Welcome to My Empire!


Welcome to My Empire!
Friends, Romans and citizens. The time has come to make your marks on history with Playfish’s latest release: My Empire.

Each one of you has been given an island to make your own and enough gold to build the foundations of a mighty empire.

You have each been given the finest ships in the Roman empire’s fleet, that you may set sail for each other’s islands, earning Coins for your colony through good will gifts and trading.

Each of you is placed in control of your own empire’s destinies, and the destinies of the very people who populate them. Treat them well by building fine baths, arenas and other luxuries and your population will grow and prosper. And with a growing population comes more taxes to collect.

Such intricate detail!

Your people may be loyal to you, but they still have needs for creature comforts. A happy population is a productive one and the population’s mood can be improved by planting trees and flowers, erecting statues and laying roads and hedgerows. Make your city beautiful and your citizens will be proud to call it their home and thank you with their devotion.

As your population of devoted subjects grow, so too will the number of ways you can put them to work for you and help you raise your empire to glory. You and you alone are in control of your empire and the way it grows under your guidance will say much about the way you think. You could have them build a mine to dig for iron, copper, silver and perhaps even gold, or construct a quarry to search for precious stone.

Build! Trade! Conquer! Farm goats?

By collecting more of these valuable raw materials you can set your loyal citizens to work creating a masterpiece — a Wonder of the World. Achieving the truly legendary status of building a Wonder of the World is one of the highest honors you can achieve and the choice of different Wonders will astonish and amaze, ranging from the mighty Colossus of Rhodes to the mysterious Sphinx and many more between. Who will be the first among you and your friends to construct them all?

Ah, shade from the hot sun!

But Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’ll need your friends to help you construct your finest achievements, whether by sending you gifts or by enlisting them to help you to build. Lend help to your friends when they need you and they’ll be there for you when you need them.

Well, what are you waiting for? Click me to play!The more friends you have who create colonies in neighboring islands the more rich opportunities will be uncovered, all yours for the taking.

So set sail for distant lands to explore because this is only the beginning, and who knows what marvels await in My Empire? Play it now to find out!

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65 Responses to “Welcome to My Empire!”

  1. CLF Says:

    one important matter to address is the Neighbour thingy which doesn’t really work well. it’ll be much better if the system is similar to those of Hotel City, Pet Society etc which don’t need manual invitation.

    also, helping friends to build their temples/courts doesn’t carry the coin bonus as stated.

    looking forward u guys to fix it in future updates.

  2. tommy Says:

    where’s the great wall of china 😦

  3. kerry neal Says:

    how do i get more land please im on level 11

  4. juan Says:

    need to make it more interesting … that is more real. what if you add a state of war, Trying to conquer other empires

  5. viviana Says:

    how to make more money?cos so slow when i want the money~~

  6. Connie Lewis Says:

    love the game!! but how do I add more land? I have no clue how to do it so I can build more stuff…..I am running out of space…..ty!

  7. jeff Says:

    lame game la.. need to imporve !!!!!

  8. Larry Says:

    is there any way to remove the tree and rock so we can build more….
    everytime level up is appears that we manage to unlock expand land….
    but what i see that there nothing change.

    can you help me how to remove the tree and rock??

  9. vanilla cream Says:

    this game is awesome!

  10. ammalyy siriphongsavath Says:

    awsome idea (: !!

  11. Nanette Rachal Says:

    just a note, love the game, but cant add friends, or send gifts, or travel,, would like to play, but cant.. not sure of website, info.

  12. Linda Walsh Says:

    Hi I love playfish games and play most of them I was just wondering why we have to add neighbours to this game why are`nt my friends who play already my neighbours thats my one and only complaint I`ve tried to send neighbour requests but I don`t think theyr receiving them please make it like the others where the neighbours are added as soon as friends start playing 🙂

  13. Cherrie Says:

    I have a neighbourhood request and I clicked accept.
    However I still don’t have any neighbour.
    Can this be fixed?


  14. ka gueva Says:

    i have a lot of friends on fb that are playing the game, but when i play they dont apear on the game, so, i cant win coins.. why?
    im from venezuela so, i dont speak english. but i want to know

  15. winstonwah Says:

    hey mark. is there a bug about new friends in the game? i have 5 friends playing the game now but only the first 2 that i’ve added loads properly..

  16. Karla de la Luz Salcedo Says:

    I love the game and i have lots of friends, but i still think it is lacking of a few things to do for the people in the island, i’d love to recolect grains or fruits for them to eat and to trade with the others, and i think that it takes too long to earn coins to build stuff, plus i really hate the invites system, i have lots of friends who play the game and i’d love to use the group i have formed in my facebook friends so i can send gifts easier, the system we use in gangster city is awesome and it would work great in my empire.

    Thanks for creating such good games for entertaining my time when i work 🙂

    love playfish!!!!!!

  17. Timmy Says:

    it said “make you empire progress even faster”… lies… this is just a description of the game

  18. Nermal Says:

    I really enjoy this game so far but I cannot help but notice a certain fallback when it comes to raw materials. By upgrading your mines and mill and such, you have access to more raw materials but as to which one you actually get, you just have to cross your fingers that it’s the one you are wishing for.

    Since materials are only collectable once a day, it makes it extremely hard to create any wonder or upgrade other buildings which also require those materials.

    My suggestion is, either make the collection of raw materials more frequent during the day, or give one of each possible materials that your mine/mill can offer at the moment each day. It would make a game a lot less frustrating and more enjoyable I believe.


    A playfish games ardent player!

  19. sharon ellison Says:

    be nice if we could do things to other Empires, ie, clean up town,collect things ..just a few i can think of at this moment…but absolutely loving the game..Many thanks Team

  20. Eric Says:

    Hi Playfish,
    MY Empire neighbor error haven’t fix yet.
    I still have the problem!
    Pls fix it asap.

  21. Lina Says:


    I have a question! accidentally I updgraded my village quarry to a town quarry but i still need the stones that the village quarry provides me because i won’t be able to complete my Stonehenge without them. how can undo that or can some of my friends send me as a gift one of their own?

  22. Airy Says:

    looks so cool

  23. Max Says:

    i cant get any free gifts because every time I open my empire, it always asking me to become a fan even I already click it several time. please help me in my problem. thank you

  24. Strakke Says:


    i’ve encountered a problem with the friend system.
    I have more than five friends and for some reason i can’t see the all.
    some just never appeared although they did join and some are covered by another friend when scrolling in the friends list.
    this problem seems to be cross platform. (tested it on firefox, internet explorer and safari)
    is this a unique problem? or is there maybe a solution for it?

    the rest of the game seems to work fluently and looks really nice
    tnx for that

    kind regards,

  25. Faye Says:

    pls resolve the add neighbor problem.those accepted my invitation didn’t appear on my game list….

  26. argel Says:

    this game is so nice,not for only for past time also for the kids who’s plying this game they learn how to love the environment because they planed to built the different houses and building in the right and safe place.sorry im not a good english speaking.

  27. Occhiena Says:

    Hello! sorry for my english.
    Could you give us the possibility of turning right or left buildings? otherwise they are all in row turned to the same side, not very good.

  28. annette Says:

    I want to know how to visit my naighbours. I have tryed to click on the ship but it didn`t work.

  29. Tamara Says:

    why I cannot see my friends that already accepted my neighbour request?

  30. 陳火腿 Says:

    I have friends to play but there is no way to visit friends, why the Empire

  31. Virtual Horse Racing Says:

    Wow great graphics – you should check out our game while we check out yours! Rome wasn’t built in a day but you can train our horses in less than 60 seconds before your next race! We’ll be watching you 🙂 http://www.raceclubs.com

  32. Ching Sheng Wong Says:

    the “My Empire” neighbors invite got some problem,my neighbor only can add until 8people,then cant add anymore,hope the problem can be solve as fast as posibble

  33. ally Says:

    add me


    very beautifull game!! i’m roman so a like it very much!!
    I would like to turn the object s, house ect .

  35. Krassimir Says:

    I can’t add my neighbours.

  36. Anasuya Says:

    Seriously love the game – but please fix the friends glitch

  37. Emily Says:

    Yeah, but what happens if you have no friends who want to play ME? You’re stuck to be a minimalist, and you will never achieve any grandiose empire. It’s easy to manage without the Playfish Cash, but what really bugs me is that you can’t easily manage without friends. So that is a negative point.

  38. Elizabeth Mohler Says:

    There are many glitches in this game. Fix it, it’s ridiculous. Email me and I’ll send a picture of the circled problems.

    Thank you for your time.

  39. carol birmantas Says:

    I love this game but hard to get things built. Wish they would come up with an easier way..I need neighbors if any one wants to add me…

  40. Nilla Nilsson Says:

    Why is it overload so often? Many times it lost connection and all my incoming taxes are gone.

    It isn’t funny to play when it’s overloaded.

    Please fix it!

  41. Abirre Says:

    that’s all good to read but can we make more than 13 coins per visit ? that”s not much to build my empire i need more coins .. and tnx i love this game it’s my number 1

  42. nahuel Says:

    nececito un truco xq se t acaba rapido las proviviones necesito uno uregente

  43. Aspiraal Says:

    I have a question! I haven’t been able to see my neighbors and they can’t either, I don’t understand why but I CANT SEE THEM AND NEITHER CAN THEM!! PLEASE HELP!

  44. Debbie Says:

    why can’t i accept the people who want to be my friends on the game?

  45. Top Posts — WordPress.com Says:

    […] Welcome to My Empire! Friends, Romans and citizens. The time has come to make your marks on history with Playfish’s latest release: My […] […]

  46. B.J. Says:

    I can’t access more land. I’m on level 8 and still only have the land I had when I started.

  47. 陳正恆 Says:


  48. Keith Says:

    There is a problem on the neighbor list.
    Even I’ve accepted, some of my friends are not occurred on the list.
    This bug is necessary to be repair.

    On the “Antonius”, there is more than 1 mill, 1 mine and 1 quarry.
    We only can have 1 of each, why?
    It cause the game go very slow because we need many material for building things. Can it be better?

  49. nené Says:

    The game is very beautiful, but needs many neighbors and its no easy and please write in spanish too, because my english is very poor. Thanks

  50. Kan Says:

    I have problems about my neighbor list.
    I can’t see my friends’ Empire.

  51. divya Says:

    Why do we needs friends to play? Why a minimum # of friends required to do this or to unlock that ?? Why can’t we play alone if no one else is interested in playing ???

  52. Aimz Abdul Hakim Says:

    I have problem with neighbor,,,
    What can i do?
    My money is very cheap because i don’t have neighbor..

  53. Lori Says:

    I have clicked on the “like” button many, many times but it never seems to stay! Is anyone else having this problem?

  54. angeliena Says:

    how can we invite friends?

  55. angeliena Says:

    how can we invite friends??

  56. aberlain Says:


  57. Renee Harris Says:

    I have been unable to load the application since the game became available using Firefox or Google Chrome. See error message below

    The page you requested was not found.
    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    Return home
    Go back to the previous page

  58. Jason Says:

    i having add neighbour problem…
    i had accept my fren adding me to become his enighbour..
    but i cannot see him.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. charlotte Says:

    hey i cnat find the page of the my empire, have try many times to find it on facebook but every time it write the page dont be find. help me i want to play

  60. Adrina Says:

    How do we expand the size of our land?

  61. ShebonX Says:


  62. Bryan Says:

    There is something i wanted to ask. Why is my friend play My Empire but i cant see them on my list? Isit my problem?

  63. Taylor Says:

    still can’t get into the games and no resolve in sight

  64. Aimz Abdul Hakim Says:

    Hey! Why the game doesn’t load?

  65. Aimz Abdul Hakim Says:

    Why with the game?

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