to win 1000 Playfish Cash?

Well you’ve come to the right place! We’re celebrating Pet Society’s 2nd birthday by having a big party all over the world and for a chance at winning the 1000 Playfish Cash all you have to do is show us how you party with Pet Society!

Just decorate one of your Pet Society rooms using Pet Society items from the shops, take a picture using Pet Society’s camera button and upload it to the contest tab here by Sunday 15th August 2010 at 00:00 PST.

You don’t even have to decorate a room to join the party, just come along to see the entries and vote for the one you like most! That’s right, we’ll choose our favorite 15 parties and let you know which they are, then YOU get to vote which should be the top 3!

3rd place will earn themselves a cool 200 Playfish Cash, 2nd place in the votes will bag themselves 300 Playfish Cash and the winner of the competition as voted by YOU will be instantly catapulted to Pet Society’s A List with a stunning 1000 Playfish Cash prize!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Oh, and remember to read the terms and conditions on the contest tab before you enter folks!

Good luck everyone, see you at the party!

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