Show your love for animals and support the World Wildlife Fun by playing Pet Society!


Playfish is proudly supporting World Wildlife Fund and its efforts to protect the future of nature. Between now and January 1, 2011, Playfish will donate 10 cents to WWF for every new player who installs Pet Society through the Play to Give website!

A large part of why we love playing Pet Society is because it inspires us to create, nurture and care for our very own pet. Also, we’re able to interact within the Pet Society world by dressing up our pet in the latest fashions, feeding it tasty treats, decorating its house, spoiling it with fun and luxurious virtual goods, and visiting friends for play dates!

Now, it’s time for us to share the love we have for our pets with animals in the real world, both tame and wild! After all, these furry friends deserve just as much attention and care, and should be able to live happy and healthy lives!

Find out more about the campaign by clicking here.

Also, don’t forget to tell your friends about the campaign, so they too can join in on all the fun in the wonderful world of Pet Society!

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