Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition!


OK, we admit, we messed up again.

We thought 11 awards was going to be enough. I mean it seemed like quite a lot. We know you well enough by now to realise if we run a competition you’re going to amaze us with the sheer number of amazing entries but yeah, we thought 11 awards felt like plenty.

We were wrong.

Not only did we have to add another couple of categories: Best Frame and Best Fantasy, we still couldn’t decide between two entries to win the Fantasy award so we thought what the hey, we’ve already totally changed the rules and added more categories, we might as well have TWO winners for Fantasy!

So without further ado, introducing the first ever Pet Society Movie Awards!

[theme tune and pan around star studded audience before cutting to the Mayor of Pet Society introducing the awards]

*clears throat*

Welcome everyone to the Pet Society Movie Awards! The first category was for Best Fantasy. There are two winners for this one. Would ah *adjusts reading glasses* Brunella Rizzo and ณัฐวดี สุชาโต please step up to the podium to collect your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Awards!

The Action Award goes to Adityansyah Irendra Nugraha, who also wins 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

Step up Eduardo Galvez, winner of 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for best comedy!

The prize of 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for Best Drama goes to Ivett Ariana Ponce Guevara!

Please join us at the podium Lilian Sachiko to collect your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Award for Best Horror!

Best Miscellaneous Award goes to Andrea Lombardi who wins 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

The award for Best Romance goes to Aliz Szebényi, securing them 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

The newly created Best Frame Award goes to Regina Vargas Mancilla winning them 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award!

Step up to the podium and collect your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Award Marti Zangari!

The Best Science Fiction Award earns 50 Playfish Cash and a Golden Mayor Award for Cergio Ortiiz!

Step up Julianne Ting for your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor award for Best Thriller!

The Gangster City Award goes to Timmy McDonald for his excellent entry. Well done Timmy, enjoy your 50 Playfish Cash and Golden Mayor Award!

Finally, the big one. Best Picture Award. This award goes to our favorite entry of all, so they win a huge 1000 Playfish Cash as well as their Golden Mayor Award. And the award goes to…

*drum roll*

Sometime Zili! Congratulations Sometime Zili! Time for an acceptance speech?

And that’s about all we have time for folks, but congratulations to all the winners as well as the many, many other talented people who entered the competition!

See you at the after show party!

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311 Responses to “Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition!”

  1. bashar Says:

    i love evry things

  2. bashar Says:

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. Joey Says:

    Sorry. But all of these are absolute rubbish. my friend entered four times and they were amazing. i agree on some of them. but seriously. you need to up your standards. but well done to the ppl who won, i guess

  4. JULIAN Says:


  5. Miley Says:

    Really cute!!! love it!!! Super Duper!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Moklo Says:

    congrats to all the winners! =)

  7. psuf Says:

    i wanted to win!
    but anyways congrats for the winners!



  9. Boberbos4Ever Says:

    OMG!You couldnt choose worse winners than these!!! >:O

  10. gluxbox Says:

    Great entries! I’m only sad because its very clear that Playfish has only selected entries that were edited in Photoshop or other graphics programs. I guess that means if you aren’t as good as graphics programs, you have no chance of winning these contests… which is rather disheartening. 😦

    • Kima Says:

      yeah, i agree. i mean, i thought we’ll be just using the camera feature of pet society, so i didn’t edit anything at all. if i knew the judges preferred more editing and graphics, i should’ve used my animation programs. sigh…….. whatever. i guess, i’ll try my luck on the next contest. I love the best thriller entry ^^

    • toni Says:

      Agree with gluxbox! I thought this award is about using the screen capture but….I’m wrong! Only the persons who have the skill in photoshop or any photo editing/graphics skill can make such a good poster and win this award.

    • Camille De Lara Says:

      yeah… they didn’t even say that you can edit photos. i just captured the scene. :))

    • Stephy Says:

      i didnt enter the movie awards, but anyway i agree 2 this-it really didnt seem fair ;/ hmmm i wonder if 50 playfish cash(or 1000) was worth it to all the ppl who spend over that…
      i luv SILENT PET & SINGIN IN THE RAIN!(the pic only)

  11. sofia Says:

    ponganlo en español no entiendo y quiero concursar xD

  12. fernando Says:

    to put an image from the movie of twilight

  13. Ginn Says:

    Gluxbox- only to an extent, a lot of people drew their entry completely and none of those were picked either… and a lot of them seemed like they took a lot longer to make then what was picked.
    They should have been more clear on what they were looking for.

  14. Rey Says:

    Lame – have you people even SEEN some of the movies some entries were based off of? At least look up screenshots. You’d see that some people put a lot of work into their entries. Ugh. Completely unimaginative work.

  15. Rena Ryuguu Says:

    Congratulates to the winners! :3
    I have a question: do you knew that a lot of people couldn’t upload their work in the past February 28th before midnight? And the left only the link? Did you saw that works?
    Anyway, I loved the Titanic!!!

  16. bonita Says:

    I’m confused. “quite a lot of amazing entries were sadly disqualified because they used visuals and things like music and samples from films and other copyrighted works”

  17. bonita Says:

    (cont.) and yet it is clear on at least one winning submission that it lifted the original copyrighted work–didn’t just recreate with PS items or a graphics program. Then another winning entry does not use ANY PS item, it is only a graphical entry!

  18. Puffi Says:

    I think that there are some other video better than titanic 😦

    I think that cinema paradiso or shining had to win!!!

  19. Mildred Says:

    ok… i wanna know if you accepted the ones that linked their work.. because som people couldn’t upload their photo inculuiding me… because i got stuck… so i hope you consider the ones who add enries by links

  20. lizzy Says:

    I agree. Though, there is a blurb about using materials that aren’t yours will get you disqualified, however, the ET pet poster has a cutout from the original film in it? The rules don’t make too much sense to me :S

  21. lesly Says:

    ll mioo estba mejooor

  22. Playfish Announces Movie Award Winners « Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    […] a Comment Tags: Pet Society, Pet Society Movie Awards Playfish finally announced the Movie Award winners earlier today. They admit they messed up for being late, but they did have a good excuse: Too many […]



  24. villol Says:

    I thought you could not edit the images, that you only could use the pictures you take with Pet Society Camera. If I had know you could edit in Photoshop I would have sent something edited with it.

  25. Viktor Says:

    I like the winners.. but i got to say that i thought you were demanding a scene of our favorite movie…. i read that… however i just wanted to say that im sad that my entry didnt compite because i couldnt upload the image and i tried it like 4 days… i just want playfish to fix this problem cause lot of people coudlnt upload their entries and thats not fair…. i finshed miine like four days since the competion started and i couldnt compite… that upset me because i really work on my entry… if you believe my wath my entry!/photo.php?pid=3714401&id=535668524

    still, congrats to the WINNERS!

  26. pepe Says:

    una mierda los que ganaron

  27. henry Says:

    I read the terms and it said: made in pet society. Or am i wrong and it said made in photoshop or corelldraw? I can remember, can you refresh my memory???????

  28. henry Says:

    it’s so disappointing. Not gonna play anymore.

  29. john Says:

    are you sure these are the winners?…correct me if im wrong,but didn’t Playfish said that we were supposed to make a SCENE from a movie,and not a movie POSTER? kinda dissapointed,because most of the winning entries were movie posters,not photos from a movie scene…and also,many were not able to upload their entries through attach photo(including mine),so instead they submitted their entries using the attach LINK.I really hoped that you guys considered those entries submitted through link,but i guess you didn’t…If it is possible,could you guys consider the things i said and make a new batch of winners..i am so not happy:(

  30. Cristian Says:

    What criterion is used to choose them?
    The best entry is Back to the Society
    It took me weeks to do this:
    It was postulated for best musical
    And I considered it better than many of the winning entries
    Please answer me .. What criteria used to choose them?

  31. Edward Elric Says:

    WTF!? are you serious!? this is an offense to the people who really worked hard doing videos….

  32. Pretty Panda Says:

    YEah I’m pretty upset. The rules said TAKE A PHOTO WITH THE IN GAME PHOTO FEATURE. whatever.

  33. gaturro 6 Says:

    chotoooo me pase una semana completa haciendola y vos no hacer la mia ganadora que chotada que esss playfich lo unico bueno son los juegos 😡

  34. ATOMickey Says:

    You know I am happy I did not digitally edit my movie, if I want to win I will do it with my own creativity and imagination, even though I am kind of dissapointed that the Playfish people did choose entries that were not movie scenes, but more movie posters, the rules did say make a movie scene.

  35. ardydelrosario Says:

    Aww I lost again, I think I just might be taking a break from these contests

  36. LOVE FEVER Says:

    FIRST OF ALL …Great entries! ..CONGRTAS

    I’m only sad because its very clear that Playfish has only selected entries that were edited in Photoshop or other graphics programs. :confused:



    “” if you aren’t as good as graphics programs, you have no chance of winning PLAY FISH contests”

  37. Anaiss Says:

    estan buenisimas 😀

  38. Jo Says:

    I thought we were supposed to re-enact a scene, most were posters edited. But hey, good job everybody 🙂

  39. imora dan imori Says:

    Oh… very good movie :buttrock:

  40. Zaira Nicole S. Ignacio Says:

    me i edit in photoshop but i didnt well its ok btw CONGRATZ! to the winner 😀

  41. godtubby Says:


  42. JiaZhi Says:

    Congrats 😀

  43. eduardo galvez Says:

    yahuuu por fin ganeeeee… me encanto ganar en mejor comedia
    cuando recivire mi premio???

    yahuuu i did it!!!.. i like win in the comedy categorie,
    when i receive my prize???

  44. pol Says:

    I think we should win a compsolation price (the golden mayor), I used copyrighted music maybe but my effort was great..

  45. ¿¿¿ Says:

    Oh! Can I ask a question, because Facebook had a problem and many people cant upload their entry, so they upload at the forum of playfish, how about those? I dont see any entry which are from the forum in the list below! Why? Is it so unfair

  46. Barbara Meoni Says:

    Secondo me alcuni lavori sono molto belli, altri invece non meritavano tanta ricompensa…

    Credo inoltre che photoshop era necessario, fotografando semplicemente la scena da pet society sarebbero venuti fuori dei lavori molto scarsi, anche solo per mettere più di 2 pets è necessario il fotomontaggio!

  47. queenie Says:

    I didnt win shit wtf I did my best at that the wat!!!!

  48. Boberbos4Ever Says:

    Oh and alla that was something like lottery?I mean…these pics CAN’T be your favourites!There were SO MUCH better pics than these…

  49. Nicola Says:

    Congrates to the winners, they’re all good!

  50. BEC Says:

    Beautifully done, everyone. Two Paws Up to All!!!

  51. john Says:

    why didnt you post my first comment?

  52. amros abyad Says:

    i had paid 5000 coins to buy a spaceship control panel and you didn`t make me a winner ! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? note:congratulation to the winners.

  53. Cindy Rosal Says:

    I don’t understand how the Movie Award Winners were determined. I thought the scene had to be from a movie–not the cover of the DVD!!!!! And you should’ve also mentioned that digital tweaking was allowed!!!! I think you should also give awards to those who made do of what was on Pet Society’s shops, those who made “lemonade out of lemons”, those who were creative and imaginative enough to use what was given to them. I really like the entry of Shrek with Fiona “hiding” behind the screen. Please reconsider. Thanks! PS. Okay, that’s my son’s entry, but it’s really good! Have you seen Shrek? I mean, come on… I even knew the exact scene without the caption!

  54. Susanne Says:

    I totally agree with gluxbox!!! We who don’t have a lot of those programs doesn’t have a chance… :o( But anyway: CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!!! Right now it feels that this is the last time I compete…

  55. shiori Says:

    i want to upload.. 😦
    am i late?
    i have my picture…

  56. LC Says:

    lol i love the best triller, thought i cant understand a thing. >.< but its really cute and funny, and its scary as well. 🙂

  57. tessa Says:

    haha Gratz to the winners!!! well done pet society Lovers

  58. Yangitt Says:

    nice… but I hoped there would be more videos winning 😦

  59. Andro Says:

    Whahahahaha cool

  60. Pebs Says:

    they are really good..
    i liked some more than these… for ecaple the 3D- avatar pisture..
    i also used a photoshop.

  61. babybaby Says:

    wahaha its so creative haha 😀

  62. Bevypoo Says:

    Great job everyone Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the winning entry !!!

  63. monica silvia castro Says:


  64. una amiga Says:


  65. Why do I evem bother Says:

    I spent so long on mine. I had to spend 5 hours each day just trying to animate the darn thing. I had to redo it 17 times. I worked sooooooooooooooooooo hard on mine 😥

  66. Maggie Says:

    So, basically – unless you have mad photoshop skills, there’s no point in using your imagination to collect IN-GAME items to decorate your room to create a scene/theme and to enter the contest. I guess I won’t bother wasting my coins on items I don’t otherwise need/want, or my time on decorating a room as it’s clear the scale is tipped in favour of graphic skills over imagination. How disappointing.

    Sorry, Playfish. You really need to have separate categories for photoshopped entries and actual room photos. This will be my first and last entry until this is changed.

  67. gabriela Says:

    yo quiero

  68. henry Says:

    To understand the triller you have to see THE SHINING, and you will see the pet scene is perfect aqual as the film.

  69. henry Says:

    titanic is beautiful, it’s so funny. but in the end i almost cry.

  70. henry Says:

    snowhite was very hard to do i think.

  71. henry Says:

    i don’t like the others, they’re just posters. i pfrefer scenes

  72. andrea Says:

    quisiera que playfish me dijera en donde esta el podio

  73. isaiah Says:

    nice job playfish i love pet society

  74. Monkey Says:

    Great I liked the Singin in the rain the most…. It’s cute 🙂 I also really like the lord of the pet one its cute

  75. maxi Says:

    I didnt win :c i want playfish cash … :c :c :c

  76. jessia Says:

    wow….i did a singing the rain, and put my pet in the exact same position as that one. i didnt even see that photo, and i spent the whole time for the competition making a singing in the rain video. my pet danced the whole skit that gene kelly did in singing in the rain. and a picture, that probably took way less time, won. uh….i think theres something fishy here….

  77. alondra Says:


  78. july Says:

    quiero jugar al pet

  79. nc Says:

    yes agreed. it is very LAME that they chose mostly photoshop or movie versions… it should have been limited to only real photos or movies or something different because obviously a photoshop pic is going to turn out wwwwwaaayyy better than a regular photo. very disappointed in the results

  80. bakadeshi Says:

    sorry for my english but……where is the kill bill poster????that was the best, how come didn’t win in any categorie??

  81. eli baeza Says:

    I love it!!! ❤

  82. maxi Says:

    What I can do to have play fish cash ::::,::::

  83. lovely...09 Says:

    I love all entries!!!


  84. Hana Mohamoud Says:

    WoW, wonderful work … i love it and sure the winners deserve to be the winners :3 Congraaaatzz ^_^x ..

  85. shikaski.ezra Says:

    its all beautiful i like it..i love the silent pet..
    great job
    *thumbs up*

  86. puteri_swift Says:

    aaaawh , i didn’t win 😥

  87. Your Mom Says:

    Hey. quit screwing around and fix Biggest Brain and Geo Challenge.

  88. Nadine Says:

    CONGRATS They are all amazing!!!
    gluxbox::::: Best Miscellaneous Award was not edited at all and she did an amazing job.

  89. Lojona Says:

    Fantastic! Everyone of them.

  90. kenn Says:

    I agree about the photoshopping… I was under the impression it had to be screenshots from your room.. so like what you can do with a screen shot.. better instructions would have been good.

  91. Pepper Says:

    I thought it wasn’t that fair. All these were edited with photoshop! Lots of people don’t use that. You should have looked at some of gthe more simpler entries. They were all good, but some of the simpler enteries were pretty good under some surcomstances. Maybe you should have mad a different catagorie for the easier, simpler, and plainer entries. That’s all I’m saying. Lots of my friends can’t use photoshop, or any other kind of photo croping tool. I just think it was a bit unfair.

  92. alex yong Says:

    the movie is cool,nice..

  93. Kate Says:

    Super…………..Great…………Congrats for the ” winners ” god luck 0:)

  94. Alice Says:

    relindooo (L) ame las fotos 😀

  95. carmen isela Says:

    son geniales, muy creativos, sigan adelanlante

  96. Carli Says:

    Awesome!!!!! Al of you are GREAT! *_*

  97. Cheetahlover :) Says:

    I love the best picture…my favorite movie is titanic it wuz great!!! 🙂 Everybody else was amazing too! 🙂

  98. Claire Says:

    good luck 2 da winnerz…………

  99. Jennie Says:

    The really good one is the one from The Shinning… really, really outstanding!!!

    About the other winners, I find it totally unfair… because the Point was to make a Scene with items from the stores, you said so in your rules, next time explain the criteria better…
    What’s so Pet society about taking your pet and put into a film poster??
    I think it was ok to improve the image with additional help (Photoshop, etc) but not to make the whole image…
    At least 1 of the 3 I made were better than these, except the one from The Shinning, who really deserves the award…

    (Totally unfair)


    La verdaderamente buena es la de la película The Shinning… realmente impresionante!!!

    A cerca de los otros ganadores, encuentro la selección totalmente injusta… Porque el punto era hacer una Escena con items de las tiendas, ustedes lo expresaron así en las reglas, la próxima vez expliquen mejor los criterios de selección…
    Qué tiene de Pet Society tomar tu mascota y colocarla en el afiche de una película?
    Yo creo que estaba bien mejorar las imágenes con ayuda adicional (Photoshop, etc.) pero no hacer toda la imagen…
    Al menos 1 de los 3 que yo hice era mejor que estos, a excepción del The Shinning quien realmente se merce el premio…

    (Totalmente injusto)

  100. Nikko Says:

    xD I LIKE IT!! no no no… I LOVE IT *3*~


  101. Alexa Says:

    Good job to everyone! Yehey!! (clap_clap)

  102. Wilda Says:

    I like titanic pet society !!!!

  103. xtine Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! great job everyone…… I reeaaallly like titanic……….. it’s so niceeee………………. a big CONGRATULATIONS 4 u SOMETIME ZILI……..

  104. kawaiioza Says:

    hi, its great job, o love its cute i love it n_n

  105. kawaiioza Says:

    jaja its a great!! i love job its fun n_n amazing n_n

  106. ancor Says:

    I too agree with gluxbox. I didn’t think they would have allowed anyone to use any type of computer software to help them…Sad cause I wish I had known that it was okay to edit my entry and do lots of photo shop 😦 anyways, congrats to the winners.

  107. Sofia Sosa Says:

    How do people do this? I wanted to enter but I didnt know what to do! How do I make a scene? How do I make a poster? How do I film a scene! I wanted the playfish cash soo bad cuz I can’t get it so I would’ve entered but I didn’t know how to!!! waaaaahhh! I want at least 50 playfish cash too! 😥

  108. mardha Says:


  109. Shakeel Says:

    One idea for the Titanic Pet Society film should be the “My Heart Will Go On” theme.

  110. Katheryn Orozco Says:

    SO CUTE!!
    I love pet society.
    Yo amo pet society.

  111. christian ray faustino Says:

    cute !!

  112. lolipopmaniz Says:

    i love all the cover…
    but i think the silent pet is the best..
    but how can i know the movie if i can’t see it?

  113. Sarah Says:

    I dont want to watch best thriller!!! too scary!!

  114. nichole Says:

    i wish my pet will be a hollywood celebrity

  115. daganta123 Says:

    is there a CONSOLATION price ?

  116. Nadzirah Ajmad Says:

    How to make this videos?

  117. Bea Says:

    Is it stll available for us to film a movie ” Petderella”(Taken from CINDERELLA)

  118. creatress Says:

    What’s with all the photoshop?! I thought the whole point was to make your ROOM and PET look like something from a movie? I mean they were cute and all, but someone who never plays the game could have come up with these. Pretty disapointing. I think the rules should be more clear in the future and images should come from game play only!

  119. barbie pauly Says:

    i don’t need a prize, i just wanna share my video of my really cute character coco, & remind Everybuddy of the Cool Old Look of Pet Society that i personally loved the best!

  120. Anonymous Says:

    Most entries are really deserving to win…others???Well, still Congratulations to everyone!!!
    I just really hope that playfish will give all the entries (that playfish prove worth giving) a consolation prize even without playfish cash, just a gift maybe just to thank all the person who give effort in making their entries.. Because its plain to see that people who are really good in editing like “gluxbox” was talking about are the only ones who will win maybe all the playfish competition..then there’s no other chance for others to win, right???
    And some of the mechanics were not should have made a competition for movie poster making and not the screenshot of the movie you want to remake…hehehe that’s all!! Peace Brother ^__^

  121. candy go Says:

    fantastic shows =)

  122. nher115 Says:

    wow great entries! i love the titanic entry it so beautiful!

  123. kamiiilaaa Says:

    jajjaja , Tan Wenooos Sii !!!

  124. Namitha Says:

    awesome work! 😀

  125. kevin lee Says:

    aww i wanted to win miscellaneous oh well 😦

  126. i bet tthey chose the worst of all the pictures Says:

    This sucks some stupid entries won and we won nothing i’m not gonna parcipitate ever again because they will only choose the worst of all pictures

  127. michelle Says:

    i like the silent pet, cause love i the picture and background

  128. michelle Says:

    i like the silent pet, cause i love the picture and the background………………

  129. zomari Says:

    how i watch the mavie

  130. We~Ivy Says:

    AWESOME! But hey! I saw the entry Alice in Wonderland from a girl in forum. It looks as stunning as Pet of the ring, but it isn’t here. Aaaaw pity! It looks really nice tho.

    CONGRATS TO WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Carmen Says:

    wow, they are all so amazing and the 2 twins with the blue dresses are REALLY freaky >,< i have been playing for about one year now but i dont remember seeing those eyes, was it eyes from pet society or was it changed?

  132. KC Says:

    huhu..i did not win.:'(
    so sad..

  133. Orazio Says:

    Those are greats, but I’m so sad, because mine was good too, and I tried to edit the less Icould the picture because you didn’t say we could do it…

    didn’t it deserved a prize??? 😦

  134. megiee Says:

    well done everybody xxx

  135. choco Says:

    wow.. 😀
    really nice!!!

  136. ameesha singh Says:

    hi all the winners, u all did a great job
    i wish i could also be apart of u alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. ^_^ Says:

    how can i watch the movie???

  138. amna yawar Says:

    awesum guys… keep up the good work….

  139. mariannaki Says:

    i think that the best is the titanic…………….great job pet society………….!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

  140. Tyler Says:

    Change pet so u can still walk around town and in trees

  141. Princess Rosie Says:

    i really need more furniture and i need playfishcash

  142. LUZ Says:

    enhorabuena a todos
    sois unos grandes creativos

  143. Ebony Says:

    Brilliant!! love all the winners.

  144. kathreen Says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  145. Peter Says:

    Some of you are so clever! They are all fab – I liked Cantando Bajo La Lluvia and The Usual Suspects best of all!

  146. sirenetta152 Says:


  147. alaa almulla Says:

    whahahahahaha very cool

  148. THE INOCENT ONE Says:

    Arghhh!! why did u not chooose mine. Mine was about clepatra and there was a big pyramid behind! cheaters! i will leave pet society now! and ask all my friendss to do so!

  149. Uila Engel Says:

    I saw better entries, one of the e.t. best than this one by the way!

    i loved the one of american beauty, though!

    I just dont know if you really saw all the entries.

    and im not being vain if I say my entry was between the ones that I think were WAY better than some of those.

    but congratulations for the winners.

  150. Uila Engel Says:

    The lord of the pets, singing in the rain and american Beauty trully deserarved to win! cheers!

  151. marya Says:

    oooh great , i was hope 2 win i put a picture 😀
    do u wanna see it
    i but two , sleeping buaty and high school musical 2 😀

  152. Nurul Eiman Says:

    The best Thriller award i think was from the game “Return to Ravenhearst” I love it!! >.<

  153. mysterious pet Says:

    great ……… i wish to win next time 😀

  154. Catarina Says:

    I tried so much to make my pet has Poppy Moore of the movie “Wild Child” my pet locked like she was Poppy Moore.
    I canot understand how i didn’t won…

  155. Ikka Says:

    best PS contest ever! 🙂

  156. andrea Says:

    nice job evreyone!!!!

  157. Rebekka Says:

    Wow! I loved the thriller one! The shining! “come play with us” xD bravo!!!*claps*

  158. Cici MJ Says:

    Wow, the action award was won by…an Indonesian?

    Cheers to all the winners!

  159. Cross Mina Says:

    hahaha! lol xD! The silent pet and titaninc is so lol!!! I love the movies ‘Lord of the Pets’ and ‘Breakfast at Luxury’s’!! ^-^

  160. Vivian Says:

    Woah all of these movies are so creative and i espiecially like the triller but, everyone did an amazing job.

  161. xXLeahXx Says:

    THEY ARE ALL SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. denis Says:

    pretty job everyone good like

  163. Helen Says:

    I love PeT SoCiEty!!!!!!!!

  164. Detelinka Says:

    ;-( i didn’t win the playfish cash but my trailer is very stupid! ;-(

  165. Linniie Says:

    i kinda dissapointed . not because mine not win , i know it wont .
    but , this one . please check , it just awesome .

    she did it really well and i belive she deserve to get something as reward ^^

  166. mera Says:

    ba7abe al 3ba de so mush

  167. mike iatrakis Says:

    a good video about pet society

  168. mike Says:

    🙂 (^^^) amazig i am the winner…. xxxiiiiiii xD xD

  169. onn Says:

    i know my stupid sister cant win, she has a stupid idea taking 13 pictures titled “cowgirl wins the race”. shes crazy i tell ya, she dint even used microsoft powerpoint, what a waste of work ha?

  170. Michelle Frogley Says:

    Thought the whole idea of comp was to use what we had on our Pet Society game – very unfair that everyone has used photoshop etc… kind of spoilt the whole idea of the comp 😦

  171. alanoud Says:

    niceeeeeeee pictyre love it loool

  172. Kezzel Says:

    Uhh…where can I watch the SILENT PET?? T,T

  173. judy Says:

    GREAT JOB! These are good.

  174. i'am awesome! Says:

    waaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaWAAAAAAAAAAA I DID NOT WIN!!

  175. jane Says:

    i would like to win

  176. steven Says:

    wow! great!

  177. Robyn Says:

    Wow! “The Lord of the Pets” is my favorite! Good job!

  178. Maggie Says:

    Funny. I left a message yesterday stating that unless one had mad Photoshop skills, one had no chance of winning in these contests. I also pointed out that I would no longer be using my imagination on how to use IN-GAME items to create a theme/room and spending my hard earned coins on IN-GAME items I don’t need or want in order to accomplish that. I also pointed out that these contests need to be broken into categories ie: Photoshopped entries and IN-GAME entries. In retrospect, there should also be separate categories for Movie Posters and Scenes from a movie. (The rules asked us to create a scene, not make a movie poster.)

    Funny how it didn’t get posted here. Let’s see if this comment makes it past the moderators. There’s nothing offensive about it, no vulgarities, no name-calling – just the plain truth as I see it.

  179. Ira Puspita Says:

    wow,, Congratz for all the winners,, I can’t believe that my friend also win this,, L.O.L,, Good job Adityansyah Irendra Nugraha…

  180. Maggie Says:

    Well now I have to take it back. Somewhere between reading the responses and not seeing my entry from yesterday, and writing the above comment – my first reply has now appeared.

  181. michelle Says:

    there all well cool 🙂

  182. Amelia Says:

    I wasn’t exactly clear on how to enter so I don’t think mine was entered 😦 also I really think Pet Society should give Play fish cash as a reward for leveling up…but I’m level 27 so it takes a while to level up…and take a while to make enough for something bigger, but on the up side the winners did fantastic…but people shouldn’t have used Photo shop or anything to doctor their pictures (because some people (like me) doesn’t have Photo shop and such). Sorry if I seem to complain too much but I’m just trying to get things fair.

  183. MELINA Says:



  184. antu Says:

    what a nice,fun and funny picture.

  185. Anto Says:

    esos estan hechos con photoshp. tramposos.

  186. ARAMI Says:


  187. Betty Says:

    hhaaha i love the first, thrid … sixth eigth 10 and 12 .. those are all my fav …

  188. Betty Says:

    hahaha i like the 2econd one too …

  189. Betty Says:

    my most favorite is the 2nd and 12th one ….

  190. kenken Says:


  191. mary Says:


  192. sebastian Says:

    el mejor

  193. azdajkovic marko Says:

    my video was bether t han this stupit wideos

  194. yury Says:

    hola quiero jugar ya

  195. segundo Says:

    i love the pics it so funny

  196. Francisco Says:

    Most of them are really amazing entries but… when Pet Society was promoting this movie awards competition, it said that we should use the in game camera…
    Well, obviously neither of the winners used it… So, As a suggestion for next competitions, I think pet society should have a special award for those entries made only with in game tools…

  197. Maisy Says:

    lol cool stuff 🙂 u diserved it guys nice work

  198. melliss Says:

    someone of the winners are bored … the judge pick BBBBAAAAADDDDDD

  199. Darkxkitty Says:

    MMMMM fuck…. ok…. mmm good luck for the winners, but well… ¬¬
    i never win nothing…well..bye

  200. SlayerKat Says:

    great.well done everyone

  201. camila Says:

    estan buenisimas las imagenes 😀

  202. reina Says:

    hi! it was a nice contest but next time please separate those who photoshop and those really using the inhouse’s unfair really..

    my friends submitted wonderfully captured shots but lost anyway to those using photoshop..

    i hope you will listen..thank you

  203. yuliana Says:

    hola noseme yso nada

  204. sherylu Says:

    que super i loved

  205. Leah Says:

    what does thriller mean?

  206. Bevypoo Says:

    what does thriller mean

  207. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition! OK, we admit, we messed up again. We thought 11 awards was going to be enough. I mean it seemed like quite a lot. We […] […]

  208. Pet Society Movie Award Winners Announced! | Social Game Central Says:

    […] included all the entries below, but readers should be sure to check out the Playfish blog, as well. It provides a lot of good info on the entries and the contest in […]

  209. mariana Says:

    noo me gusta muchoo!! pero algunos estan buenos!

  210. kevin Says:

    porque yo no gane comon i am the winner

  211. Judith Patterson Says:

    I absolutely loved seeing the award winners. What I cn’t figure out is how they did it? Is there some kind of book that explains what and how the game can be played?

  212. Isabella Says:

    :3 so cute! :3 nice work guys

  213. Christabel Says:

    Cool. Awards show. The entry was awesome. Could you guys gimme the replay, from that awards show??? Like a DVD or something???? I will love it if you guys could. Just send to my E-Mail, Don’t forget. Or to my facebook: Chirstabel Edith Nathania Siregar. TX.
    The Ratings:
    I LOVE IT.

  214. shafira Says:

    wow is so cutee

  215. shafira Says:

    wow is so cute

  216. nahzel Says:

    wow the two girls are like twins they are scary the most bst movie is the titanic no#1 wohooooo go titanic!!!!

  217. Luisana Daniela Says:

    Como puedo hacer esto?

  218. kohaku-chan Says:

    que lindoooooo
    yop kisiera ver a mi mascota asi XD

  219. cio Says:

    these are all wonderful and artistic entries.. if only those who joined could at least get a constellation prize like 25 playfish cash if possible. anyway, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE AWESOME ENTRIES THAT WON! YOU HAVE ALL DONE A GREAT JOB!

  220. cio Says:

    i especially loved the titanic one! i cried!

  221. cristian Says:

    qui ero entrar por fabor

  222. angela Says:

    aww i didnt win

  223. margaux Says:

    haha titanic is very funny and cute:)

  224. Bluebrry Says:

    @Linniie: I love that entry too. That’s very awesome. But I think she didn’t win due to either using a same font or copying the text from the original movie. It’s all about copyright issue I guess. I wish she changed it a little bit. Her Avatar pic is also fantastic.

  225. Jedmay Gloria Says:

    Yeah i’m kinda sad too, because they only chose the ones that were edited in photoshop… well CONGRATZ TO THE WINNERS!!

  226. marcus lim Says:

    how to entry

  227. RandomGal Says:

    I’m dissapointed. NOT because I didn’t win (I didn’t even enter lol) but because I saw so many better entries that really deserved to win.. I’m dissapointed with Playfish (and EA, if they were a part of it. :p) for choosing winners that weren’t as good as some. (No offense to the winners, I’m very happy for you! :D) I know merchas7m4 deserved to win at least SOMETHING. I mean, he made one about Avatar, and it was in *3D!* And as Linniie already stated (I love her works.. maybe you can guess who I am :p) Gingerbread should have won something too! His/Her arts are truly amazing! 🙂

  228. RandomGal Says:

    Oh, and I REALLY wanted this person who made an awesome This Is It video to win!!! I really love all the effort he/she put into that video… I forgot who it was. 😦

  229. jeverly Says:

    i like the best thriller

  230. Amily Brown Says:

    Congratulations guys!

  231. qösTé Says:


  232. Shinka Says:

    cool!!and so cuties ^^

  233. orazio Says:

    Linniie your entry deserved a prize!!!…:)

  234. orazio Says:

    sorry, I meant the one you posted…but I insist..they didn’t say we could use photoshop!!!…If they say that mine would have been much much better!!..that’s unfair…

  235. trylliu17 Says:

    scusatemi come faccio ha fare sto film?

  236. trylliu17 Says:

    come faccio ha fare questo film?

  237. pp Says:

    where can the winner get their money??

  238. mary Says:

    I don’t believe it ! my room for S valentine is the beautiful of all room !!

  239. mohab maged Says:

    I wish i can do my besties

  240. lovelyne Says:

    i love all the winners they were all beautiful graphic. concrats to all

  241. narutoblogxd Says:


  242. elisamaory Says:

    mi pet society no abreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  243. romina Says:


  244. cergio ortiiz Says:

    no me ha llegado mi premio de los 50 cash y el golden mayor award.¡¡¡ ¿cuando me enviaran mis premios?

  245. Eun Joo Bang Says:

    wow those were awesome i wonder how you put 2 charcters in at the same time?

  246. Tazziieeee Says:

    Im actually upset. Alot of people. INCLUDING Meee (hint hint) worked Really hard on this project nd its completly unfair that we didint get any kind of reward for effort. i think everyone should get like 2ooo normal pet money for entring because it takes time and effort to put these together and we did it for nothing :@ x Dissapointing. but the winning entries were VERY good. Comgradualtions.

  247. estefania Says:


  248. resident pet Says:

    The resident pet a history of zombies’ s pets a pet is goin to fith with zombies’s pets special arm that change of zombies a normal pet

  249. resident pet Says:

    Residen pet a histori of sonbies

  250. Kuha Says:

    WOW, no people bitching on winners this time!!

    Playfish players community, I’m proud of you :’D

  251. dannytahxx Says:

    como puedo tener monedas azules

  252. Ninjaa Says:

    i must say, these were hilarious to watch, and not cuz they were cute
    lol, i was cracking up!


    hol hablo español


    hola como estan

  255. Avon Supershock Mascara Black | Says:

    […] Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition! « Life at … […]

  256. Renz Paolo Letan Says:

    Dear pet society,

    i’m sad because my entry did not qualify for the winners… Hope that ther’s other competition 2 join….. anyway,, I enjoyed the competition huh!!! good keep it up!! i ❤ pet society

  257. hi Says:

    Wow is perfert 🙂 o yeah!! 😀

  258. hi Says:

    i love pet society (L)

  259. hi Says:

  260. ariana Says:

    auxilio no se como cobrar el dinero!!!! ayudenme por fis!!! no se que debo hacer ..los chavos que ya cobraron diganme por favor como le hicieron!!!! gracias.

  261. jewel Says:


  262. nenyka Says:

    olas wpa

  263. Tazziieee Says:

    Thanks for DELETING My Comment !

  264. bäääm Says:

    i think its not fair that only pictures which were edited in photoshops etc. won!
    not everyone could make this

  265. anguie milena jolie archuleta Says:

    que shevere

  266. brunella Says:

    thank you for having choose my work!!!!!
    i’am very proud to have win your competition!!!!!!!
    ..but… when you give me my prize? 😛 😛

    (sorry for my poor english), thank you very very much!!!!!!!

  267. dadddddddd Says:


  268. imey Says:

    wow ,it’s cool,
    how to make it?

  269. mar Says:

    I don’t like the mayority of them. I thought we couldn’t edit digitally the pictures, the next time playfish should have more clearness with the terms and conditions. The idea of the contest was really great but, I know I am not the only one who thinks in this way, just look your forum. It’s a pitty.

  270. napster Says:

    who like myn the one of lords of the ring?(pets)

  271. ammis Says:

    hurray i wishi win but thats ok

  272. SeXy ChIcK Says:

    this films are beutiful but my fils is more beutiful than other films xdxd

  273. kim Says:

    helloo i think they should do a place in petsociety that you can do close and furniture people can came to your store but just your friends you can put the price of every thing and people can came and buy you things and you can get more money easier I THINK IT WILL BE FUN ! PLEASE!
    Help me a dream of that every day on petsociety

  274. Claudia Says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!!
    I love the thriller one! That is my favorite, and also the P.E.T. one!
    I just wish I know how to use all those programs to edit and make things like that, so I could win a contest like this one 🙂

  275. Claudia Says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!!
    I love the thriller one! That is my favorite, and also the P.E.T. one!
    I just wish I know how to use all those programs to edit and make things like that, so I could win a contest like this one

  276. Esque Says:

    When do the winners get their prizes or even get contacted? I haven’t heard anything ;_;

  277. Viktor Says:

    Hope u agree

    hey guys!

    im dissapointed too about how the rules of the competition were given. I worked with this kind of creative stuff all the time so i understand that playfish wasnt specific in what they demand in the contest. When theres a contest everything must be clear to everybody.
    They ask for a scene, not a poster,… its not the same
    The problem with photoshop i dont think is unfair cause evreryody can use any tool thye know. The request suggest to use the in camera but not says thats an obligation. Later in the same request says to inspire ourselves.

    The only specific thing was to create a scene of a movie…. and thats in what almost everybody have mistaken. I dont get why there are rules if they are not important for the ones who made the contest.

    And for the ones who compite:

    Im upset, yes, but dont get sad bout this cause its just a game. My entry was a drawing, really detailed drawing, and i did it cause i liked to do this kind of things. I ve watched a lot of entries, some really good, whcich were scenes, like one of the little mermeid in the “Kiss the girl” scene, whcih i loved. I CONGRATULATE you, because when u work, u gotta do what u are asked for (scene=scene). Dont get upset bout photoshop; if u dont like it, dont learn how to use it (i know how to use it, n its not so incredible). I used illustrator for mine, cause i prefer to draw not to edit. If u dont know n u prefered other ways to create, thats ok, more diferent, better! Im amazed bout the ones who create scenes with pet society stuff, u have a big iimagination and thats great.


    FOR playfish:
    Its true, u ought to be specific or later on, ull lose public. Pet society is a nice game congrats for that. I beg u to consider more the creative part, not what seems amazing (when u edit, the less u do; in other words, its not completely your entry). Amazing is diferent, the ones who use thiings in ways everbody else dont, who create new outfits!, who create styles!, u know it well…. u are a creative team.

  278. cergio ortiiz Says:

    thank you for having choose my work
    but…when you give me the prize?

  279. christopher Says:

    i want to be a copetitor and watever my place , i want 1,000,000 playfish cash in every playfish game

  280. Djurdja Says:

    all pictures are ok…can you please give me 25 playfish cash so i can buy that cute petling tiger?PLEASE!

  281. :P Says:

    i hated all the entries. I didn’t enter but my friend did with wayne’s world. It was hilariously great. I’m sure it should have won best comedy!

  282. Streaming calcio Chelsea – Inter 16/03/2010 Says:

    […] Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition! […]

  283. katial Says:

    hola que tal megusta fasebook

  284. ico Says:

    ang panget…sobra….!!!!!!

  285. Streaming calcio Siviglia – Cska Mosca 16/03/2010 Says:

    […] Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition! […]

  286. Cat Says:

    I can’t see all of the entries, care to give me the link??? anyone???

  287. Gabe Says:

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  290. Streaming calcio Fiorentina – Genoa 20/03/2010 Says:

    […] Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition! […]

  291. pj timbol Says:

    where can i watch the winning videos?

  292. Stranger Says:

    oh my god !

  293. angela Says:

    hola soy angela weibel letelier

  294. achi Says:

    how do i watch it???

  295. Says:

    Great thanks
    Watch full movies online for free!

  296. Streaming calcio Juventus – Atalanta 28/03/2010 Says:

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  297. Streaming calcio Palermo – Bologna 27/03/2010 Says:

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    […] Announcing the winners of our movie awards competition! […]

  299. novi Says:

    kenapa aku ga menang sih. aku dah ngerombak semua kmr” ku 😥
    mgkin dah hrus bini n aku akan coba lgi 🙂

  300. Human Being Says:

    It’s sooooo unfair. I’ve worked on my entry for 2 weeks and I’ve spent 30,000 Pet Society coins on that. :(( I’m never gonna join Pet Society contests again! Because, I know, I WILL NEVER WIN.

  301. watch iron man 2 movie free Says:

    Fantastic report,You gain knowledge of something totally new every day.

  302. Tong Huyen Says:

    I lost many blocks in Hotel City : my large room, small room, checkered tiles,
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    😦 too many error

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