Pets, Camera, Action! Who’ll Win the Coveted Golden Mayor Award?


Pet Society fans and movie lovers will be thrilled to find out that our Pet Society Movie Awards competition has premiered, giving players the chance to win 1,000 Playfish Cash!

The competition’s premise is simple: with your Pet Society pet and the multitude of items available in the game, you’re invited to become a virtual film director and recreate a scene from your favorite movie – starring your pet – and enter it into our competition page.  Winners in a variety of categories will receive the highly coveted Golden Mayor award!

This is a chance to really flex your creative muscles and show us what you can do! To get more of an idea of what we’re looking for, I spoke with the competition’s organizer, Cristina Fuser, to get her thoughts.

“Our main goal, of course, is for players to have fun!” said Cristina. “We’ve always known that our game players are very clever and creative.  You only have to look at our previous competition winners to see just how imaginative they can be. But this time we’re looking for players to get their inspiration from Hollywood, Bollywood or whatever the case may be and cast their pets within scenes from their favorite movie and turn them into stars!”

It’s always amazed me how players can take various items from the Pet Society store and transform them in an incredibly creative way that we couldn’t have imagined.

Cristina agrees: “Every time we launch a new competition, we never know what new and ingenius ideas players will come up with. It’s all very exciting! This competition is quite different from our previous ones, which typically reflected holidays or festivals from around the world. But the Pets Movie Awards is a brand new event that will give players an opportunity to showcase their ideas and creativity in an entirely new and fun way.

“Having taken a look through the thousands of scenes already submitted, it’s really incredible to see what people have come up with. I keep thinking, ‘Oooh! I wonder what the next one is like?’ and I spend the next hour going through more entries. It’s quite addicting! I often hear people from the office – who have been looking at the entries, too – saying that they are tempted to enter themselves.

“Like the Oscars or Golden Globes, this competition is very competitive and judging is going to be very challenging.  All of the entries are so good and just looking at the them has been so much fun. I can’t begin to imagine how much fun our players are having making them.”

The Pet Society Movie Awards competition ends Sunday, February 28, at midnight GMT, and the lucky winners in each category will be announced and presented with their very own Golden Mayor award on Tuesday, March 2, on the official Pet Society blog.

Good luck – and as they say in Hollywood, “Break a leg!”

Can you guess which movies these fans have based their pet’s scenes on? Click on the images to see more!

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57 Responses to “Pets, Camera, Action! Who’ll Win the Coveted Golden Mayor Award?”

  1. Andro Says:

    I wish I can win…hahaha 🙂

    Make an emo style wig on pet society

  2. Gonzalo Giachhetti Says:

    Whoa!! this things are incredible i cannot win but… yeah i cannot be so pesimist now plase, please make me win, please!!!:):):):)

  3. soha Says:

    no….i will win……la la la la la

  4. fuad moćević Says:

    can I win ?plz:-) :-0

  5. Makon Says:

    i wish they put a wig week on the clothes store I LOOOVVE WIGS!!!

  6. ana Says:


  7. veronika lind Says:

    I really wont to win be cuse I haved never win befor

  8. veronika lind Says:

    just plis :O

  9. basilkilani Says:

    did the movie end and if it is wheres the video and whos the winner

  10. Pretty Panda Says:

    here’s mine!!

  11. Sozalina Says:

    The Joker pet is cute 😀

  12. Chrisshania callista Says:

    these is my photo for the competition

  13. kyle Says:

    ako hindi ko alam anong nangyari

  14. Annie Says:

    how do you upload the picture onto profile?

  15. hale dan Says:

    I wont so much to win be cuse I have 0 playfishcash plis

  16. LC Says:

    Good luck to you Andro. I’d like to join but i dont know how to make movies, and i did not win in all the other competitions. Id like to wait for another competition that I can win.

  17. mahwish Says:

    this is soooooooooo tough and neway i dunno to do it!!!!!!!!!!soooooooo who cares!!!!!it’s just a waste of time!

  18. Arundinta Aja Says:

    Huuuuhhh aku nggak kepilih 😦 sedih deh

  19. raymond william Says:

    saya pengen mendapat credit 1000/50 mayor tolong aku pet yang bangkrut ayolah tolong……….. .

  20. shania Says:

    ….i dont really really understand how to make a video can somebody teach me how to.. co’z i want to make and post it in youtube…

    Wish that someone could help////.. 😦

  21. hamzah Says:

    love this game

  22. joliana Says:

    please gave me to pet socity

  23. DADOM Says:

    I can’t send my video on the wall of Pet Society Awards !!!

    So I posted it on Dailymotion. I hope I will be accepted.


  24. Novel Says:

    I wish I can To be a winner… woaa… please grant…

  25. Cynthia A Says:

    This is March 2nd!! Who’s the winner??


    AWW sh*t i almost published mine and sh*ty winners won THEY ARE MOTHER ****ERS I ALMOST POSTED MINE BUT IT DIDN’T WORK F*** YOU PLAYFISH GIVE US PLAYFISH CASH

  27. i bet they didn't judge yet.. Says:

    these are only examples not the winners we will have to wait till midnight

  28. Kyon-chan Says:

    Who’s the winner??

  29. Nadia Martinez Says:

    Is 3 of march and the winners???

  30. Lacey Says:

    It said the winners would be announced March 2… So who won??

  31. i'am awesome! Says:

    i hope i win

  32. AC Says:

    a ke ora anuncian a los ganadores?

  33. Zaira Nicole S. Ignacio Says:

    i hope i won the competition cause i didnt won any contest =( soo i really want to won this competition ^_^ i really do my best making a picture and video…

    sooo i hope i won goodluck to all of you guyz! ^_^

  34. psuf Says:

    i want to win! ;_;
    i made a photo with photoshop! is that ok?
    or i have to take a photo in pet society?
    mine was resident evil 4

  35. alexandra Says:

    y quien gano el concurso ya e pasaron mucho del tiempo ke se dijo …

  36. marita Says:

    hi playfish… can you please make a converter from coin to playfish cash…
    thanks a lot…

  37. Ruri Hirohata Says:

    I’ve just make a picture of a beautiful angel with her enemies fighting… also her friends fighting w/ the enemies… I make it at….wish i could win….

  38. Pepper Says:


  39. Athaya CuWaNtIk Says:

    I wish I can win… 😉

  40. Ithhar Imoet Says:

    Good luck to you Athaya :*

  41. brenda Says:

    Se me hace de muy mal gusto que pongan las reglas de no usar photoshop, etc y ganen esas imagenes… Creo que no se vale eso es algo muy feo para los demas competidores que hacen las cosas segun sus reglas.

  42. margaux Says:

    haha.. its look like tlaga na castaway pati ung ball pero dapat red un ryt?

  43. margaux Says:

    i hope ung gumawa ng castaway will win

  44. Alice Hill Says:

    It is not fair!!! New player has cute furniture.
    I am old player. And I want new version furniture. But I have two old account of PS.

  45. kathy in luv Says:

    i wish i could be the winner of this competition

  46. Idris Ng Says:

    My Pet Society was expiry….so weird…I’m had login in everyday…How come??? so sad….

  47. margarette Says:

    my wish i will be the winner for this competition

  48. Mario Says:

    i need help on my pet society! i put a japanese wallpaper, and now that i changed it a kimono on the wall does not dissapear!!! i want to take it out!!! could you help me!!!

  49. ritter Says:

    hola playfish por que ni hacen un peluche de nuestro pet que cambie como los posters que hay el la tienda de cash esos seria una cosa impresionante y si sacaran la ropa del alcalde solo la ropa ok me despido bye

  50. }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} eva edith yriarte Says:

    podrian reparar mi pet society?

  51. avyyy Says:

    @idris Ng Says: maybe ur not expired… maybe they just fixed ur petsociety….

  52. Benson Says:

    Em…Can we use some effect like Green Screen?

  53. cloris garcia Says:

    ya van varias veces que se desaparen mis muebles ,,, esto es el colmo tenia una estufa negra , y al entrar hoy esta no esta …. ????? porque?????

  54. milki13 Says:

    WOW! this cool i wont something rare rare rare in the PET SOCIETY!! please send me….

  55. zavey Says:

    I hope Playfish improves. I got bored since one month ago and I´m not interested to keep playing. Is the same activity pattern and you need to change it. I´m over it.

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