Get a Taste of Asia in Restuarant City!


Hello Restaurant City fans!

If you’re a foodie and have always wanted to try your hand at traditional Asian dishes, then you’ll love Restaurant City’s “Taste of Asia” week! This week in Restaurant City, players will tour four inspiring locations in Asia.

First up is Taiwan! Learn the Stinky Tofu recipe and you’ll unlock a replica of the famous Taipei Tower! When you add the Taipei Tower to your restaurant, you’ll unlock a cool boosting effect of added patience for customers who are waiting for a chair at your restaurant.

Once you’re done tasting Taiwan, jump onto the lovely Tuk Tuk replica from Thailand! Unlock this baby (taxi) by mastering the Tom Yun Kung dish. The Tuk Tuk also adds a patience boost for customers who have sat down and waiting for an order, so you’ll definitely want to add this to your restaurant’s décor!

The third stop on the tour is a trip to Malaysia where you can see the Petronas Tower replica! Master the Nasi Lemak dish and you’ll unlock a patience boost for customers who are waiting for dirty dishes to be taken away!

Last, but not least in Restaurant City’s epic Taste of Asia week, we’ll cross the South China sea to the Philippines where we’ll try the Chicken Adobo recipe! Master the recipe and you’ll get a beautiful Nipa Hut replica to adorn your restaurant.

And, we have one more feature in store for you in celebration of Taste of Asia week! Master all four recipes and you’ll unlock the beautiful Exquisite Bridge Centerpiece. This beautiful centerpiece isn’t just for eye-candy! Watch as customers walk over the bridge to enter your restaurant! Not only that, it increases your restaurant’s popularity by 3 – which means more customers!

Also, this week is the FINAL WEEK to learn all of the Karaoke Bar recipes. The Karaoke Bar recipes are going away and you’ll only have this week to learn all of the dishes before they are locked forever! To help you catch up, there’s a mega sale on Karaoke Bar recipe ingredients! All the ingredients you’ll need for the Shirley Temple, Satay Sensation and Veggie Platter recipes are just ONE Playfish Cash each! PLUS all other Karaoke Bar ingredients have been dropped to just three Playfish Cash! Now is the perfect time to head on into the Ingredients Market and stock up on those items while prices are still low! So don’t miss out!

See you in the kitchen, folks!

Click here to play Restaurant City now.

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