It’s ‘All Go’ for Lift Off to Crazy Planets!


Today Playfish celebrates the launch of its latest game Crazy Planets, where we blast you and your friends into space for intergalactic battles on an epic scale!

In Crazy Planets all the action starts from the headquarters on your home planet where you recruit your own team of space troopers, specially selected amongst your friends, to take on the invading aliens and robots at full force. To make things even cooler, you can personalise your character by integrating your profile photo into your space suit.  Your enemies will definitely know that it’s personal!

Crazy Planets

Through battles and adventures you’ll discover remote planets where you can gather precious gems and metals to create new, more powerful weapons! Each weapon has its own behaviour and special powers, so building your team of troopers will require strategy and planning.

As team commander, you return to your home planet with new found riches to grow your world so it becomes the most powerful and renowned in the universe!

How will your home planet look?

The true test for any space commander is, of course, how they can hold up in a battle against their peers. We’ll soon be introducing a real-time Multiplayer Arena where you’ll be able to put the tactics you’ve learned against aliens and robots to use against the ultimate competitor – your real-life friends!

With Crazy Planets, we set out to combine more active real time gameplay with elements of longer term growth and tactical depth. At the same time, we’ve aimed at creating a fun experience that feels fresh and creative, with the familiar playfish graphical style and approach to gameplay.

Crazy Planets

Throughout the closed beta we have received a lot of great feedback on how to improve the game (thank you, beta testers!). We have a nice roadmap of new features planned in the coming months, and as always, we look forward to hearing your ideas and comments about how we can take the game even further, so keep them coming!

So, assemble your troops and get ready for some explosive, out of this world fun!  Who will reign supreme in your galaxy of friends? Start your adventure now!

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43 Responses to “It’s ‘All Go’ for Lift Off to Crazy Planets!”

  1. Alvaro Says:


  2. jk12324 Says:

    Nice…gonna try it now. Lets see what it’s about 🙂

  3. kuzronk Says:

    I Love It But It Not As Socibal Then Others Games
    P.S Im Level 2

  4. juli Says:

    jijiji no me gusta decir casi cosas de mi osea

  5. Asthenia Says:

    Yes but.. it’s already on manteinance 😦

  6. putri Says:

    IT’S crazy! so cool n fun.. KEREENN

  7. Jon Says:

    You have outdone yourselves this time, love the game , Kudos!

  8. Daniel Says:

    This game is great and I’m already no.1 in the friends category and for now I have more then 3 friends playing ecxept me=] And I’m level 9=)

  9. Andie Says:

    Well for the moment i dont have many friends playing it… still is an awesome game

  10. tushar Says:

    i love that game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gabby Says:

    Awsome Game 😉

  12. Diego Says:

    Desde ayer no funciona Pet Society! Qué sucede? Van casi 24 horas de mantenimiento… Dónde está el respaldo?

  13. Sebastian Aguilar Says:

    I think someone hack by the restaurant city aplication me and 2 of my friends selling or sending all our items to somewhere in the game. (Other friends ask me why I sold everything but I couldn´t even enter facebook)

    Also the hacker got my facebook and email (hotmail) account and change the password.
    I made a complain to facebook

    Is this possible? Have you hear another cases?

    • Chalisa Says:

      phew, this is soo not happening! it may be possible, but don’t worry, Facebook should handle this.

      just don’t be panic and everything should be OKAY

  14. MR. CP Addict Says:


  15. MR. CP Addict Says:

    Silence…I KILL YOU!

  16. MR. CP Addict Says:


  17. MR. CP Addict Says:


  18. MR. CP Addict Says:


  19. MR. CP Addict Says:


  20. MR. CP Addict Says:


  21. MR. CP Addict Says:


  22. light solider Says:

    How to give items to my friend she wan items!?

  23. Darkness Says:

    This is So Fun, Its better then Worms 🙂

  24. Tony Do Says:

    *-Ban co the mat mot phut de cam thay thich mot nguoi, mot gio de ma thuong mot nguoi, mot ngay de ma yeu not nguoi.
    Nhung phai mat ca mot doi de quen mot nguoi .
    *-Khi ban gap duoc mot nguoi co nghia doi voi ban,nhung ban biet rang: Nguoi do sinh ra khong phai danh cho ban thi cach tot nhat hay de ho ra di…
    *-Bien se tro thanh buc tuong ngan cach anh va em, bau troi xanh chi con la noi nho. Cuoc doi nay anh nguyen ton tai chi vi em va anh khong bao gio co ket thuc hay tuyet vong ,be tac hay khoi dau la do chinh ban…

  25. s-sindy lim Says:

    cool games!

  26. natth Says:

    it’s really fun, i love it..

  27. How Kar Says:

    Nice game, but I need more neighbour for metal. Add me please! =D

  28. Niki Says:

    When are you going to release the Country Garden game? (the farming one)

  29. marcelo Says:

    yea es muy bueno

  30. marcelo Says:

    cual sera el nobeno juego de play fhish

  31. marcelo Says:

    responame estas claves
    wats ansd gdgfg

  32. pert Says:

    hi there,

    can i ask something?..when will be the next maintenance of this game?..i already finish all mission and also get all the weapons by lvl i have nothing to do now..pls..give me details about when will be the next upgrade?..^^

  33. Ofir Says:

    Hey I opened the game and played after your very recent update, and I found out that my favorite gun (Cluster Bombs) has changed…

    The damage it makes is much less now, and not only that – The way the bombs spread is different now, and I can’t use the gun well as I did before

    Please change the way the bombs spread, and their damage to the way it was… The gun as it is now, is much worse than it used to be

  34. Kacper Postawski Says:

    Is owed Or, the tenants are?How to fill, so so long.Constitution Symptoms:- The, the authoritative voice.Hire for the Kacper Postawski, of feet below Herbal Medicine Make.Your mind off, planted inches.,

  35. norberto Says:

    bring the good level of experience beyond 15 …

  36. natth Says:

    i want more!

  37. Zenith Says:

    Please I ask you with the voice of thousands of “facebookers” to make the update for Crazy Planets and add the multiplayer galaxy….PLEASE !!! I am waiting for it since two months and I can’t wait any longer….

    • SILENT Says:

      PLEEEEEEAAASE 😦 I cannot agree more… I stopped playing this mostly becaus the multiplayer functions do not work which made all my friends stop…

  38. Ростислав Лебедев Says:

    Благодарю:) Классная тема, пишите чаше – у вас отлично получается 🙂

  39. or Says:

    how can I unlock the multiplayer galaxy?

  40. Eric Scott Says:

    Great game … but when do we move from beta to the real thing? I’m maxed out on points, stuck at level 20, and still can’t access the multiplayer galaxy. I’d love to play the real thing!!!!

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