Minigolf Party officially tees off!



We’re pleased to announce the official launch of Minigolf Party! Minigolf Party is a fully featured minigolf game which allows you to challenge your friends to a round of golf on a selection of spectacular holes which are themed on everything from a round the world trip to a journey to the stars.

Plus the more you play, the more coins you earn in the game. You can spend coins on customizing your character to make sure that even when you lose it on the 9th hole, at least you looked your best in the replay.


What’s more, we’re celebrating the official launch in style – with a new 9 hole course which is truly out of this world! If you’ve ever wondered what it might feel like to launch a golf ball into the middle of Jupiter’s vast Red Spot, melt it in Venus’ molten chasms or, er, drive it into a popsicle factory on Neptune(!) now’s your chance!

Each hole in the course represents a heavenly body in this solar system spanning adventure, complete with unique twists and a whole host of surprises and challenges. If you thought the first course of Minigolf Party holes were fun, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

But don’t expect your friends to take your word for it, take them with you on your whistlestop tour of the stars by challenging them to a round! Enjoy!


The fiery chasms of Venus! The asteroid pocked surface of the Moon! And the popsicle factories of Neptune?

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10 Responses to “Minigolf Party officially tees off!”

  1. christina Says:

    when will myspace users get mini golf???

  2. love-Gipsy Says:


  3. The Laughing Lurcher Says:

    Love the Mini Golf Party – when will it be on Bebo too

  4. Jennifer L Patterson Says:

    I cant say if I like or dislike Mini golf party because I cant play it on face book I got invited by my boyfriend got in to it started to add the app to my facebook and after adding the app it went to the choosing your person but before i could do anything it came across and told that there was an error and the game was not available and that as far as i get it does not even show up in my profile but my boyfriend can us the same computer and play two seconds after it wont let me in and I cant fix something i cant see or find

  5. fireman Says:

    I can’t play any playfish game. It always comes up as unavailable – suscribe to the newsletter and we’ll let you know when its available. – IT NEVER IS!!!!! I haven’t heard a thing no e-mails or anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. julya bilbao Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh y cual es el juego pet society el que no logro enter a jugar y graciasssssssssss

  7. julya bilbao Says:

    podrian crear un juego tambien que yo he jugado en internet sobre plantar plantas cuidar vacas y luego vender sus productos y me entretengo harto, y asi se va avnzando o crear una multitienda puchaaaaaaaaaaaaa ojala alguien me pesque y me pueda ayudar obvio que en español GRACIASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  8. lolimiyuri Says:

    I wonder if pet society will have a pet store for our pet? Like our pet’ll have their own pet which has movement? or maybe allow us to created anther partner for our pet?

    just thought it will be nice if you guys consider it..


  9. Verba Says:

    S?per Hepsidahil.De

  10. steven Says:

    Come on people, Just because it gets low rating, doesnt mean you should remove it! i thought EA was going to be smart with playfish… IMPROVE THE GAME, DONT GET RID OF IT! try adding more courses… make some more worlds! come on!!!

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