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Community Appreciation Month!

November 15, 2011

For the entire month of November, Playfish and our friends at EA will be celebrating Community Appreciation Month with free gifts, contests, exclusive content and much, much more – all to say thanks to our loyal fans on Facebook. During Community Appreciate Month some of our favorite games will be holding design contests, sharing “inside looks” at the magic that goes into our games, and interacting with the Community on a scale we never have before. Community Appreciation Month to Playfish and EA is about recognizing the passion and creativity that our players share with us every single day.

The hub for Community Appreciation Month is the Playfish Forums. Check out the Community Corner on the forum to get a taste of the kind of fans and relationships that Playfish games have helped bring together.  To participate in Community Appreciate Month, all you need to do is register for the forum.. The Playfish Community will also be the central station for a month-long free gift giveaway, with a huge, gift bonanza on November 18th for registered members to celebrate the three year anniversary of the Playfish Community. But there won’t be just gifts! Look for exclusive contests and chances for the Playfish community to have their very own designs and creations spotlighted for all of our fans.

While most events will be taking place within Facebook and the Playfish Forums, The Sims Social is taking it even further by inviting players and friends from all over the world to take part in the Global Sims Social Meet-up on November 17th. This is an incredible chance for people in cities across the globe to meet their Sims Social neighbors, BFF’s and frenemies in real life to explore the relationships they’ve already created through the Sims Social, and better yet, to make even more friends. And if you are just looking to gain access to exclusive Sims Social content – there will be that too.

Please join us through November as we celebrate you, our fans – the people that give Playfish and EA new reasons every day to appreciate your dedication to our games. Community Appreciation Month is for you!

World Series Superstars Brings Playoff Baseball to Facebook!

October 6, 2011

October baseball is HERE! If the last few days of the 2011 MLB regular season are any indication, this could be a spectacular finish to an incredible baseball season.  October is the best time of year for America’s pastime; the tension and drama – so many indelible moments, soul-crushing defeats, and moments of pure joy. What better way to celebrate playoff baseball than by following along with World Series Superstars and the Playoff Predictor?

Every day in October, EA Sports World Series Superstars will let YOU pick the winner of every single post-season clash, from the Wildcard round through to a very special World Series Predictor, giving you the chance to win bigger rewards than ever before. Pitching match-ups are never more important than in the MLB Post-Season, and EA is giving you the chance to snag BIG in-game rewards for not just picking the right team, but also owning a pitcher from the game you select.

All this is leading up to a very special World Series Predictor where you might have a chance to snag some LEGENDARY bonuses for predicting the Fall Classic. Stay tuned to World Series Superstars, because the World Series Champs won’t be the only winners – you could too!

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