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The NEW Season of Madden NFL Superstars is LIVE!

September 15, 2011

The new Season of Madden NFL Superstars boasts not only all new and updated cards and rosters, but also a brand new set of features! Play Calling allows you to make a difference in the outcome of your game. Build up a true NFL Complex with a stadium, practice fields, training facilities, a front office and more! Real time stats showcase the best players on YOUR team.

Producer of Madden NFL Superstars (2011 and 2012), Jason Ostresh answered a few questions about the new Season:

What is Madden NFL Superstars 2012?  Madden NFL Superstars 2012 is a team management social game where  players can compete against friends on Facebook to build the ultimate NFL team! It’s fun, approachable and free to play! This is the second version of the game, so we’ve applied everything we learned from last year to bring fans an updated Madden NFL Superstars experience taken to the next level.
How do the 2011 and 2012 seasons work?  When we sat down and planned out the 2012 version of the game, we wanted to make sure everyone who played the 2011 version would keep all their players and maintain their progress in the game.  In 2012, players can choose to play either the 2011 or 2012 version at the touch of a single button. Best of all – everything you do, or did, in 2011 provides you with advantages in the newest version of the product!
What is the difference between 2011 and 2012?  We learned a lot of valuable lessons over the past year by talking to our players and fans and trying new ideas.  What we have done in the 2012 version is re-imagine what the Facebook football experience should be.  Not only is it faster and slicker, but we also made some improvements to make the NFL experience even more realistic.  From play-calling to real player stats, we really deliver the NFL to the Facebook community.



Why did you choose to create a brand new season? I come from a Madden console background, and this is what we have always done.  The first day of the NFL season is always the greatest – all teams start with a 0-0 record and are playoff contenders.  I wanted this same experience in Madden Superstars.  Yes, you keep all of your old progress, but when the new season begins everyone is on even footing.
Is 2011 better than 2012?   Madden Superstars 2011 was a great game, but 2012 takes the game to a whole new level! New game features and innovations are right around the corner, so keep playing 2012 and let us know what you think.

What can players expect this season?  We continue to collect data on what our players love the most about the game and build new additions accordingly.  We update Superstars each week, so things rarely stand pat for long.  I’m hoping that when everything is said and done, both casual and hardcore fans will find that Madden Superstars on Facebook is a place where they can get their NFL fix each and every day.


In the Dugout with World Series Superstars

July 25, 2011

Summer is in full swing and that means baseball season is too! For all you baseball fans out there, be sure to check out World Series Superstars , the only game on Facebook that brings real Major League Baseball simulation action! In World Series Superstars, players get to take the role as General Manager and coach real Major League Baseball players and teams.

From building out your team line-up and bullpen to managing players’ moves on the field, or even down to how your pitcher approaches a batter, World Series Superstars lets you take control of your team and its success!

But, creating a team and leading them to World Series glory isn’t the only the goal in World Series Superstars. The game also has the dynamic Predictor mode, where players can choose the winner of an actual Major League Baseball game being played every single day.

And it pays to play the Predictor mode! Players can collect rewards and bonuses based on correct predictions, streaks, and owning the starting pitcher for the winning team! The Predictor is an exciting and unique way for World Series Superstars fans to interact with the 2011 MLB season while helping their team at the same time.

What are you waiting for! Come play World Series Superstars and start building your ultimate MLB Dream Team! And get ready, “Majors 2: Race for the Pennant” is just around the corner, so make sure your team is prepared!

Pro League 3: Compete for the Elite! Put Your Team to the Ultimate Test in Madden NFL Superstars!

February 1, 2011

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge—and ultimate rewards—in Madden NFL Superstars? Welcome to Pro League 3!

Does your team need a stellar QB? What about a star running back? Last week, Madden NFL Superstars introduced Pro League 3, which gives players the opportunity to choose the NFL pro they want to compete for! Start Pro League 3 by selecting an Elite Card. These Elite Cards represent some of the best players in the NFL, boasting a 99 player rating and a +3 Overall Team Rating boost that never expires!

To earn your prized Elite Card, players must claim victory over all 32 teams in Pro League 3. It’s a huge feat, but players will have 24 hours to play each team as many times as it takes to win! The timer moves on with or without you. After 24 hours, you must play the next team. And, don’t forget to build up your new stadium and attract fans for some extra support!

Like all great football games, there are winners and there are losers. Want another chance at the Cincinnati Bengals? Instant Replays allow players to replay teams that they’ve lost against and Time-Outs add 24 more hours to game time!

Earn MORE Coins and XP than ever before and a bonus after every 4 wins! Complete a PERFECT season in Pro League 3 and earn your Elite Card!

Real NFL Coaches Ready for Hire in Madden NFL Superstars!

December 16, 2010

Is your Madden NFL Superstars team constantly looking at three and out?  Now you can give your team extra motivation and a unique advantage by hiring a real NFL Coach! After all, the key to a winning football team is experience and deep knowledge of the X’s and O’s. To get your hands on a seasoned NFL Coach, tear open an Ultimate or Platinum Card Pack to “unlock” him. Once unlocked, activate his skills with coins, contract cards or Playfish Cash on the Practice screen.

Similar to Bonus Cards, each NFL Coach is random, so you’ll never know who will be waiting to impart wisdom to your team from the sidelines! Will it be Pete Carroll, Lovie Smith or Mike Tomlin? Visit Madden NFL Superstars today to find out! Since no two great coaches are alike, each coach has a different special ability, including double coins for every win or free game tickets! Players can take advantage of their coach for four days, but have no fear, after their contract expires, you can rehire your current coach or hire a new one to continue redeeming a special ability.

What can your favorite NFL Coach do for your team? Find out now in Madden NFL Superstars!

Madden NFL Superstars: Card Collection! Collect your favorite NFL teams for a chance at the ultimate rewards!

November 4, 2010

Does the thrill of tearing open a pack of player cards bring joy and excitement to you? What about the anticipation of being one player short of collecting an entire NFL team? If you’ve answered “yes” and “yes,” you’ll be a huge fan of ‘Card Collection,’ the newest feature in Madden NFL Superstars!

Like in the traditional card collection experience, ‘Card Collection’ gives you the opportunity to collect all your favorite NFL players, with the added bonus of reaping serious in-game loot, including coins, limited addition cards, and of course, bragging rights!

Here’s how ‘Card Collection’ works:
The Collection tab brings you to the first of four NFL Player Books, each containing eight NFL teams.  The Player Book reveals how many Player Cards you “own” and how many you’ve “collected.”
While ‘Card Collection’ has the familiarity of the traditional card collecting experience, the feature also offers players a new and exciting way to collect players and teams. To build out your collections, visit each team and drag a player card onto the designated card slot. Once a player card is added into the collection, the card will illuminate – you can’t do that with traditional cards!
When you’ve collected an entire NFL team, cash in your Player Cards to receive your bonus!
Rewards, rewards, rewards!
The first NFL Player Book gets you 50,000 coins for each team collected. As you progress through each Player Book, your rewards increase up to 1 million coins!. Each Player Book requires that you have a certain number of friends playing the game, so get out there and recruit your friends to play Madden NFL Superstars!

Even more exciting is that Player Book #3 and #4 not only award a huge coin bonus for each team collection, but you also get the coveted Elite Card from that team! Elite Cards provide an Overall Team Rating bonus, similar to Limited Edition Cards, but they never expire. These cards, some of the highest-rated players in the game, can only be earned through Card Collection, so start collecting now!

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