Announcing the winners of our Restaurant City dream menu competition!


Staggering. The number of entries, the quality of your menus, the sheer tastiness of the dishes you proposed – there’s no other word for it. Just staggering.

Let’s wind back a little.

After the success of asking which drinks to put in the game we thought it might be fun to go one better and let you add an entire meal.

So that’s a starter, a main course, a dessert, and finally a tasty drink to wash it all down.


We wanted you to tell us what your dream menu was. Our favourites would then make it into Restaurant City as courses which everyone could create using YOUR recipes.

There were prizes up for grabs of course, not that seeing your creation in the game wasn’t a huge deal in the first place; one prize for each of the four entries whose course or drink made it in.

We hit a slight snag at this point but more on that later.

Without further ado, the folowing are our lucky winners:

Nuttomaki is first up to whet all our appetites with a mouthwatering selection of dim sum using a recipe of prawns, pork and flour. A delicious way to start any meal, we’re sure you’ll all agree! Congratulations Nuttomaki, your recipe and 100,000 coin prize are coming soon!

Main course is courtesy of ColeWy in the form of roasted lamb with pomegranate sauce using a recipe of lamb, pomegranate and garlic. Congratulations ColeWy, your recipe is going to be in the game! You’re a 100,000 coin winner!


Dessert arrives in the form of the popular tiramisu and is compliments of Bruder. Bruder’s choice of ingredients were egg cream and coffee, and so it shall be in Restaurant City. Bruder, your culinary expertise will be whispered of for many years to come in the halls of Michelin Castle or wherever it is chefs secretly meet to whisper about culinary expertise. We’re pretty sure they must have some kind of pre-arranged meeting place for that kind of thing.

Finally, blackfir3 takes the honours for our favourite drink with saffron tea. Blackfir3’s suggested ingredients were saffron, tea and water. So simple we could make it ourselves. And, happily, we’ll soon be able to in Restaurant City! Congratulations blackfir3, enjoy your 100,000 coins and the inevitable fame and admiration which is the true prize of all Playfish competitions.


So the snag we mentioned earlier. Well, you see, some of those menus were amazing. Like, really amazing. All we essentially asked you to do was give us recipes for your favourite courses, but some of you went well above and beyond the call of duty and put an enormous amount of work into making sure those menus looked truly delissimo. We thought some of you guys who worked really hard on your menus deserved a special extra prize for your efforts.

Each of the following receive an extra 50,000 coins for effort:

tiancai for their absolutely beautiful illustrated menu.

restocityboy for their enormous selection of different menus. It must have taken you hours to make all that restocityboy!

Congratulations to you all! We hope you enjoy seeing the new menus in Restaurant City!

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    i lov restaurant city!!!

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  6. cez Says:

    i wanna join this competition…

  7. Tricia Says:

    I noticed that there is no SUGAR coming through. Is that going to have to be harvested also? Is there anyway that we can get our harvested ingredients a little faster?

  8. beni Says:

    can i upgrade to bigger space? and if so wat level?

  9. Elaine Says:

    Wah is great , how to join tis competition ??

  10. k!w! Says:

    hey@ 🙂 ;] =]

  11. Paula Says:

    Cómo se hace para participar del sorteo? YO kierooo!! Alguien sabe??

  12. SweaterMeat Says:

    This still doesnt help me figure out what to do with all this oregano.

  13. ria Says:

    the best games, my favourite games is restaurant city 🙂

  14. reb Says:

    cez, competition is already over lol

  15. Lee Says:

    Hmm… I thought you were going to pick a whole meal set. And dim sum usually implies an entire meal. So you could have an appetizer, main, and dessert of solely dim sum dishes.

  16. ria Says:

    my dreams in restaurant city 🙂

  17. Dawn aka home chef Says:

    This competition was an excellent idea! And RC is a genius. I’m so hooked on this game 🙂 Hope to see the lovely foodies soon on our menus. hugz

  18. cez Says:

    i wanna join this competition…
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  19. trudy Says:

    welcome to my restaurant

  20. cheryl Says:

    shouldnt tiramisu be cheese coffee and something for the finger sponge? like flour or smthg?

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    i love restaurant city!!

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    no me avisaron del concurso.


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    im going to win this competition

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    I love Restaurant city, when i turn back home and I feel stressed and sad, i open this game on my facebook profile ant start to play, it make me happy and it’s the occasione to keep in contact with friends!

    Join us!

  25. Miri Says:

    Having dim sum win is like having sushi win. The word doesn’t directly refer to one dish but a multitude of dishes. Just like dim sum is a way of eating and not a specific type of food. Someone needs to brush up on their culture.

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    i lov restaurant city!!!



    i wanna join this competition…

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    i wanna join the competition too

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    Love Restaurant City~

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    congratulations to the winners! 🙂

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    its awesome

  31. sharon Says:

    hi, if change the cost of 1 dish from $2 to more, it’s much better ,thanks

  32. Eff Says:

    wow, just wow… coming form someone who has been to culinary school, the ingredients on some of these new items are way the hell off…. although the main and drink are spot on and look and sound tasty

  33. Yin Says:

    good job. 🙂

  34. val Says:

    how can we take part at the competiton???

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    add me

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    bit late, cez

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    its really fun to play this game

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    thats cool … i love this game … 🙂

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    i love restaurant city
    hope that more new items will come

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    i wanna haveb a try

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    what competition?

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    well done

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    i like to submit my entry….

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    lve this game mamamama

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    so,what i have to do to win?

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    i wanna join this competition

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    I love this game very much

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    smells delicious :3

  51. Ryan Hoople Says:

    Ya im mad at RC cuz my raiting is stuck 😦

  52. Mary Says:

    I really want you guys to have a vegetarian option!!! I only make the vegetarian things on the menu and I’m running out of options… please keep this suggestion in mind!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Vivian Says:


  54. marygrace Says:

    I love Restaurant City! Create more Recipe Submissive Jay:D

  55. Kimberlee Howell Says:

    Congratz ladies/gents!!!! I looked at this challenge & decided it was too hard to beat some people that spent sooo much time in this & did not bother….lol

  56. kosmosfm Says:

    and i want to join

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    i wanna join this competition

    this is very nice & coooooooooool 😀

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    Win exciting prizes here

    enjoy surfing!

    sa mga pinoy… join na kayo! hehe

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    How do I enter this competition??

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    Hey this looked cool!! I’d like to compete in the next contest that comes around!

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    Congratulations !! n__n

  62. Gourmet Ashley Says:

    Congrats to the winners! XD They look great!!!

    …but I’m sad I didn’t win at least an honorable mention. :[ I spent a ton of time on mine.

    Oh well, next competition! :]

  63. sue Says:

    I’m hungaryyyyyyyyy

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    i want 2 join

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    Yum! They all sound delicious! =P

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    😀 IL restaurant city

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    thats great keep it up guys.

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    addicted to restaurant city..

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    I dont understand this thing. but i love restaurant city! ❤

  71. monkey Says:

    Why is 80% of the menu Asian-based, with two new Asian dishes?

  72. Renea5 Says:

    I wanna kook toooo!! waaaaa! (por supuesto)

  73. SILVIA Says:

    ,ma come faccio a fare ciò??

  74. SILVIA Says:

    voglio partecipare

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    i love restaurant city

  76. amber w Says:

    very fun game

  77. Failed_Contest_Entry Says:

    Aww. I thought mine was a winner. every contest i join i end up failing. :[ My contest entry’s always end up crappy.

  78. Sarah Says:

    D= I made a post about Tiramisu. It was my first menu idea!!! *sigh*

  79. sergio Says:

    god beri god

  80. Saleh Says:

    i have no chance of winning

  81. paul richardt Says:

    about to dlete cause cant get online or cant buy stoves and stuff frustrating

  82. carrie Says:

    I so love restaurant city.. coz i open restaurant wan..

  83. chris west Says:

    please let me know the start dated plus all the info for the competion please. thanks

  84. Aqil Says:

    Hello can someone (the winners) add me and give me somthing

    I an Muhammad Aqil Aiman on facebook and had a naruto picture

  85. M.E. Says:

    Congratulations to the winners. I thought there would be more than just 4 new recipes though…?

    Also, bummer that vegetarians were dissed. There were some awesome ideas for those of us with no-meat themes.

  86. Trang Hoang Says:

    hey! I have enough Ingredients for make this food.Pls let me know how can I make it. Thanks Love RC!

  87. Kervin Says:

    wew…… what’s the prize? =.=”

  88. stacey Says:

    It is my favorite game…. 🙂

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    Wow.. congratulations guys!


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    I Love Dim Sum and Tiramisu.!! Cant wait!!!!

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    Soooooooooo awsome. My resteraunt is awsome tooo.

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    Congrats, my menu not won in competition… T_T

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    gratz winners = )
    when are u adding the dishes to the game ?

  107. jacky Says:

    i dont get it…??

  108. brayden Says:

    wow i would love to have those on my restaurant and awesome job to the winners

  109. dimitra Says:

    where can i use oregano?????

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    how to join this competition!!!

  111. max Says:

    That roasted lamb looks delicious xD

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    hahaha esta genial est juego 😀

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    i really love te RC im really addicted into it!

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    i wanna join too. 😀

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    i’m a big fan of restaurant city… everyday i collect a different ingredients to my friends & reward… also i’m trading my ingredients to others…. ^_^

    everyday i check my new friends to have an engredients, that’s why i love this restaurant city… ^_^

    regardz… ^_^

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    i luv restaurant city..

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    i love restaurant city so much..:)

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    i want tojoin buts it not leting me join id know why

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    me too, but does it have already started?

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    Congrats to all the winners!!! I know as a entrant, I was amazed by all the great ideas and recipes. Can’t wait to make the new dishes!

  122. hawra''a Says:

    i love resturant city .. and one day i will make mine really bif and fancy 😀

  123. Roen Says:

    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?
    make another competition!?


  124. vanessa Says:

    Ilove this restaurant city because it is so beutiful

  125. Denise Says:

    Congratulations to all winners, I look forward to using the 3 courses in my Restaurant.

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    Love it soooo much

  127. Anosha Says:

    i love it soooo much <3<3

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    como es esta competencia

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    Holy cow! Cool! I misunderstood what this contest was or how it worked…. I should have tried out. 🙂 Congratulations to the winners!



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    forever restaurant city

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    I Love The Combination.. Especially the saffron tea..

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    wow!!! i like this

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    kewl.. 🙂

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    i didn’t know there’s competition, otherwise i would ve many ideas to suggest… mayb better luck next time.

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    Keep it up!

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    Hey, I got a Wii today!! YAY!!!!!

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    its a really fun game ,wanna join comp

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    hey! i wanna join 2! even if my menu has only a few foods

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    Well done to all the winners :O))) Thrilled that the RC comp went so well. RCers rock!!!

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    i knew blackfir is gonna win.. but still thankyou RC for giving me a chance to win even though im a second placer.. but still thankyou! i really appreciate it!

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    im addict irr…

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    some one gift me plss

    is my name

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    hey! thats not fair, everyone’s a winner!

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    restaurant city is the best game on the web and i absolutely luv it.i wake up at 6:30 sumtimes even earlier to play restaurant cityif there wa a rating i would give it a 11/10 its better than better this game and i love this game and thank u my sister for telling me bout this game

    bye luke

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    It’s fun game, enroll me for he game!

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    This Competition Is Fun !

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    i dunnot agree wit the winners

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    I just loved!

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    oh boy, am i so hungry after reading all this!!

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    I can’t wait to make themmmm! I will definetly be using tht pomagranate tht’s been sitting in my storageeee

  179. rclover Says:

    congrats to the winners 😛
    lol cant wait to make ur meals 😉

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    cool! i wonder if the winning menu will be added to restaurant city?

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    I love restaurant city:)So fun!!!

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    this is the shit!

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    yo yo frigiliez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XP

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    how i can creat my recipes in R.C? show me the way, please

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    i wanna join this game

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    necesito hielo ¬¬

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    I really love this game.. but i dont have much friend to playing with. And i really welcoming for all Restaurant City Lover to be my friends!! Lets Together built our restaurant!! LOVE U ALL!!

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    this game is happy fun

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    it is so great i love playing RC…

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    september,19,2009 at a 7.50 am

    this game is happy fun

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    i hate the winners! :)) ~hahaha

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    I may love this game

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    i wanna join… the lamb was plain no offense

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    hi .. i just click this site and i can’t play any games here in facebook anymore.. what happen???

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    Hey congrats Winners, But can someone tell me what the Oregano ingredient is for?

  203. iahne Says:

    woah! that was awesssssome! 😀

  204. 連曦 Says:

    add me plz wiling to trade now

  205. Jess Says:

    I was wanting to join this competition, but was unable to since real life comes first.

  206. kaKAi Says:

    wow:) niCE, i see here my drEAm restaurant:) wahaha thANks restauRAnt ciTY:))

  207. Maria Says:

    She has a link to other artists who worked so hard illustrating their designs in some way. I wish all of them could be rewarded.

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    I LOVE RESTRAUNT CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. White Chocolate Says:

    How do you join these kinds of things?

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    wow this really sucks.. there’s chinese foods and japanese foods.. but not korean foods……………………………….. restaurant city is getting more boring and boring i see..

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    i love R/CITY.. it rocks… so much im leveling up fast now i know how to play… thanks guys…

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    nice web site

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    _i’ll join!!! hahaha

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  224. Daniela Says:

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    Thank you

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    Weeww… 100.000 coins! He won it!!

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    Restaurant City is a wonderful game, I like to play ~

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    That’s great to hear new meals!! Wonderful!

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    Hey I could not participate it send me to another page not fair

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    I like this game because i can practice to study english.
    在play game 中學習英文 , 謝謝 !!

  238. Steve Says:

    Great more new menu…

  239. Jessica Says:

    good job… how did you even enter this competition?

  240. joy Says:

    i love restaurant city..keepn up da gud work…

  241. shizune Says:

    i oso wan join la~
    who cn tell me hw 2 join har?

  242. Suzanne Says:

    Aw man – none of my favorites made the final list. I had high hopes for a lot of the international dishes and some more vegetarian dishes. I like the looks of the Saffron Tea though – will add that to my restaurant.

  243. Ramone Says:

    i love restaurant city, it’s a wonderful game!!!

  244. alana Says:

    love the game would be nice to have more directions on how to make more money

  245. illiam Says:

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    ok i want 2 join this competition……

  253. lyndon Says:

    hi 2 all i luv restaurant city it rocks my world

  254. frizept Says:

    good job!!

  255. Iain Says:

    Hey Guys Congratulations to all the winners, I look forward to serving your recipes in my restaurant.

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    i wanna join this competition but i don’t know how…….

  258. bailey Says:

    me tooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It is a good game

  260. ross Says:

    y not me?

  261. Terri Says:


  262. Terri Says:

    i wanna join

  263. nordin Says:

    so those menu really do exist? roasted lamb with pomegranate sauce eh! looks delicious! nam nam nam!

  264. 色之漾 Says:


  265. Georgia Jo Says:

    Really cool, but my daughter is crying because there is still no use for Oregano in the game. And no Peach Cobbler either.

  266. Mikaila Says:

    Cool …..

  267. Brian Says:

    restaurant city rocks!!

  268. Wen Hong Says:

    I CAN”T W8

  269. Alli Says:

    I LOOOOOVE lamb! You’re meal looks absolutely amazazazing and DELICIOUS!!!!

  270. jia hui Says:


  271. aimee Says:

    congratulations to the winners! you deserve it!!!

  272. mark Says:

    im want to win sorry im lose

  273. Ellis Says:

    I wanna join the competition

  274. charlez Says:

    …Wow! That ‘s GREAT!…

  275. Meggie Says:

    how do i know about these competition BEFORE it ends??? i wish i entered this!!!!

  276. BLAZiNx6iRL Says:

    Congratz to all the winners !! \(n0n)/ Horray !!

  277. wildhead Says:

    i love it

  278. KevinCarilo Says:


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  280. MarCoooLeTx Says:

    many are cheating restaurant city…that is so unfair!!!

  281. loida Says:

    wanna try my menu

  282. jane Says:

    how to join??

  283. qinyunn Says:

    it about something that is very yummy

  284. shirly Says:

    wow!!!!…i wanna join this.

  285. Jinga Bobo Says:

    RC forum is very disorganized & just like a plain BB.. not suitable for contests. They need to make better applications to help categorize our entries more systematically.

  286. shirly Says:

    amazing!!!… i love restaurant city.

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    Love Restaraunt city a lottt!!! amazing!

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    thus saffron tea taste good and i just want to know how to join this competition?

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  294. fen Says:

    i love restaurant city too~ it’s really a nice game…

  295. Nicolle Ng Says:


  296. gus Says:

    100,000 rc coins….cool

  297. Becks Says:

    WTH?? WHY did you go with recipes that are SO hard to get ingredients for?? The only good one there is the lamb and pomegranate… BAH!

  298. Jolene Says:

    I love restaurant city =)

  299. ngadi Says:

    i wanna join this competition

  300. CookieCoki Says:

    I reckon the new dishes will be implemented to the game? When? 🙂

  301. yygtse Says:


  302. jocelyn Says:

    oh i like it……………

  303. madrugadau Says:

    hola soy richard y soy nuevo

  304. madrugadau Says:

    hola me llamo richard

  305. Teddy X-Ray Says:


  306. paul bernardo Says:


    well it’s very good and very relaxing

  307. sentydia Says:


  308. Momar Says:

    How to join on this Competition? I want but I don’t know how!


  309. April Cachola Says:

    i love rc…

  310. Kate Says:

    Amazing! Well done 🙂

  311. FiFi Đào Says:

  312. Maria Says:

    Wow i want to join that competiton

  313. allan Says:


  314. Cewek Imoetzz Says:

    My Restaurant City is the best for me…….

  315. Anthony Says:


  316. Anthony Says:


  317. jarz Says:

    an galing.. hehe

  318. Weiqi Says:

    How to join the competion it loks so intersting??? 🙂

  319. Aadharsh Says:

    I love restaurant city………..I am fan.

  320. lhady Says:

    how to join in this competition?

  321. lhady Says:

    how to do it?

  322. lhady Says:

    can someone tell me?

  323. lawiching Says:

    add me plz

  324. Monica Rosso Says:

    por favor soy argentina hablo en español y leo en el mismo idioma,
    quiero pedirles por favor traduscan a mi idioma las aplicaciones ya que en el idoma que uds usan no las puedo entender.
    somos muchos los centro y sur americanos que nos encanta el “restaurant de la ciudadad” y no lo podemos disfrutar al maximo por este mismo impedimento por favor nuevamente les pido agan algo al respecto. me encanta el restaurante!!! saludos Monica Cordoba Argentina

  325. peter yuan Says:

    i also wan join the competition

  326. mario Says:

    i love spaghetty

  327. Bob Says:

    restuarnt city stinks

  328. Jheff Says:


  329. eufemia pareja Says:

    i love restaurant city i enjoy it that much. thanks!!!!!!!!!

  330. debbie Says:

    its so addicted..
    i really love it..

    congrats to the winners..

    hope someday,,im gonna win..

  331. Ira Andreanna Naidu Says:

    i love restaurant city i’m glad that the publisher publish this game….

  332. Angela Says:

    How do you join the meal competition?

  333. kristia Says:

    me too but its already done!!!!but thats ok maybe next time i’ll be a winner soon

  334. amie c Says:

    i wanna join this competition

  335. xavender7 Says:

    i want to jion this competetion!!!!!!

  336. jim Says:

    how can i join the contest?

  337. Quenie Says:

    I want to join as well!.

  338. Italian Menu Says:

    I suggested Tiramisu as dessert as well, but I didn’t get a prize~

  339. elaine Says:


  340. Lunadora Says:

    And, again, no use for the corns… *ironic* Great job RC!

  341. jez corporal Says:

    i like to join!!!

  342. frostfire Says:

    i want to join for this compettion !

  343. Says: Says:

    Pomegranate sauce!? ew But RC is awesome

  344. ANN Says:

    how can I join this competition??

  345. jonh Says:

    i love that..!!!

  346. kimberly Says:

    please join me in restuarant city

  347. Joy Says:

    Tom yam kung : Spicy prawn soup.
    Major food of thai land.
    So spicy
    1. prawn
    2. pepper
    3. lemon grass
    4. lime
    5. coriander

  348. amy Says:

    resto city addict here =)

  349. NPR Says:

    Cool but there’s no Thai Food in it!!!

  350. NPR Says:

    easy to enter but I didn’t win…

  351. nonoypogi Says:

    restaurant city

  352. rita Says:

    per favore, il gioco è bello e competitivo, ma fate una traduzione in italiano, siamo molto penalizzati specialmente ai quiz del giorno, per questo molte ricette sono incomplete. vi ringrazio se potete fare qualcosa a riguardo.

  353. Markus Says:

    How did your relly made a new drink ? and why is that picutre of food look so real? how did you made a new menU`?

  354. ike tarigan Says:


  355. Amber Says:

    Cool! I love it!

  356. saifan Says:

    i love this application!
    that will be many…many…many…recipes that showed and share to us.
    thank a lot, Restaurant City…!!!

  357. Vicki Landriani Says:

    should have guessed, but isnt it mainly just the people who are in the gourmet street?

  358. lion3003 Says:

    so fantastic!!!!

  359. lion3003 Says:

    so nice

  360. darcy godden Says:

    no good

  361. fan of RC Says:

    i really love all of it !!!

  362. jibka Says:

    Papaya spicy salad
    taste good in Thailand
    consist of
    5.Crab sauce
    Sound great!!!

  363. carlo Says:

    faQQQQQQQQ you cheatersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss………..

  364. Nevin Says:

    “SUTLAC” (traditional Turkish dessert)

    This dessert keeps a very common and ancient history in Turkey. It is a very tastefull and very nutricious (especially babies +6mnts) It has simple ing. but very hard to get the texture right… Hope you enjoy it..



  365. roudy Says:

    i really like it

  366. yOuUu.. Says:

    pLease ban the cheaters…

  367. selena Says:

    Love Restaurant City too~

  368. Lynnsey Says:

    add me plz daily player always willing 2 trade

  369. alfonsina Says:

    i lihe this play, please visit me- thankyou

  370. alfonsina Says:

    wonderful play, it is verdy distensive

  371. nana karam Says:

    i love restaurant city bt i don’t care if i win or not bt it’s a gr8 feeling entering 2 it

  372. copogirl15 Says:

    congratulations for all winners!!!

  373. KEKE Says:

    I very like restaurant city, but i dont have an information of restaurant city’s competition

  374. yara Says:

    hey howdy how are you ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  375. louise Says:

    cno ba nanalo

  376. cool Says:

    I love this game very much….every day i have go there… miss it

  377. floyd Says:

    ikinalulung kot kong c benjo aynasisiraan na ng bait wala
    na itong lunas.sana ay ipagdasal natin yan benjo d seapirates man…

  378. old young Says:



  379. luckygirl Says:

    resturant city is the best game has ever comes to world

  380. Mais Says:

    i used to play this game but now it’s getting bored ….

  381. Larisze :] Says:


  382. Jessica Williams Holyhead Says:

    Hello people of the world !! I really really want to serve drinks in Resturaunt City but I am not on level 15 !! Is there a quicker way to get past levels quicker ??

  383. emmanuel Says:

    yah i like resturant city moredan mafia
    its so borring
    pls give me playfish money
    or playfish card
    or just gift me not more than 1000 but 5000

  384. yerry Says:


  385. afiq Says:


  386. princess Says:

    love it !

  387. didier Says:

    i want to join this competition i really really want to join talga hoooomm eheheheh……

  388. rasha zein Says:

    plz add me on this game on face book (rasha zein)

  389. rasha zein Says:

    i wear yellow and green :P:P

  390. rasha zein Says:


  391. Abdelrahman Says:

    I did not know there is a competition

  392. Olivia Says:

    siapa sih jadinya yg menang?

  393. Ling Says:


  394. ragd Says:


  395. Lovecat Says:

    EVERYBODY in Italy can tell you this: there is NO cream in Tiramisù!!!! It’s eggs, MASCARPONE cheese, SAVOIARDI biscuits, espresso coffee and cocoa powder!!!
    You gave your prize to a wrong recipe.

  396. AntZ Says:

    Why RC haven’t Thai was mistake.

  397. van Says:

    minh rat thik

  398. ragd Says:

    Add me pleasee!!!

  399. frandd Says:

    I wanna join this competition but I don’t know how???

  400. Christian S garcia Says:

    wow that was nice

    I’m craving for those stuffs

  401. safter Says:

    Papaya spicy salad
    taste good in Thailand
    consist of
    5.Crab sauce
    Sound great!!!

  402. Delecious Niroshan Says:

    It’s so fun….. I Like so much…… and it’s challanging with our friends, I Like to play more…..more…..more……more…. and i love…….. Restauran City…………..

  403. nicarou Says:


  404. regan Says:

    u are all assholes i wil win

  405. israel Says:

    este juego es muy entretenido

  406. jake Says:

    that is so cool..

  407. .... Says:

    good job

  408. Hui Ping Says:

    when will the new dishes be out ?

  409. engelique Says:

    i really find restaurant city interesting and enjoyable…

  410. Kerry Says:

    I wondered if we might be able to view the menus that won tiancai and restocityboy 50,000 coins.

  411. Sarah Harvey Says:

    hay their i love cloewy’ss menu its grt, i would love to see the game exspand like i dont know roll over pet society to also include resturant city or something like that, i would love to see more gardens and a grocery seed shop ect..

  412. arvil Says:

    restaurant is cool and fun

  413. marina Says:

    restaurant city is so fun and enjoyable

  414. kuni Says:

    waw. yum!

  415. autumn Says:

    how do u join this compotition,cuz i wonna join really bad.

  416. Wai Kei Says:

    Restaurant City makes my boringness dissapear..^^

  417. XiiAoBuBuZ Says:

    is ok de

  418. margarita Says:

    Yo quiero participar pero no entiendo ingles….quien me explica?????

  419. Ron Says:

    how to join this competition?? 😀

  420. larissa Says:

    who is the winner? and wht’do they get?

  421. Kris T. Says:

    For the starter, Nuttomaki won with Dim sum.”Dim Sum” is a Chinese cuisine, which is not Thai food like she presents. Secondly, there is no dish call “Dim Sum”. Her last edited date was on “11 Sept 09”, which she might post that image on later than us.

    Many others use the “Dim Sum” concept too, and I think it is fair to know how she got selected as the winner:
    1) Mine (last edited: 7 Sept 09):
    2) Blackfir (last edited: 12 Sept 09):

    It is so unfair to let her win:
    1) Dim sum is not a dish.
    2) Her post is not the earlier, based on the ‘last edited date’.
    3) I don’t think her design is better, compared to mine and blackfir.

    Hope that someone could speak fairly.

  422. claudia arias Says:

    me encanta restaurant city, es muy divertido, lo juego a diario y me gusta mucho

  423. ok ken Says:

    restaurant city is the very good game!! i like it yes!!!
    hope to hv other better games again!! 🙂

  424. LolitaChan Says:

    ONLY TWO THANGS!? Can’t they choose more?

  425. nuttomaki Says:

    hello world !

  426. lindsey Says:

    Add me please !! for restaurant city need lot’s of friends 🙂

  427. lindsey Says:

    Add me please !! for restaurant city need lot’s of friends

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  428. lisandro martinez Says:

    hola quetal

  429. DiaoDaoz Says:

    Boring dishes i must say… … not much of interesting, about the same as existing dishes…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  430. DiaoDaoz Says:

    Sorry about the abov comment not being clear , i love kris and blackfir’s dishes, especially the hawaiian drink ❤ ❤ ❤ boring dishes are those that won 😦 Kris and blackfir have great dishes , i dun understand why the dint chose those, we need something special, not a boring old lamb chop …

  431. Chloe Says:

    I want to join it

  432. donna Says:

    i would love to have here ,, a meal of oatmeal toast and coffee for breakfast

  433. donna Says:

    i love this site ,, awwsome

  434. Cote Says:

    soy el mejor

  435. dina omar Says:

    i love restaurant city

  436. veronica burgos Says:

    I love it

  437. veronica burgos Says:

    I Love It!

  438. Sing Says:

    i like it very much!

  439. mafer Says:

    i love restaurant city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  440. Joey Says:

    i lose this =( but it is alright B)

  441. E.Y.R.K Says:

    hi all

  442. ahmed Says:

    restraunt city is very good and congratulaions for all winners thankyou all

  443. jenna T Says:

    dim sum is actually a bunch of different dishes if u would read up on what it was instead of complaining about it and is usually breakfast/lunch combined kinda like a Chinese brunch

  444. cat wuyen Says:

    yeah !

  445. jaimeloaiza Says:

    yo ganare ooooooooooooooooo sssssssssiiiiiiiiii

  446. Israel Says:


  447. Anthony Says:

    i will do the best

  448. DEYMSEL Says:


  449. kc Says:

    i wiil joined

  450. supergbee Says:

    this is great!

  451. Aishahgul Says:

    Awesome,ill do my best

  452. dokie Says:


  453. danzy Says:

    all add me

  454. danzy Says:

    hi add me

  455. Reselle Says:

    how hard is this competition

  456. israel Says:

    this game is fantastic
    is the best

  457. kettani Says:


  458. romix gonzalez Says:

    wuuu..the winner and you are..the looser

  459. blepp Says:


    chicken on a stick

  460. dale rain kho Says:

    what the f…why restaurant city not loading?….

  461. Sohai Kia Says:

    may you add air cond?
    and some modern things?

  462. Sohai Kia Says:

    What competition?
    How join may who tell me?

  463. floyd` Says:

    add me plsssss

  464. catherine ramos Says:

    i love restaurant city…. it is number one games here in the philippines… i hope my restaurant will post in gourmet street… more power to restaurant city…. YOU ARE NUMBER ONE here in the PHILIPPINES… I love u all…. the staff and the company who make restaurant city… hope more ingredients will come… thank u all…

  465. adrian Says:

    hi 2 all

  466. Restaurant City Tips Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners

    Restaurant City Tips

  467. hon Says:

    lot of fun!

  468. Keera Jasmine Rowe Says:


  469. justin Says:


    deliciously good!

  470. Amparo Says:

    I love restaurant City I enjoy Ilearning day by day

  471. gustilobernie Says:


  472. linda Says:

    dont send any messages from other players

  473. restaurant city Says:

    Great fun, I could really go for some of those lamb chops w/ pomegranate juice… mmmm, never heard of it before but it sounds amazing!

  474. Jimena Says:

    When are the new dishes going to be available???
    Why are we getting the oregano and the wasabi if they are not required for any dish!?

  475. coger Says:


  476. Chi Says:

    Awwweh i wanted to win D: Spended so much time trying to think of something T__T Oh well ^^ Congratulations ! ❤

  477. LAWSON Says:

    I have posted this before but my previous message magically disappeared!

    Congratulations to all winners!

    I posted Tiramisu as well, but I didn’t get to win~ Interesting!

  478. Steven Cheah Says:

    I love Restaurunt City

  479. cata Says:

    deberían poner algo en español y mas juegos como pet society y restaurant city son mi s favoritos los amo

  480. deadeot Says:

    congratulation… ^_^
    can’t wait to see those menus.. ^o^

  481. andy Says:

    haha can’t wait to see the new menu =) already started collecting ingredient for tiramisu, my fav cake =) and dim sum, love yum cha lol

  482. jarred Says:

    why must this game take forever to save up money >< and levelling is awww frustrating and what is it =/ yur guys only last every 3 hours b4 they plop over then you need to rest them and that takes a while b4 there back to full hp and if i buy food for them to energize well to me that defeats the purpose of trying to save up money for better items to spruce your restaurant up ill admit game has its good sides to it and is enjoyable to play but eh i find the fact that having the only last 3 hours is not enough and by the time they finished resting its like to late to even put them out again if your heading off to bed.

    well i hope this game can be improved in more ways than one but other then my small quibbles its fun to play

  483. jamie lew Says:

    can i know how 2 join with them competition…?

  484. Ivan Stepanov Says:

    evo mi posloaj

  485. JL Says:

    I didn’t win… XD

    I’ll try next time ^^

  486. johnpol Says:

    hindikopo alm

  487. SuperXJ Says:

    I wasn’t aware of this competition, I’ll join next time, if there will be.

  488. alvin Says:

    i need restaurant city

  489. alvin Says:

    i want restaurant city

  490. VY Says:


  491. squixote Says:

    restaurant city is the best game I play!!!:D :putnam: (^^^) ^_^ end I love it !!!!

  492. squixote Says:

    and i play it in and http://www.playfish is the best

  493. Jill Chiang Says:

    today when i entered in RESTAURANT CITY, i found that many new functions but the most important thing is ALL MY RAITINGS DISAPPEARED.
    i really dont know what happened but i hope it could be renovate soon!!!

  494. rebecca Says:

    I have just realised when i went to go visit Gourment street there no build or people restuarants there any more and wondering why this is as i like going to that street and visiting all the people in that street could any please tell me why there no one there any more

  495. Ryan Says:

    hey me too i was tying to get in this competion but they are doing a new one !!
    the best newest one is this brain with the play fish cach it rocks i got it !!
    now my restaurent is full of zombies !! lol

  496. Ryan Says:

    i mean cash **

  497. John Nam Matthew Says:

    Our whole family from my kids to my husband loves playing restaurant city. We have some items in mind that might be useful to add like a pool table, snooker table, maybe a golf putting facility, a karaoke machine, vending machine for drinks,snacks etc..,playroom facilities like slides, climb bars (just like when you go to Mcdonalds hehehe). I hope the developer can add some new items as mentioned..More power to playfish and thank you for the fun!

  498. may yap Says:

    got any new level up again,, some ppl want to add me at restaurant city

  499. Jonathan Says:

    Quiero que Restaurant City suba mas de level treinta y dos

    Language: Spanish

  500. jessica Says:


  501. gogo Says:


  502. jazel Says:

    i love the restaurant city

  503. Nuengruthai Says:

    อยากเล่น เกมส์ ร้านอาหารแล้ว เร็วๆเลย

  504. Trang Chen Says:

    why does not the Play Fish company hire the staff in Vietnam.If I can use three of Chinese , English and Vietnamese, may i have a job in our company. I am expecting that your company will expand to the Vietnam, a emerging and potential market. almost of my friends join in Restaurant!

  505. Try Moses Says:

    Restaurant City is extreamly enjoying and it is also truly addicting!!

  506. how zi jing Says:

    nice restaurnt

  507. how zi jing Says:

    i want to join

  508. potty Says:

    ciaooooo resturant sity

  509. potty Says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tutto bn

  510. ashlee sesiuk Says: Kit

  511. meg Says:

    wanted to submit a recipe. How will I go about it?

  512. sewmini Says:

    i realy need join this , i love resturant city

  513. louise lhane d. tolentino Says:

  514. louise lhane d. tolentino Says:

    i love retarant city

  515. MILENA OSSA Says:


  516. catherine lowe Says:

    God, I LOVE Restaurant City!!!! Am already addicted to it!

  517. eeshababez Says:

    I love R.C. I have all the playfish games. U guys ROCK!!

    and the dish looks good too…

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