World Series Superstars Brings Playoff Baseball to Facebook!


October baseball is HERE! If the last few days of the 2011 MLB regular season are any indication, this could be a spectacular finish to an incredible baseball season.  October is the best time of year for America’s pastime; the tension and drama – so many indelible moments, soul-crushing defeats, and moments of pure joy. What better way to celebrate playoff baseball than by following along with World Series Superstars and the Playoff Predictor?

Every day in October, EA Sports World Series Superstars will let YOU pick the winner of every single post-season clash, from the Wildcard round through to a very special World Series Predictor, giving you the chance to win bigger rewards than ever before. Pitching match-ups are never more important than in the MLB Post-Season, and EA is giving you the chance to snag BIG in-game rewards for not just picking the right team, but also owning a pitcher from the game you select.

All this is leading up to a very special World Series Predictor where you might have a chance to snag some LEGENDARY bonuses for predicting the Fall Classic. Stay tuned to World Series Superstars, because the World Series Champs won’t be the only winners – you could too!

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