Playfish to open new development studio in San Francisco


With three development studios already in Europe and Asia, it is with great joy that we announce our plans to set up a new studio in creative and energetic San Francisco!

Tapping into the talent of the San Francisco area creates an unique opportunity to assemble a fantastic team of talented individuals to create innovative social games to be enjoyed by millions of Playfish fans worldwide.

We're hiring in San Francisco!

The new studio will be located in the existing Playfish offices in the heart of San Francisco, from where the group will be working closely with the global Playfish team of artists, coders, designers and product managers in other parts of the world.

Through our new team in San Francisco we plan to extend our open and collaborative culture and find new sources of inspiration in our mission to change the way the world plays games.

At Playfish, we love people who ooze with creativity, have an eye for quality, and a true passion for creating great games. So take a look at the job section on as we are looking for people who share our dream of shaping the direction of the gaming industry in the years to come!

39 Responses to “Playfish to open new development studio in San Francisco”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Hello there,

    Would love to meet with you guys! Please feel free to contact me. We are located in San Rafael, CA across the Golden Gate.

    Suzanne Atherly

  2. mira Says:

    i wanna job…

  3. javier navarrete Says:

    me lo dan

  4. Dave Mcgee Says:

    Certified chef and a broadcast communications degree. Moving to California soon. Contact me anytime. Would like to talk to you.

  5. Laura Says:

    If only you’d come to RTP instead…

  6. Social Gaming Roundup: Playfish and Playdom Expand in SF, and more Says:

    […] Playfish opens studio in San Francisco — It already has two studios in Europe and one in China, so the new one is intended in part to attract local gaming and tech talent. The company will be expanding its small, existing office in downtown to accommodate the new hires. “The group will be working closely with the global Playfish team of artists, coders, designers and product managers in other parts of the world,” according to the company blog post. […]

  7. kim Says:


  8. Nini Valenzuela Says:

    San Francisco!!! The best location for Playfish and Restaurant City… this gem of a city features the best restaurants from 5-star gourmets to comfort food diners! Would love to visit you guys in October!

  9. xavender7 Says:

    i wanna job

  10. Chugil Says:


    Playfish games here in the Philippines are becoming popular…
    specially PetSociety and Restaurant City…

    I wish you open up a local office here.. i really am one of your greatest fan and willing to be one in your team… (lol)

  11. Sing Says:


  12. alvhin1903 Says:


    Nice! Magandang ideya yun, dito sa Pilipinas!

    (Nice! A great idea, here in the Philippines!)
    Sorry for the translation… But you get it.

  13. jhayvee Says:

    wow….wew…. beautiful …

  14. floyd` Says:


  15. Ashley Ramirez Says:

    I’m so glad you are coming to San Francisco! I love your games and I specialize in placing game developers in SF, if you need any help of SF market insight please let me know as I’d be glad to help!

    Ashley Ramirez

  16. yewjunhui Says:

    Why dont want to open in malaysia

  17. MAEA Says:


  18. yhuri Says:

    I want to work as well with the your company as well But my only work experience is being a team supervisor of a call center involving Customer Service of our account. If playfish do have a customer service involving answering phone calls from the customers of playfish games assisting them with any type of inquiries regarding free to play games and even using their credit cards to buy wat they want to addup. I do have advance ideas that i would like to share with your company.

  19. linda Says:

    wish im enjoy thank you

  20. linda Says:

    wish im enjoy,,,,i love you all,,,

  21. Rougnashi Says:

    Darn… You guys are all the way on the other side of the country… But you would want me to use a bamboo tablet anyway… I preffer good old fashion pencil and paper (Don’t call me a tree killer ToT). Oh well. I can find other places.

  22. yzan Says:

    thank u pla y fish

  23. Marcey Lee Says:

    Hello, I wanted to follow-up on my game artist application. I would love an opportunity to personally show you the 2D/3D art I have done for my current company. Please feel free to contact me regarding this opportunity. Thanks in advance for your time, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  24. Jim Delosada Says:

    I’d like to help with the technology at your new SF office. I would like to be considered as a resource for your Datacenter to Desktop product, service, and staffing needs. Please let me know if we can provide quotes, research solutions, or consulting. You can be assured of fast response on requests, timely follow up, and accountability. We are offering:

    • IT Hardware and Software by Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Microsoft, Symantec, Barracuda
    • VMWare Server Consolidation Assessments and Virtualization
    • Storage, Backup and DeDup Solutions by EMC, NetApp, HP, IBM, Qualstar
    • Security Solutions by Cisco, Sonic Wall, RSA
    • IT Professional Services with Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA engineers
    • Staffing for Software Engineers, IT Projects or Help Desk Support
    • Network, Wireless, and Security Assessments
    • Data and Voice Circuits (T1, T3, DS3, OC12, MPLS, ISDN, PRI)

    I am available for an introductory meeting or conference call at your convenience, thank you,

    Jim DeLosada

  25. Bouten Says:

    Important type of

  26. lord zourdick Says:


  27. chantell Says:

    how cool is tha omg its cool

  28. aletta mes Says:

    Brilliant. so happy for your continued success. Cash cards also a really good bit of marketing, and made it before the holiday shopping madness. Any other countries planned?

  29. irfan Says:

    bu oyuna noldu

  30. Jordan Says:

    Hi my name is Jordan.

    I read about your recent plans in the news, and I have knowledge of the San Francisco office market. If there is any way I may be able to help your company out, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    415 477 9261

  31. ches Says:

    I’m interested in taking this platform to a more mature audience. Maybe restaurants,
    building and remodeling, virtual vacations, etc. Email if interested in my ideas.
    My resume is that of a boring adult: BA in business, general contractor, big kid, no

  32. Lee Says:

    Sorry not looking for a job, but trying to get someones attention who ever is
    looking into this issue.

    Please Fix your Country Story Game people cannot access the game. ALready tried all the suggestions on Forums and Support,


  33. miftahul ulum Says:


  34. arowox Says:

    ремонт и отделка офисов и квартир

  35. Diego Perrault Says:

    Another good article you post here.I m waiting for others to share it with my friends.

  36. нeжнaянoчь Says:

    А это Вы написали на основе исключительно Вашего личного опыта?

  37. Jasmine Says:

    I referred few investment and realty blogs and can say that it will take end of 2010 to appreciate values again. What do you think?

  38. mckelle Says:

    my restaurant city had a glitch and the restaruant is now a tringle shape and its bigger than it should be the tile gos farther than the wall

  39. sheila may sanchez Says:

    so beautiful game

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