Real NFL Coaches Ready for Hire in Madden NFL Superstars!


Is your Madden NFL Superstars team constantly looking at three and out?  Now you can give your team extra motivation and a unique advantage by hiring a real NFL Coach! After all, the key to a winning football team is experience and deep knowledge of the X’s and O’s. To get your hands on a seasoned NFL Coach, tear open an Ultimate or Platinum Card Pack to “unlock” him. Once unlocked, activate his skills with coins, contract cards or Playfish Cash on the Practice screen.

Similar to Bonus Cards, each NFL Coach is random, so you’ll never know who will be waiting to impart wisdom to your team from the sidelines! Will it be Pete Carroll, Lovie Smith or Mike Tomlin? Visit Madden NFL Superstars today to find out! Since no two great coaches are alike, each coach has a different special ability, including double coins for every win or free game tickets! Players can take advantage of their coach for four days, but have no fear, after their contract expires, you can rehire your current coach or hire a new one to continue redeeming a special ability.

What can your favorite NFL Coach do for your team? Find out now in Madden NFL Superstars!

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