We have a(nother) winner(s)!


Well with 10 spectacular winning entries this is going to be a long one so we won’t keep you. Anyone who has a particular desire for a longer intro take the following steps: go back to an older competition results blog post (there are lots), copy paste the intro into Wordpad and do a find and replace of the previous competition’s name with “Country Story Theme Competition”. The result will be something along the lines of: “Yadda yadda yadda, big competition lots of prizes, yadda yadda yadda, so many cool amazing entries we were blown away, yadda yadda yadda, congratulations to all the winners!”

And you know what? It’d be true too. Because you did blow us away once again. And we’re willing to wager you’ll be blown away too if you just take a little scroll down this very blog post!

So the task was to create a Country Story farm with a set theme. The theme you used was your choice: as usual we let you guys figure out exactly what you’d like to do, we just deal with the giving out prizes bit!

1) Now this… this wasn’t just a great competition entry. This was one of the funniest, most perfectly awesome things we’ve ever seen. We could explain but Rachel, our competition winner, just sums it up so perfectly herself. Congratulations Rachel, you deserved your 2000 Playfish Cash and no shadow of a doubt! We just wish we’d come up with this idea 55 years ago. Enjoy.

2) 1000 Playfish Cash goes to Hiba Ibrahim Al Qawasmeh for this cute little diorama of a girl sitting in a tree. There’s even some perspective and 3D style goings on here. Try looking at one then the other quickly. Love it!

3) 500 Playfish Cash goes to Engy Elgamily, one of the best ‘portrait painters’ we’ve seen in Country Story. We can tell you now the Country Story mayor was thrilled!

Meanwhile 4th to 10th place each win 100 Playfish Cash!

4)  Allora Jay McCullough – this one’s stunning. Look at the detail! We wouldn’t be surprised if Allora were a dab hand at all kind of other art forms!

5) We received several farms inspired by Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros but Alonso Villouta‘s Super Country Bros was definitely our favourite! Perfect detailing!

6) Helena Campo: Well done Helena for using the competition as a platform to get an important message across. Beautifully made, too!

7) We love Christine Marie‘s Magical Birthday Party. That’s a pretty amazing magical forest cake & purple cabbage gift box!

8) Julia Solovjeva: This amazing freshly baked pizza looks good enough to be a dish in Restaurant City! We just hope you wouldn’t need all those vegetables to make it…

9) Here’s a toast to Zoe Miranda for her brilliant idea. We loved how it was so simple — minimal even — and yet so effective. Absolutely superb.

10) …and lastly congratulations to Karim Kadi for his penguin farmer. Karim’s entry made it into the top 10 by being the cutest thing in the competition, and after all, everyone loves penguins don’t they?

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered! Until next time!

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102 Responses to “We have a(nother) winner(s)!”

  1. -Milkah- Says:

    isn’t it “2000 Playfish Cash for the 1st prize!”?


  2. A Says:

    Hmm, I’m a bit disappointed. Pretty much all the prices(except 1) have been given to people with a “my garden looks like ***”. Although there’s a big difference between those gardens, it’s still the same “garden-looking-like-something-else”-theme.
    And 2 of the entries can hardly be called a farm. One of those only has trees, “wait, aren’t farmers suppose to grow crops? Yeah I thought so too”. And the other one only has 10 plots(little amount but at least something) but the magic trees don’t seem to belong to the farm, they’re kinda shoved to the side of the screen, as in “hey, don’t look at my trees, they’re not part of my design, so you can’t judge me on them”, and we all know this was a picture-design-competition, not a country story-competition.

    I really like the #1, the design is very original, the price is well deserved

    • shannon meredith Says:

      yes so even if you do have a **** doesnt mean youhave to puta message likeyou doid thts dread

    • Yula Says:

      Oh, shut up. GOD, THIS IS A GAME, NOT A REAL FARM. They tried to use the items they had to make the most creative design they could. I love all the entries. they are truly original and well made. I would never come up with something like that. They were not breaking any rule. I think that all that rant about trees and crops and gardens is nonsense.


      • hiba Says:

        thank u yula… u r 100% true in what u said…

        actually when u want to show something in your heart,,, try ur best to do so.. it’s not something difficult to win such this price.. but it really needs a good plan and best effort to choose items that reflects exactly what is in ur heart 😀

      • Louise Says:

        Well actually it was a themend farm compertition, people seem to have put no thouht into a acctuall working farm, and just created minoranal ‘pictures’ with items avalible. I would have liked to see more dfunctional, well designed FARMS wining.

      • B Says:

        Personal attacks FTL.

      • PsyCho Says:

        I agree with your point is that “garden-looking-like-something-else”-theme”, I may use another two simple terms to represent the idea, one is
        “Farm Like Theme” and other one is “Object Like Theme”

        I would like to discuss the “Object like Theme” first; an object like theme is the best use of the Colour item to make the theme like an object. It is the make use of the colour of the object instead of the item function. If the function of that item is lost why we need so many theme item, Japanese style, magical mystical..etc, an elephant become a black colour object only…what do you think?

        just like the one which like a game character, however is it really related to Creativity? Creativity is one of the rule about this competition but we can find this character in different game just like another play fish game Restaurant City, so is it an “Original design”?. In fact we can find several themes are the same as that one…

        By the way, these entire themes are great and beautiful…

        Back to the ” Farm like theme “, when you visit your friend farm, do you think that an ” object like theme ” will make you feel confusing? Do you need to change your camera by using the zoom button to see what the farm look likes? Do you think it is beautiful when you Zoom in? But what about the ” Farm Like Theme” ? “Magical Birthday Party” by Christine Marie is one the best example, even you use Zoom in or out view, it’s also beautiful isn’t it? Moreover, even she grows another crops the gift box colour will change too, it so attractive. We can see the garden in her farm too, why? Can you see the item function work? The fences, chair …so that it looks like a farm…

        I am not saying that the “Farm Like theme” is better than the other one, I just want to say the basic idea and the means is totally difference, so is it need to separate them into two different marking standard or not?

  3. Angie Says:

    Honestly, I’m quite disappointed with the results, and i’m sure a lot of people will start messaging the playfish team from now on to voice the same opinion. I think the competition results are biased and were by all means not the best. Some of them did indeed deserve to win, but a couple of them I honestly dont think deserve to win. Either the team is giving the winning entries to their friends, or the results were decided by one person only.

    The first entry is quite ridiculous.. it’s like saying that I would’ve be able to win if i used my farm as the background and painted the mona lisa over it. When my friends and I first saw it in the entries list, we thought it was just a joke made by a playfish admin, but if that was a qualifying entry and ended up winning, then the competition guidelines are seriously flawed and ambiguous.

    Also, the result was supposed to be announced on February 19th.. It’s 3 days late. Not a message or notification from playfish, which I believe is highly unprofessional.

    • Yula Says:

      I agree with something: I thought we weren’t able to manipulate the pics. (I didn’t thought I had any chance of winning from the begining, of course…I did not even try hard…O.o’). But PLayfish made a thread in the forum apaologizing for the delay.

    • -Milkah- Says:

      Well said :thumbs: Agreed.

      anyway congrats to all the winners. Personally, I’ve already congratulate one of my friend with Magical birthday party farm (you deserve it Christine ^ ^).

    • Riy Says:

      Agreed on the first entry, especially… it’s not even funny really. Even had to read it over repeatedly to “get” it and even then it was a huge eye roll. I don’t honestly get what they did in order to win… especially not first place :/ and no I’m not being bitter-like. I didn’t even enter.

      But grats to everyone else! I love the girl in the tree, should have been first place. The birthday party was also very creative :>

  4. Rossella Says:

    There were a REALLY beautiful work about “SICILY”, full of particulars and really well done!
    I was sure in a reward for that job…
    Maybe geography and beautiful places in the world is not interesting.
    Better some pink and yellow bushes throw somewhere…BAH!

  5. Dolphin Says:

    I’m quite disappointed with some of the results too. I just feel like to know the criterion of the competition, but some of the results are excellent.^_^

  6. Lisa Manion Says:

    I want to say congratulations to my friend Julia! I am so proud to be her friend! She won 8th place and I had never even seen her design!

    All these take a lot of hard work and dedication 🙂
    I wish I could do something as awesome!

  7. Nina Says:

    No offence but the 1st place winner is… I just don’t get it. lol. What is that? If I had known it’s this kinda contest I would have entered. xD

  8. Bevypoo Says:

    Great work on all of them Congrats Everyone!

  9. Chill Says:

    woah it’s a game, and the competition is a bit of fun, chill out!

  10. Kristine Says:

    I just felt that most of the winning entries lost the REAL meaning of a FARM…they’re merely using all the decorations to fulfill the decorations, what about showing the REAL FARM, or at least using real farm animals/plots to do it.

    Most of the farms here are decorated just for the competition, and won’t function as a real farm after the competition, which is quite sad

  11. Sam Says:

    I honestly believe that my farm entry was better then any of these :\

  12. Jessy Says:

    Wow.. that black and white photoshopped farm won?

  13. Arifa Says:

    I’m disappointed with the results too *Thumbs down*

  14. Jenny Says:

    Those were all great ideas. I wish I had come up with some of those. Congratulations everyone!

  15. ERlangga Says:

    Bravo for all the masterpieces and the winners!

  16. Rissu Says:

    Wow and here the rules said NO PHOTOSHOPPING and only use the in-game camera – what a disappointment!

  17. :( Says:

    I didn´t know that you needed to edit the farm to win =( you need to explain the rules better next time guys
    greetings =)

  18. Alberto Says:

    This is true, it is very unlikely that the first prize can go to a painting like that, it is also unfair that changes to the game occured during the competition, this puts some people to a disadvantaged position. I only think that the winning farms should only have plowed plots and they should have made a composition with plants and trees. And sincerely, look at number 4, that isn’t a farm, it is just a bit of junk with no order, I think that the vote should had been given by other country story members, otherwise it is unfair. Come on, THIS ISN’t PLAYFISH COUNTRY STORY, this nearly seems like FARMVILEE!!!!! We expect excuses from the PLAYFISH group.

  19. Mireia Says:

    I agree with A and Angie entries. All the prizes are to gardens that look like a thing, not really a farm. It’s NOT fair. CS is about growing crops and trees, not just decorating the garden.
    Anyway I would like to say (as if the winners deserve to win as if they don’t) that some are some are quite original

  20. Alberto Says:


  21. m Says:

    I say that they all did great….the other people were talking nonsense stuff because they didn’t win

  22. Rachel Says:

    Ok congrats… =( i didn’t win … but it’s ok ….

  23. Rachel Says:

    i like the penguin more than the others… by the way

  24. shannon meredith Says:

    gongrats all of you

  25. Tamara Says:

    I completely agree with Angie.
    Well, congrats for the winners.

  26. Seraphimia Says:

    I am very disappointed by the selected winners, since many don’t even have plots to warrant even being a farm and the actual winner was based on an idea rather than their actual farm which to be honest just looks like a heap of mess.

    I concur with the comment that most were simply farms that looked like something else.

    Just very very disappointing for those that made a real effort and as per usual got ignored.

  27. luz Says:

    estan horribles los q ganaron habian muchos mas lindos q esos….

  28. Seraphimia Says:

    Also like to add that the rule for entry was NO EDITING and you have selected a winner who clearly edited their entry breaking your own rules plus won on concept as opposed to their actual farm. This would seem to contradict the entire premiss of the competition.

  29. noura Says:

    really bad what is that !! no comment really it’s unfair there were so much pretty things than that s*** i agree that they have chosen their own friends or family whatever what was the point of the competition u just could have given them the 1000 coins without all of this !!

  30. Tasha Says:

    I personally think the first one was a fantastic and original idea. Congratulations. You deserved it. 😀 The rest were definitely awesome. My personal favourite though was the penguin. Grats on all your winnings! ^_^

  31. kimo Says:

    frankly it’s fair for all winners only the 1st price was totally unfair out of condition and out of competition out of rules out out out…
    for the rest really really good job i saw more than 9500 pictures competition the mosts was just stupid : country story give us an example with heart theme it’s not mean that is heart competition most player try to made a heart or butterfly or mario or something you need to stay 1hour to understand what is it also some players didn’t write what is the theme competition or write only theme competition and for the seconde comment said something about tree and tree spirit or plots or whatever HEY you need to read the therm and conditions nothing about tree or plots…anyway congratulations for the 9 players really the best but i contest the 1st price tnx

  32. hiba Says:

    I’m so proud of my work … and i cant believe it .. now, i’m recalling when i first knew about the competition .. i brought a paper and i drew the design.. I tried to show how nature is important and the simple life is really much better and comfortable than the complicated life that many people face nowadays…
    + i was taking into account the shadows and i tried to show them by placing the dark dead trees & the dark trees in a side as if the sun is in the east…
    I’m just trying to tell u what was in my mind.. hope that everybody will love the design as i’m seeing it….


  33. dee brake Says:

    how sad is that. i really dont see anywhere in the rules where it says photoshop pictures are accepted. i dont see where it does not either, but come on. if i figured a photoshop design was eligible. i sure would have entered one. considering i design signatures and avatars im sure i could have entered a “mayor” or “penguin” or “sheep” or for that sake, even a van gogh recreation, all drawn with different shades of CS farm trees, crops and items turned into a photoshop brush.
    im really disappointed with #1 winner being an image not TRULY a CS photo taken of their farm. although the idea and story behind it were creative. the photo has been altered. Any of the other entries would deserve recognition before this one.

  34. Sozalina Says:


  35. Clauchy Says:

    Well, I’m dissapointed too, I think that for the next time Playfish should say specifically what they will evaluate in deciding the awards.

    Anyway, I loved the Global Warming Farm ^^

  36. sduoqu Says:

    Nome parecieron muy cheveres la 1, 4, 6, 8 y 9

  37. Jeff Says:

    …I really hoped I could win at least a prize 😦

    My 3 farm theme entries:
    1: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30687793&l=4014b17453&id=1595048035
    2: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30688217&l=62d3327ba4&id=1595048035
    3: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30690274&l=4e0d5727d3&id=1595048035

    Well anyway, congrats to all winners!

  38. Tami Says:

    Gratz to all the winners. 😀

  39. Someone Says:

    Okay, some of these were nice, but I don’t even see what #9 is supposed to be.

  40. 1234567890 Says:

    i think that the first place winner was the worst one out of them all
    like they even tried its nothing

  41. s1m0na Says:

    I thought we weren’t able to manipulate the pics…………………………………..

  42. Lex Says:

    I had no idea the photograph could be manipulated.
    Also, there were no specifications on the permission to use another company’s characters or intelectual property of any sort…

    In any case, I like the horse, global warming and party.
    The others are seriously a joke.

  43. Top Posts — WordPress.com Says:

    […] We have a(nother) winner(s)! Well with 10 spectacular winning entries this is going to be a long one so we won’t keep you. Anyone who has a […] […]

  44. honiie Says:

    well..me too i’m a bit disappointed… i mean i saw a lot of good works from other contestants, and i’m sure they worked hard for it.. their works are much much good than what i am seeing right now here… lol. pf what happened to the judging?! anyway congratulations to the winners.

  45. Cassidy Says:

    I hate penguins. Their smell could drive you mad. They also swarm and peck. That said, that is one adorable penguin shaped farm. 😀

    Congrats to all the winners!

  46. Sharon Says:

    If I would’ve known that drawing a particular subject would be considered a “farm” then I would’ve drawn something also. I mean, the second place winner drew the mayor, but that doesn’t even look like a farm. Congratulations to all the winners though.

  47. Country Story 正體中文介紹網站 » 官方舉辦拍照比賽冠軍出爐 Says:

    […] 資料來源: We have a(nother) winner(s)! […]

  48. Jane Says:

    Basically the people with a lot of money in the game could have won ~

  49. omes Says:

    That doesn’t seem right at all, for the first winner’s entry to have been edited so much. Playfish, what the hell are you playing at?

  50. Christine Says:

    You’re really GREAT!… no doubt! I’m so happy for you…. ^_^ awesome farm!… very creative, artistic and totally great!

    To all people who dissapointed, well, better accept it guys, ‘coz this is only a game and competition, there’s always a winner and a loser… but for me, you’re still the winner, it’s just that there’s more worth for it! 😀

    and i respect the decision for it! ^_^

  51. Kevin Says:

    That’s cool!!

  52. JOY FARAH Says:


  53. Vivian Leong Says:

    Wow.. I think the winning entry deserves to win. Super creative! I think this is the first entry I have seen in any competition on FB that is not based on using the items in the game to form a picture or a theme!
    Congrads Rachel. It was an amazing effort!

  54. david Says:

    May I know how to take part if I want to joint the Country Story Compition (Coveted Golden Mayor Award).Need advise ,Thanks.

  55. Animus Says:

    I agree with Angie and A, disapointing, surely there must be more original farms out there, and not just ones of piles of junk stacked together in an attempt to make something nice, only a few of these deserved to be here imo

  56. vix chan Says:

    i knew the mario one would win something when i saw it. very good.
    all the others are great also, i love the penguin. XD

    perhaps i put too much stuff in my farm XP a bit over crowded.

  57. Alaa Ibrahim Al Qawasmeh Says:

    Habbooooooooosh Congratulations my creative sis 😀
    U really deserve it..
    I was expecting that coz ur design was really nice & creative..
    Congrats once again 🙂

  58. abril Says:

    wait wtf??? why did the first one manipulated its pic?? that so no fair ! T__T

  59. Someone Says:

    Was’nt this supposed to be a valentine competition?

  60. laura Says:

    I think the first and second place are wrong. are much better made the sixth and tenth place and I daresay many of the ranking is not even see what it is.

  61. laura Says:

    sorry the first ande third!! the second place is amazing!!

  62. 123 Says:

    OMG!! reli disapointed! design all so sucks!! wat a bullshit taste it is! there is much more nice design than this k!

  63. nay thi ha Says:

    really really upset..really no fair n may be cheat …who chose this ugly theme

  64. engy elgamily Says:

    well i’m the 3rd winner even though i didn’t get my prize ,, so any help?

  65. engy elgamily Says:


  66. :) Says:

    It is ok then 😉 congratulations to everyone 😀

  67. Stefanie Says:

    I think the pizza one is best and should have won because it was a really crafty idea and still was a real farm.

  68. LC Says:

    Grats to all the winners, the entries were awsome

  69. Shari Says:

    Playfish, you’ve dropped the ball in choosing a winner for this contest. The winner did absolutely nothing interesting or artistic with their farm – they simply showed that they know how to make a picture greyscale and add text around it. Heck, they didn’t even bother to take down their CHRISTMAS decorations to make their “Summer is hot!” farm screenshot.

    Apparently, all one had to do to win this competition was take a picture – any picture – of their farm and just paste some nifty themed pictures/text over and around it? Maybe next time, you guys should put that in the contest entry post, so people don’t waste their time on something silly, like working on their farm in the actual GAME.

    “Playfish: You Don’t Even Have to Play Our Games to Win Our Contests!”

  70. yerim Says:

    Congrats to all winners.

    But i admit i am disappointed with some of the judging :/

  71. Ohmielle Says:

    I love Cristine’s, Julia’s,Karim’s,Helena’s design. well,the first one is kind of wierd, but that’s her creativity. She done something totally different than others!

  72. Vick Says:

    Wow, very creative on behalf of everyone! I am reading the comments here, and understand the hecklers point of view, but u must give credit where credit is due. U guys didn’t think of this cool stuff!

  73. Aris Says:

    Why i dint win i’m dissoppointed at country story

  74. tomas Says:

    sorry, but there are betters farms that this, I am in disagreement with the results

  75. amr Says:


  76. Keegs Says:

    I am always blown away by the standard of the Playfish competition enteries! Each one of the winners has put together something amazing! Well done to each of them :O)

  77. Jing Says:

    Aw, too bad I didn’t enter. I didn’t have much money. Well, congrats to those people who won them some Playfish Cash! 🙂

  78. marya Says:

    coooool haha !

  79. Tom Says:

    FUCK THAT SHIT. The first one should totally be disqualified. Holy shit, did you guys even mention we can edit the photos? Piece of shit lack of contest info. WOW.

  80. Ashley Says:


  81. lara Says:

    why the game don’t connect tree day

  82. Paula M Cid Says:

    I love this game…. but I didn’t win… T_T

  83. Marsfriend Says:

    Congrats to all who won!

    Unfortunately the game doesn’t initialize for my daughter, she would have loved to give a go at the contest.

    Any idea on when the Facebook CS connection issue will be fixed?

  84. help me!! Says:

    plsssssssssssssssssss!!!!!help m!!

  85. angelo Says:

    i want to become a level 30 …..plsssssssssssss!!!!!

  86. angelo Says:

    i want to be alevel 35

  87. Zarela Says:

    Mis pets desaparecieron sin notificacion!!! no hay notificacion por lo que no se como recuperarlos….Tampoco puedo comprar mas pets !!!!

  88. That Shy Angry Person Over There Says:

    Dear Playfish,

    I can’t BELIEVE that first one WON! Pfft, if I had known we were allowed to Photoshop the pictures, I would have entered and won first place! And seriously, I thought this was supposed to be a farming game, not a DECORATE A FIELD OF GRASS GAME! I am very disappointed in you, Playfish. I thought you knew better than that. And to the first place winner, “You are SO NOT CREATIVE and YOU TOTALLY EDITED IT! And there are others who really deserved to win this, unlike the likes of YOU!” *gets dragged out of room swearing* “I WILL BE BACK!” *mwah ha ha ha ha!!!* >:D

    Love, Shy

  89. keii Says:

    i’m quite disappointed only on the 1st winner..
    she just took a long time countrystory-on-magazine, scan it, and post it..
    how about others who had a really hard work making their farm look the best (esp those with plots inside their farm)
    i think playfish must rethink about this for next time competition.. 🙂

    anyway congratz for other winners.. love your farm guys 😀 even i didn’t win hahaa, i admit i didn’t do my best 😦

  90. letizia Says:

    contry strori beug l’image n’est pas centré on ne peut plus y jouer

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