Announcing the winners of our Festive Decorating competition!


Yes please Tami, we’ll take 10! In fact make that 20!

And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, boy you’re in for a treat!

So last year we asked you to take the inspiration of Playfish to make some festive decorations. We don’t like to restrict you too much — we love seeing what you achieve when you take some simple guidelines and run with them — so we kept it simple: show us some festive decorations with a Playfish twist. We gave a few examples, like greetings cards based on Playfish games, or re-creating your family holiday decorations in a Playfish games, but the sky was really the limit.

We could carry on for several paragraphs about how much you blew us away once again with your creative skills but in truth, we think you guys know how good you are by now. And my word are you good. No, let’s just put our prizes where our mouth is and get onto the good stuff: the winning entries! Everyone listed below wins a Playfish 2010 calendar, a goody bag of Playfish and EA merchandising, plus:

The 20th to 11th runners up below each won 50 PFC. Well done everyone!

11 Bevypoo – If this cake tastes half as good as it looks… boy, what a cake!

12 x-nick-x-86 – We loved this card because it managed to include all our games in a very original style, well done! The Word Challenge font was a plus!

13 Kee Ping – Definitely the best Festive farm decoration received, we know it takes a while to re-arrange your farm in Country Story, great job!

14 BreakbeatTiki – We received lots of gingerbread restaurants but this revised version of Jingle Bells was spot on!

15 Thanks to Claire for her entry which represents the Filipine festive tradition: different and interesting!

16 kdgalaxy – These cards are amazing, so creative and detailed. With little envelopes too!

17 Meerkat – These tiny pet tree decorations are so pretty, how did you make them?

18 Dira Dudi – Your pet’s house was decorated with fantastic taste; one of the best entries for this category!

19 Isham – We loved this restaurant and the way you presented it, and clean bathrooms too — hygiene first!

20 prezrickard – This greeting card is truly special: so different and captivating. You have a talent, keep working on it!

The 10th to 4th placed runners up each won themselves a cool 100 PFC. Congrats all!

4 ericc – This veggie tree was definitely the most original festive tree we saw in the competition!

5 Ana la Rana – We loved this story; who would have thought the Gourmet King could be so cheeky with our pets!?

6 Cruzi – the whole restaurant staff gathered together to welcome customers with Christmas carols: how nice!

7 Kokori79 – A candy train to the North Pole: what a sweet piece of engineering! We love the sparkling animation too! :0)

8 thegreysheep – this entry must have taken ages to knit; the result was awesome!

9 Rodrigo Villanueva – this is the first time we’ve seen our characters like this, how about you come to the Playfish office and paint some more?

10 3Designer – Your 3D work is so realistic, definitely one of the best greeting cards in the competition!

And now, drum roll… in 3rd place winning 250 Playfish Cash, here’s droby5’s festive hotel! That luxurious selection of suites would be the envy of any 5 star hotel, although we’re dubious about the health and safety aspects of the toilets being located in the bedrooms!

In 3rd place…

Next up is chemicalsmile’s Pet Society Christmas. chemicalsmile put an astonishing amount of work into replicating her festive Pet Society home in her actual home. The attention to detail is incredible, right down to the tiny snowman on the piano- wait a minute, where’s the tiny snowman on the piano in Pet Society? Only kidding chemicalsmile, enjoy your 500 Playfish Cash!

In 2nd place…

Finally, as you may have guessed from the first sentence, were absolutely bowled over by the sheer awesome put into Tami’s Robot Candy Dispenser. I mean this thing is absolutely amazing. Just check out the step by step guide to making it… Tami, you’re a genius! Your Apple iPod Touch is on its way!

Finally in 1st place!

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85 Responses to “Announcing the winners of our Festive Decorating competition!”

  1. Sarah_Louise Says:

    You gotta be joking me…Your telling me thease people came 1-20 place…..Is this a wind up….yeh some of them are really good but i have been throught ALL of the entries and found alot better ones then just ones of rooms….

    Did you actually go all throught the entries…I dont think you did…and if you did…you need glasses!.

    Did EA games have a say in thease results…Cause they could judge better with their eyes closed!!

  2. Yula Says:

    I can’t believe it…..I didn’t win ANYTHING AND I WORK SOO HARD I WANT TO CRY …………………



  3. Yula Says:

    I hate you all playfish this is not fair I worked so hard, i would be happy to get at least something. I don’t know what I did to you to hate me this much………..this is not fair……….

  4. Yula Says:

    why nobody answers????? what did i do wrong???????

  5. Sarah_Louise Says:

    You obviously did nothing wrong..

    They really need to get their eyes tested…Like i said in the 1st post…some people who won…just took a picture of their house/restraunt etc…..

    people who work hard like you and me get nothing!!!…I dont even think they even went throught them all at all…

  6. Bevypoo Says:

    Thanks Playfish for the opportunity to participate in this awesome contest. And congrats too all the winners well deserved so many good entries to choose from!

  7. bleky Says:

    You must be kidding! these are all rubbish!

  8. chemicalsmile Says:

    whyyy won’t it let me post a comment! ugh.

  9. chemicalsmile Says:

    how do i claim my prize?
    &&who exactly judged this competition? seriously?

    • Bevypoo Says:

      The same people that awarded you 2nd place …..

      • Bevypoo Says:

        which was well desrved

      • chemicalsmile Says:

        right… which i am not complaining about.
        i just didn’t understand why some of the entries from people like YOU &Yula, people that actually made something &put a lot of time &effort into it didn’t place higher- or place at all. but, like i said, the judges obviously have different criteria.
        by the way, i don’t know wtf i did to you, but you NEVER seem to have anything nice to say to me, &it kind of sucks.

      • Bevypoo Says:

        you never did anything..sorry if you take it that way totally not my intentions … i was just pointing out that you got 2nd and it was well deserved so obviously they knew what they were doing thats all. sometimes it is easy to misread peoples intentions by words on the computer. i have no issues with you. just trying to point out the positives

      • chemicalsmile Says:

        alright. i’m sorry if i misunderstood.

      • Bevypoo Says:

        no worries im sorry i led you to misunderstand congrats on the win your tree was beautiful

    • Yula Says:

      Wow chemicalsmile….you are such an amazing friend, you are so nice!! and honest too. we call that “ir al frente” but I don’t know how to translate it lol
      It’s sad seeing you argue with Bevypoo, she’s such a nice, friendly and very very well temepered person too! 😦 I hope you can become friends too…….

      Thank you very*100000000 times again and congratulations for beeing such a great artist!! 😀

      And Bevypoo, I just can’t get tired of saying thanks and congrats! You diserve a million of them!

      Oh I’m sorry if I’m annoying, I’m just answering because somebody asked me for the link & I just couldn’t resist to read the comments lol

  10. Jhef Says:

    I spent hours going through all the entries on the forums and Facebook. I joked a lot about those who just took screenshots would win. I didn’t think they actually would. Yula should have won SOMETHING. She at least made something with her hands.

  11. Qinni Says:

    i clicked on the comments section, expecting people to congratulate others for winning…..and i stumble upon many negative comments. *sigh*

    anyways, congrats to the winners. the first-place’s candy machine’s really amazing!! xDD love it ❤

  12. Tami Says:

    Yay I won first place~!! *glee* Gratz to everybody and big hugs to everyone that tried really hard but didn’t place in the top 20. There were alot of awesome entries that I personally think deserved to win. *hugs* But there’s always next time so try not to feel so down. ):

  13. Yula Says:

    ok…now it doesn’t matter anymore, my friends made me feel better…..please make a contest for easter, i will try even harder!!!

  14. Petra Says:

    Come on, Yula, it’s not all about you :/ Better be nice and say “Good work!” to all winners.

    I like this robot sooooooooo much!! Great job, Tami, really!

  15. Sirius Says:

    Congratulations Tami!! 🙂

  16. ukbetting007 Says:

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    I liked your content in your post and I felt that i is the great source of knowledge.I am very impress with your post.


  17. Natalie Says:

    congrats to the winners – they were all very much deserved! And good job to all who entered 🙂

  18. 3Designer Says:

    Hey I won 10th place.
    How do I get that 100 pfc?
    Expected a higher rank though. The criteria is unclear. I could have taken a photo of a mall with christmas decors to save me time to do something RC related. The winners have nothing related to the games at all except for the third place winner. Wierd.

  19. 3Designer Says:

    Hey I won 10th place.
    How do I get that 100 pfc?
    Expected a higher rank though. The criteria is unclear. I could have taken a photo of a mall with christmas decors to save me time to do something RC related. The winners have nothing related to the games at all except for the third place winner.

  20. sandy Says:

    hey play fish wake up its already 2010, its seems that you’re still sleeping and on vacation at this time, you didnt check all the entry in this competition, why the winner is not related to the playfish game!! why you didnt tell us that anything unique entry without related to the rc games is ok, grrrr.. this is unfair to all the players who sent their entry to this competition, they work hard to decorate and spend the whole day infront of pc to win.. and this is the result? this sh””t…. all people who played your games would hate you for this, this is a messy competition. wont believe you anymore.. unfairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

    • Tami Says:

      From what I can see, all the winners are Playfish related.

    • unordinarymom Says:

      I’m totally agree with you Sandy. i spend a lot of time, day and night, to decorate my house for the competition, but i was shocked when i see the result. Just a few posting their house, restaurant pict that are related to the theme and the game of playfish, but they didn’t get the higher prize arrrghhh….

  21. sandy Says:

    sandy Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 9, 2010 at 4:09 am | Reply

    hey play fish wake up its already 2010, its seems that you’re still sleeping and on vacation at this time, you didnt check all the entry in this competition, why the winner is not related to the playfish game!! why you didnt tell us that anything unique entry without related to the rc games is ok, grrrr.. this is unfair to all the players who sent their entry to this competition, they work hard to decorate and spend the whole day infront of pc to win.. and this is the result? this sh””t…. all people who played your games would hate you for this, this is a messy competition. wont believe you anymore.. unfairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  22. neverwinner Says:

    i tried my best just to win

  23. Linniie Says:

    its dissapointed me lil bit.
    ok not related with im not winning, but there’s lots of more awesome entries!
    tami’s are the most awesome i know, but the other, some not even deserve when you compare with those other !
    seriously pf , i hope you’d check it more clearly ❤

    and congratz to all !

  24. Pet Society Mystery Says:

    Oh…….. i did’nt won it……

  25. Dira Dudi Says:

    Yay! I’m in place 18th. Not bad~

  26. Shrutie Says:

    Go Tammi!! woot!! 🙂

  27. Zaira Nicole S. Ignacio Says:

    aww i didnt won the contest i really work hard for that 😦 but thats ok if there i was a new competition i will do my best i can!:D!

  28. Bevypoo Says:

    Actually all the entries were related to Playfish or their games. Playfish has 11 different games which you can find on the main forum section. The competition was Festive decorating Playfish style. The first place winner is totally Playfish is a replica of the main robot from crazy planets. im sorry that some of the winners think the deserved better then what they got im happy with 11th .. many other entries won nothing as Im sure there was thousands and thousands of great entries.

    • Yula Says:

      Bevypoo! you diserve more than that!! I would give you at least the third price!!!!!! and Petra is right.. I said congrats in thread but not here so:

      CONGRATULATIONS to the winners especially those which I supported fom the very beginning: Bevypoo (yummmm!), Chemicalsmile (I loved so much the stockings, so perfect!), Tami, Rockomexico ( I LOVED IT!) , kokori79, Meekat (was I rude? I didn’t mean to i swear!), kdgalaxy, prezrickard (he left me speechless) x-nick-x-86 (really, I’m gonna get a copy of that card,it’s so….WOW) !!!!! :clap: :clap:
      I also want to thank with all my heart and soul to: Bevypoo (you are the friendliest person on Earth!) and chemicalsmile (the best of the best older sisters! ;-P) even when that is not enough.. And all the people that made me feel better when I was upset and sad ♥♥♥♥♥
      And I’m really sorry for those who really diserved a prize and didn’t make it to the top: Sakurina’s amusement park, martina23000’s figurines ,
      ruddy kitty’s ornaments, and many others! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
      And like I said: looking forward for the next competition….I will work harder than ever!!!

  29. whatever Says:

    Why do people keep complaining? If you didn’t win, that means your entries aren’t good enough, in the judges opinion. If you think they’re blind, then don’t waste your time in joining a contest that put blind people as their judges! Grow up, people! You can not always win!

    Btw, congrats to all the winner. I especially like the winner #2. I personally joined but also didn’t win. Hope I’ll win something someday. 🙂

  30. kenneth Says:

    well playfish i’m sorry to say this but i will not play your games anymore more because i work so hard and i post many design in your contest and i spend all my money just for that and i will not deserved anything? i’m sorry playfish i quit… 😦

  31. chemicalsmile Says:

    i highly doubt people didn’t win because their entries “weren’t good enough”
    i’m hoping the judges have some criteria that we don’t know about- mabye they had categories, &the winners had the best entry in that particular category? i don’t know. i don’t understand how people like Yula &the person that made the little clay figures [&everyone else that actually made something &put obvious time &effort into their entries] didn’t even place, yet there are entries that i could have made in 10 minutes that won something. but, obviously my criteria is different. either way it has nothing to do with them “not being good enough”.

    &&congrats tami- i knew you’d win the first time i saw your post :p

    OH &the tiny snowman was supposed to be like the snowman plush- which won’t sit on the piano in the game, &looked awkward sitting on a shelf behind it. maybe if some layering issues were fixed, i could have added it in my inspiration photo… 😉

  32. chemicalsmile Says:

    PS- i thought the graffiti entry was SUPER awesome! can you come paint my walls, please? 😀

    • RodrigoMX Says:

      Hey thanks ahaha, it took a lot of work! I’m glad I got a nice place. Your entry its pretty cool too. I actually tought of doing somethin like that for my entry but then changed my mind and made the graffiti. Anyways I have pet society in my wall for my backyard parties yeeei haha.

  33. catharsis108 Says:

    the first prize was definitely well-deserved, your robot is really AMAZING Tami! also, congrats to all the winners! 😉

    didn’t take a look at all the other entries, though i do think there were definitely better entries than some which are up there. nonetheless, the contest is over, may the judges post up their judging criteria next time. ~

  34. Faye Says:

    Is it me, but all the winners are the one who posted at the thread?? : / So no one won who posted at Playfish fanpage site??

  35. zEEz Says:

    Congrats to all winner 🙂

  36. BreakbeatTiki Says:

    Yeeeeah! : D When are we receiving our prizes? I just can’t wait : )
    Congrats to everyone : D

  37. Ideknarok Says:

    my photo got 24 people Like with lots of good comments but i receive nothing. Next time please change the competition name from “Decorating” to “Inventing” so that i would not spend time on creating and decorating room any more.

  38. Chaz Says:

    First of: Congratulations to everyone that won. There are many great entries under the winners.

    Without wanting to moan or anything, I just have to ask: Why are 19/20 winners postings in the playfish forum. This way of entry was only made possible late in the competition if I recall correctly. Have all the many entries on the playfish facebook site been properly considered?

  39. Ana la Rana Says:

    Congratulations to all winners 🙂 although some entries like the clay figurines and the crosstitch should have won at least 10th place or more… and I personally think that the PS cake should have been in a higher place, I mean it’s so great and looks delicious, it’s obvious it was hard work.
    Anyway, Tami your robot is aweosome, I love it! congratulations for your 1st place 😀
    And please could someone tell me how to claim the Playfish 2010 calendar, and the goody bag of Playfish and EA merchandising??? Im also a winner n_n
    Thank you and well done everyone 🙂

  40. Sarah_Louise Says:

    No its not just you who has realised this…Playfish could even be bothered to check throught the entries on the fan page…they are to lazy…..

    Most of the people who won dont deserve to win…BUT!…as i keep saying…the people who did win….mostly pay for CC and coins…So thats why they won..Total scam with some if you ask me….There are alot of entries that deserved to win….Oh well..I hope playfish are happy they most of their players despise them now….They will never learn!!!!

    • Tami Says:

      9th place is an FB link. Personally, I would’ve used forum links too. They’re shorter than the FB ones (on my screen resolution, 9th place’s link looks weird on my page and takes up 2 lines). Also, the threads tend to be more detailed with their description of their entry than FB ones. So if viewers wanted to read about it, the threads would be a better choice.

      And what you’re saying is very insulting to the winners.

    • chemicalsmile Says:

      um.. i came in 2nd &i’ve never paid for Cash Coins… EVER. i neverr have the money for something like that, which is a big reason i entered this contest. i also don’t see how buying cash coins have ANYTHING to do with the winners. it’s EXTREMELY rude of you to say something like that… i’d be insulted if it actually made sense :p

      &there are entries that were only posted on the Facebook fan page that won, but it seems you’re too lazy to check the links up there ^

  41. Playfish Says:

    Many happy people and many complaining ones, as often happens after the end of a competition, so we thought it’s fair to clarify what criteria we used to select the winning entries.
    As usual we went through every single entry, both on facebook and on the forum (there was a pretty even mix of the two in the end) and crucially the winning entries were all 100% playfish related.
    People had two options to enter this contest, they could either decorate their house, restaurant or farm in the games or create something in real life — this led to an eclectic range of different styles and we wanted to represent them all. The vast majority of entries fell into three main categories: hand made decorations, greeting cards, and in-game decorations, so we tried to achieve a fair mix of original works from each.
    We hope this clarifies our choices for the final list and once again congratulations to all the winners as well as to all the many many other amazing entrants! 🙂

    • chemicalsmile Says:

      that does clear a lot up 🙂 THANK YOU for actually responding!

    • Ana la Rana Says:

      Thank you for taking the time to tell us which criteria did you use, its really helpful to understand why were the prizes awarded that way.
      And since Im a winner too, I just have one question:
      How can I claim the Playfish 2010 calendar, and the goody bag of Playfish and EA merchandising?
      please reply 🙂
      Thank you

  42. Bevypoo Says:

    Im in a bit of a pickle … I still have the Mayor from the top of my cake I didnt have the heart to eat him or toss him in the garbage so Ive currently stuck him in the freezer for safe keeping . He is made out of rice crispy squares soo maybe ill just let my kiddies eat him LOL

    Congrats again to all the winners!!

  43. chen Says:

    its not fair. co’z you it should have a category in choosing the winner.
    no originality. it should be in decorating the room. why you will sell things in petso just for nothing? it should be only the item you sell…. not hand made item. not fair competition.

  44. I love PS! Says:

    Congratulations to all the place winners! it’s so exciting when you see your entry has won something in one of the major competitions.
    My fav entry is the Gingerbread train by Kokori79 – loved the creativity and use of PS items! very cool!

    Only sad thing is to see the number of nasty and mean spirited comments, people bleating ‘what about me’?
    If you didn’t win, you didn’t win.
    Time to build a bridge and get over it. Or would you like some cheese to go with that whine?

  45. nickysuper Says:

    Playfish!! I spent all of my money to do a house like tht!!!!!!!!!!!! No fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so sad!!!!!!!! sorry playfish but i wont enter those competitions anymore if you are so rude 😦 😥

  46. nickysuper Says:

    and you even chosse the ones tht did it in Photoshop Well sorry if a cant have it!!!!!!! 😦 shish they just use photoshop’
    cant they do it with out it?!?!? cuz its not fair for the wons tht cnt afford it!

  47. nickysuper Says:

    uff!! and some people who won even SHOW OFF!!!! 😡

    • Yula Says:

      You can use GIMP you know? It’s free and I learnt how to use it in a week. And the only huge difference with Photoshop is the quality of some images.

  48. RodrigoMX Says:

    Yeaaah! So happy I could die!!!! I won the 9th place! I love Pet Society, and I spent days painting that graffiti, kewl, I’m glad you liked it, but I’m very confused bout the first place. In which way is that robot related to playfish games or pet society?, I dunno, its pretty cool tho’ and genius. Anyways, congrats to all winners and keep playing, stop being so rude, its a fun competition. Loved the cake. Happy new year everybody.

  49. Rico Penguin Says:

    After reading most of the bashing on these comments I am reminded of why a proper education is so important.

    Seriously, how can folks so retarded manage the series of events necessary to even post here?

    As for the winners. Congratulations! 🙂

  50. Playfish Holiday Contest Results In Robot Candy Dispenser [Photos] Says:

    […] month Playfish held a holiday contest which challenged users to create holiday decorations that were inspired by Playfish games. This […]

  51. LC Says:

    congratulations to the winners, its ok for those who arent in the ranking cause EVERYONES A WINNER! 😀 (lol i didnt win too XD) just keep working harder and harder! everyone can do it! owo my entry>

  52. javi Says:

    :(i did not win!!!!!! i feel so sad!!

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