Greetings from Gangster City!


The godfathers at Playfish are pleased to announce an offer you can’t refuse: the launch of Gangster City. We set out to take gangster warfare social gaming to a whole new level with an engrossing storyline, involving graphics and game play and a raft of innovative new features. Have we nailed it? Click here and see for yourself.

And now a word from our sponsor.The Gangster City Tourism Board would like to invite you on a tour of our beautiful city (voted America’s 78th favourite large town*). Take a walk through Little Ireland where drinks are served with smiling Irish eyes at Sticky’s bar.  Sticky Mickey has been running Sticky’s bar for 30 years now, and he’s always willing to tell a tall tale about the dark red stains on the floor. And the walls. And the ceiling.

(Sticky Mickey is just one of many interesting characters you’ll meet playing Gangster City, each with their own personality and a wealth of varied missions for you to try your hand at).

Then it’s just a short walk to Broken Hill and the Pantheon nightclub which is always willing to go the extra mile for its clients. Meanwhile the bright lights of Lower East are just a bus ride down the hill where you can find a hot meal at Mom’s Diner — best maple syrup pancakes in town — and the Klondike Casino which is open all night and happy to accept most forms of real estate as collateral against a chip loan.
(The Gangster City map is broken into several sections and you’ll need to increase your level to see them all. Each location includes properties for you to invest in, missions for you to tackle and gangsters and hoodlums for you to meet).

Head north to Upper Grove and while away some pleasant time browsing through the wares on sale by countless cheery fences selling stolen goods.

(Power comes at a price in Gangster City. Once you’ve made it big you’ll be able to buy some pretty special hardware, from muscle cars to rocket launchers. Whatever it takes to bury your rivals for good).

If your idea of a vacation is sun sea and surf look no further than Gangster City’s very own Black Beach (open in time for Summer!), earning the title of Best Beach In Town by the Gangster City Tourism Board since 1978 when the only other beach was closed indefinitely due to lethal levels of pollution. Any bodies found washed up on the shore should be reported to the Gangster City Police Department immediately.

(Gangster City has a unique and immersive storyline which unfolds as you play. You’re not just clicking the ‘Attack’ button until your stamina runs dry, you’re a real person whose father was killed by the Mafia, and you want revenge. There’s even some twists turns and surprises in store for dedicated gangsters).

Have a pleasant stay in Gangster City!

* In 1954.

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4 Responses to “Greetings from Gangster City!”

  1. matty Says:

    can i please request something? can gangster city have like an option for us to choose our gender and then customize our character? i would really love that. thanks! 🙂

  2. Ben Payne Says:

    i want to play gangster city

  3. kent Says:

    hehehe weaks

  4. MrB Says:

    1. When Gifting players, can it bring up the list of our current associates etc rather then our whole (facebook) address book.
    2. Add some missions with game play like done in Crazy Planets. Even Mobsters has a birds down view of a mini game attacking convoys of cars etc.
    3. Introduce a DopeWars style dealing between locations or owned properties. Check out dopewars on google if you don’t know what I mean.
    4. Like Matty said, gender and character customization make it more fun
    5. Integrate some pimp wars style action ie Hoes, Rides and Thugs. See
    6. Introduce so many aspects that even when we run out of energy we still can play the game (without spending money on credits :P)
    Good work making something more interesting than Zynga.

    MrB – On Gangster City

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