News from the Valentine Competition!


We have a winner!

Well more specifically, we have two!

Didn’t we say there’d only be one winner? OK you got us there, yes we did. But as these things tend to pan out with you guys, you just turned out to be too good! With the quality of entries we thought we really had to have a couple of winners; one for our favourite video and one for our favourite image.

If you cast your minds back we asked you to use images and/or videos to show us your pet’s perfect valentine. You didn’t let us down. We were inundated with all kinds of Valentine’s goodness — some romantic, some funny, some tragic, but all supremely creative and packed with all kinds of Valentine’s Day awesome.

As promised the winners will both receive 500 Playfish Cash but also they’ll be given completely unique in game items — items which no-one else in the whole world have! So what are these mysterious items? Well they’re kind of fun. Both the winner and their Valentine will receive a his and hers t shirt and dress personalised to their Valentine, like these:

Cute huh?

So without further ado we’d like to congratulate:

Chia Hui Liu

and Danyela990

…for their amazing entries! They both obviously had a lot of work lavished on them so we’re sure Brico and Daniel must be very touched!

Well done everyone! See you next time!

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15 Responses to “News from the Valentine Competition!”

  1. ~Pinky~ Says:

    Congratulations to winners! πŸ˜€

  2. Danyela990 Says:

    waaaaaaa…i winnnnnnnn T_T…what i need to do???

  3. sgsdg Says:

    whatevs fu…

  4. Nora Mendes Says:

    Congrats Daniela !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DaniV Says:

    wow! Congratz! ~β™₯ ^^

  6. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    Congratz. I hope i win too….

  7. sakket Says:

    did you guys even SEE these ones?

  8. Andro Says:

    Congratulations for the winner!!! Hahahaha I lose

  9. Danyela990 Says:

    i want the dress “i ❀ trilly" not the t-shirt ._. ❀

  10. μ•™κΈ°-ghie Says:

    waw,,,,,pet Love love jambore,,,so cute….. >.<!!!
    and congrats for t winners….

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  12. LC Says:

    Congrats all~

  13. kelvin redimano Says:

    i love pet society πŸ˜€

  14. kelvin redimano Says:

    i love pet society..

  15. mohamed Says:

    what about this

    or this

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