Transactions in Social Games – Launching Who Has The Biggest Brain? Pro Player Club


who has the biggest brain pro player club

Who Has The Biggest Brain? has in six months amassed over 6 million installs, over 200 million game plays and a great set of feedback from our players. And last week we launched our first major new update to the game including our first transactions based service.

We launched a new achievements system, taunts, new brain types and a brand new profile viewing page all accessible to everyone. We also launched a new Pro Player Club for the game which gives you access to new exclusive mini-games, a practice mode, a calendar view of your progress in each category, exclusive taunts and more, all at a $9.99 / year subscription price.

We are excited about the update as it lets us provide our most engaged players with additional depth into the game while at the same time delivering more features for people who want to play the free version of the game. We will continue to update the free to play version of the game and the Pro Player Club with new features, as well as providing additional, more convenient payment options.

We believe the future business model for social games will be primarily transactions driven where consumers play for free supported by advertising but have the option to pay for virtual items and premium features. Given that people currently pay over $50Bn to play video games on other platforms we believe the potential for transactions in social games to be sizable. So we are very excited to have our first transactional model launched in addition to our in-game advertising offering. As always we are eager to hear what you think of the mix and any ideas on how to further improve the game play experience.

Thanks to all of our players who have alreardy sent us some great feedback – keep it coming and hope you enjoy the update! You can try it out on Facebook here!

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20 Responses to “Transactions in Social Games – Launching Who Has The Biggest Brain? Pro Player Club”

  1. Blackhatseo Says:

    I linked to your site, but I don’t think the ping came thru on your end. oh well.

  2. gina rodriguez Says:

    quiero pertenecer al grupo se nota interesante el juego

  3. ruth steuermann Says:

    I just love the Worldchallenge but lately I can,t use it because the watch after the minutes are over does not stop and I can,t play again. I wonder what happened.I am old and maybe don,t able to find the mistake. The page to play used to open on the left side without my personal page,now it,s on the right very small can you help me many thanks

  4. penny Says:


    Just wondering where I can purchase your ‘Brain Game’ for personal use and not on a web space.

    Thank you in advance for your help.



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  6. liza Says:

    i loveee this game since my first game!but lately ive been facing some problem. my current score is 3898 and nowadays everytime i top my old score, it just kept on saying that something is wrong with my result and they cant accept it. i dont use any cheat and ive done all the advices by installing the anti spyware software. it happened 4 times already. i should already have 4000something as my score right now. whats wrong? the funny thing is everytime my score is below 3898 it seems like there are no problems at all to accept it.

  7. Silje Mølnå Says:

    Hi Liza,

    we can see that your account indeed has a high number of rejected scores. The reason these are being rejected is because the system indicates that your system clock is running more slowly than normal.

    Even if you have already done this already, I would suggest you check for spyware again as described in the faq (

    Also I would suggest that you check for any programmes that might use a lot of your network/computer process- these can be programmes such as PhotoShop or MSN. Try turning these things off and you might see a difference in the scores being accepted.

    Let me know how it goes.


  8. ana Says:


  9. sampell Says:

    this game is really awsome, even though i can’t score more than 2500…well done, good job!

  10. liz Says:

    ummmmmm yea wher do u start a game on here ??! HELLPPP I WANNA PLAY TOOOOOOO

  11. khobaib Says:

    I started playing biggest brain 2 months ago. Very often i found that my score after the game is not updating. It was too much annoying. I thought it’s a trick of the playfish to convince me to become a pro player. Now i m a pro player & i find the same problem occuring. I use boradband internet so i dont think my connection speed is a problem. I dont know playfish will pay attention to my comment or not but i think I deserve it with my 14.99$

  12. Sol Says:

    Definitely, the best game I’ve ever played (L)

  13. miniBill Says:

    I’ve found a bug in the game.
    How can I contact you?

  14. Silje Mølnå Says:

    you can play our games, currently only on Facebook. You would need a Facebook account. This particular game can be added to your Facebook account by going to:

    Thank you for your post .I am sorry you are having issues. We have for the past few weeks had some issue relating to scores not updating in real tiime. However, we have done a lot of maintenance work in the past few days and we have seen big improvements. Is this issue still apparent to you?

    I am glad you think so! 🙂

    You can email us at:

  15. saeed hassan Says:


  16. Messina Says:

    Why you publish the lowest best score instead of the highest best score when you put bigest brain on the left side of the wall of facebook?

    Thank you

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  18. batmix Says:

    How can i pay to GO PRO???I don’t have a credit card…pls help…I’m from the Philippines

  19. PockLan Says:

    Hi all.
    Is there a way to GO PRO for free?
    Like the “Word Challenge” game, we can buy the pro version or get it by earning 10,000 points from playing, challenging, getting promotion, etc.
    So, how about “Who has the biggest brain”?

  20. online data backup services Says:

    This is absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks for putting this online!!!

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