It’s Pizza Time in Restaurant City!


Restaurant City fans are in for a real culinary treat this week as Playfish’s widely popular cooking strategy game heads into a Venetian theme and launches a new feature: The Pizzeria!

Starting this week players will have the opportunity to unlock the amazing Pizzeria – the ultimate cooking utility, which includes a fast stove and drink dispenser.

But, of course no great Pizzeria can be built overnight! Players will be able to complete building this grand collectible over time, unlocking various components of the Pizzeria by mastering a series of recipes.

The first recipe to master is the delicious Pizza Vegetariana, which will unlock the basic version of the Pizzeria. From there, continue to unlock and master other recipes by collecting ingredients from friends or by earning them through the game! Be sure to check into Restaurant City to find out what recipe is next on the list to be mastered!

The Pizzeria also comes with its own mini game – the Dough Boy!

A happy chappy, he’ll help the chef at the Pizzeria by preparing the pizza dough! Wait for him to highlight with a green border that tells you he’s ready to toss some dough in the air. When you click him, make sure you click the dough in time so that he catches it! Can you imagine what will happen if he doesn’t…?

Restaurant City has come out with great collectibles over time – the Sushi Bar, Lounge Bar and Karaoke Bar, even a Bowling Alley. With the new Pizzeria, Restaurant City continues to put the fun into one of Facebook’s most popular cooking games.

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