Pet Society is helping World Wildlife Fund protect polar bears (and other animals too!)


Playfish is proud to offer a way for you to support World Wildlife Fund through Pet Society on Facebook. All of us at Playfish care deeply about animals and the environment. We’re committed to doing our part to build awareness for causes such as protecting polar bears and their habitat. Starting today, you’ll be able to find polar bear and other WWF themed items in Pet Society. Now through December 31, 2009, Playfish is pleased to donate 10% of the proceeds to WWF for each WWF item you purchase. Learn more at

There are fewer than 25,000 polar bears left in the wild and global warming is a grave threat to their survival. In fact, scientists believe that polar bears could be extinct within the next century if global warming continues at its current pace. WWF is providing vital funding to field research by the world’s foremost experts to find out how it will affect polar bears and other threatened and endangered animals. To learn more about this topic, visit World Wildlife Fund’s website where you can support WWF with a direct contribution or even make a symbolic polar bear adoption.

Polar bears really need your help. You and your pet can make a difference now!

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47 Responses to “Pet Society is helping World Wildlife Fund protect polar bears (and other animals too!)”

  1. camila Says:

    Hi this is very good for polar bears as I can see soi chilena good English but he is saying that taxes are good for helping the polar bears:).

    good thing that they wanted to also say that giving coins playfish or make drawings to buy and they also win com in some countries are in an economic crisis and also wants to have fun.
    tods be happy and have maximum 2 coins playfish:) I’m talking psdt pet society:)

  2. Víctor Juri^^ Says:

    I am really happy about this 🙂
    I’m gonna help!!

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  3. Neus Says:

    Nice!! Please I ask if we will have wolves’ items also? Pleaseee ❤

  4. Jason Choy Says:


  5. Alex Says:

    Actually there are 30 % more polar bears than there were 10 years ago 😛

  6. Nhi Says:

    verry sweet 🙂

  7. andre Says:

    hi! first comment… i can find them in the environment?

  8. marita gomez Says:

    its very sweet and verry important to help WWF!!!
    (L) pet society!!
    (L) restrant city!!
    kises 4 all


  9. fuzzy Says:

    where can i get the polar bear items? will they be in mystery boxes or in the normal shops?

  10. austin Says:

    they can soon be extinct

  11. adiva Says:

    really great! but i dont have a playfish cash

  12. adiva Says:


  13. Imaginary Cyber-Worlds and Real Money | SpeedPlexer Blog Says:

    […] anything of this sort, check out the Playfish website. They’ve even come up with a way to donate some of the money spent on imaginary animals toward saving the real things by partnering wit…, which is […]

  14. danielle Says:


  15. Tiana Says:

    SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!!! THERE SOOO ADORABLE AND I LOVE EM ALLL!!!!!!…… this is when i am NOT hypo! But really how would you like it if your home was getting destroyed by globel warming and know one would help ya?! ( well maybe a few people would help… but still!)

  16. julieta scarpino Says:


  17. Isalyne Says:

    why my pet is always show me”currently undergoing some mentanance”?
    what’s wrong with your pet society?

  18. Chalisa Says:

    wow, cool that is soooo cool! i love it, playfish really rocks! but i have one problem..

    why don’t playfish make Rupiah are available to buy playfish cash? think about other countries! but, this thing is very nice for the environtment!

    • Playfish Cash seeker Says:

      Hahaha, me too! I want Rupiah to be available to buy Playfish Cash because I really want to buy the Chameleon and the Polar Bear Plushie!

  19. MARILYN Says:

    how come pet society is always under maintenance? i cant play.. its been 3 days already, i got 8pm-11pm to play but unfortunately its always like that, am worried bout my plants, last week it gone to waste, rotten already.
    i miss my pet tablet.

  20. flozzo Says:

    i luv pet sose, and WWF! so cute 😉

  21. jethro m bautista Says:

    how can i have a playfish cash in pet society

  22. jethro m bautista Says:


  23. Play ball! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] Snow Leopards form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post. […]

  24. Remember, remember… « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] Penguins form our latest collection to help support WWF. To read more about this, see this blog post. […]

  25. cii cHuby Says:


  26. Misaki Says:

    I love Pet Society!! ^_^

  27. Misaki Says:

    😉 So much!! I really love PetSociety!

  28. gurbet Says:

    oyunu cok sevdım fakat oyunu kıtlıyolar ve ben delırıyorum fakat ben bu oyunu acılmasını ıstıyorum facebookta kıtlenıyo bu oyun

  29. ckrzy Says:

    what i really want in cash shop is this!
    this is really a good idea!!! ^^

  30. Pet Society Help Says:

    I will be making a post about this on my blog now every purchase you make on a wwf, wwf will get 25% towards their foundation of every sale.

  31. Krystal Says:


    I think that in Pet Society you should beable to buy
    more pets!

    and they can be another pet you take care of and play with aswell
    as the one you allready have.

    They can be sold in the cash shop and be marked as to help the WWF!
    i think it will make more people but things from there and to help the WWF.

    I think this is a great idea, Thanks Krystal xx

  32. chiara saad Says:

    digo que nesesitamos cash shop para que la gente juege mas la genteo no ? hagan eso

  33. erika Says:

    HELP!!! Dont know if this is the proper place to send this but I cant access my restaurant city account. It starts to load but when am about to enter the restaurant, it hangs up. It has been days now and that is always the case. Hope somebody can advise me on what to do. Thanks

  34. Bryan T Says:

    Learn how to make a website to promote whatever service or product that you have. Then you can promote your charity and let the internet do the work for you. Keep up the good work.

  35. adkz Says:

    im so very addicted 2 pet soc…. bt i wnt 2 buy some items in cash items so wat i will do 2hav dat playfish cash??=)).

  36. Luffy_12 Says:

    good site for petsoc blog! how nice!

  37. Andro Says:

    Animals help animals? Whahahahaha

  38. ashraf Says:

    can you make me get them fish plzzzzzzz

  39. ashraf Says:

    will you make get fish plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!<3

  40. ashraf Says:

    will you make me get this fish plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  41. marna Says:

    where do you get them at and how much

  42. Opal Small Says:

    I noticed your site when I was searching for something not related at all, but this post was one of the first sites listed in Bing, your web site must be so popular! Continue the awesome job!

  43. Katherin Pearsall Says:

    Gday , does someone know quality family pet sitting service providers index ? We are looking at this particular one however my hubby and i had been curious if any one are familiar with any similar ones. Furthermore, totally nice and useful blog.I further like visual pattern of it. Anyhow, if any one familliar with these people let me know please. Have a nice day

  44. yael Says:

    i like pet society…..!im havind fun playing it………..but the items are so expensive.
    i have a suggestion you should have some bargain stuff and free stuff so some players have the stuff…or maybe a games that has a prices….for the people who won the game…….
    🙂 the game help the people to understand how should they trait there pet….
    god blessssssssss….

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