Announcing our latest game – Pirates Ahoy!


Avast, me hearties! Pirates Ahoy! be a brand new game from Playfish, filled with high seas, swashbuckling adventure, excitement and a fantastical bounty of riches. As you might have guessed already, the theme is PIRATES!

When you come aboard Pirates Ahoy! you’ll set sail straight away in your trusty pirate vessel, recruiting crew members as you go. With your fellow sea-dogs in tow, you’ll explore the oceans searching for treasure and high seas adventure. Each crew member brings a contribution in the form of extra energy – vital for all pirate activities.

The waters in Pirates Ahoy! are full of scary sea monsters and other fearsome beasties. Meaner than a barnacle’s bank manager and uglier than the underside of a whale, they pop up when you least expect and are always ready for a fight. Take them on in battle, and if you win, you’ll receive a reward in the form of food, coins or other valuable booty.

Sometimes the sea monsters will release a map to a hidden location as they’re defeated. That’s when things get really interesting! Go to the location and search it square by square and you’ll unearth food items, coins, gems or if you’re lucky – precious treasure!

The treasures you find are usually in a bit of a poor state and need to be restored to their original luster using gems and metals (which you’ll collect on your travels). Find and restore all the treasures in a collection to unlock a final special item which you can display on your home island!

Once you’ve learned the ways of the pirate, you can take on quests to increase your riches and your infamy. As your achievements grow, you’ll be challenged to even greater feats of pirate glory and unlock a world of fascinating and wonderful adventures. We’re adding features and places to explore all the time, so keep your eye out for uncharted areas and new challenges!

When you’re not out treasure-seeking, you and your crew will return to your home island, where there’s a very lucrative sideline to be had producing pirate goods such as peg legs and eye patches in your Island Workshops.

Your island is also where you can display your restored treasures and express your creativity with buildings, decorations, plants, and other luxurious items. Make your island into a tropical paradise to impress your friends. Your imagination is the only limit!

The same applies to your ship, which can be decked out with a colorful variety of sails, cabins, and figureheads to express your personality. As you progress in the game you’ll also earn badges, which can be proudly displayed on the side of your ship and in some cases, add benefits to help you out in the game!

Of course, Pirates Ahoy! is a game that gets better when you play with your friends and fellow scallywags. Neighboring pirates can send each other gifts of food and energy, visit each other’s islands and pass each other’s distinctively decorated ships on rollicking seas.

So whether you’re a bold adventurer, a shrewd business-minded buccaneer or an intrepid explorer, Pirates Ahoy! has something to shiver your timbers.

Click here to play the game now!

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