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MONOPOLY Millionaires launches in German!

August 18, 2011

MONOPOLY Millionaires Jetzt Auf Deutsch Spielen!

Guten Tag MONOPOLY Millionaires players!

Last week, MONOPOLY Millionaires launched a German-language version of the game. Players will still enjoy all the excitement of building the best boards and visiting friends to amass millions in MONOPOLY coins, but with all in-game text completely in German! Now players can become a real estate tycoon in more than one language!

If you know German, check it out today! If you’d like to play MONOPOLY Millionaires in German, please change your Facebook Language Settings to “Deutsch”.

We are very excited to be able to bring the first non-English translation of MONOPOLY Millionaires to our German players and would love to hear your thoughts! Please provide any feedback, comments and questions by visiting the Official MONOPOLY Millionaires Forum!

MONOPOLY Millionaires - German Decorations

And, to help celebrate the launch of the German-language version of MONOPOLY Millionaires, we’ve released six German-themed decorations for your MONOPOLY board.  These unique decorations, including the Brandenburg Gate, Biergarten, German Village, Weinhaus, Holsten Gate, and Bierhaus – All of which will help give any MONOPOLY Board a distinct and authentic German look and feel!

We hope all of our players join us in this German launch celebration, and just maybe help us start Oktoberfest a bit early this year!

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