Country Story Birthday Card Winners!


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be famous?

Being a movie star’s all well and good and we’re sure being an R&B singer with a song at number 1 is just peachy but what’s it like to experience true worldwide fame with millions of people seeing your hard work every single day?

Well ten people are about to find out.

That’s right, we’re rolling out the red carpet to the ten winners of our Country Story birthday card competition who’re going to have their birthday cards featured in Country Story for the whole world to see!

So who are our new A list celebrities?

First down the red carpet is luicei375 who collects their 100 Playfish Cash for their birthday card:

Next up is GayleWarfield, collecting 100 Playfish Cash:

Here’s -Milkah- who also collects 100 Playfish Cash for her work:

This is Requiem ♪’s work winning 100 Playfish Cash:

Rhini blew us away with this amazing entry taking 100 Playfish Cash:

Jullyet stole the show with this fine piece of work taking 100 Playfish Cash:

Cudz took things to a whole new level with this fantastic piece winning 100 Playfish Cash:

While Tsukuyomi pulled out all the stops with this exceptional effort bagging 100 Playfish Cash:

Damselwolf made it look easy pulling off this fine piece of work for a cool 200 Playfish Cash:

And last but certainly not least our big winner Chewbie secured 500 Playfish Cash for this masterpiece!

Congratulations everyone! See you on Country Story!

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