Pro League 3: Compete for the Elite! Put Your Team to the Ultimate Test in Madden NFL Superstars!


Are you ready for the ultimate challenge—and ultimate rewards—in Madden NFL Superstars? Welcome to Pro League 3!

Does your team need a stellar QB? What about a star running back? Last week, Madden NFL Superstars introduced Pro League 3, which gives players the opportunity to choose the NFL pro they want to compete for! Start Pro League 3 by selecting an Elite Card. These Elite Cards represent some of the best players in the NFL, boasting a 99 player rating and a +3 Overall Team Rating boost that never expires!

To earn your prized Elite Card, players must claim victory over all 32 teams in Pro League 3. It’s a huge feat, but players will have 24 hours to play each team as many times as it takes to win! The timer moves on with or without you. After 24 hours, you must play the next team. And, don’t forget to build up your new stadium and attract fans for some extra support!

Like all great football games, there are winners and there are losers. Want another chance at the Cincinnati Bengals? Instant Replays allow players to replay teams that they’ve lost against and Time-Outs add 24 more hours to game time!

Earn MORE Coins and XP than ever before and a bonus after every 4 wins! Complete a PERFECT season in Pro League 3 and earn your Elite Card!

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