BREAKING NEWS: FIFA Superstars manager Tactical Joe speaks to press!


Superstars F.C. manager Tactical Joe speaks to Playfish and the FIFA Superstars Community about how he’s managing his FIFA Superstars team, game features and exclusive news that he’s heard from the FIFA Superstars developers!


News reporter: “Welcome to the press conference, Tactical Joe. How are you preparing your squad?”

Tactical Joe: “It’s going to be a big few days for the lads. Now that there’s no restriction on using the 24-hour training sessions before Level 11, I’ve been able to keep them fit and healthy throughout the week, and have brought in the Personal Trainer for a +10 training boost after each round of matches. We’re ready to take on all-comers!”

News reporter: “Have you signed any new players?”

Tactical Joe: “Funny you should ask. After seeing that this week’s ‘Superstars of the Week’ includes Udinese’s Antonio Di Natale, I thought I’d take advantage of the chairman’s generosity and purchase the Limited Edition Superstars of the Week Gold Transfers – now available every week!”


News reporter: “Were you able to tempt Di Natale to Superstars F.C?”

Tactical Joe: “Unfortunately not. But I did acquire a Superstar of the Week that is very rare and I’m sure he’ll be useful for the new competitions and leagues coming soon to FIFA Superstars.”


News reporter: “Can you shed any light on reports that you’ll be able to test your managerial skills during games?”

Tactical Joe: I can confirm it’s true! Due to the superb FIFA Superstars Community I’ll soon be able to change my team during the game and really flex my managerial muscles – I’ll need to expand my squad once my players start picking up injuries, yellow and red cards.


News reporter: Finally, how do see the Arsenal v Tottenham match panning out?

Tactical Joe: The two north London Premier League clubs collide! Despite their patchy home form, I think Arsenal will grab a 1-0 victory – that should get me 3 free match credits. I’ll be sure to remember to make my Match of the Week prediction this weekend before kick-off!


News reporter: Thanks for your time, Joe.

Tactical Joe: Always a pleasure. I’m going back to the training ground to check my FIFA Superstars are in top condition!


FIFA SuperstarsTactical Joe will be interviewed every fortnight about game hints, current features and upcoming new FIFA Superstars additions! Check out the EA SPORTS newsletter in FIFA Superstars and the FIFA Superstars Community every day for game news and chat from other FIFA Superstars managers!

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