It’s a Bargain Bonanza in Restaurant City!


Hi Cooks!

Maggie here, with an update from Restaurant City!

Do you love to shop and need some major retail therapy? Well, you’re in luck because it’s Crazy Shopping Week in Restaurant City!

Lose yourself in a bargain bonanza and get ready to ‘shop till you drop’ during the biggest shopping extravaganza ever seen in Restaurant City!

Between now and Monday you will find HUGE BARGAINS in Restaurant City. Visit Maggie’s Boutique each day to get your hands on an expired limited-edition item. Only one limited item will be available per day, so there’s no time to waste.

Also, check out Maggie’s Warehouse for a selection of popular themed and seasonal items up to 75% off! Nothing is more rewarding than getting a second chance to buy items you missed out on the first time!

Crazy Shopping Week also extends to our precious ingredients! For this week only, you will be able to purchase from the Ingredient Market a choice of six different ingredients every day, and all Playfish Cash Ingredients will be only 3 Playfish Cash each!

But, there’s more! Master the new Turducken meal and you’ll unlock an awesome animated replica of the famous ship, the Santa Marzipan, which will earn you 1600 coins every 4 hours! Sounds like the perfect way to earn extra spending cash before the Crazy Shopping Week sadly comes to an end.

You’d be mad to miss out on these fabulous bargains! Don’t forget to visit the Restaurant City forum and the fan page on Facebook regularly for free ingredients and coins!

Bon Appetite!

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