In the Dugout with World Series Superstars


Summer is in full swing and that means baseball season is too! For all you baseball fans out there, be sure to check out World Series Superstars , the only game on Facebook that brings real Major League Baseball simulation action! In World Series Superstars, players get to take the role as General Manager and coach real Major League Baseball players and teams.

From building out your team line-up and bullpen to managing players’ moves on the field, or even down to how your pitcher approaches a batter, World Series Superstars lets you take control of your team and its success!

But, creating a team and leading them to World Series glory isn’t the only the goal in World Series Superstars. The game also has the dynamic Predictor mode, where players can choose the winner of an actual Major League Baseball game being played every single day.

And it pays to play the Predictor mode! Players can collect rewards and bonuses based on correct predictions, streaks, and owning the starting pitcher for the winning team! The Predictor is an exciting and unique way for World Series Superstars fans to interact with the 2011 MLB season while helping their team at the same time.

What are you waiting for! Come play World Series Superstars and start building your ultimate MLB Dream Team! And get ready, “Majors 2: Race for the Pennant” is just around the corner, so make sure your team is prepared!

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