Escape to the great outdoors in Country Story


Having recently ventured into the depths of space with Crazy Planets, Playfish returns to Mother Earth with a whole new world for you to explore in our latest game Country Story!

Sometimes it’s great to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside. In Country Story, you start your life in an idyllic village among friendly villagers, surrounded by lakes and forests and the sweetest fresh air.

Country Story

The Mayor is the first of the villagers you’ll meet and he’s happy to help you decorate your home, tend your crops and prepare for your first harvest.  And with your friends’ homes nearby you’re never far from someone who can lend a hand. Or perhaps you’re more interested in keeping animals – maybe you can tend cows for their milk, sheep for their wool, or chickens for their delicious eggs!


A big part of life in Country Story is cooperating with your friends and the other villagers. Helping someone water their crops, participating in community events and finding ingredients for baking a birthday cake for a friend are all part of day-to-day life in the village. But take care – your friends may choose to take advantage of this charming environment and try to take some of your crops – so it pays to be on your guard!

Screenshot 2

As the village grows we’ll be adding more activities, quests and areas for you to explore.  You’ll soon see that there’s much more to village life than first meets the eye!

Throughout the pre-beta we’ve received excellent feedback on how to improve the game.  The ideas for new features have been a great inspiration for the Country Story team, so we thank you for all your support and look forward to hearing how you enjoy life in the world of Country Story!

126 Responses to “Escape to the great outdoors in Country Story”

  1. Lewis Says:

    OMG YAY!

  2. Niki Says:

    yess finally its out! 😀

  3. kuzronk Says:

    I added it yesterday
    Love the Quests

  4. Kino Says:

    I Love this game! ❤

    lets be friends and add me in to be my neighbour!

  5. Lilach Says:

    I really like this game!
    I hope that there will be more quest games in the future (!).

  6. Jayson Malla Says:

    Yey!!! I hope It doesn’t have the same problems that Pet Society and Restaurant city have! (am still a fan!!!)

    Hey playfish!!! give us some gifts for being the 1st ones who played your new exciting game!!!! hehehehe

  7. Jam Morales Says:

    Nice game!

  8. ccFu Says:

    Hey hey Playfish team
    so far so good, this game has lots fun activities !!!
    However there’s one little problem i have to point it out, how come we can’t move around those tiny lands ?????? What if i wanna redecorated my farm ?

    many thanks !!

  9. ccFu Says:

    i meant can we replaced those tiny plowed fields ?????? i hope u guys can allow us to do it !

  10. elda tovar Says:


    • elda tovar Says:

      Pienso lo mismo ponerlo en español , a parte podrías ir más adelantados ya que los tienen este juego en facebook , están más adelantados , no me refiero en el nivel , sino que cambian las cosas de la tienda más a menudo es decir ponen cosas nuevas…etc , hay rebajas y más opciones…

      • Cristina V087 Says:

        Pienso lo mismo ponerlo en español , a parte podrías ir más adelantados ya que los tienen este juego en facebook , están más adelantados , no me refiero en el nivel , sino que cambian las cosas de la tienda más a menudo es decir ponen cosas nuevas…etc , hay rebajas y más opciones…

  11. December Says:

    I’m just play this game n love it
    Pls add me frd………TQ

  12. Wardalina Tri Putri Noerhadi Says:

    Hi everyone Im Lina…. This game is soo fun…. n i love it so much !!!
    Pls add me as frend…………Tngu Ya

  13. Restika Ratu Tri Apriyana Says:

    Hey Playfish …. this game is sooo F_U-N!

  14. Abby Says:

    it wont load… 😦

  15. tami Says:

    hola playfish quiero decirles que cada juego que hacen me llena de emocion sus juegos son geniales no hay ninguna otra compañia que los supere son lo mejor – hello playfish I say that every game that fills me with great emotion their games are no other companies that are best overcome

  16. Virly Dianshary Rachmasari Says:

    WOW eh , Lina , Reztika………. enk bngt yaah maen country story ………… tpi pnyqu bsa load skrang koq !! 😀

  17. Ariefiana Nur Afiefah Vivi Says:

    Hai aq vivi ( ariefi – afi ) i love this geme !

  18. Mira Says:

    So excited about this, just been playing it. Finally level 3 now. Quick question. How do you send a gift to a friend in this game? It’s all so different I can’t figure it out and I need it for a quest (which btw the quest concept great idea playfish)

    • rebel Says:

      yeah, I need help with that too. there is no way I can see how to send gifts.

      • Sophie Says:

        Go to storage ( the picture of the barn ) then on the top right handside there should be a icon saying gift . drag what you want to this and coose who to send the gift to. i hope this helped 🙂

  19. joyce Says:

    nice game 😀
    but why are the animals so expensive? D:

  20. hexefish Says:

    it won´t load

  21. Miryam Says:

    Cute game… I like it. Guess it will could be as addictive as pet society.
    Is there any user guide? it would be very helpful… my Spanish spoken friends don’t understand the game so I would like to help them but I need a guide to translate it for them because even I still don’t understand the whole game.
    Thanks in advance

  22. jaz Says:

    playfish growing apple tree can collect apple from it n sell or it just derco

  23. vanessa Says:

    how do we send gifts my fiend pls add me

  24. paperdoll Says:

    does anyone know how to give a gift to a friend?

  25. sabrina Says:


  26. nicolas Says:

    how do u get a dog?

  27. Vania Says:

    aaaa!! o no!! i’ve bought a white chicken but i haven’t reacch lvl 8!! so i can’t feed it.. can anybody plz reply?? will it be dead??

  28. Gilie Says:

    It was one of my fave playfish games

  29. Suliman Says:

    The game is great but its too hard to get trees and animals

    you must like be in the game like two month


    you can only get seeds >>> i wish the game wid be easy

  30. msfc Says:

    how do i stop a thief

  31. noe Says:

    it should be in spanish too

  32. Cendikiane Beninge Oashe Says:

    enk bgt maen country story !! aww

  33. Lyris Meryl Dianthe Says:

    Wahh this game is pure fun !

  34. Lyris Meryl Dianthe Says:

    BTW… the animals are so mahaal !!!

  35. Mefatinta Adillah Nur Syahkur Muslimah Nur Shahinah Mariam Iskandar Says:

    Eh… call me fatin …. i love this game!

  36. Country Coward Says:

    How do you send gifts? i need to finish a quest but i have no idea how to send a gift! please help me

    • Hannah Says:

      To send a gift you have to select Decorate,
      then choose a gift,
      then drag the gift to the gift box in the corner,
      its pretty much the same as pet society.

      Hope This Helped! :]

  37. Anindya Says:

    I love it! I want have a lot and money + very very large farm!!!!!

  38. Yusrina Sabila Says:

    Hey playfish fans ! im Yusrina Sabila… add me
    I have level 14 and my farm is getting so much fun !
    well i have enough coins ( 30483 ) to buy the cow and chicks

    Just wanna say .. ThiS GamE iS S-0-o fuN

  39. Christabella Putri Callista Says:

    Wahh Yus , how did you get that much coins

    BTW : this game is pure fun!

  40. Ardiansyah Sarminir Hasbiwa Rohan Khanibbal Arriza Safa Says:

    Wow… i love this game…
    but can it be in someway other languages ???

  41. jaaade (: Says:

    what do you do on the make me plowed quest, i dont get it?

  42. Penguin Journalist Says:

    Please Please make Restaurant City for iPhone. PLEASE! I love that game. The app will be famous!

  43. Darcy Says:

    add me……be my neighbour

  44. rico Says:

    Hello everyone!
    I’m having fun with this game. 🙂
    I just want to ask is there any way that i can delete or moved plowed land?
    add me…
    many thanks

  45. Kelsey Says:

    i love this game !
    but im kinda iffy about the animal prices .

  46. Guyrun Says:

    can some one tell how to get friend point in c.story

  47. natth Says:

    it’s really funny this game..
    i wanna know if the trees give some fruit..
    because they’re so expensive!
    i bought a little sheep.. but i’m level 7
    and i need be 20 to feeding him u.u

    love playfish 🙂

  48. Foreest:] Says:

    im stuck on one of the quests….
    its the Watering?Can(ii)
    i dont get what you have to do… it says you have to water 10 of your friedns dry crops and i have but i dont think i am doing it right…. please help me:)

    • katy Says:

      the water will only be counted if u water crops that are still growing and not dry land with no crops or dry land with fullgrown crops

  49. bassant Says:

    i want to see world ranking

  50. Gerald Says:

    how i can delete the plow? thanks

    • natth Says:

      go to decorate..
      and choose “remove plot”
      then drag the thing to the plot that u wanna move..
      then dig it in other place 🙂

  51. laila Says:

    im stuck on one of the quests….
    its the Watering?Can
    i dont get what you have to do… it says you have to water 10 of your friedns dry crops and i have but i dont think i am doing it right…. please help me

  52. wawas weili Says:

    What’s wrong with playfish today? I load several times for country story, and having error. And, for petsociety and RC too. Hmmms, what happened?

  53. Redha Says:

    Add me pls… (Redha ali),i havent started anythng just yet,bt soon will..

  54. Zayd Azlan Says:

    you guyz ruled. i just added this game, and it’s awesome. It’s not awesome, it’s beyond awesome. *cough* too many awesomes xD

  55. ladyinwinter Says:

    love the game hate to dog quest …… i don’t think its ever going to happen …….. about ready to ditch the quest all together…. should of made that one a little easier …. actully its the part of the game i dislike ….. you have quest that tell ya to steal from other friends…….. then you can’t finsh the dog quest cause you were stealing crops ….. make up are mind…… been trying for over a week now…… you have to spend all your money on the seeds and food you can’t increase you friend points by sending gifts ……. like i said love the game dislike some of the quest … they either need to be changed or maybe a little easier…. like maybe having 15 friends with 75 friends point

    • Chalisa Says:

      It’s hard because whenever you send a quite expensive gift , it will just increase like 1 point or two…

      i don’t likeeeeeee itt….but i must do it! go playfish!

    • fothermonkey Says:

      i know! it is soooo annoying and hard! its not fair! 😦 PLAYYFIIISHH!!!!!! MAKE THAT QUEST EASIERRRR!!!! PLEAAEAEAEASSSSS!!!!!!! I BEG YHOOOOO!!!!!

  56. alejandra Says:

    Como consigo el perrito no entiendo como consegirlo

    I get the puppy does not understand how to get it

  57. pablodragotto Says:

    is a stiupid play

  58. celest_lurve Says:

    y i cant get the seed to do quest how am i going to find the seed at where? any1 can tell me . i wan to do the quest.

  59. aumji Says:

    *0* I like this game too

    I’m thai. my grammar is not good haha

    ohm.. the dog is from the quest right ?? ^^

  60. tracy Says:

    i love play country story…i like ths game so murch…the dog quest really hard to complete…can u tell so tip to easier complete and y coutry story shop did sales some table or chair or upgrde more soare….please reply me… thx~

  61. vane_25mr Says:

    I like all of play fish games, but just today, when i tried to play Country story, i just couldnt… Why? because it shows a message that said “loading” and this action is ok, but when it finishes to next action “instalizing” it doesnt work… and it returned to “loading” again…
    Please, help !!!
    Other games like pet society and restaurant city works !!! (Country story is the only one that dont)

  62. vane_25mr Says:

    Ahhh, por favor pongan todo en ESPAÑOL
    !!!! GAME IN SPANISH !!!

  63. Diana Says:

    the friend/neighbour list seems to still have bugs? some bugs on the number of neighbours?

    a friend who add this CS previously now disappeared from my list. And now another friend who add this CS now does not show up on my neighbour list too.

    and at 1 of my neighbour list, i always get “kick out” after “visiting” and had to restart RC 😦

    can these be fixed? tks

  64. Neus Says:

    Me gustaria cambiar el nombre del personaje que puse el primer dia. Como puedo hacerlo?

  65. dada Says:

    señores resulta que yo juego mucho cuntry story y quiero el pollito blanco que se paga con dinero o con materiales y el numero de los materiales son 18 y yo te tengo 35 troncos y 29 rocas y no me deja comprar el pollito y ya vendi los troncos y las rocas para que me queden 18 rocas y troncos y voy con la esperanza de comprar mi pollito y hago click en mi pollito y aparece comprar o atras y ponho compra y me aparece ´tu no tienes suficiente dinero o materiales para comprar y no puedo y los otros animales ya necesitan 180 o 200 materiales y yo no tengo tanto.
    y es haci todos los dias y no puedo tener a mi pollito.


    • sra Says:

      No es con dinero O con materiales, es con dinero E con materiales. Tienes que tener no se quantas monedas E los materiales… espero que te tenga ayudado 🙂

  66. dada Says:


  67. hershey.phil Says:

    galing!…(its great!)…can you make it much easier to have a dog? mabuhay to playfish creator

  68. Valentina dacosta Says:

    Im loving this game its great and i cant stop playing it, but there’s just one problem, i cant have my dog!, the dog quest is soo complicated, you should have mde it a little bit easier cause i cant reach my dog and i dont think it is ever going to happen, cause i need 100 friend points and ive spent a lot of my friend points and getting them back again is a very hard task, but inspte of that, its a wonderful game, thank yyou very much Playfish ♥.
    and Can anyone reply my mssge cause i need some help with that, how do i reach that quest? ohh and you can also add me too: Valentina Dacosta Jaramillo
    Thanks 🙂 Love

  69. JokeRz Says:

    i think we should have more suggestion box and feed back~ i would like to suggest that we can buy our tools so that if would not be so trouble some to do things one by one.

  70. Cat Says:

    Love the game! 😀 Though sometimes I wis hI could stay on it longer, but I run out of things to do, it just comes down to waiting hours and hours for the crops xD

    Also, I think you should have more information on the decorations. I bought the apple tree thinking I could pick them and sell them, but It’s just a statue. You should either make it so we can interact with the decorations, or provide information when you hold the mouse over it. It would be very helpful :]

    And the chick gets in my way when I decorate xD

  71. Andy Ho Says:

    Thanks for adding new thing i just love Country Story its the only game that i play in facebook now because its so good 😀 pls keep adding thing to Country Story it makes me happy and i LOVE THIS GAME Thanks for creating it 😀 I love u guys

  72. nico wu Says:

    country story has presented the wrong news, is unable to enter the game smoothly.

    The wrong news are as follows

    Uh oh,we’ve hit an error! Please reload the game and /or check the FAQ!

  73. Edward Says:

    Dear PlayFish Team,

    I love the game very much, because it is only one game that i am not boring for a long time playing.

    But I found a serious problem, that is i can not loading completed. (i have tryed a lot of ways, no works)

    Mayby it is the program’s bug, because my country just remain 3 pieces of land. (others are filled with animals (i spend a lot of time to buy them in normal way)). When program loading, it will put 5 resources (wood & stone), i think if is the program’s bug, to result in endless recursive. Program wants to find the 5 pieces of land to put the resources, buy my country just remain 3.

    Sorry for my broken English ~

    Please help me ~

    I am sad for several days to can not play ~

  74. Sameerah mosley Says:

    I just want to say that i do like the game just wish that with each level we pass we get 1 playfish dollar and we should be able to collect fruit from the trees still needs work. oh how come everytime i sell the stuff in storage it takes away from the amount i have in the quest so now i have to leave them in storage until my quests are complete

  75. Calypso Says:

    Can some one please tell me how to water friends dry crops to get past the task? I have watered over 5 of them but it will not count them. I only need 6 dry plots to water and have completed many more than that. I can also not post in forms why is that? Thanks for the help!

  76. Trevor Says:


  77. Trevor Says:

    Hi whats up?

  78. Trevor Says:

    How old is this game?

  79. Trevor Says:

    How do you play country story?

  80. Eugene Says:

    I LOVE COUNTRY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Kelvin Siew Says:

    Very hard to raise level….:(

  82. Eugene See Says:

    I LOVE Country Story. I can’t live without you!!!!!

  83. rodrigo Says:

    espero q algun dia lo escriban en espanol y pongan para hacer los trucos

  84. anna Says:

    i am so frstrated! i have a chick, but it wont let me put it on my land!?
    NEED more instruction on animals- i dont know what to do at this point so i dont know if there is any point still playing? help?

  85. Denis Says:

    i do play lots of games made by playfish especially country story, however its not possible to play it on iphone.

    Can it be available on phones as well?

  86. Puki Says:

    Add me my name is Puki Harryigson…Then we can be neighbours!!!

  87. yc Says:

    I’m having problems with this game!
    After i get to my farm, and i tried to harvest my ripe corn and what not, but i get a message saying this: Uh oh, we’ve hit an error! Please reload the game and/or check the FAQ.
    then they’d have a tab to reload or to click for support.
    so i’ve tried clicking on the one for support but it doesn’t help me at all with the information given!
    I have also tried clicking “reload” but it does not seem to load at all.
    This is just so frustrating.
    Anyone has come across this problem & knows how to solve it?
    Its been like that for DAYS!

  88. Puki Says:

    Just wait an hour till it loads i do it… or just do anything like press your left side of your mouse and then left side it SOMETIMES help hehe and remember to add me : Puki Harryigson

  89. Pamela (Cutesy) Bales Says:

    I can’t seem to find out how to feed the animal’s. Could you please tell me how to do that. Thank you.

  90. mamadeuli Says:

    Quiero ser fan de country story, Hago click en el lugar donde dice: hazte fan, pero no hace nada, ¿hay algún motivo por el que yo no puedo hacerme fan, el el juego que más practico.Espero respuesta.Adios

  91. robert niro Says:

    wow cool ! excellent, i like it. Thanks

  92. forever Says:

    you are playing this game, but too few neighbors who have similar needs, the more his own

  93. forever Says:

    add me……be my neighbour

  94. Jane Says:

    i love this game! just add me to be my neighbor.

  95. choles Says:

    i love this game, but past few day i cant go in to play already… always keep going to loading but still can’t go in….i try so many solution to go in also can not, could you please help me fix it? …..who can help me……thank you.

  96. sheri Says:

    I love play fish

  97. Geraldine Says:


    I am at level 32/33 in Country Story, I lost 2 plots while re-plowing.
    Can u please assist!

    Appreciate yr kind assistance!

    Many Thanks

  98. chris_k Says:

    i was playing restaurant city and i sold alot of my stuff to redecorate my place. i saved it and when i checked it again, i lost all my money and all my stuff was gone. It was well over 200,000 and i am not happy i want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. betty Says:

    ciao a tutti

  100. Meghan Wright Says:

    Hey mate, I really like your site. With the abundance of misinformation regarding this subject on the internet, it’s great to see some refreshing content. Keep up the good work!

  101. Jundi Says:

    how do i stop a thief?

  102. Frans Says:

    i can’t plow because my farmer suddenly disappears. is there anything going wrong with country story?
    please assist. Thanks.

  103. Juan Pelaez Says:

    I really enjoy this game and also Pet Society, but I asked why I did not recieve a cod when I got the level 33 like my others friends.


  104. Juan Pelaez Says:

    I really enjoy this game also Pet Society but I asked why I did not receive a cow when I got the level 33 in Country Story lilke my other friends.

  105. Robertina Says:

    Hi! I have friends who didn’t take care of their animals anymore. Please advice me how to send their animals to me as a gift or something else, so I can take care of it.
    Please reply me ASAP. thanks

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