Tune in to the new hit quiz show – Quiztastic!


Playfish is proud to announce Quiztastic!, the new quiz show game which makes you the star! Whether you’re going head-to-head with your friends in thousands of different TV show style quizzes or making a name for yourself by becoming a quiz show director, Quiztastic! is your chance for worldwide fame!

Quiztastic! is perfect for anyone who’s ever watched a quiz show and thought they could do better, whether in the hot-seat or behind the camera. Making your own quiz show is incredibly simple. Within seconds you can be broadcasting a quiz about anything from capital cities to how much your friends really know about you. You can even include photos from your Facebook albums or PC as part of the question – anything’s possible.

But that’s not all. Want to get to know your friends a little better? Quiztastic! let’s you quickly and easily create personality quizzes and tests. You even get to choose who can play, so you can make them private and personal for a few select friends or just share the fun with everyone!


The more people who like the quizzes you create the better your reputation rating will be, while your quiz intelligence (QI) rating shows how you rank compared to other people at playing their Quiztastic! quizzes.

In Quiztastic! we give you everything you need to create an authentic TV show quiz experience for you and your friends. All you have to do is create the questions. Playfish provides the studios, hosts and all other facilities! So go ahead and use all the creativity and knowledge you can muster. We’re looking forward to seeing your fantastic quizzes!


In future updates, we’ll be adding even more more studios, hosts and question categories so there will always be more ways to express yourself and have fun. As always, we would love to hear your feedback about how we can make Quiztastic! game even better, so please let us know what you think!

But enough talk. Time to take on the world as a quiz contestant, or sit in the director’s chair and make a quiz show of your own. Good luck! The cameras roll in 3, 2, 1… ACTION!

28 Responses to “Tune in to the new hit quiz show – Quiztastic!”

  1. Lilach Says:

    Looks a little different from usual… but I’ll try it.
    ~Was hoping for a girls/fashion/fightning/quest game~

  2. Cell Says:

    Waow waow
    Nice playfish!!

  3. Wardalina TP Noerhadi Says:

    love this game so much!! my reputation is 103 !

  4. jorje Says:

    tengo un oproblema para entrar a mi pet
    me lo puedes solusionar

  5. Chalisa Says:

    Let’s play QUIZTASTIC!!

  6. Zymoid Says:

    Please please could anyone tell me if geo challahge will come out for iPhone ever?? It’s been ages since playfish declared on that project! Please email Meir leave a comment here . Mail: zymoide@yahoo.com

  7. Gerardo Says:

    do you believe that children could work there in playfish? that I would really like if you could I would like to be one of those who work there leave legue news thanks

    DE: Gerardo Vazquez


  8. Cendikiane B Oase Says:

    yay.. quiztastic

  9. lau Says:

    EStará pronto en español???

  10. natth Says:

    i like it!
    BUT my score
    neveeeer neeeeeeever upload!

  11. Ricardo A Fernandez Says:

    You must do something with cheaters, they use tricks to get points effortlessly and breaking the rules, they dont know what is fair play. You must make a site to inform against those people

    • Chalisa Says:

      Just delete cheaters. Geo Challenge, QuizTastic, Pet Society, Restaurant City, all games of playfish cheaters…

  12. juampi Says:

    ho como va tod

  13. juampi Says:

    hola i como vs tooo

  14. Greenleaf1994 Says:

    When they will release the game’ 😀

  15. Geneolocae Says:

    I do not know how to play this game! so.. any tips for me? thanks!

  16. restaurant chair Says:

    lol comment above

  17. katrina Says:

    I love your games they are so fun


  18. katrina Says:


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  21. paul Says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!thank you

  22. homeee Says:

    what a nice thing i must say..

  23. emma Says:

    hey they should have a stage theme that would be awsome

  24. Rosa Says:

    Yeah already heard about that yesterday evening, anyway thanks for your post.

  25. passer-by Says:

    quiztastic is gone b’cos of low ratings and popularity

  26. steven Says:

    Wow, i liked this game too… EA would go and delete it…

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