Madden NFL Superstars: Card Collection! Collect your favorite NFL teams for a chance at the ultimate rewards!


Does the thrill of tearing open a pack of player cards bring joy and excitement to you? What about the anticipation of being one player short of collecting an entire NFL team? If you’ve answered “yes” and “yes,” you’ll be a huge fan of ‘Card Collection,’ the newest feature in Madden NFL Superstars!

Like in the traditional card collection experience, ‘Card Collection’ gives you the opportunity to collect all your favorite NFL players, with the added bonus of reaping serious in-game loot, including coins, limited addition cards, and of course, bragging rights!

Here’s how ‘Card Collection’ works:
The Collection tab brings you to the first of four NFL Player Books, each containing eight NFL teams.  The Player Book reveals how many Player Cards you “own” and how many you’ve “collected.”
While ‘Card Collection’ has the familiarity of the traditional card collecting experience, the feature also offers players a new and exciting way to collect players and teams. To build out your collections, visit each team and drag a player card onto the designated card slot. Once a player card is added into the collection, the card will illuminate – you can’t do that with traditional cards!
When you’ve collected an entire NFL team, cash in your Player Cards to receive your bonus!
Rewards, rewards, rewards!
The first NFL Player Book gets you 50,000 coins for each team collected. As you progress through each Player Book, your rewards increase up to 1 million coins!. Each Player Book requires that you have a certain number of friends playing the game, so get out there and recruit your friends to play Madden NFL Superstars!

Even more exciting is that Player Book #3 and #4 not only award a huge coin bonus for each team collection, but you also get the coveted Elite Card from that team! Elite Cards provide an Overall Team Rating bonus, similar to Limited Edition Cards, but they never expire. These cards, some of the highest-rated players in the game, can only be earned through Card Collection, so start collecting now!

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